The Ultimate Dog Bucket List: 104 Fun Things to do With Your Dog

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The Ultimate Dog Bucket List- 104 fun things to do with your dog

Are you bored with the usual walk around the block or watching your pup chase squirrels in the backyard? Your pup probably gets a bit tired of it too. Although chasing those squirrels probably never gets old. But it is always good to try something new once in a while.

We have done some extensive research and found the top 104 fun things you can do with your four-legged family member. Just make sure you are both healthy enough for the activities you choose.

I’ve divided them into categories so that you can filter through the list and find the best activity for your and your dog.


If you have two or more large breed dogs, maybe you would enjoy bikejoring. Seriously, what is more fun than having your pooches pull you along on your bike. All you have to do is sit back and relax. However, don’t try this with a Chihuahua!

Dog Friendly Breweries

Thinking that a beer would be nice, but you don’t want to leave your furbaby home alone? Bring Fido along. He can hang out with you if you go to one of the many pup-friendly breweries. Of course, you probably should give him water in stead of beer. Too bad he cannot be your designated driver.
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Dog Friendly Wineries

Not a beer fan? How about a winery? There are quite a few wineries all around the country that don’t mind your pupster tagging along with you. However, make sure your dog doesn’t get too much wine. In fact, Fido should stick to water.

Attend a Dog-Friendly sporting event

If you like sports, your dog probably does too. What’s not to love? There are lots of people, good food, and a ball being tossed around. Find a sporting event like baseball in your area that lets your dog join you and get out there. Don’t forget to bring Fido some dog-friendly snacks and water.
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Explore your local’s farmer market.

Since the farmer’s market is outside usually, dogs are typically not a problem. Although some places may be more pet-friendly than others. Put your pooch on a leash and head to the local farmer’s market and see what happens. Don’t forget the water and poop baggies.
take your dog to the loacl farmers market - things to do with your dog
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Attend a dog festival

Since we have festivals for humans, it is only fair to have them for our furbabies too, right? After all, they love to play and have fun outdoors. Why not let them do it with other dogs and their humans? From Bark in the Park to CSBarks Dog Festival, you can find all kinds of dog-lovers festivals to enjoy. Remember to bring water and poo baggies.
Isle Of Wight Dog Festival
Photo Credit: Isle Of Wight Dog Festival / The Local Directory - Isle of Wight - Photography

Go to an outdoor concert (or movie screening) with your dog

If you have a dog, then you know that they love music like we do. In fact, many dogs just like being around a large group of people, especially outdoors. Check out some pup-fur-iendly outdoor music festivals or concerts to see what you can find near you.

Take your dog on a boat ride

Just like kayaking with your pooch, taking Fido on a boat ride is fun too. Grab some dog treats, water, and life jackets so you and your poochie can get out on the water and enjoy the day. Be sure to check with the park or lake owner before heading out, though.
Pet Friendly Cruises

Go on a Walking Tour of Your City

You and your pooch don’t have to go to the woods or park for a hike. You can walk around your own town with your pup and you will both enjoy it just as much. Maybe even more. Do not forget to bring doggy poo bags and water for both of you.

Go Swimming

Almost all dogs love to swim just as much as people do. Of course, you may have to coax your pooch the first time or two but after that, he should be rearing to go. In fact, you may have trouble getting him out of the water when it’s time to go.
take your dog swimming-things to do with your dog

Stand up paddle boarding

Actually, your dog may be better at this sport than you are. Maybe it is because they stand on all fours and we only use two. Maybe we should try it their way and see if it is easier. But then we would have to call it All Fours Paddle Boarding.

Go for a Bike Ride Together

If you are an avid biker and your dog is in good health, there is no reason why you cannot ride together. They make special leashes to use so your furbaby stays close to your side. And always remember to bring water and poop baggies.
bike with your dog

Go Running Together

Just like biking, if you and your pup are in good health, running should be great fun for you both to enjoy together. In fact, you have probably already experienced how much your dog loves to run when he was a pup and you had to chase him for a bath. When running, keep Fido on a leash for safety. Bring water and poo bags as well.
running with your dog

Jumping on the trampoline with your dog

If you have never tried trampolining with your furbaby, you have to do it soon. It is probably one of the most hilarious ways to spend the day with your pooch. At first, they may seem confused or even afraid. But soon they will be jumping along with you and having a blast.

