Can I Use Baby Shampoo on My Dog? (Vet Explains)

can i use baby shampoo on my dog

Baby shampoos might seem handy, especially if you ran out of dog shampoo and your dog has been a naughty boy and needs an immediate shower. But is it safe? In my 12 years of veterinary practice, I had my share of dogs with dry, irritated skin. Some problems could be directly traced to the … Read more

Dog Shampoo Types Explained: Which One Should You Use?

dog shampoo types

Have you walked down the dog shampoo aisle at your local pet store? The choices can be overwhelming. But you know you need to keep your furbaby clean.  Proper pet hygiene contributes to your pup’s overall health and wellbeing. When you use a product that’s designed to meet your pup’s needs, it helps to cleanse … Read more

Is Dog Shampoo Necessary? (Vet explains)

dog shampoo is necessary

Occasionally in my 12 years of veterinary experience, I’d see a dog with an overpowering odor that troubled the pet parent. After ruling out common issues like abscesses, sores, and flatulence, my focus would turn to pet grooming issues.  Sometimes I would learn the owner was bathing their pooch either too often, not often enough, … Read more

10 Best Dog Shampoos For Dander Control: Buyer’s Guide + Reviews

best dog shampoo for dander

We love our furbabies, but sometimes pet allergies make living with them almost impossible. A major source of the allergy-causing proteins from your pet comes from the dead skin cells, also known as dander, that he sheds. These allergens can make you downright miserable with watery eyes, runny noses, and itchy skin. Sometimes, the same … Read more

20 Best Yorkie Shampoos: Buyer’s Guide + Reviews

best yorkie shampoo

Yorkie parents know that their pint-sized pups need special attention to keep their long, silky coats looking their best. Due to their sensitive skin and other potential health challenges, it’s important to find the best products for their grooming needs. That’s why we reviewed a variety of brands to help you find the Best Yorkie … Read more

14 Best Shih Tzu Shampoos: Buyer’s Guide + Reviews

best shih tzu shampoo

A well-groomed Shih Tzu with flowing locks is a sight worth beholding. Their natural beauty has made these pups one of the more popular breeds. But their classy appearance requires special care and attention. Parents of Shih Tzus know that the iconic appearance of their furbabies takes regular grooming and bathing. Without proper care, these … Read more

19 Best Organic All-Natural Dog Shampoos: Woof-Woof

organic dog shampoo

Organic care products are all the rage these days. People want products that are free of harmful chemicals like parabens, sulfates, and alcohol. The same thing applies to our four-legged friends. If you peruse pet forums, you’ll find that discussions about organic pet products are common. We want to know the products we use to … Read more

15 Best Dog Shampoos for itchy skin: We Asked A Vet

best dog shampoo for itchy skin

The skin makes up to 24% of your pooch’s body weight, acting as a protective barrier, skin plays a role in temperature regulation, environmental protection, and producing important substances including vitamin D.  Skin is exposed to challenges daily including temperature and moisture extremes, particularly in the winter months when it’s cold and wet outdoors, while … Read more

12 Best Deodorizing Dog Shampoos: Buyer’s Guide + Reviews

best deodorizing dog shampoo

Face it. It can be hard to live with doggie odor. Sometimes our dogs stink because they love to roll in icky stuff. But at other times, it’s due to an underlying skin problem such as a yeast infection.  Regardless of the cause, you can help your pooch and yourself by cleaning their fur with … Read more

16 Best Dog Shampoos for Yeast Infection: We Asked A Vet

best dog shampoo for yeast infection

Skin conditions in pets are some of the most frustrating and distressing conditions to manage and treat. No pet pawrent can bear to see their fur-baby scratch and lick their skin until it’s red raw so we’ve put together a comprehensive list of shampoos to soothe and treat skin irritated by yeast infections. Yeast infections … Read more

10 Best Hot Spot Shampoos For Dogs: We Asked A Vet

hot spot shampoo for dogs

Hot spots are a nightmare for both pup and pawrent, you can almost feel your pet’s pain and itchiness when you see these nasty, reddened crusts on your fur-baby’s skin. In this article, we’ll give you a rundown on some of the available hot spot shampoos for dogs to help soothe your pup’s skin. Table … Read more

14 Best Dog Shampoos For Odor Control

best dog shampoo for odor

When dealing with pet odor water alone is not going to resolve the issue. Odor can be held inside the wax and oil secretions on the skin; This is the reason that dogs often smell bad again right after a bath. This review is going to look at the important points that make up the … Read more

16 Best Dog Shampoos for Dry Skin

best dog shampoo for dry skin

Dry skin can be a real challenge in taking care of our dogs because it doesn’t have the same cause in every dog. For some, it’s over-bathing, allergies, dietary issues. Due to this, the impact of shampoos is not always what people expect. Looking deeper into the ingredients benefits and concerns we can help you … Read more

13 Best Waterless Dog Shampoo

best waterless dog shampoo

Certified content.​ This guide has been written and verified by our veterinary advisor. Approved By: Dr. Jennifer Peters. × Dismiss alert There are a lot of times that our dogs need a spot cleanup but a full bath just isn’t going to work with time or lack of cooperation from your dog. In the clinics, … Read more