9 Best Extra Large Dog Doors for XL & Giant Dogs in 2024

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Extra large dogs are unique in so many ways from their size to their
fur-sonality, they are truly special. Because he is so special, you want to make sure he is happy and secure in his home with you. That is why we decided to do a review on extra large dog doors so he can get in and out when he needs to go or when he wants to burn off some extra large energy.

The most impawtant issues most extra large dog households have is the size and durability of the dog door because huge pups can be a bit “ruff” on… everything. So, you need to be sure that you measure your pooch to get the right size and make sure it is strong enough to handle your giant fur buddy. 

After we reviewed more than 30 extra large dog doors, we found that the “Endura Flap Pet Door Double Flap Wall Mount” is our favorite because it has the perfect combination of strength, sizes, safety, and security. The flap is large enough to fit any dog, it has a steel lockout panel with a pin lock for security, and it was tested over 3,000,000 times to make sure it is energy efficient as well as safe for your pup. 

However, dog doors come in all sizes, materials, and types so you will have to go by what you need for your fur buddy and your situation. We chose our pick for best extra large dog door below but listed our top 11 choices so you can find the best pick for you and your furry family member. 

But I understand that you might have different needs, whether you’re searching for a bed for an extra dog door for your giant breed or a dog with a locking mechanism & security. That is why I prepared a shortlist of our top dog doors that address different needs. 

Before we do that, we are going to go over all the pros and cons of extra large dog doors, the different types of dog doors, and the rules of thumb for shopping for the best extra large dog door for your home. In addition, we’ve answered common questions from dog parents.  

Dog Door for Extra Large Dogs, The Good & The Bad

dog is thinking how to get into the house through a dog door

You love your dog and he is your best fur-iend. But sometimes you get tired of getting up to let him in or out 10 times a day. Maybe you should get a dog door so he can go in and out as he pleases so you can both get some relief. 

Dog doors have come a long way since those simple little holes in the door. Now they have doors that lock, some that have insulation to keep the elements out, and even some that are electronic. And yes, they do make them big enough for your extra large fur buddy. Here are the advantages and disadvantages you need to know first. 


Convenient: The first positive thing about doggie doors is the convenience. They are good for both you and your pooch. This way, they have the freedom to go in and out as needed and you can continue what you are doing without interruption. Your pup can go out and enjoy the yard while you enjoy dinner and a movie or a good book. 

Great for busy families: Having a dog means living your life around his schedule because you do not want him going potty on your floor but you do not want him to have to hold it all day until you get home. Rather than rushing home from work to let your dog out, you can relax and hang out with your friends after work. 

Emergency door: All pooch parents worry about what will happen to their dog in an emergency such as a fire. How will he get out if you are not home? You could hire a neighbor to be his emergency escape. But what if your neighbor is not home either? Having a dog door means he can escape if he needs to so you do not have to worry every time you leave the house. 

Stress relief: Another benefit of having a dog door is that your dog will feel more at ease knowing he can come and go as he wants. This means they will be less likely to pick up bad habits when they are bored like chewing or barking. Instead, he can go out and play.


The dangers of the outdoors: Even if you have a securely fenced yard, the outdoors can be dangerous for an unsupervised dog. He may dig a hole to get under the fence or get into a fight with a local squirrel and get hurt. Take a walk around the yard every day and check for dangers like toxic plants, loose wires, or escape routes that your pooch has been working on.

The weather: You definitely will have some energy concerns with an extra large dog door. Even those that brag about being energy efficient may not be good enough to keep out the deep cold in some parts of the world. 

Unwanted visitors: Obviously, if your fur baby can get in and out of your house, so can the neighborhood cat, possums, raccoons, and other creepy critters. While you can lock the door at night to keep the wildlife at bay, an electronic dog door is the only thing that can assure you that unwanted visitors will be kept outside where they need to be.

Safety issues: Having an extra large dog means you need an extra large door. That gives thieves the opportunity to enter your home as well. Make sure your dog door opens to the backyard and that the backyard is secure from prying eyes. If they do not know it is there, they cannot be tempted to use it the next time you are at work.

Difficult installation: Some of the dog doors on the market require a Ph.D. in DIY and that may be what is stopping you from getting one. You may have to hire someone to install it for you. But some doors are pretty easy. Especially those that fit into a sliding glass door. These are easy peasy. 