Go to the Dog Park

If you live in a neighborhood close to a dog park, you are lucky, and you can just leash up your furbaby and head out. However, you may want to mix it up a bit because sometimes dogs get sick of the same place as people do. Either way, check out the park first and make sure it is safe, well cared for, and the pups (and their humans) are fur-iendly.

Go on a Dog Friendly Walking Tour

Believe it or not, there are many places where your dog is welcome that you may not even be aware of. You don’t just have to stick to the dog park because many city and state parks allow Fido as well. You may even be able to find a dog-friendly walking group to join.
walking city tour with your dog

Go on a Picnic

Picnics are fun no matter where you live. And your dog will enjoy going along with you if you are going to a park. Gather the family and head to the local lake or you can even picnic in your back yard. Your pooch won’t care. As long as he gets some food too.
picnic with your dog

Hike a National Park

Most national parks allow pets as long as they are on a leash at all times. However, it is best to check the rules before heading out with your pooch. Make sure the trail is safe for you and your dog before starting your trek and do remember to bring the essentials like water and poop bags.

hiking with your dog

Go Kayaking with Your Dog

Kayaking can be a great way to enjoy the day in the water with your pup. Fresh air and swimming are good for both of you. Just be sure your pooch (and you) know how to swim or wear life vests. Yes, they do make them for dogs. And always check with the park before bringing your dog along.

Go Camping

Almost all state and national campgrounds allow dogs as long as they are leashed or otherwise restrained at all times. However, always check with the park first. Bring plenty of water, food, portable fences, bug repellent, and poo bags as well as toys and treats for your pup.

Go fishing together

Dogs love fishing. In fact, your pooch may be able to jump in and catch a fish before you do. Of course, he will probably scare your fish away in the process. But who cares as long as you are both enjoying yourselves.

Vacation with your dog

No matter where you plan to go on vacation, take your pooch. After all, they are your best friend. Right? There are plenty of places that you can enjoy together from campgrounds to cabins or motels. Choose where you want to go and find a place that accepts pets.
vacation with your dog

Pet Friendly Restaurants

Believe it or not, there are a lot of restaurants that let your dog dine with you. Many of them are near dog parks or local parks where a lot of people hang around outside. Strip malls with outside dining are also good places for doggy dining. Check around your area and you may be surprised at how many places you find.

Visit a dog-friendly bar

Similar to the doggy-friendly dining, dog-friendly bars are getting more paw-pular too. Especially near dog parks and outdoor dining areas. California and Texas both seem to have an abundance of pet-friendly pubs. Check online for the ones near you so you and your pup can go enjoy the nightlife.

Play together in the snow

Take your pooch out to play in the snow with you next time it snows. Make sure you bundle them up if they are one of the dogs without a thick coat. Toss a few snowballs his way and watch him try to pick it up and bring it back. Or make a snowman and snowdog with your pooch.

Rollerblading with your dog

Your dog will totally love rollerblading with you. Just put a harness on your pup instead of a leash and let them pull you and they will go forever. It takes a lot longer to wear out most dogs than you think. You will probably get tired before him even if he is doing all the work.

Rollerblading with your dog
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Go to a Dog show

Dog shows are fun for both you and your pupster. They will love seeing all the dogs and smelling all the new scents. You may even decide that your pup should enter the next dog show. You never know.
dog show
Photo Credit: Meir Gur
Photo Credit: Meir Gur

Eat a Gourmet Meal

Anything that has to do with eating is a favorite activity for your furbaby. You know Fido loves to eat no matter what it is. To him, a gourmet meal is a bite of your burger. But if you want to make filet mignon steak and share it with your pooch, that is even better.

Workout with your dog

Sometimes you just need to work out. Even for those of us who are lazy and do not want to work out. Maybe working out with our best fur-iend will make it more fun. It certainly couldn’t hurt. And your dog will love doing laps with you.

Play in the sprinklers with your dog

When is the last time you ran through a sprinkler? When you were a kid? Well, it is just as much fun as an adult so get out there and show your dog how it’s done. Actually, he will probably show you how it’s done. Most dogs love water, and sprinklers are like an amazing toy to them.

