16 Immutable Tips for Running With Your Dog

running with your dog

Did you know that running with your dog offers benefits beyond fitness? When you have a furbaby, you have a built-in exercise partner, and sharing the activity enhances your experience in many ways: It boosts your senses. You’ll be more attentive to what’s going on around, and that results in an improved reaction time and … Read more

9 Natural Cleaning Tips for Dog Parents (+DIY Recipes & Uses)

house cleaning tips for dog owners

Our furbabies add so much joy to our lives, but they can also make big messes! From tracking dirt and leaves across the family room floor to dribbling water across the kitchen after taking a drink, my house seems to be perpetually dirty. And that’s not to mention the lingering dog smell or occasional potty … Read more

39 Money Saving Hacks for Dog Parents

money saving tips for dog owners

Ideally, I believe that if you want a canine companion and you’re able to take good care of the dog, you should have one. Unfortunately, it’s not that simple. It’s an investment to add a pet to your household. According to a survey by the American Pet Products Association (APPA), the average amount that dog … Read more

16 Benefits of Sleeping With Your Dog

sleeping with dogs

Who’s sleeping in the dog house tonight? Chances are, it’s not Fido. As a matter of fact, in a survey of adult women in the United States, 55% said they share their beds with their dogs. But is it OK to sleep with your pup? People today debate over the value of co-sleeping with a … Read more

The Woof of Fame: 104 famous dogs that made us better

famous dogs

Producing a list of famous pooches is not an easy thing to do After all, there are thousands of famous furbabies in history. Even before there was internet, there was a long list of canines who leaped into our hearts, making us laugh as well as cry. They have inspired us with their stories, both … Read more

102 Scientific Benefits of Having a Dog

Benefits Of Having A Dog

We call them man’s best friend for a reason. Did you know that having a dog offers you myriad benefits at any age or stage of life? It’s true, and there’s research that backs it up. Let’s look at 102 benefits of having a dog. I’ve divided them into categories so that you can filter … Read more

Unique Male Dogs Names A-Z Guide

Unique Male Dogs Names A-Z Guide

So, you are getting a new puppy but don’t have a name for him yet? Choosing a name is one of the most important choices you will have to make for your new pooch. You want him to have one of the most unique male dog names, but you also want it to fit him. … Read more