Types of Dog Doors

a large black dog sits outside  glass door

There are several kinds of extra large dog doors on the market and it may lead to a bit of confusion trying to figure out which one to get for your fur buddy. There is no easy answer because every dog and every house is different so you have to get the one that is best for your dog and home. 

These choices include the regular dog door that has been around for ages, the dog door for sliding glass and patio doors, dog doors for screened in porches, and then there are the dog doors that you can install into your wall instead of a door. We go into more detail below to help you understand the pros and cons of each. 

Regular Dog Door

The regular or standard dog door is made to fit exterior doors, but there are slso some that are made for interior doors as well. You do not want to use an interior dog door on an exterior door. This type of dog door is typically made of a plastic or metal frame with a vinyl door flap. Some of them also have a panel to “lock” the door when needed, such as at nighttime. 

Dog Door for Deck or Sliding Doors 

For those who have a sliding glass or deck door, installing a dog door can be a breeze. These typically require no cutting at all because all you do is insert it into the space between the door and the wall with the door partially open. These dog doors usually have a flexible flap like the regular dog door and some also have the locking panel as well. 

Dog Door for Screen Doors and Porches

Screen doors and porches are sometimes challenging because you want to find one that will be able to fit into the screened-in style while still being rigid enough to hold up to your extra large fur baby. The easiest and most efficient are those that have a saloon style door that lets your pup go in and out easily. These usually have magnets to keep the door shut after he passes through.  

Dog Door for Walls

If your door does not lead to your backyard or whatever space you want your pooch to go, you may need to install a dog door in the wall. This sounds more ominous than it is. Most people hear “hole in your house” and get freaked out. While these can be more difficult to install they are often more efficient than the traditional dog door. 

6 Rules Of Thumb When Buying an Extra Large Dog Door

a large breed is looking out of through the front door

When you are ready to shop for your new extra large dog door, there are 6 important considerations you need to think about. For example, you need to measure your dog so you know what size door you need. Also check the security and locking mechanism, durability and materials, insulation and weatherproofing, setup difficulty, and warranty.

  • Measuring for a Large Dog Door Size: One easy way to measure the width your dog needs is to open your door just enough to let him through and measure that space. Add 2 to 3 inches and that is how wide it should be. For the height, measure your pup from the floor to the spot where your fur buddy’s head and neck meet right above his shoulders.
  • Locking Mechanism & Security: There are going to be times that you want to stop your pup from going through the door and most dog doors have a locking panel. Many of the budget doors do not have these or if they do, they are inadequate. However, this is not a good feature to be cutting costs on.

    The safety of your dog as well as yourself and your family are the most important things so you want to make sure the dog door you get has sufficient security features. For instance, having an extra large dog door can be an invitation to criminals and a wide array of stray animals and wildlife. Make sure the only one using that door is your fur baby.
  • Materials & Durability: You will notice right away that extra large dog doors are made of all sorts of materials. Some of these may include plastic, vinyl, metal, aluminum, and even glass. “Chews” the one that is easiest for your dog to use and will last for years.
  • Insulation & Weather Proof: If you live in an area where it gets extremely cold or hot, energy efficiency is going to play a factor too. After all, you can go through and insulate your house but if you have a dog door leaking all that unwanted air in, that insulation is not going to be as efficient. Find one that has insulation and several flaps for protection from the elements.
  • Easy Setup: It is best to get an adjustable frame dog door for easy setup that fits to your space. Look for those that say they have a “telescoping” frame because they work with all thicknesses and insulation. Read the installation instructions before buying for best results.
  • Warranty: The warranty is important with extra large dog doors because most of them are pretty expensive. Find the one with a long warranty period like months or years instead of days. If the manufacturer believes in its product, the warranty should be longer than the typical 30 days.

Our 2024 Review For 11 Best Extra Dog Doors

large brown breed dog sitting at the front door of his home

After reviewing more than 30 extra large dog doors using our specific criteria listed above, we chose 11 that we think are the best for extra large fur babies. We also went ahead and rated them as what we feel are the best in each specific category listed below. 

Endura Flap Pet Door Double Flap Wall Mount

  • Size: 16W x 28H inches frame 13W x 23H inches opening
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Locking Mechanism & Security Features: Steel locking cover
  • Insulation & Weather Proof: Insulation and heavy-duty magnets
  • Easy Setup: Somewhat difficult
  • Warranty: 15 years
  • Best for: Our favorite overall

Endura Flap Double Flap Dog Door makes sure the extreme weather stays outside where it belongs with their special flaps. These are made to withstand winds of up to 50 miles per hour and temperatures to negative 40 degrees. The company tests its flaps through 3 million trials to make sure it provides your fur baby with the best door that will last a lifetime. And with the 15-year warranty, that is precisely what they do. 