Play in the sprinklers with your dog

Enter the Muddy dog challenge

Believe it or not, this is really a thing. Yeah, your dog probably gets muddy every time it rains but for the Muddy Dog Challenge, he will actually be doing it with other dogs. And raising money for a good cause at the same time. So, find the closest Muddy Dog Challenge near you or start one of your own in your back yard.

Enter a dog running marathon

We have already established that dogs love to run. And they are good at it. In fact, they can probably run for hours if you let them. If you look hard enough, you can find a dog running marathon in your area. Or at least a marathon that is dog friendly. If not, just take your dog on a long run.

dog marathon

Take a RV Trip with your dog

Almost all dogs love going for rides. Just like kids, though, they get bored and need to move around a lot. An RV trip is fur-fect for that because they can run around the RV while you drive and then they will be nice and calm when you get to where you are going.

Learn to surf together

Similar to stand-up paddle boarding, surfing is easier for a dog than a human. For the same reason; he stands on four feet instead of two. Dogs just seem to have better balance anyway. However, it is still a good idea to put a life jacket on Fido so when the waves come, he can keep his head above water.

Play in the Pool

Another water sport. Dogs just love water. And so do we, so playing in the pool with your pup is just plain fun for both of you. It is even better on a hot summer day. Toss a ball or frisbee for your dog to go after. Make sure it floats so they don’t have to dive for it.

Watch the Puppy Bowl together

Let your pooch watch the Puppy Bowl with you. Yes, that is a real thing on television at the same time as the Superbowl. Of course, if you are trying to watch the Superbowl, you can have a separate television or computer for that. Your pup will love watching the adorable puppies on television running around. And so will you.

Book a “doga” session.

Yoga is extremely good for you so why shouldn’t it be good for your dog too? It certainly can be. You just have to have a little patience when teaching them the poses. And if they don’t seem to be getting the hang of it, just let them watch.
doga tree pose

Make Home Treats

You can find all kinds of awesome homemade dog treat recipes online. And they are so much healthier when you make them yourself because you know what’s in them. Fido will enjoy taste-testing the results and licking the bowls clean.

speedy home treats

Watch Netflix Together

Does your pup like to curl up on the couch and watch Netflix with you? What is his favorite show? Benji is a good one. Or how about Beverly Hills Chihuahua? Your pooch may also enjoy watching Snoopy cartoons with you. Or he may just be content to watch whatever you are watching.

Test your dog’s intelligence with the Dog IQ Test.

There are quite a few Dog IQ Tests online that you and your poochie can try. You will probably be surprised at how intelligent your furbaby is. Look at all the dogs that can find people who are lost in the woods or those who can herd sheep. Try one or two of the IQ tests online just for fun.

Sing to your dog

Some people sing to their dog all the time. And their dog really loves it. But you have probably seen those funny videos online where the dog howls or runs away when their owner sings. Try singing to your pooch and see whether they like it. If so, maybe you should try out for “The Voice.”

Movies to watch with your dog

If you want to curl up and watch a good movie with your furry family member, there are a bunch of movies that your dog may enjoy. How about 101 Dalmatians? Marley & Me is also a good one. Beethoven is fun for both of you too. Old Yeller or Cujo may be too scary or sad for you both. Homeward Bound is another one that your dog will probably love.

Put your dog on a treadmill

Be careful doing this if you are planning to use your own treadmill. It may seem like a good idea, but human treadmills can be dangerous for your fur buddy. They actually make treadmills for dogs so try one of those instead. Treadmills are excellent for those furbabies with way too much energy!

Play digging indoors together

If your dog likes to dig but you don’t like the holes in your yard, maybe you can get him digging inside. There are actually quite a few ways to do this but the easiest and least costly is just to let him dig at a blanket. Show your pooch how to dig on a soft blanket or rug that you don’t use anymore. They actually sell digging toys for pups too. Show him how fun it is, and he will be doing it in no

Get your dog a bubble bath with toys

Even though dogs love water, they sure don’t seem to like baths. Why is that? Maybe it’s because they are not fun. Give your pooch some toys & treats to play with in the bath. Add some bubbles and let him have fun in the tub or a pool outside. Eventually, he will see how much fun it is.

Dog taking a bath

Work on Obedience training together

Nobody wants their dog to jump on strangers, bite the mailman, or run away all the time. So, teach your pooch some obedience. You can take your pup to a class or just do some research online and teach Fido yourself. It can’t be that hard, right? Just make sure you have lots of treats.

