Unique Male Dogs Names A-Z Guide

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Unique Male Dogs Names A-Z Guide
So, you are getting a new puppy but don’t have a name for him yet? Choosing a name is one of the most important choices you will have to make for your new pooch. You want him to have one of the most unique male dog names, but you also want it to fit him. Let’s take a look at how to choose the best name for your Pupster.

How to Choose the Perfect Name?

Male Dog Names - How to Choose the Perfect Name?
The best way to choose the most unique dog name for your pup is to spend some time getting to know him. Get down on the floor and play with him. Talk to him and see what kind of Fursonality he has. Is he a calm and quiet dog? Is he hyper and excitable? Does he have any unique quirks or habits that can help you choose a name? Fur example, if you have a hyper dog, the name Chaos or Nitro would be adorable. For a quiet dog, the name Yen, which means calm and peaceful in Japanese would be Pawesome!

3 Tips on Naming A Dog

It seems strange that people actually take their time choosing their dog’s name after they get them but when we are having a baby, we are supposed to choose the name before they are born. Why do we pick a name for a baby we have never met and then try to get them to fit into that name? Most kids end up changing their names when they get older anyway. Why not wait a few days and see if the baby has any cute habits or characteristics? Well, that is what we do when we get a dog, right?

Length of the Name

If you have a show dog that needs several names to be registered, that’s fine and dandy, but a dog only needs one name really. A nice and simple one would be best. Something you can spell and pronounce. A short and sweet name that you can remember but not so common that when you call his name at the dog park you get a dozen dogs running to you.

One or Two Syllables

Just like the length of the name, it is better to just give your pooch a name with one or two syllables. This is because of the dog’s attention span. Like children with ADHD, a dog does not respond well to long instructions or long names like Rumpelstiltskin. They will stop listening after Rump so they will think their name is Rump anyway.


Keep it simple but don’t make it sound like something else that will confuse your Pupster. For example, if you name your pup Fletch, he may look for a ball or something else to fetch when you call him. Or when you call your dog Shay, you may wonder why she sits and stays. Try not to make it sound like a dog command. (1)

Unique Dog Names Inspired by Comic Books

Unique Dog Names Inspired by Comic Books
Are you a fan of Spiderman, Superman, or just comic books in general? Or maybe your dog just reminds you of a comic book character such as Hulk for that big dog or Wolverine for that wolfdog. It is not abnormal to name your pup after something you love or something that reminds you of him. That is what you are supposed to do. And if you are a lover of comic books, whether they are DC Comics or Marvel, there is nothing wrong with giving your canine a cool name from one of these. We all wanted to be a superhero at one time so why not name your dog after one, right? But comics are also full of other characters like Jughead and Archie from the Archie comics, Popeye, and Annie. And what about Tom and Jerry or Micky Mouse. Whatever kind of comic books you love, there is sure to be a Furr-ific name in there somewhere.
Here are some of my favorites:
24 Unique Dog Names Inspired By Comic Books

Harry Potter Dog Names

Harry Potter Dog Names
Don’t be embarrassed, a lot of grown-ups like Harry Potter. Even me. After all, he is a pretty cool dude and those books and movies are pawsitively spectacular! The series of books, which was written by J.K. Rowling, came out in 2001 and took the world by storm. With magical creatures and imaginative characters, the movies were all hits with both the young and the old. You could be obvious about it and name your dog Harry, of course, or you could be more creative and check out some of these excellent names:

Dog Names Inspired by Beer

Dog Names Inspired by Beer
Do you like beer? Maybe you work for a beer company or make your own beer. In fact, you love beer so much, you named your son Bud for Budweiser.

