14 Labrador Common Health Issues [+Signs and Prevention]

labrador is dressed like a doctor

As one of the most popular canine companions the world over, Labradors make wonderful family dogs. They’re synonymous with helping, being used for many service roles, and as therapy dogs. Intelligent and kind, these members of the “gundog” family are sadly prone to some health conditions that you should be aware of before adding to … Read more

7 Best Anal Gland Supplements

Between 5-12% of dogs suffer with anal sac issues at least once in their lives. The typical sign owners expect is to see their pooch scooting their bum, but sometimes your dog may jump up and bite at their bum or start excessively licking their bum, which can indicate they’re having some problems with their … Read more

13 Common Yorkshire Terrier Health Issues

You’ve decided the perfect pooch for you might just be a Yorkshire Terrier, these adorable pint-sized pups can make wonderful dogs but they also come with some known disease predispositions. Not every Yorkshire Terrier, affectionately known as a Yorkie, will experience any or all of the health conditions listed in this article. They are however … Read more

My dog ate Weed. What Should I do?

Key Takeaways Weed, the colloquial term for marijuana, is the dried parts of the Cannabis plant which has long been used in herbal medicine and textiles. In modern times, weed is typically used for medicinal or recreational purposes. With more and more states in the US legalizing the use of Cannabis, we see more cases … Read more

My Dog ate Charcoal. What Should I Do?

Key Takeaways Most homes have charcoal, whether for grilling or composting or one of the other myriad uses, and most pooches aren’t known for their discerning palates. During grilling season, it can be easy for a pooch to sneak something from the grill, and if it’s charcoal, that could be a problem for your pooch.   … Read more

My Dog ate Cigarettes. What Should I Do?

Key Takeaways: We’re all familiar with the warning about cigarette smoking and tobacco chewing being bad for the health of us humans, but what about our dogs?  While we don’t need to worry about our furry friend smoking, they may be at risk of munching on a cigarette butt while out on a walk or … Read more

My Dog ate Coffee Grounds. What Should I Do?

Key Takeaways While caffeine is a great pick-me-up in the morning for us humans, it is not tolerated by our canine companions.  Canine metabolisms are different from ours, and many human foods are toxic, including coffee grounds.  There are other products that contain caffeine as well as coffee grounds, including tea, cola and sodas, chocolate, … Read more

My Dog ate Aluminum Foil. What Should I Do?

Key Takeaways I doubt you think of aluminum foil as a tasty treat, but your dog may have other ideas, particularly if it’s just been wrapped around some roast beef.  Aluminum foil, also known as aluminum foil or tin foil in some parts of the world, is commonly stolen from the trash or off the … Read more

My dog ate Wasabi. What Should I do?

Key Takeaways Finding true wasabi with your sushi is rare, as most of the green pastes that come with sushi are imitation wasabi. Nevertheless, they still taste very similar. True wasabi is a special Japanese horseradish. Related to other horseradishes and mustards, it’s traditionally prepared by grating the stem and then mushing it into a … Read more

My dog ate a Condom. What Should I Do?

Key Takeaways While the thoughts of your beloved pooch munching on a used condom are rather disgusting, it does happen with some dog breeds being less discerning about what they eat than others.  While we often don’t find out the cause of our pooches eating nasty or unusual non-food items, if it’s a rare occurrence, … Read more

My Dog ate Onions. What Should I Do?

Key Takeaways Onions are a staple in most cuisines, but did you know that they can make our dogs super sick? Onions (Allium cepa) belong to the Allium family of herbs, which contains over 90 species. All parts of these plants are toxic to dogs, whether raw, cooked, or even dried. Onion is commonly found … Read more

My dog ate Melatonin. What Should I do?

Key Takeaways: Many of us take melatonin or even give our pooch a melatonin supplement to assist with sleeping.  Luckily melatonin is actually a very safe supplement, and the primary concern if your pooch eats human melatonin is the other ingredients that may be in the product that can cause problems.  Xylitol is an artificial … Read more

My dog ate Human Toothpaste. What Should I do?

Key Takeaways: You know it’s good practice to brush your pooch’s teeth, but are you wondering what product you should use? There are lots of commercial specially formulated toothpastes for dogs, so you shouldn’t be reaching for your own human product.  Human toothpaste is poisonous to our pooches and can cause weakness, seizures, melena (blood … Read more

My dog ate Chocolate Brownie. What Should I Do?

Key Takeaways: You’ve just come home and are looking forward to a warm chocolate brownie with ice cream only to discover that your pooch has snuck it off the countertop. Frustrating as this situation may be, it can also be dangerous to your pooch.  Chocolate is toxic to dogs, the main chemical is theobromine while … Read more

My dog ate Tums. Will he be okay?

Key Takeaways I’m sure we’ve all used Tums at some point in our lives to treat the symptoms of heartburn. Your pooch may have even eaten one sneakily, but this time they’ve eaten the whole bottle (we’re looking at you, Labradors).  The first thing you do is check the ingredients; luckily, there’s no xylitol in … Read more

My dog ate Hot Cheetos. What Do I do?

Key Takeaways I’m always amazed at what dogs will munch on, given the chance. Luckily hot Cheetos aren’t poisonous.  While there are small amounts of garlic and onion powder in hot Cheetos these are in such small quantities they are unlikely to cause an issue. One concern aside from digestive upset is if your pooch … Read more

My dog ate Ants. What do I do?

Key Takeaways: To start with, your pooch has probably already eaten ants without your knowledge and was perfectly fine. Occasionally, some ants will find their way into your pooch’s food bowl, and most pooches aren’t discerning about what they eat when kibble is right there.  In fact, ants are a great protein source and even … Read more

My dog ate Polyester Stuffing. What do I do?

Key Takeaways: Coming through the holiday season, I’ve had a lot of dog’s present to me having eaten things they shouldn’t have, one of the most common of these is polyester stuffing from their new toys or bedding. If your dog has chewed through their brand new bed and there’s stuffing everywhere, don’t panic! Your … Read more

My dog ate a Monstera Plant. What do I do?

Key Takeaways: You’ve just come home from work to dirt everywhere, your prized Monstera plant in shreds all over the hall rug, and a rather sheepish-looking pooch with tell tale soil on their snoot. Suddenly you wonder if they’ve eaten some and if it’s toxic to our furbabies. Well, you’re in the right place. Read … Read more

My dog ate Tampon and seems fine. What should I do?

Key Takeaways: We all know dogs are not the most discerning of diners and will eat almost anything they shouldn’t. Forget the embarrassment, if your dog eats a tampon, it could be a medical emergency, and you should call your veterinarian for advice.  Think about the function of a tampon, it’s designed to expand in … Read more