Train for a dog diving competition

Just watching your dog chase a ball is fun but it is even more exciting to watch your pup dive into the water after a ball. And your dog loves the water so why not train for dog diving? Your dog could be famous!

See if your dog can catch treats in midair

We have all seen those funny videos of the dogs catching a treat or bone in midair. But when you toss something to your dog, he runs away. Take some time and show him that the treats you are throwing at him taste yummy and he will be ready and willing to catch them then.

Work on Some Clicker Training

Clicker training is a way to teach your pup tricks with positive reinforcement. The clicker tells your dog when to do what you want and they will do it if they know the treat comes after the click. Learn how to clicker train your dog and they will pretty much do whatever you want.

Dog Clicker Training

Book a CANICROSS class with your dog

Canicross is a fun sport where you do cross-country running while attached to your dog by a harness. It is a great way for both of you to get some exercise and have fun together at the same time. It is done with a team, so you all learn how to work together. Remember to bring poo baggies and water.
CANICROSS class with your dog
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Join a Herding Dog Training

Many breeds are born to herd, but they do not know all the rules and regulations. If you want your pup to be a true herding dog, you have to train him. Join a herding group and you can both learn together how to herd the proper way.

Join a dog-friendly fitness group

No matter where you live, you can probably find dozens of fitness classes nearby. You may have a harder time finding one that is dog friendly. In fact, you may have to go pretty far. But you can always start your own dog friendly fitness group if you cannot find one nearby. Remember to bring water and poo baggies.

Join a flyball team

If your dog is fast and loves to play with balls, maybe you should consider a flyball team. In flyball, your dog is on a team with three other dogs who race to a flyball box, release the ball by hitting the lever, and bring the ball back to the beginning. There are various courses with jumps and tricks along the way, but they all involve running and balls.

Doggy dance classes

Maybe you cannot dance but your dog probably can, so why not try doggy dance classes? This fun sport combines music, creativity, teamwork, obedience, and agility. For both of you. Even if you don’t want to compete, it is a fun sport to enjoy together.

Join an Agility class

Dog agility is just like a doggy obstacle course. Actually, that is exactly what it is but if your pooch wants to compete, you will have to take classes to learn the rules and regulations. No matter whether you are doing it to compete or just for fun, this sport is awesome for both of you. Bring water and poop bags too.
Dog Agility Training Tunnel

Teach Your Dog To Balance Anything On His Nose

The commercial where the adorable puppy balances a treat on his nose until their human says “okay” or uses a clicker. Then the pup flicks his head back and eats the treat. Yeah, we have all seen it, but it looks like a lot of work, right? Not really. It can be easy if you are patient. And dogs love treats so if you use the yummiest kind, your pooch will learn fast.

Teach your Dog to Bring You Things

How about a dog that can bring you the remote for the television or your phone if you want to make a call? Some people want their dog to bring them a drink from the fridge. Service animals are sometimes taught to retrieve medicines or phones for their human in an emergency. You can teach your dog to bring you pretty much anything within reason if you are patient.

Teach Your Dog to Help With Chores

Wouldn’t it be cool if your furbaby could bring your groceries in? Or maybe pick up trash and put it in the trash can? It is not really as hard as it sounds. Dogs are smart. And most of them will do just about anything for a treat.

Teach Your Dog The Names of Their Toys

Telling your pup to go get his ball can be easy sometimes. But does he really know that he is getting his ball or is he just going to get what he wants to play with. If you spend enough time training your pooch, he can learn the names of his toys. Really. It can be done.

Teach your dog to “high-five”

A dog that can “high-five” you is so cool to have. Actually, any dog is cool to have but being able to do a “high-five” with your pooch is really fun. It’s a great way to celebrate when Fluffy does something great or when you both see something you really like. Teach your dog to “high-five” today.

Teach your dog to bark on command

Of course, all dogs know how to bark. Teaching them to bark when you want them to may be a bit harder than you think but it is still not too difficult. Most people use the command, “speak” to get Bowser to bark, but you can use any word you want to.

Teach your dog to give a hug

All dogs know how to hug, right? Well, some dogs just do not like it. If your pooch seems like he just does not know what you want when you ask for a hug, it is not hard to teach him. Just a little time and patience, and a lot of treats, and he will be hugging in no time.

