Revolution vs Advantage multi: What Woof Is The Difference? (We Asked A Vet)

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revolution vs advantage multi

Choices! Choices! Choices! There seems to be an ever expanding selection of parasite preventatives for our furry friends. This can make selecting the right product for your pet feel like a minefield. So, here we give you the comparison rundown on two popular products: Revolution vs Advantage Multi for dogs. 

Revolution Vs Advantage Multi: What Are the Differences?

revolution vs advantage multi - what are the differences
These products seem quite similar as both are topical spot-on medications that target fleas, ear mites, sarcoptic mange, round- and hookworms. Both products prevent heartworm disease, though Advantage Multi can also be used to kill the microfilariae in dogs that have tested heartworm-positive. Revolution also helps to control American dog tick infestations.

What do Revolution and Advantage Multi do?

Both of these products target parasites that infest our canine buddies including fleas, ear mites and some worm infestations including heartworm. Each product contains different active ingredients which is great if your pooch is sensitive to one of these ingredients, you can simply select the other product. Available as spot-on, topical treatments in pre-dosed pipettes; these are convenient preventatives for your pupper without having to fight with them to take a tablet.

what do revolution and advantage multi do

Revolution For Dogs Review

Revolution is a quick-drying, non-greasy liquid designed for monthly application and can be used on puppies from 6-weeks of age. Prescription-only, you will need to contact your veterinarian in order to use this product, but you can be sure of the quality and efficacy of Revolution. 

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Price Range: $$$


Available in pre-dosed pipettes, Revolution is topically applied to your pet’s skin, between their shoulder blades and is rapid drying. In fact, if you bathe your pup just 2 hours after application, the efficacy against fleas or heartworm isn’t affected.

What bugs are targeted by Revolution?

Revolution targets both eggs and adult fleas, treats ear mites and sarcoptic mange infestations. Intestinal hookworms are also targeted by this product while heartworm disease is also prevented. The active ingredient, selamectin, also helps to control infestation by American dog ticks which can spread Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever and Tularemia. 

How does it work?

Rapidly absorbed through your pup’s skin into their bloodstream, the active ingredient concentrates in your pet’s bloodstream and tissues to prevent the development of heartworm disease while it is continuously released to the skin to protect against the external parasites. 

How long does it last for?

Revolution is active, and protects your pet for up to 30 days. 

What Are the Active Ingredients in Revolution?

Selamectin: This compound prevents the development of adult heartworms and flea eggs while also killing adult fleas and targeting a number of other parasites including ear mites, American dog ticks and hookworms.

How Are the Ingredients in Revolution Plus Delivered?

The active ingredient, selamectin is a liquid in a pre-dosed pipette that is rapidly absorbed through your pet’s skin to start working. This liquid is non-sticky, non-greasy and fast-drying. 

What’s the dose of Revolution for my Dog?

Luckily, with Revolution you don’t have to calculate a dose for your pupper! This product is available in pre-dosed pipettes, simply pick the one suitable for your pet’s weight. Available for puppies over 6 weeks of age and less than 5lbs, Revolution is super convenient.

How long does it take for Revolution to start working?

Revolution kills over 98% of fleas within 36 hours of application. Just one dose can eliminate an infestation from your pooch, but environmental re-infestation can still occur so laundering or bedding is important.

Safety, Risks and Possible Side Effects

Safety studies have shown no adverse reactions in dogs receiving up to 10 times the recommended dose so thankfully adverse side effects are very rare.
Mild itching or some redness at the site of application are the most likely side effects to be seen.

If a dog ingests some of the product there’s unlikely to be any adverse effects, though caution should be used on collie breeds as they may be sensitive to the ingredient, selamectin (though again, this is luckily rare).