The flaps are UV resistant and are made to prevent warping or cracking whether it is over 100 degrees or under 40 and the heavy-duty aluminum frame installs easily into any wall or door from 2 to 8 inches thick. Also, unlike others, it has magnetic strips all the way around the flaps instead of just on the bottom. Another pawesome feature is that it pivots on a special rod so it will never crack or tear. 

What We Like: 

  • Has magnets all the way around to keep the air outside where it should be
  • They are made to stand up to 50 miles per hour and negative 40 degrees
  • It has a 15 year warranty

What Dogs Love about it?

  • It is adjustable so you can make it easier or harder to open for training

What We Don’t like:

  • Can be difficult to install

TRIXIE Pet Products 2-Way Locking Dog Door

  • Size: 15.25W x 17.8H inches frame 12W x 15H inches opening
  • Material: Metal and plastic
  • Locking Mechanism & Security Features: Metal door panel
  • Insulation & Weather Proof: Double flap and tunnel element
  • Easy Setup: Moderately easy
  • Warranty: 3 years
  • Best for: affordable price

This Trixie Pet Products 2-Way Dog Door is the least expensive extra large dog door on our list but has most of the important features as the others. For example, the lockout door panel is made of metal instead of plastic like the others to keep intruders and wildlife out. It also has a tunnel element and 2 flaps to keep out the cold. 

Another fantastic thing about this dog door is that it has a 3-year warranty, which is really unexpected compared to the others that are mostly 1 year. In addition, the template makes it pretty easy to install in just minutes with a few tools such as a drill, electronic saw, and a screwdriver. 

What We Like: 

  • You get all the best features at the lowest price of under $50
  • It has a 3-year warranty so you are protected from defects
  • The lockout panel is made of metal

What Dogs Love about it?

  • They can get in and out easily as needed

What We Don’t like:

  • It does not have magnets to keep it secured but you can add them yourself
  • It is only for dogs up to 95 pounds

Ideal Pet Products Designer Series Ruff-Weather Pet Door

  • Size: 18.25W x 25.75H inches frame 16W x 20H inches opening
  • Material: Plastic and vinyl
  • Locking Mechanism & Security Features: Sliding panel without lock
  • Insulation & Weather Proof: Double flap with magnets
  • Easy Setup: Moderately easy
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Best for: Giant breeds

The Ideal Pet Products Designer Series Ruff-Weather Pet Door is made for use in a door or a wall so even those without a backyard door can let their fur buddy come and go as needed. With 2 flaps and magnetic closures, there is an air pocket about 3 inches in between to keep your home insulated from drafts. For security, there is a slide-in panel to keep critters out.

In addition, it has an impact-resistant door made of sturdy plastic to withstand whatever “ruff”ness your dog dishes out. It is also pretty easy to install with a template and detailed instructions. However, you will need a few tools like a drill, some type of electric saw, and screwdrivers. 

What We Like: 

  • This is the largest dog door at 16W x 20H inches so it is great for giant dogs
  • The lockout panel keeps critters outside and your pup inside when needed
  • The frame can be used for door or wall installation

What Dogs Love about it?

  • Even giant dogs can get in and out easily when they need to

What We Don’t like:

  • The lockout panel does not actually lock

PlexiDor Performance Dog Door with Lock and Key

  • Size: 16.25W x 27H inches frame 13.75W x 23.75H inches opening
  • Material: Aluminum and K9 composite thermal panes
  • Locking Mechanism & Security Features: Key lock and steel door 
  • Insulation & Weather Proof: Thermal panels with high-density weather seal
  • Easy Setup: No
  • Warranty: 10 years
  • Best for: Our favorite choice for locking mechanism & security

PlexiDor Pet Doors makes one of the strongest extra large dog doors on the market and this one is unique in that it actually has a cylinder lock with a key as well as a steel panel you can screw on for longer periods of non-use like a vacation. It is the steel plate that makes this the safest intruder-proof dog door on our list. The door can be locked every night and the steel security plate can be attached if you go away for a while. 

