34 Best High Fiber Dog Foods For Anal Gland Problems: Dry, Canned, Treats, Raw & Supplement (We Asked A Vet)

best high fiber dog food-anal gland problems

If you’ve ever seen your furbaby scooting his but across the ground, you probably know about impacted anal glands. As a vet, one of the stinkiest jobs I’ve had is expressing or cleaning out these sacs when they’re packed full of gunk. So…what are anal glands? How do these little organs become clogged up, and … Read more

Homeopet: Top 10 Products Reviews for 2020 (Homeopathy Treatment For Dogs)

homeopet reviews homeopathy for dogs

When I was in practice, we didn’t have the range of homeopathic remedies that are available today. Traditional medicines can be expensive and sometimes produce unwanted side effects. It would have been helpful to have some products that could work with my patient’s bodies to bring healing without synthetic drugs. The people at HomeoPet have … Read more

25 Best Dog Foods For Hypothyroidism: Dry, Canned, Treats, Raw & Supplement (We Asked A Vet)

Best Dog Food For Hypothyroidism

Like us, dogs tend to have a slower metabolism as they age. But in some cases, there’s more to it. Pups can also develop hypothyroidism as they get older. If your pal is hitting the middle years of life and you notice a drop in activity, thinning hair coat, and weight gain even though you’re … Read more

Dog Bite 101: The Ultimate Guide for Wound Infection Risks, Emergency Treatment & Prevention Tips for Dog Parents

dog bite

We call our pups man’s best friend, and in so many ways it’s true. But dogs are still animals, and sometimes they can accidentally bite us. The city of Alexandria, VA defines a dog bite as, “any contact by a dog that results in broken skin, including puncture, bite or scratch.” While most injuries are … Read more

Wolf VS Dog: The Forgotten History of Your Best Friend’s Domestication & Evolution

Origin of the domestic dog

“Ever consider what our dogs must think of us?,“ asks Anne Tyler I mean, here we come back from a grocery store with the most amazing haul chicken, pork, half a cow. They must think we’re the greatest hunters on earth.” Today’s pups are a far cry from their wolf ancestors. Our furbabies depend on … Read more

The Untold Story of Laika: The First Astronaut Dog in Space & the Communist Sputnik 2 mission

Laika the first dog in space

“Laika was quiet and charming” Dr. Vladimir Yazdovsky wrote in his book chronicling the story of Soviet space medicine. She was one of several dogs that gave their lives for the space race in the 1950s and ‘60s. The Soviet Union and the United States used test animals to figure out whether humans could survive … Read more

18 Best Slow Feed Dog Bowls: For Bloat Prevention & Speed Eaters

Best Slow Feed Dog Bowls

If you have pups like my two girls, you barely get their dinner down before it’s gone. The problem is that gulping food may cause a series of problems or conditions including: Choking Vomiting Upset stomach Bloat or twisted stomach Fortunately, there are products available on the market that can help your furbaby slow down … Read more

First-Aid For Dogs : Prepare For The Unexpected

First-Aid For Dogs

Certified content. This guide has been written and verified by our veterinary advisor. Approved By: Dr. Libby Guise, DVM Your fur baby is an important family member, and you do everything you can to keep them healthy and content. Even with the best of care, your pooch can have an illness or injury that requires … Read more