Why Is My Dog More Itchy in the Morning? (Vet Explains)

why is my dog more itchy in the morning

It’s morning, and when you get out of bed, your dog stretches, yawns, and starts to scratch himself crazily. Should you be concerned? When my pup parents called with questions about morning itching in their dogs, I would reassure them that it’s usually normal but there’s probably a reason. We’d go over possible explanations and … Read more

Is Dog Shampoo Necessary? (Vet explains)

dog shampoo is necessary

Occasionally in my 12 years of veterinary experience, I’d see a dog with an overpowering odor that troubled the pet parent. After ruling out common issues like abscesses, sores, and flatulence, my focus would turn to pet grooming issues.  Sometimes I would learn the owner was bathing their pooch either too often, not often enough, … Read more

11 Best Vet Recommended Dog Safe Weed Killers of 2022

Who says homeowners have to sacrifice their landscaping to keep their dogs safe? While it’s true that many commercial products contain toxic or cancer-causing chemicals, there are organic and natural alternatives. I used my experience as a retired veterinarian to research pet-safe weed control products to help you find the best dog safe weed killer. … Read more

The 9 Best Vet Recommended Dog Ramps of 2022

For some dogs, jumping onto furniture or into the car can be either daunting or dangerous. Whether their size, age, or health limits their abilities, they need help to reach their destination.  That’s where dog ramps come in handy. A comfortable incline can make a huge difference in your pal’s mobility and confidence.  I used … Read more

14 Human Foods that Help Dogs Express Anal Glands Naturally

beagle puppies is given redberries by his owner

You may have heard that it’s okay to express your dog’s anal glands manually if they’re impacted, but it’s not advisable without veterinary supervision. Dogs should be able to empty their sacs naturally. Sometimes we can help the process by adding some high-fiber foods to their diet. Impacted anal glands are a common occurrence in … Read more

20 High Fiber Vet Recommended Fruits & Vegetables for Dogs

jack russell is sitting next to a basket full of red apples

You may be thinking that dogs don’t need fruits and vegetables in their diets because they’re descendants of wolves. But think again. Today’s domestic canines can benefit from the dietary fiber and other valuable nutrients these foods add to their daily intake. In practice, whenever I had to treat dogs with digestive upset, dietary fiber … Read more