Another unique feature is the way the door opens. It is like a saloon-style door but it has patented K9 COMPOSITE™ made specifically to resist damage from sunlight, extreme temperatures, and impact. When opening your door to let your dog out, your heat or air conditioning gets out. Using the PlexiDor, users claim to have saved 10% on their utility bills.

What We Like: 

  • Steel plate that screws on for security when you are not home
  • Lockable doors allow you to keep your pup in and others out as needed
  • They are made of anodized aluminum that will not warp, crack, bend, or rust

What Dogs Love about it?

  • They can get in and out simply

What We Don’t like:

  • When the door is locked, your dog does not know unless you put the plate up

PetSafe Most Energy Efficient Pet Door Extreme Weather Aluminum 

  • Size: 16.25W x 27H inches frame 13.75W x 23.75H inches opening
  • Material: Aluminum or plastic frame
  • Locking Mechanism & Security Features: Slide-in closing panel without lock
  • Insulation & Weather Proof: 3 flaps and magnetic seal
  • Easy Setup: Moderately easy
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Best for: Favorite choice for weatherproof

Giving your pooch the freedom to go in and out as he pleases is im-paw-tant but during the winter, you do not want all the cold air to come in too. This PetSafe Extreme Weather Aluminum Pet Door has 3 flaps for triple the protection from the freezing drafts that accompany most dog doors. 

Although the insulation is easy, you will have to take off the door and use some tools like a drill, jigsaw, and tape measure. But this door fits on any door that is 1.5 to 2 inches thick and has magnets to keep the flaps sealed as your pup passes through them. It also has a slide-in panel to close off access when needed. 

What We Like: 

  • 3 flaps for triple protection from the elements.
  • Magnetic flaps automatically closes as your dog goes through
  • Can be installed in metal, wood, or other materials 

What Dogs Love about it?

  • He can go in and out when he needs to

What We Don’t like:

  • It May not be big enough for some giant breeds

PetSafe Wall Entry Pet Doors with Telescoping Tunnel

  • Size: 14.25W x 21H inches frame 10.25W x 16.25H inches opening
  • Material: Plastic, aluminum, and vinyl
  • Locking Mechanism & Security Features: Slide-in door without lock
  • Insulation & Weather Proof: Double flap and telescoping tunnel
  • Easy Setup: Moderately difficult depending on your wall
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Best for: Wall entry

Even if you do not have a door that leads to the backyard, you can still give your fur buddy access to the outdoors with this PesSafe Wall Entry Pet Door with Telescoping Tunnel. Whether you have vinyl siding or a brick or stucco wall, you can use this extra large dog door in any wall from 4.75 inches to 7.25 inches thick. If your wall is thicker than that, they even sell extension kits. 

The double flaps on the door make it even more efficient because one of them is always closed due to the tunnel access. One door flap on one side and the other on the other side with space in between to act as a buffer. The slide-in panel keeps the door safely closed and cold air out as needed. 

What We Like: 

  • Fits in almost any wall thickness and material
  • Has a door on each side to keep the air out as your dog goes through
  • The slide-in panel is good for keeping out pests as well as keeping your pup in when needed

What Dogs Love about it?

  • He can come and go as he pleases

What We Don’t like:

  • Not made for extra large dogs over 100 pounds

Power Pet Fully Automatic Pet Door for Wall Installation

  • Size: 16W x 41H inches frame 13W x 16H inches opening
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Locking Mechanism & Security Features: Only opens for a dog with a collar 
  • Insulation & Weather Proof: Completely insulated and waterproof
  • Easy Setup: Moderately easy
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Best for: Electronic door

The Power Pet Fully Automatic Dog Door has been the leading dog door since its debut in 2014. The excellent craftsmanship and high-quality materials make this door practically pawfect for any pooch parent. Not only can you program it to allow your dog access in and out but you can also adjust how far he has to be from it to get it to open. 

You do not have to worry about power outages either because it has a battery backup. If the battery dies, you can set it to manually open. Don’t worry about raccoons and other wildlife or strays getting in either. Unless they steal your dog’s collar, they cannot open the dog door. Nobody can. It is even bulletproof, in case that raccoon has a gun. 

What We Like: 

  • It is fully automatic to only let in your dog when you want him to use it
  • Other animals like wildlife and strays cannot get in without the access collar 
  • It has battery backup and manual access just in case

What Dogs Love about it?