Dog Names Inspired by Alcohol

male dog Names Inspired by Alcohol
Okay, maybe beer is not on your taste palate. You like the hard stuff. Or the soft stuff. Whatever. Just any other kind of alcohol besides beer. Here are some Pawfect names inspired alcohol:

Dog Names Inspired by Cartoons & Disney

Do you remember Saturday morning cartoons? If you are near my age, you didn’t have 10 or 15 different cartoon channels that you could watch anytime you wanted. We had to wait until Saturday mornings and then we spent several hours just watching cartoons. When it was over, we went outside to play and did not have any toons to watch for another week. Harsh, right? Here’s some cool toon names for your pup:

Dog names inspired by cannabis

Dog Names Inspired by marijuana
Do you remember Woodstock? Yeah, even I am not that old but I have heard about it. Back when everyone was free to do whatever they wanted. Well, maybe not anything. But it seems like smoking marijuana was legal back then (but it wasn’t) and everyone seemed to be doing it. Nowadays, there are many states that let you smoke pot for medical purposes and some even let you get high for fun. So, why not name your pooch after it?

Dog Names Inspired by Historical Figures

History was never my best subject but now that I am older…it still isn’t. But with the internet, you don’t really need to study all that stuff. You can just Google it. But for history buffs, you may want to choose a name that really meant something to a lot of people like a president or a Greek God. How about a famous Prince or King? Your furry friend deserves a meaningful name and we have some for you.

Dog Names Inspired by Animals & Objects

We all have our quirks and if yours is to name your dog after your toothbrush, that is up to you. However, we would like to help you out with some other weird names for your pooch that may not seem so bizarre. Check these out:

Dog Names Inspired by Cars

Dog Names Inspired by Cars
A lot of us have favorite cars. I had a really Pawesome Chevelle when I was 16 and I loved that thing. Some people really love trucks or Cadillacs or racecars. You could name your pooch after your favorite car because… it’s your favorite and so is he. Right? Or you could just name him Hot Rod or Wrecker. You could also name your pup after a car part like Bumper or Axle. Cute, right? Here’s some more to choose from:

Dog Names Inspired by Athletes

Dog Names Inspired by Athletes
Whether you are a baseball lover or a football fan, there are plenty of Pawfect dog names among the athletes you admire. Tim Tebow is a pretty famous guy and either Tim or Tebow would make a cute name. Here are some other fun athlete names:

Dog Names Inspired by Personality

Dog Names Inspired by Personality
Just like people, all dogs have their own Fursonality. That is why the experts recommend that you spend some time with your pup for a few hours or days to get to know him. He may be shy, goofy, stubborn, nerdy, or grumpy. Whatever type of Fursonality your pooch has, there are some Pawesome names to go with it. Here are some of my faves:

Cute Male Dog Names

Of course your dog is cute. All dogs are cute. In fact, even if our dog is really ugly, we think they are cute. Just like kids. I know you have seen some unattractive babies but still said, “Oh, what a cute baby.” Right? Because you can’t say, “God what an ugly kid.” Well, you could but that person might hit you or something. So, lets look at some cute dog names.

Humans Male Dog Names

Humans Male Dog Names
Your dog is your best Fur-iend so it is only natural that you think of him as a human sometimes. After all, he is just as smart as most people and actually smarter than some. He seems to understand you better than your spouse even does, and he is always there for you when you need him. So, why not give him a human name?

A-Z Male Dog Names List

Names that Start with A

Names that Start with B

Names that Start with C

Names that Start with D

Names that Start with E

Names that Start with F

Names that Start with G

Names that Start with H

Names that Start with I

Names that Start with J

Names that Start with K

Names that Start with L

Names that Start with M

Names that Start with N

Names that Start with O

Names that Start with P

Names that Start with Q

Names that Start with R

Names that Start with S

Names that Start with T

Names that Start with U

Names that Start with V

Names that Start with W

Names that Start with X

Names that Start with Y

Names that Start with Z

Whether you have just gotten a new puppy or have an old pooch that needs a new name, it is Impawtant to take your time and give him the proper moniker that fits him to a tee. Spend some time with your new Furbuddy and try to find some unique habit or quirk that he has that can help lead you to the best name for him.
Once you have chosen a name, share it with us in the comments below. We would love to know what you chose.
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