Dog Proof Bedding: The 15 Best Comforters of 2024

3 dogs posing in their owner bed covered in dog proof sheets

Sometimes you just need to cuddle with your fur baby and one of the best places to do this is in your bed. True dog lovers do not mind letting their bundle of fuzziness share the bed for cuddle time or playtime. But you do not want to ruin your bedding. Dog toenails can be … Read more

The 11 Best Outdoor Dog Toys of 2024

small dog is playing fetch with his outdoor toys

Whether the weather is nice or not, our furry family members seem to want to go outside anyway.  And they do have to go outside at least a couple of times a day to do their business. But what about playing outdoors? You want your dog to have some fun outside too, not just inside.  … Read more

13 Best Puppy Toys in 2024 (for Teething & IQ)

owner giving her puppy a teething pink toy

Getting a new puppy is an exciting time for both of you. The first thing we often want to do is buy him new puppy toys to play with.  This is fine, but you have to know which are the best puppy toys for your dog’s age, size, and breed. Teething toys are also important … Read more

14 Best Dog Chew Toys for Dental Health in 2024

happy labradoodle playing with a chew toy

All dogs love to chew so it is im-paw-tant for them to have something safe to chew on. Because they will find something else if you do not give them something. Like your shoes. It is not too difficult to understand why dogs have to chew. That is what they were made to do as … Read more

15 Best Interactive Dog Toys in 2024 (with Puzzles)

white terrier playing with his yellow interactive toy

Interactive dog toys can be fur-fect to keep your pooch happy and healthy mentally and physically. In fact, the best interactive dog toys can do much more than that. Some of them can teach your dog to eat slower while others can teach him manners.  There are those that can entertain your dog while you … Read more

12 Best Indestructible Dog Toys for Heavy Chewers in 2024

two border collies playing with their indestructible blue wheel toy

Chew toys are great because they provide your pooch with hours of entertainment, help keep his teeth clean, and take care of that strong desire to chew on things, most importantly it keeps him from eating your furniture and shoes. You don’t want to get your dog something that is not safe for him to … Read more

10 Best Extra Large XL Dog Toys for Giant Dogs in 2024

a super cute dog is playing with his kong toy for extra large dogs

There is no official size to define an extra large or giant dog breed. However, for our specific purpose in this review, we consider an extra large to be over 100 pounds and a giant breed is over 150 pounds. And since we know that extra large and giant breeds can be “ruff” on their … Read more

The 12 Best Wide Dog Collars of 2024

staffordshire amstaff is wearing a wide black collar with id tag

Is your dog constantly getting out of his collar or pulling at it so much that it hurts his neck?  You should try one of these wide dog collars because they can really help keep your pooch healthier.  Having a wide dog collar puts less direct pressure on your dog’s neck so even if he … Read more

The 11 Best LED Dog Collars of 2024

Anyone who has a dog knows that they are your best fur-iend. You will do anything for your fur baby including long walks at night when he insists by bringing you his leash and begging. But walking your furry friend in the dark can be dangerous for both of you so an LED dog collar … Read more

The 7 Best Indestructible Heavy Duty Dog Crates of 2024

Dog crates are much more paw-pular now than they ever have been before. Maybe because there are so many choices of types, materials, and sizes.  These are not just big plastic boxes to put your dog in after all. He is your best fur-iend and you want him to be comfortable as well as safe. … Read more

The 12 Best Automatic Dog Feeders of 2024

Some pet parents may think automatic dog feeders are for “lazy” people or for those who leave their dogs home often. But you do not have to be either of those to benefit from an auto feeder.  These cool machines can help you maintain routine meals even if you have a very “un-routine” life. They … Read more

The 15 Best Dog Doors of 2024

Your dog should not have to wait to go out when he has to go but you cannot be there for him 24/7. So, a dog door can make things easier on both of you. Why not let your pooch decide when he needs to go so he does not have to go find you … Read more

The 12 Best Chew Proof Crate Pads of 2024

Dog crates are invaluable to pet parents everywhere no matter what size, age, or breed of pooch you have. They are great for training purposes and, if you do it right, your pooch will consider the crate his safe place to go to when he wants to feel safe. Like a den, wolves use in … Read more

The 9 Best Dog Fire Hydrant Statues of 2024

Dogs pee on just about anything that stands upright whether they are out for a walk, at the dog park, or in their yard. It is in their nature. And since your fur baby loves to pee on fire hydrants, why not get him one of his own? Not only will he love peeing on … Read more

The 16 Best Dog Backpack Carriers of 2024

Is your best fur-iend itching to go with you on your adventures but is hindered by their age, an old injury, or their stamina? You can consider a dog carrier backpack so you do not have to leave your pooch behind. A dog carrier backpack lets you keep your pup securely close to you while … Read more

11 Best Vet Recommended Dog Safe Weed Killers of 2024

Who says homeowners have to sacrifice their landscaping to keep their dogs safe? While it’s true that many commercial products contain toxic or cancer-causing chemicals, there are organic and natural alternatives. I used my experience as a retired veterinarian to research pet-safe weed control products to help you find the best dog safe weed killer. … Read more

13 Best Vet Recommended Elevated Dog Bowls in 2024

Do you have a messy eater or a dog who likes to play with his water? Maybe your pooch is getting older and experiencing joint or back pain? These are some of the reasons that dog parents turn to elevated dog bowls.  Raised feeders offer many benefits for dogs, and they can help you keep … Read more

The 9 Best Vet Recommended Dog Ramps of 2024

For some dogs, jumping onto furniture or into the car can be either daunting or dangerous. Whether their size, age, or health limits their abilities, they need help to reach their destination.  That’s where dog ramps come in handy. A comfortable incline can make a huge difference in your pal’s mobility and confidence.  I used … Read more

The 13 Best Vet Recommended Dog GPS Trackers of 2024

We love our furbabies and would move heaven and earth to keep them safe. But the reality is that millions of pets go missing every year. That’s why a GPS tracker can be invaluable. With the right device, you can set up an invisible safe zone for your pooch, track his movement and location in … Read more