What we like about Revolution

What we don't like about Revolution

A Vet’s note

Revolution is a great product to protect your fur-baby whether they weigh 5lbs or 100lbs. This product is very safe which gives you peace of mind for your pet, while it’s easy application protects your pet without having to fight over tablets. If you use Revolution, you will need to add a tick preventative medication as these bugs can spread some very nasty diseases.  

revolution for dogs review

Advantage Multi For Dogs Review

Advantage Multi is a topical product with a broad spectrum of activity that protects your fur-iend from parasites for up to a month. A prescription-only product, you will need to have a recent heartworm test result on file with your veterinarian before you can receive this product. Advantage Multi is licensed to treat heartworm in pooches.

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Price Range: $$$


Advantage Multi is available in pipettes that are specifically dosed for your pet’s weight that are directly applied onto the back of your pet’s neck or shoulder blades. The activity against heartworm disease remains potent despite bathing/swimming just 60 minutes after application.

What bugs are targeted?

Advantage Multi targets a broad range of external and internal parasites in our canine companions. It targets flea infestations, ear mites, sarcoptic mange, roundworm, hookworm and whipworms. Adult heartworms and microfilariae (early life stage of heartworms) are both targeted by Advantage Multi. 

How does it work?

Advantage Multi protects your pets from parasites for approximately 30 days.

What Are the Active Ingredients in Advantage Multi?

How Are the Ingredients in Advantage Multi delivered?

Imidacloprid and moxidectin are the active ingredients in Advantage Multi which are applied in liquid form onto your pet’s skin and are rapidly absorbed.

What’s the dose of Advantage Multi for my pet?

Similar to Revolution, you don’t need to worry about calculating the correct dose for your pooch. Advantage Multi is available in pre-measured pipettes for ease of application and to prevent overdose. Simply select the weight range suitable for your fur baby and apply. Once your pup is 7 weeks old and weighs at least 3lbs, you can use Advantage Multi. 

How long does it take for Advantage Multi to take effect?

Advantage Multi works really fast; 98% of adult fleas on your pup are killed within just 12 hours. 

Safety, Risks and Possible Side Effects

Luckily, adverse effects from Advantage Multi are uncommon, but they can occur. Ingestion of the product by other pets can cause some serious reactions including depression, drooling, panting, and neurological signs including incoordination and dilated pupils. Collies and Collie cross breeds can be sensitive to avermectins (moxidectin is a member of this group) so ingestion can cause severe illness or even death in these breedsץ

Most adverse effects are mild and local to the site of application including transient irritation and redness of a pet’s skin. Children should not be allowed to stroke your pet for 2 hours after application as it can cause skin irritation and sickness if ingested. 

What we like about Advantage Multi

What we don't like about Advantage Multi

A Vet’s note

Advantage Multi is a great product for pooches, even those little tykes weighing only 3lbs. Advantage Multi targets a range of pesky parasites including fleas, sarcoptic mange, round-, hook-, and even heartworm. In fact, this product can be used to prevent heartworm disease and even treat circulating microfilariae on dogs that have tested positive for heartworm.  

advantage multi for dogs review
As with every medication, you should be careful before applying any product to an elderly or ill pet. Always consult with your veterinarian before using any products on your precious pooch

Revolution Vs Advantage Multi: Effectiveness

Both Revolution and Advantage Multi target a number of the same internal and external parasites and both are effective. Advantage Multi has no efficacy against ticks however, so Revolution may be a more appropriate choice if your pup loves to spend time out in areas where there are high numbers of tick populations. Conversely, if your pooch has tested positive for heartworm, Advantage Multi can be used to kill the circulating microfilariae, preventing the development of adult heartworms.

Ease of Use

As Revolution and Advantage Multi are both topical products, available as pre-dosed pipettes for super convenient application. Both products also protect your fur-iend for 30 days. 

Which Scores Better on Price?

These products are prescription only as they contain higher concentrations of strong medications and require current heartworm test results before administering the product to your fur-iend for their safety.
This means that both Advantage Multi and Revolution are more expensive than most products you will see over-the-counter; but they also target both internal and external parasites in each, single product.
Advantage Multi is available in six-packs of pipettes and costs approximately $21.50 per month for a pet weighing between 3 and 9lbs protection.
Revolution is available in six-packs and three-packs too so the cost ranges between $18-21 per month for 5-10lb pooches.


