What to do if Your Dog is in Pain After Anal Glands Expression?

If your dog suffers with their anal glands then expression by your veterinarian may be required occasionally. Depending on the specific situation, your dog may be in some pain after having their glands expressed. This is mainly in cases where the pooch is suffering with impaction, abscess or sacculitis (inflammation of the sac itself) and … Read more

15 Best Dog Shampoos for itchy skin: We Asked A Vet

best dog shampoo for itchy skin

The skin makes up to 24% of your pooch’s body weight, acting as a protective barrier, skin plays a role in temperature regulation, environmental protection, and producing important substances including vitamin D.  Skin is exposed to challenges daily including temperature and moisture extremes, particularly in the winter months when it’s cold and wet outdoors, while … Read more

Seresto Collar For Dogs Review: We Asked A Vet

seresto collar for dogs review

Our comments on the USAToday Seresto Report as of (March 24th, 2021) – Written by Dr. Edele Grey (Equine Veterinary Surgeon) As many of you have probably seen, there has been a recent “exposé” report of 1698 deaths in pets due to Seresto collars since their launch through June 2020. There were also reports of … Read more

PetArmor Plus For Dogs Review: We asked a Vet

petarmor plus for dogs review

Choosing a flea preventative for your fur-baby can be daunting, walking down the aisle of any pet store, you will likely encounter a wall of products. PetArmor is one such product that was launched by Perrigo Animal Health in 2011.  Containing fipronil, PetArmor provides veterinary-quality treatments for your pooch with a budget-friendly pricet ag. This … Read more

NexGard For Dogs Review: We Asked A Vet

nexgard for dogs review

Fleas! Pesky fleas! Not to mention ticks! No pawrent wants their pooch to suffer so if you find evidence of these parasitic passengers you immediately reach for treatment…but how to choose?!  There’s a vast array of flea and tick treatment and preventative medications, it can be overwhelming trying to choose the best one for your … Read more

Dasuquin For Dogs Review: We Asked A Vet

dasuquin review

Dasuquin is one of Nutramax Labs flagship joint supplements designed to support healthy joints in pooches of all ages. This range of scientifically researched, natural joint supplements can be used as both a preventative and complementary treatment to maintain comfortable movement into your dog’s golden years.  Dasuquin is one of Nutramax Labs flagship joint supplements … Read more

Is Glandex Good for Dogs? (2022 Vet Review)

glandex review

Whether you’re searching in your favorite pet store or online for anal gland supplements and related products, you’re sure to find the Glandex brand. Formulated by veterinarians at Vetnique Labs, Glandex uses all-natural ingredients as it works to promote firm, healthy stools. This product offers a safe and painless way to treat your dog’s anal … Read more

Revolution vs Advantage multi: What Woof Is The Difference? (We Asked A Vet)

revolution vs advantage multi

Choices! Choices! Choices! There seems to be an ever expanding selection of parasite preventatives for our furry friends. This can make selecting the right product for your pet feel like a minefield. So, here we give you the comparison rundown on two popular products: Revolution vs Advantage Multi for dogs.  Revolution Vs Advantage Multi: What … Read more

PetArmor Plus Vs Frontline Plus: What Woof Is The Difference? (We Asked A Vet)

petarmor plus vs frontline plus

We’re in the height of summer, a time for long walks, and lots of swimming for water-pups. Sounds idyllic right? It’s also prime time for fleas and ticks, unfortunately, summer is open season on our pets. There’s so much information available it can be difficult to decide what product might best suit your lifestyle and … Read more

Dog DNA Test: How Canine Genetic Testing Can Improve & Extend Your dog’s life? (we asked a vet)

dog dna test

Let’s face it: domestic dogs are products of human interference within an ongoing and evolving process. While we may never know the exact reason why these noble souls allowed us to domesticate them, I’m eternally grateful for this event.First looked into genetic testing of these adorable pups when I read a recent study indicating that … Read more