8 Best Vet Recommended Dog Bath Tubs of 2024

Dogs love to play and explore outside, and that means they can get dirty… a lot.  We don’t want stinky messes in our homes, so we need to bathe our pups from time to time.  The problem is that bathtime can be a chore that leaves us soaked.  After evaluating more than 30 grooming dog … Read more

14 Best Vet Recommended Dog Grooming Clippers in 2024

For dog parents of longer-haired pups, grooming is a big deal. Keeping your furbaby looking his best can be expensive, but it doesn’t have to break the bank. If you’re contemplating grooming your pooch at home, you’ll need a quality set of clippers. But how do you know what you should look for in grooming … Read more

10 Best Vet Recommended Dog Travel Crates in 2024

Our furbabies are family, and we like to bring them with us everywhere we go. But when we’re traveling, we also need to make sure they stay safe and secure.  Not all travel crates are designed the same. When you’re transporting your pooch in a car, you need a kennel that’s secure and crash-tested. But … Read more

The 6 Best Vet Recommended Dog Treadmills of 2024

Some dogs seem to have boundless energy, and you may not be able to provide them with enough playtime and walks to burn off their edge. Therefore, dog treadmills can be a wonderful tool to help your dog get the exercise he needs.  After evaluating more than 20 Dog treadmills, we chose the “GOPET PetRun … Read more

12 Best Vet Recommended Artificial Grass for Dogs in 2024

Maintaining a lush lawn with dogs can be a real challenge. If your pooch likes to dig or has strong urine, you may be constantly dealing with brown spots and holes. That’s why some people are turning to artificial turf for their pups. Quality products maintain a well-groomed appearance all year long. And there are … Read more

The 11 Best Extra Large XL Dog Crates for Giant & Big Dogs

There is no official size range to define what an extra large or giant dog breed is. Although the AKC (American Kennel Club) does have a size guide for each breed explaining what their healthies weight should be. However, for our specific purpose in this review, we class a large dog as more than 50 … Read more

The 12 Best Extra Large XL Dog Collars for Giant & Big Dogs

Your extra large dog deserves an extra large dog collar that is comfortable, durable, and attractive as well as functional. Collars for small and medium-sized dogs are not strong enough or wide enough to work for your big pup so you need a special size just for him. That is why we decided to do … Read more

The 12 Best Extra Large XL Dog Clothes Of 2024

As pup parents, we love dressing up our dogs and making them look cute. But dog clothes are not just adorable, they are practical as well. They can keep your pup warm when it is cold, dry when it is raining, and protect him from the sun when you are at the beach. So, we … Read more

The 14 Best Extra Large XL Dog Water Bowls of 2024

Dogs need a lot of water to keep them healthy and it is essential that they get fresh water to drink all day long. According to our vet advisor, Dr. Grey “A good rule of thumb is 2.5ml/kg/hr or 60ml/kg/day. So a 120lb/54kg extra large dog needs a little over 3L a day available.” Also, … Read more

The 13 Best Extra Large XL Dog Houses Of 2024

Having an extra large dog means that everything you get for him has to be extra large. But that is fine because he also gives you plenty of extra love with his extra large heart. Looking for a dog house for your giant fur buddy is not too difficult, but we decided to help you … Read more

The 10 Best Dog Steps for Bed of 2024

When we age, we need some help getting up and downstairs and so do our fur babies. With their short legs, most dogs have quite a jump to get onto and off the bed or couch so getting him some steps for bed can be the furfect solution. No more having to pick him up … Read more

The 15 Best Indoor Dog Gates of 2024

There are always going to be places that you do not want your pooch to enter. For example, you may have guests over who have small children or you may have a room with dangerous materials you do not want your dop to get close to. That is why we decided to do a review … Read more

The 15 Best Dog Wagons & Strollers of 2024

There are many fur babies who need special help with mobility issues for one reason or another. Some of these reasons may include seniors that cannot keep up with the pack, those with an injury or illness, dogs who are recuperating, little fur buddies that can get stepped on in a crowd, puppies that get … Read more

7 Best Dog Car Seats For Large Dogs (2024 Safest)

Taking your dog on road trips is fun for both of you but just like a human child, you cannot just leave him in the backseat unsecured. He does not have the ability to protect himself in case of an abrupt stop or accident and can also be a major distraction while you are driving. … Read more

14 Best Dog Litter Boxes (2024 Reviews & Buying Guide)

There are some instances when using a dog litter box is just essential. Fur example, when your fur baby is a puppy, and he is potty training, a dog litter box is pawfect. Although you can use puppy pads or even newspapers, puppies go poo at least 4 times a day, and they urinate a … Read more

The 14 Best Dog Crate Furniture & End Tables of 2024

Since we like to keep our fur babies with us, we decided to look at the best dog crate furniture that will add style and design as well as a place for Fido to hang out with us. In our search, we came across many different styles and sizes with a variety of features to … Read more

13 Best Dog Perfumes & Colognes (Vet verified safety)

We all love our fur babies but sometimes they can be a bit… smelly. So instead of rushing him off to the groomer every time he gets dirty, try one of these pawsome dog perfumes. They are safe to use and can keep your pup smelling fresh and clean between grooming sessions.  After evaluating more … Read more