7 Best Anal Gland Supplements

Between 5-12% of dogs suffer with anal sac issues at least once in their lives. The typical sign owners expect is to see their pooch scooting their bum, but sometimes your dog may jump up and bite at their bum or start excessively licking their bum, which can indicate they’re having some problems with their … Read more

Anal Gland Expression Side Effects: What to Watch For

dog is scotting his butt after an anal glands expression

Key Takeaways: You took your dog to the vet to have her anal glands expressed yesterday, but she’s still scooting today. Is this normal? There are various side effects your dog may experience from anal gland expression. Fortunately, many are normal and will pass with time. Other effects may indicate your dog needs additional treatment … Read more

9 Ways to Get Rid of Anal Gland Smell From Your Stuff

dog is spreading his anal glands smell on his owners cloths

Key Takeaways: Your dog just visited the vet because he had impacted anal glands a week ago, and the doctor expressed the glands. But the house still has a lingering fishy odor. Just to be sure, you check your furbaby’s butt, and there’s no sign of trouble. What’s going on? Dogs with impacted or leaky … Read more

4 Ways to Reduce Anal Gland Smell From Your Dog

dog owner is trying to reduce her golden anal glands smell

Key Takeaways: Face it. No one likes the fishy odor of dog anal glands. So, what can you do if your furbaby starts stinking, And why do your dog’s anal glands smell so bad in the first place? The pungent odor that might come from your dog’s butt is caused by the fluid produced by … Read more

Dogs Anal Gland Smell: Everything you need to know

dog owner is smelling her dogs anal glands smell

Key takeaways: One day, I was driving my furbabies to the dog park, and one of my pups got his foot stuck in the window. Naturally, he panicked. In addition to yelping, he expressed his anal glands…YUCK! Thankfully, he wasn’t injured, and he was able to enjoy his play date. If you’ve ever been around … Read more

Why do dogs’ anal glands fill up? (Causes and prevention)

dogs anal glands are full

Key Takeaways: Your dog has two tiny sacs on either side of the anus. They contain a pungent fluid that helps your pup mark his territory and lubricates his poop. If defecation doesn’t apply enough pressure to empty the glands, they will fill up with strong-smelling liquid. When anal sacs are full, they become distended … Read more

Blocked Anal Glands in Dogs

German shepherd with blocked anal glands laying on the beach

Key Takeaways: When anal glands fail to empty properly, the oily liquid may thicken and clog the ducts. This condition is called an anal gland impaction or blockage, and it can be extremely uncomfortable or painful for your pooch. One day, a concerned owner called about their dog’s behavior. He was scooting across the floor … Read more

Why Is My Dog Expressing Her Anal Glands While Sleeping?

why is my dog expressing anal glands while sleeping

You get up in the morning and notice a smelly, brown, oily stain where your pup slept last night. What is this, and what caused it? Sometimes, I would get a call from a dog parent asking why they had a brown discharge at night. Based on the description and a follow-up exam, I could … Read more

Can Dogs Express Their Own Anal Glands? (Vet Explains)

Some days it feels like every second patient has anal gland issues. These range from simply full glands, just starting to cause issues all the way through to abscesses. I recently saw a Yorkie-poo patient with a burst abscess, poor little tyke was in so much pain he needed to be sedated to have a … Read more

14 Human Foods that Help Dogs Express Anal Glands Naturally

beagle puppies is given redberries by his owner

You may have heard that it’s okay to express your dog’s anal glands manually if they’re impacted, but it’s not advisable without veterinary supervision. Dogs should be able to empty their sacs naturally. Sometimes we can help the process by adding some high-fiber foods to their diet. Impacted anal glands are a common occurrence in … Read more

What to do if Your Dog is in Pain After Anal Glands Expression?

If your dog suffers with their anal glands then expression by your veterinarian may be required occasionally. Depending on the specific situation, your dog may be in some pain after having their glands expressed. This is mainly in cases where the pooch is suffering with impaction, abscess or sacculitis (inflammation of the sac itself) and … Read more

Does Pumpkin food really help dogs with Anal Glands? (Vet Answers)

Does your canine companion suffer with anal gland issues? Problematic anal glands are a relatively common complaint among my patients and one of the nutritional methods I advise is to add some pumpkin to their diet. One study has suggested that up to 12% of pooches will suffer from some anal gland complaint at some … Read more

What are Dog Anal Glands? (Vet Explains)

anal glands in dogs

If your pooch has ever done the butt scooting boogie, you probably know something about anal glands in dogs. Research shows that 5-12% of dogs experience trouble with their anal sacs. One of the most common Anal Gland issues called blocked Anal Glands. Owners often realize there’s a problem because their pups start dragging their … Read more

Is Glandex Good for Dogs? (2024 Vet Review)

glandex review

Whether you’re searching in your favorite pet store or online for anal gland supplements and related products, you’re sure to find the Glandex brand. Formulated by veterinarians at Vetnique Labs, Glandex uses all-natural ingredients as it works to promote firm, healthy stools. This product offers a safe and painless way to treat your dog’s anal … Read more

29 Best High Fiber Dog Foods for Anal Gland Problems (2024)

best high fiber dog food-anal gland problems

Picking the best high fiber dog food for anal glands problems can be a challenging task. There are plenty of decisions to make. You need to ensure that Fido gets all the nutrients. It’s also important to consider that the food meets high-quality standards. All of this with the abundance of information might be overwhelming. … Read more