Teach your dog to stand on Hind Legs

If you have a big dog, getting them to stand on their hind legs is really fun since they can stand taller than some people. Little pups are easy to teach this trick and seem to have much better balance. No matter how big your dog is, it shouldn’t be too difficult to teach with the right treats.

Teach Your Dog to Grab His Leash

Similar to number 58, getting Fido to bring you his leash is not too hard to do if you take some time. And since most (all) dogs love to go for walks, all you have to do is ask if they want to go for a walk and they should have no trouble running and grabbing you the leash.

Teach your dog to Say Please by Sitting

If you cannot get your dog to talk, the best way to get them to say “please” is to have them sit and stay when they want something. If you ask your pup if he wants a treat, does he jump all over you? Teaching him to sit and wait is tantamount to saying “please,” so use that instead.

Teach your dog to count

No, you don’t have to get your pooch to actually say, “one, two, three…” All they have to do is learn to bark a certain amount of times. This is an amazing trick that your friends will love. You just need some time, patience, a clicker, and some treats.

Teach your dog to play dead

This morbid trick has been wowing dog owners and their fur-iends for a long, long time. And it is pretty easy to teach, too. Your dog already likes laying down so getting a treat and praise for doing it is a bonus for both of you. Just teach him “down” means lay down (and looks like playing dead), and you will be wowing your fur-iends in no time.

Teach your dog to Say a prayer

Whether you want your dog to jump onto your arm and bow his head, sit at the table and bow his head, or just bow down with his paws together, teaching him to “say his prayers” is so much fun. And your pupster will love it too. They love doing anything that has to do with spending time with their human. And treats.

Play fetch

Although you may have thought that all dogs were born knowing how to fetch, some dogs just don’t get it. They may just look at the ball and ignore you or they may go get the ball and run away with it. And a lot of dogs will bring back the ball but won’t give it back to you. The best way to fix this is treats. He will have to go get the ball, bring it to you, and drop it to eat the treat.

Play soccer together

You have probably seen the movie with the dog who plays basketball and then the sequel where he plays soccer too. Well, they actually have teams for dogs who play soccer. Seriously. Dogs are just naturally good at sports. Especially when there is a ball involved.

Play Frisbee

For this game, it is easier to have a friend with you to toss the frisbee to. Let Fido watch and pretty soon he will want to grab the frisbee too. If he just isn’t interested, toss it to your friend with your furbaby in the middle. Eventually, he will be trying to nab that disc right out of the air.

play frisbee with your dog

Play the Shell Game

You have probably seen this game played by many people at carnivals, on television, or even played it yourself for fun. But training your dog to play the shell game is a real treat for both of you. All you need is a few containers like cups or bowls, some yummy treats, and some time. Hide the treat under one of the containers and then move them around. Ask him to find the treat and he will probably get it right the first time.

Play Hide & Seek

Dogs are just like kids. And they will love playing hide and seek with you. Teaching him to play is just as much fun as actually playing the game. Let’s face it, spending any time doing anything with your furbaby is fun. So, go play some hide and seek with your pooch. It is also great to help your dog’s sense of smell as he tries to seek you out by your scent.

Make a puzzle for your dog to solve

They sell these types of dog treat puzzles at the store, but it is so much more fun (and cheaper) to make them yourself. All you need is a plastic bottle, scissors, and some treats. Cut some small holes in the bottle for the treats to come out of, put a few treats inside, and give it to Fido. Then sit back and take a video for your favorite social media page.

Play Tug With Your Dog

They make special toys for playing tug of war with your pooch, which is kind of important. You don’t want to be cheap on this game because the wrong kind of tug toy could be dangerous to your furbuddy. Get a proper tug toy and let the good times roll (and tug). You will probably get tired before he does!

Teach Your Dog to Play With Bubbles

All you have to do is blow some bubbles his way and he will be after them. Make sure you don’t get it in his eyes, though, or he may never want to play this game again.

Play Some Water Games

We have already figured out that Fido loves water. So, grab a hose or some type of water toy and get out in the yard. Some of the kids’ water toys that spray water all over are great fun for you and your pooch. Sure, the kids can play too.

Play in a ball pit together

Ball pits are awesome no matter whether you are a kid, adult, or a dog. Jumping into a pool full of balls is just an exhilarating experience for anyone. There is just something about the brightly colored balls and being in a giant pool of them is just delightful. For all of you.

