Do all Dog Shampoos Kill Fleas? (Vet Explains)

do all dog shampoos kill fleas

You’ve just found some fleas on your pooch (and they’re scratching like crazy) but alas you don’t have any flea treatment left and you’re wondering what you can use to dispatch these pesky creatures. Flea shampoos don’t need a prescription to purchase but that doesn’t mean they don’t work – the instructions need to be … Read more

Does Deshedding Shampoo for Dogs Work? (Vet Explains)

does deshedding shampoo for dogs work

Most dogs shed. It’s more often more pronounced during the transitional seasons of spring and fall when our furbabies lose hair from their undercoats to prepare for temperature changes. For some breeds like Golden Retrievers, German Shepherds, and Huskies, the hair may come out in large clumps. This can make it more difficult to keep … Read more

What is Medicated Dog Shampoo? (Vet Explains)

what is medicated dog shampoo

As a veterinarian, it’s heartbreaking to see my patients suffering, and this is especially true when I have patients with a nasty skin condition that causes them to chew and scratch so intensely that they start to mutilate their body and lose clumps of hair. These can also be incredibly challenging cases to treat, and … Read more

Does Dry Waterless Shampoo for Dogs Work? (Vet Explains)

does dry waterless shampoo for dogs work

You’re hosting a dinner party in an hour, and your dog comes in streaked in mud. There’s no time for a messy bath. What do you do? This is where dry waterless dog shampoo comes in handy. While these formulas usually aren’t as effective at cleaning your pup as a full bath, they can quickly … Read more

Does Oatmeal Shampoo Help Dogs With Itchy Skin? (Vet Explains)

does oatmeal shampoo help dogs with itchy skin

It seems like allergies are more common these days, and not just for humans. Our furbabies seem to be spending more time licking, biting, and scratching dry, irritated skin. Fortunately for many pups, we can provide some relief by bathing them with oatmeal shampoo. Itchy skin was a common complaint from dog owners in our … Read more

What is a Gentle Dog Shampoo? (Vet Explains)

what is a gentle dog shampoo

It’s spring, and you want to include your furbaby in your spring cleaning routine. But you know Fido has sensitive skin. You don’t want to use anything that will make him break out in hives or develop dry, itchy skin. How can you find a shampoo that won’t irritate him? When dog parents came to … Read more

What Is a Non Stripping Dog Shampoo? (Vet Explains)

what is a non stripping dog shampoo

Some dogs seem to get dirty all the time, and others stink constantly because they’re active outdoor pups. When your pooch picks up grime and odor, it’s time for a bath. But frequently shampooing Fido might dry out his skin. When I was in practice and pup parents asked me for advice about how to … Read more

What is Soap Free Dog Shampoo? (Vet Explains)

what is a soap free dog shampoo

You’re a good dog owner. You give your pup plenty of attention, take him for daily walks, and you make sure he gets enough sleep. But when it comes to bath time, you might be making one big mistake: using the wrong shampoo on your pooch. The chemicals in shampoo with soap can be too … Read more

What Is Tearless Dog Shampoo? (Vet Explains)

what is tearless dog shampoo

You want the best for your furbaby, and that includes their shampoo. While many people believe that all dog shampoos are the same, it’s not true. Some shampoos contain toxic chemicals that can harm your pooch’s skin and irritate his eyes, and that’s no fun at bath time. On occasion, I would get a call … Read more

Can Dog Shampoo Hurt Dogs’ Eyes? (Vet Explains)

can dog shampoo hurt dogs' eyes

You choose a dog-safe shampoo to protect your pooch. But what happens if you accidentally get some of the soap in your pal’s eyes when you’re bathing her? Is shampoo also safe for your dog’s eyes? Sometimes in practice, I’d get a call from pet parents who were concerned because shampoo got in their pups’ … Read more

No Dog Shampoo? 7 Safe Alternatives You Can Use Right Now

safe alternatives to dog shampoo

It’s a beautiful spring day, and you decide to go hiking through the woods with your furbaby. Naturally, she finds a dead animal in the underbrush. Doing what comes naturally, your pooch rolls in the remains to mask her own scent. Eww! When you return home, you remember you’re out of dog shampoo. Now what? … Read more

Can I Use Cat Flea Shampoo On My Dog? (Vet Explains)

can i use cat flea shampoo on my dog

Nobody likes fleas. They make your dog miserable and can transmit diseases. What’s more, sometimes they jump on and bite you! When you find fleas on your furbaby, you want to get rid of them as soon as possible. But what if you discover the pesky pests on Fido and only have cat flea shampoo … Read more

Can Dogs be Allergic to Dog Shampoo? (Vet Explains)

can dogs be allergic to dog shampoo

Did you know that your pooch could be allergic to dog shampoo? Well, more specifically, they can be allergic to certain ingredients in some shampoos.  Luckily, I don’t see this very often in my patients. It’s possibly more common for a dog to have an adverse reaction to a product if they’re already suffering with … Read more

Does Flea & Tick Shampoo work for Dogs? (Vet Explains)

does flea and tick shampoo work for dogs

Parasite treatment options are vast and it can be difficult to navigate all the articles online; it can be almost overwhelming. You just want to do what’s best for your fur-baby while effectively killing the most common dog nemesis – the flea!  Fleas and ticks carry disease, can cause allergic skin reactions, and are in … Read more

Dog Dandruff: Is Human Shampoo (eg Head & Shoulders) safe?

dog dandruff is human shampoo safe

Doggy dandruff is similar to that of human dandruff. If your pet is itchier than usual or is shedding “snowflakes” on their bed or your lap then it’s possible they have dandruff.  The term “dandruff” is one we use to describe dead skin cells that have sloughed onto the coat. Skin cells naturally die and … Read more

Is It Safe To Use Human Dry Shampoo On My Dog? (Explained)

is it safe to use human dry shampoo on my dog

It’s 4:00 pm, and your guests should arrive around 5:00. Your dog comes in from the yard smeared with something that smells like death warmed over. There’s not enough time to draw a bath, lather, rinse, and dry Fido. What should you do? Most human dry shampoos aren’t safe for dogs, as they might contain … Read more

Does Dog Shampoo Expire? (Vet Explains)

does dog shampoo expire

It was a great day at the dog park, and your furbaby came home caked with mud. As you prepare a bath, you reach for the dog shampoo. Looking at the label, you discover it’s past the product’s expiration date. Does it really matter that much? Sadly, using expired grooming products is one reason we … Read more

Can I Use Cat Shampoo on My Dog? (Vet Explains)

can i use cat shampoo on my dog

You just spent time at the dog park, and your furbaby splashed through muddy water and needs a bath now. But when you get home, all you have on the shelf is your cat’s shampoo. Is it safe to use on your dog or not? In practice, we had many pet parents with dogs and … Read more