16 Best Dog Shampoos for Yeast Infection: We Asked A Vet

best dog shampoo for yeast infection

Skin conditions in pets are some of the most frustrating and distressing conditions to manage and treat. No pet pawrent can bear to see their fur-baby scratch and lick their skin until it’s red raw so we’ve put together a comprehensive list of shampoos to soothe and treat skin irritated by yeast infections. Yeast infections … Read more

Capstar vs Capguard: What (Woof) Is The Difference?

capstar vs capguard

Fleas! Just the thought of them can make even the toughest pet parent shudder a little. These pesky parasites can terrorize any pets, even indoor-only cats! Once you’ve diagnosed your pooch with a case of the creepy crawlies you need to choose an effective treatment and that’s where FluentWoof has your back. In this review, … Read more

NexGard vs Frontline Plus: What (Woof) Is the Difference?

nexgard vs frontline

With the huge array of parasite medications available both online and at your pet store what should you choose? Is it safe to use a product that you purchased from somewhere other than your veterinarian? Don’t worry, Fluent Woof has your back as we check out two products in this review. NexGard vs Frontline Plus, … Read more

Seresto Vs K9 Advantix II: What The Woof Is the Difference?

seresto vs advantix

Coming into the Winter season we tend to stop thinking about flea and tick control and for the colder parts of the world these parasites all but disappear. In the warmer or more temperate climates though, fleas still thrive through the winter so it’s not a time to slouch in the war against parasites. With … Read more

Seresto Collar For Dogs Review: We Asked A Vet

seresto collar for dogs review

Our comments on the USAToday Seresto Report as of (March 24th, 2021) – Written by Dr. Edele Grey (Equine Veterinary Surgeon) As many of you have probably seen, there has been a recent “exposé” report of 1698 deaths in pets due to Seresto collars since their launch through June 2020. There were also reports of … Read more

PetArmor Plus For Dogs Review: We asked a Vet

petarmor plus for dogs review

Choosing a flea preventative for your fur-baby can be daunting, walking down the aisle of any pet store, you will likely encounter a wall of products. PetArmor is one such product that was launched by Perrigo Animal Health in 2011.  Containing fipronil, PetArmor provides veterinary-quality treatments for your pooch with a budget-friendly pricet ag. This … Read more

NexGard For Dogs Review: We Asked A Vet

nexgard for dogs review

Fleas! Pesky fleas! Not to mention ticks! No pawrent wants their pooch to suffer so if you find evidence of these parasitic passengers you immediately reach for treatment…but how to choose?!  There’s a vast array of flea and tick treatment and preventative medications, it can be overwhelming trying to choose the best one for your … Read more

Dasuquin For Dogs Review: We Asked A Vet

dasuquin review

Dasuquin is one of Nutramax Labs flagship joint supplements designed to support healthy joints in pooches of all ages. This range of scientifically researched, natural joint supplements can be used as both a preventative and complementary treatment to maintain comfortable movement into your dog’s golden years.  Dasuquin is one of Nutramax Labs flagship joint supplements … Read more

Is Glandex Good for Dogs? (2023 Vet Review)

glandex review

Whether you’re searching in your favorite pet store or online for anal gland supplements and related products, you’re sure to find the Glandex brand. Formulated by veterinarians at Vetnique Labs, Glandex uses all-natural ingredients as it works to promote firm, healthy stools. This product offers a safe and painless way to treat your dog’s anal … Read more

Bravecto In-Depth Review: We asked a vet

bravecto review

Is there anything more frustrating than fleas?! If you find one, it’s hard to not feel intensely itchy and worried about your pup at the same time. Trying to choose a product can be difficult, then you have to make sure your pooch gets a full dose and on schedule. Luckily Bravecto exists, produced by … Read more

10 Best Hot Spot Shampoos For Dogs: We Asked A Vet

hot spot shampoo for dogs

Hot spots are a nightmare for both pup and pawrent, you can almost feel your pet’s pain and itchiness when you see these nasty, reddened crusts on your fur-baby’s skin. In this article, we’ll give you a rundown on some of the available hot spot shampoos for dogs to help soothe your pup’s skin. Table … Read more

Frontline Vs Advantix: What Woof Is The Difference? (We Asked A Vet)

frontline vs advantix

With the warmer weather, I’ve been treating more dogs for fleas and ticks. Unfortunately, as soon as we start to enjoy our sunny summer these pesky critters make their holiday home on our dogs.  Frustrating to eliminate, many owners and their dogs are driven to distraction. A quick look online reveals a plethora of products … Read more

Dog DNA Test: How Canine Genetic Testing Can Improve & Extend Your dog’s life? (we asked a vet)

dog dna test

Let’s face it: domestic dogs are products of human interference within an ongoing and evolving process. While we may never know the exact reason why these noble souls allowed us to domesticate them, I’m eternally grateful for this event.First looked into genetic testing of these adorable pups when I read a recent study indicating that … Read more

Cosequin Review: Does It Really Work? (We Asked A Vet)

Cosequin For Dogs

Certified content. This guide has been written and verified by our veterinary advisor. Approved By: Dr. Edele Grey, DVM × Dismiss alert As a veterinarian, I see more and more elderly patients. On one hand, this is wonderful to see our loved fur-babies living long healthy lives but unfortunately, I also see more arthritis and … Read more

CBD Oil for Dogs : What you need to know about CBD Oil ?

CBD Oil for Dogs

Certified content. This guide has been written and verified by our veterinary advisor. Approved By: Dr. Edele Grey, DVM Vets are being asked more and more by clients about cannabidiol (CBD) oil and whether it may help their fur-babies. Given the recent positive publicity of CBD oil in human medicine it’s a natural progression to … Read more