Play Stairway dash

If you have a set of stairs in your home, turn it into a game for your pooch. Not only is it fun and entertaining to both of you, it is also good exercise. Stand at the bottom of the stairs and toss a ball or toy up to the landing. Then tell him to “fetch.” That’s it. He will love it and so will you.

Play "Green Light Right Light" Together

You probably played this game when you were a kid or even with your own kids. The premise is simple, green light means go and red light means stop. All you need is a toy or ball and some treats. You may not even need treats actually, because dogs just love this game.

Flirt Pole fun

You may be wondering what a flirt pole is. No, it is not one of those poles that the girls at the club dance around on. Those are stripper poles. A flirt pole is a training device. Basically, just a stick with a toy tied to the end of it. Like a cat toy. Only bigger. They love it. You’ll have Fluffy jumping and running in no time.

Take Your Dog to Work With You

This can only happen if your work allows it, of course. And if they don’t maybe you need a new job. Seriously, some jobs are just too dangerous to bring your pooch to. Use your better judgement. But your pup will love hanging out with you all day. Remember the water and poop baggies.

Puppuccino at Starbucks

If you enjoy going to Starbucks for a cappuccino, just think of how much your dog would love it. Actually, you may love it too. A puppuccino that is. No, it is not coffee or anything else caffeinated. That is a no-no for dogs. It is just a cup full of whipped cream! Yep, you would definitely love that too. And it is free! Most Starbucks don’t let Fido in because of insurance laws but the drive-thru will work fine.
Puppuccino at Starbucks
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Eat a Doggy Ice Cream

Some dog-fur-iendly ice cream shops actually have this now but most do not so you will probably have to buy it at the grocery store or make it yourself. It is pretty easy to make. For example, just mix some Greek yogurt with banana and peanut butter, put it in an ice cream tray, and you will have a tray full of doggy ice cream treats! You will love them too!
dog ice cream
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Make your own dog tags with pictures

This is actually easier than it sounds. All you need is a pic of your pooch, a chain necklace, and a crystal-clear cover or laminated paper. Glue the pic to the crystal or thick, laminated paper and cut it to whatever size you want. Punch a hole in it and slide it onto the necklace. Done. They also sell kits you can buy that make it even easier.

Howling with your dog

Wow, this is a fun one! Who hasn’t just wanted to just howl at the moon? Or the sun? Or just howl cuz it’s fun? Although you may look like an idiot doing it on your own, having your dog with you gives you the permission to act goofy. So, go ahead and howl with your dog!

Matching costumes with your dog

If your dog is your best fur-iend (and whose dog isn’t?), why not get matching costumes for Halloween? Or just fur fun! They make doggy costumes at the store during the Halloween season or you can make your own. It’s easier than you think. And your dog will (probably) love it too.

Matching pajamas with your dog

If your pooch didn’t mind the costume play too much, how about trying some pajamas? As a rule, pajamas are usually comfortable and soft, so Fido will probably like these better. Maybe. A lot of dogs just don’t like to wear clothes. But you can try.

Treat your dog to a spa day

If you cannot find a spa in your area that allows dogs, you can do this at home. But if your dog doesn’t like baths, you may want to skip the bubble bath. How about a nice paw-dicure? Or aromatherapy? The best part for both of you? The massage. Your dog will be in Heaven if you do a nice long massage on him.

Have a Doggie Play Date

Your fur buddy loves to play with other dogs, right? If not, then this one is not for you. But if your dog knows how to socialize well, have a doggy play date with a friend or relative who has a friendly dog too. You can catch up with your gossip while your furry friends have fun together.

Have a Doggie Play Date

Give your dog a Mani-Pedi

Similar to the spa day above (number 90), treating your pooch to a main-pedi is awesome for both of you. Make sure your dog is nice and relaxed or this may not be fun for either of you. Take it slow and easy. If your pooch just hates having his feet messed with, don’t force it. Just let the groomer do it.

Let kids read to your (very calm) dog at the library.

If you have a nice calm dog that knows how to sit and be quiet, take them to a dog-friendly library and let the kids read to him. The kids will love it. Or if you cannot find a library that will go for this, have some kids (and their parents) over to your house and let them read to him. This is fun for your pooch and great learning for the kids.

Walk around your neighborhood and try to make doggie friends.

