My Dog Ate Milk Chocolate and Seems Fine. What Should I Do?

Key Takeaways The toxic ingredient in chocolate is theobromine which dogs can’t metabolize normally. Pancreatitis is also a risk of ingesting chocolate due to its high fat and sugar content. Just 30g milk chocolate/kg body weight puts your pooch at risk of chocolate poisoning. Hallowe’en is almost upon us, and fun-size chocolate candies are all … Read more

My dog ate Garlic and seems fine. What should I do?

Key Takeaways:  Common clinical signs are gastrointestinal upset, depression, weakness, and dark urine 15g garlic/kg body weight can cause significant changes in blood parameters Some breeds are more susceptible – eg, Akita, Shiba Inu, Japanese Chin, and Korean Jindo Signs of toxicity can take days to appear, depending on how much was ingested Garlic-associated poisoning … Read more

My dog ate Dark Chocolate and seems fine. What should I do?

Key Takeaways Theobromine is the toxic ingredient in chocolate that causes problems for dogs Just 1oz of dark chocolate can be toxic to small and medium-sized pooches Chocolate affects the heart, nervous and gastrointestinal systems and can cause organ failure Chocolate poisoning is rarely fatal, but this is due to rapid treatment, and you should … Read more

My Dog Ate Advil and Seems Fine. What Should I Do?

my dog ate advil Photo by Mike Mozart. jeepersmedia

Key Takeaways Advil (Ibuprofen) is one of the most common human medications causing toxicity in dogs Call your veterinarian as soon as possible if your dog has eaten some Advil (ibuprofen) Just one small dose can cause toxic signs such as gastrointestinal disturbance Advil, a commonly used over-the-counter human medication, contains the active ingredient ibuprofen. … Read more

My dog ate Rat Poison and seems fine. What should I do?

Key Takeaways: Rat poison tends to be seen as a tasty treat by our canine companions, so make sure to keep it well out of reach. 4 broad types of rat poison commercially available in the USA in 2022. Immediately call your veterinarian and the dog Poison Helpline to determine how much your dog has … Read more

Why is my dog itching all of a sudden (but has no fleas)?

why is my dog itching all of a sudden but has no fleas

Your pooch has just developed an intense itch. You’ve searched every strand of their fur and can’t find a single flea, so why is your pup scratching too intently? Itching, also called Pruritis, is a common sign of skin disorders in our canine companions. The most common cause of Pruritis is allergic skin diseases through … Read more

What to feed a dog with itchy skin? (Vet Recommends)

what to feed a dog with itchy skin

One of the most common complaints canine patients present to me with are skin problems, usually pruritus (itching).  Atopic dermatitis (AD) is an itchy skin disease caused by an allergic reaction to either an environmental or dietary allergen. This reaction presents as intense itching, rubbing, licking, and chewing at a patch or patches on a … Read more

Do all Dog Shampoos Kill Fleas? (Vet Explains)

do all dog shampoos kill fleas

You’ve just found some fleas on your pooch (and they’re scratching like crazy) but alas you don’t have any flea treatment left and you’re wondering what you can use to dispatch these pesky creatures. Flea shampoos don’t need a prescription to purchase but that doesn’t mean they don’t work – the instructions need to be … Read more

What is Medicated Dog Shampoo? (Vet Explains)

what is medicated dog shampoo

As a veterinarian, it’s heartbreaking to see my patients suffering, and this is especially true when I have patients with a nasty skin condition that causes them to chew and scratch so intensely that they start to mutilate their body and lose clumps of hair. These can also be incredibly challenging cases to treat, and … Read more

Can Dogs be Allergic to Dog Shampoo? (Vet Explains)

can dogs be allergic to dog shampoo

Did you know that your pooch could be allergic to dog shampoo? Well, more specifically, they can be allergic to certain ingredients in some shampoos.  Luckily, I don’t see this very often in my patients. It’s possibly more common for a dog to have an adverse reaction to a product if they’re already suffering with … Read more

Does Flea & Tick Shampoo work for Dogs? (Vet Explains)

does flea and tick shampoo work for dogs

Parasite treatment options are vast and it can be difficult to navigate all the articles online; it can be almost overwhelming. You just want to do what’s best for your fur-baby while effectively killing the most common dog nemesis – the flea!  Fleas and ticks carry disease, can cause allergic skin reactions, and are in … Read more

Dog Dandruff: Is Human Shampoo (eg Head & Shoulders) safe?

dog dandruff is human shampoo safe

Doggy dandruff is similar to that of human dandruff. If your pet is itchier than usual or is shedding “snowflakes” on their bed or your lap then it’s possible they have dandruff.  The term “dandruff” is one we use to describe dead skin cells that have sloughed onto the coat. Skin cells naturally die and … Read more

Can Dogs Express Their Own Anal Glands? (Vet Explains)

Some days it feels like every second patient has anal gland issues. These range from simply full glands, just starting to cause issues all the way through to abscesses. I recently saw a Yorkie-poo patient with a burst abscess, poor little tyke was in so much pain he needed to be sedated to have a … Read more

What to do if Your Dog is in Pain After Anal Glands Expression?

If your dog suffers with their anal glands then expression by your veterinarian may be required occasionally. Depending on the specific situation, your dog may be in some pain after having their glands expressed. This is mainly in cases where the pooch is suffering with impaction, abscess or sacculitis (inflammation of the sac itself) and … Read more

Vet Surgeon picks the 14 Best Dog Foods for Allergies in 2023

Allergies, a word that strikes fear into many dog parents; it’s incredibly stressful watching your best friend scratching their skin raw until it bleeds or having a tummy upset if they so much as sniffing a treat.  That’s why we’ve put together this comprehensive review on the best dog food for allergies to help you … Read more

14 Best Joint Supplements for Dogs: We Asked A Vet

best dog joint supplement

Joint pain is one of the most common issues we see in aging dogs and causes significant mobility issues. Not all dog joint supplements are created equal and research is needed to choose the best ingredients for your pet’s particular needs. Most commonly included active ingredients are glucosamine, chondroitin, turmeric & MSM. At a Glance: … Read more

15 Best Dog Shampoos for itchy skin: We Asked A Vet

best dog shampoo for itchy skin

The skin makes up to 24% of your pooch’s body weight, acting as a protective barrier, skin plays a role in temperature regulation, environmental protection, and producing important substances including vitamin D.  Skin is exposed to challenges daily including temperature and moisture extremes, particularly in the winter months when it’s cold and wet outdoors, while … Read more