  • The magic door opens and closes as he approaches

What We Don’t like:

  • It is only good for dogs up to 100 pounds

Armor Flex Air Tight Pet Door for Door or Wall

  • Size: 16W x 28H inches frame 12.75W x 25H inches opening
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Locking Mechanism & Security Features: Locking steel plate
  • Insulation & Weather Proof: Interlocking segments with magnets and weather stripping
  • Easy Setup: Moderately easy
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Best for: Wall or door installation 

This unique Armor Flex Airtight Extreme Weather Magnetic Closure System Dog Door from High Tech Pets is completely unique with its interlocking flap system. Inside the flaps, there are over 24 magnets that keep the flap sealed by sticking together. It features a heavy-duty aluminum frame with an ABS composite flap and all stainless steel hardware.

The interlocking segments create an airtight seal with magnets to keep extreme weather out while providing your house with energy efficiency. It also includes a locking security panel so no unwanted guests can come through. It is not too difficult to install either so you do not have to hire anyone to put it in for you.

What We Like: 

  • Can be installed in a wall or door
  • Special interlocking flap system is hermetically sealed to keep out the weather
  • It has a steel locking panel

What Dogs Love about it?

  • They can go in and out with ease

What We Don’t like:

  • You cannot see through it

Hale Pet Doors Door Model, Double Flap

  • Size: 18W x 30H inches frame 15.5W x 27.5H inches opening
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Locking Mechanism & Security Features: Steel locking cover
  • Insulation & Weather Proof: Double doors, magnets, and raincap
  • Easy Setup: Fairly easy
  • Warranty: 5 years
  • Best for: Raincap

The Hale Pet Door is exactly what you are looking for if you want an extra large dog door that is not only functional but is also stylish and versatile. They offer 11 different sizes including 6 for extra large and giant breeds. In addition, there are 2 flaps with adjustable magnet sizes and strengths for homes of multi-dog families. The pin-locking steel cover will keep out the criminals and wildlife when you are away too. 

The most unique feature of the Hale dog door though is the raincap. It attaches to the top of the flap outside your door and works as an awning to protect your pup and your home from the rain. He can actually stand under it halfway out the door and wait for the rain to clear up if he does not like getting wet. Also, the fuzzy weather stripping keeps the cold and heat outside where it needs to stay. 

What We Like: 

  • The unique raincap awning allows your pup to stay dry and keeps rain from getting inside
  • This one comes in 6 different extra large and giant breed sizes
  • Has a steel door with a pin lock for security

What Dogs Love about it?

  • He can stand under the raincap to wait for the rain to stop

What We Don’t like:
It is expensive, but your pooch is worth it

Common Questions From Dog Parent

mixed breed dog is looking through a opened door

How big is an extra large doggie door?

The biggest extra large dog door on our list is the Ideal Pet Products Designer Series Ruff-Weather Pet Door. At 16 inches wide and 20 inches tall, pretty much any pooch can fit through this one. However, the Hale Dog Door has a much higher opening at 27.5 inches if you have a really tall fur baby. 

Can a person fit through a large dog door?

While it is certainly possible for a human to fit through an extra large dog door, there are many things you can do to prevent this from happening in your home. For example, look for safety features like a steel locking panel or using a microchipped collar that only allows your pup in and out. But make sure the opening is secure from humans who may be able to figure it out.

How big does a dog door need to be?

Fur-st of all, you need to measure the height of your fur baby. Have him stand up straight and measure him between the shoulder blades right below the neck. Add 1 or 2 inches to that just to be on the safe side and that will be your height. Also, make sure the step-over is no more than ⅓ of your pup’s height. 

Measuring the width is easy too. Open a door just enough to let your dog pass through it. Then measure that space and that should be the right width. Although you can add an inch in case your fur baby gains a few pounds. To make sure he fits, try making a door with those measurements in a cardboard box and see how easily he can go in and out. 

The Final Woof

large dog is staring through a dog door

The Endura Flap Pet Door Double Flap Wall Mount is our choice for the best extra large dog door because it is truly extra large at 14 inches wide and 23 inches tall and it has many of the other features as well as a couple extra. We reviewed more than 30 extra large dog doors and used our criteria to pick the one that we think will work for most, if not all, extra large fur babies. 

Whether you are worried about energy efficiency, safety, durability, or functionality, the Endura Flap Double Flap Dog Door is made for all of these issues. The vigorous testing has found that the flaps can handle winds up to 50 miles per hour and temperatures down to 40 below zero. And they run 3 million trials on these just to make sure. In addition, it has magnets that go all the way around and it has a 15-year warranty to boot. 

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