Have you met all your neighbors yet? How about their furry friends? If you have some neighbors that you have not met yet or some pups that you think would be great fur-iends with your furbaby, try a meet and greet with the neighbors. Remember the water and poo bags.

Freestyle musical dance with dogs

Turn on the radio and dance. Eventually your dog will join in. Let him do whatever he wants. Don’t try to get him to do any special moves with you. This is freestyle creative dance time. Don’t play the music too loud though. It may scare your pooch and irritate the neighbors.

Go Shopping together at a Dog-friendly Store

If you have a PetSmart or another dog friendly store in or around your neighborhood, take your pooch on a shopping spree. Of course, you don’t have to buy everything that your fur buddy wants. That would be spoiling him. And we don’t want that. Right?

Hold a doggy photoshoot

Grab your camera (or your phone) and take some awesome pics of your pooch. You can dress her up (if she lets you), put her in funny poses (if she allows it), or just take a bunch of candid shots. Use your photo editor to add some special effects and you can have some Instagram-worthy shots.

Throw a Pet BBQ

Since all dogs love meat, go ahead and throw some extra burgers or hot (dogs) on the grill. Just don’t tell them that they are eating dogs. They may not like that. No, they won’t care, meat is meat. Invite your friends to bring their dogs over too and make a party of it.

Get a Doggy Massage

A dog massage is a pawesome way to connect with your pooch while making them feel good. Not only that, but getting (or giving) your pup a massage once in a while helps with circulation, reduces anxiety and stress, and helps your pooch heal if he is ailing in any way. It is also good for you as it works out the muscles and joints in your hands. It’s a win-win!

Open a Social Media Fanpage

Your dog is a superstar so why doesn’t he have his own social media page? Seriously, have you seen how many Facebook pages for dogs there are? Thousands. Your pup deserves to have one too, right? You can post pics, comments, and invite his fur-iends to like his page.

Throw your dog a birthday bash

Is your furbaby’s birthday coming up? Well start making the invitations and send them out so you can celebrate. Whether it is his first or 21st, he deserves a party! Blow up balloons (dogs love them), serve doggy ice cream treats (see number 85), play hide and seek (see number 74), or just let the pups run in the yard. Go Fido! It’s your birthday!

Teach your dog to swim

Although many dogs seem like they were born to swim (some breeds are), there are those who just don’t have a clue. If you know how to swim, you can teach your dog. First, get your dog used to a life jacket. Let him wear it around and house until he loves it. Then, start out in a nice shallow pond or pool. Don’t forget the treats. Once they seem comfortable, you can show him how to doggy paddle.

Create a dog window seat with ramp

Building a ramp is easy. You literally just take a board and lean it against the window seat and attach it with a shelf bracket. You can cover it with carpet or something to help keep your pooch from sliding. Your dog will love it!

Create a dog window seat with ramp

Organize a dog walk for charity

This is a fun thing to do that also helps those who need it. No matter what the charity, you and your pooch will have fun anyway. How can you not have fun with a bunch of dogs and their humans? And being out in the fresh air. It is good exercise and fun too. Remember the water and poopy bags.

Take your dog for an annual vet visit

If you haven’t already…. Then treat yourselves to something nice after. You deserve it!

So, here are 104 fun things to do with your dog. Did we miss anything? If so, drop us a comment below so we can add it to the list. You obviously cannot do all of these in one day so we recommend trying a few of them that you think you and your pooch will love and then try a few more, and so on. Always make sure your furbaby is healthy enough to do these activities, of course. If in doubt, talk to your veterinarian. Now go have some fun with your pupster!

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Patty Oelze is a freelance writer who is also in the process of getting her PhD in Psychology. She has been writing about dogs and other critters for about 10 years and has a plethora of animals at her home including several cats, some chipmunks, a dozen raccoons, two foxes, one coyote, and herds of deer. She and her husband have been living in the Missouri Ozarks for years where she enjoys taking care of wildlife, fishing, photography, boating, and of course, writing.

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  1. LOVED your list!! And thanks for including Big Box Rex, our Boxer (RIP – now at Rainbow Bridge). We used went to several Bark at the Parks for both Texas Rangers and Frisco Roughriders. The Roughriders were more fun as the “seats” were the hill overlooking the outfield instead of in the uncomfortable stands. Here is another Rex moment — a pure classic with the hotdog vendor! Enjoy!!


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