Advantage Multi and Revolution are both prescription-only products so your fur-iend will have to have had a recent health check by your veterinarian and also a current heartworm test result on file in the clinic. You can purchase both products online, but there may be a delay in having them shipped as the prescription must be verified.


Selamectin, the active ingredient in Revolution and moxidectin, one of the active ingredients in Advantage Multi are both members of the Avermectin anti-parasitic group of medications. This group of medications can cause adverse reactions in some sensitive dogs, primarily Collie and Collie-cross breeds. Luckily these reactions are very rare. The adverse reactions can be quite serious and even fatal so always consult with your veterinarian before using any product to ensure it will be safe for your dog.

Does My Dog Really Need Flea & Tick Medication?

Short answer? Yes! Depending on what part of the world you live in, these pesky bugs may be either a seasonal or even year-round concern.
While the bites of ticks and itchiness associated with a flea infestation are irritating and painful for our pets, that’s not the worst aspect of these bugs – they can spread some nasty diseases too.
Ticks are notorious for transmitting a number of zoonotic diseases (diseases that infect both humans and our pets) including Lyme disease, and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever.


My puppy is only 3 weeks old. Can I still use Revolution or Advantage Multi? You can’t use either of these products on neonatal puppies. Revolution can only be administered to pups that are over 6 weeks of age weighing at least 5lbs. Advantage Multi can be used on smaller animals, weighing just 3lbs but puppies must be over 7 weeks old.
I have a pregnant/nursing bitch. Can I still use one of these medications? Revolution is safe to use in both pregnant and nursing bitches, just make sure the puppies can’t lick the application site if they’re moving around lots. Advantage Multi hasn’t been tested in pregnant or nursing bitches for safety and efficacy so should be avoided in these bitches.
Can I Combine Flea Treatments? No! You should not combine products unless advised by your veterinarian and never combine products that target the same parasites. Some medications can interact with each other causing adverse reactions, illness or even fatal toxic compounds in your fur-iend. Combining medications can also lead to overdosing your pet with some drugs which can have very dangerous consequences.
Are these products child-safe? Revolution and Advantage Multi are safe products, but can cause irritation and illness in humans. As with all medications, these products should be kept out of the reach of children. Don’t allow your child to stroke the application site until it’s completely dry. Skin irritation, hives or itching have been seen in some humans. Small children may also ingest the product by accident which requires immediate attention by your physician to prevent any adverse effects.

From The Vet: The facts on flea and tick dangers for your Dog

  1. One single female flea can produce 2,000 eggs in her lifetime, laying about 50 eggs per day. This means that flea infestations can become overwhelming for your pet and home in a short period of time.
  2. Fleas transmit the tapeworm Dipylidium caninum which can also infect cats and humans.
  3. Ticks spread nasty diseases including Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever and Tularemia and in North America are a risk to pets (and people) almost all year round.
  4. Ticks tend to favor grassy areas with low vegetation where there are lots of animals passing by; unfortunately, this means they’re found along hiking trails and even parks in urban areas. 

Revolution Vs Advantage Multi Final Thoughts

revolution vs advantage multi final thoughts

Revolution and Advantage Multi are both fantastic products to protect your canine companion from multiple internal and external parasites including fleas, roundworms and heartworm. Both products last for 30 days and are topically applied between your pooch’s shoulder blades in single-dosed pipettes. These products are both prescription-only and require current heartworm test results before use so there’s no major differences to be seen yet.

Revolution is safe to use on pregnant bitches or new-mums and can even be applied to puppies as young as 6 weeks of age, once they weigh over 5lbs. Advantage Multi however hasn’t been tested on pregnant or nursing bitches and shouldn’t be used on puppies younger than 7 weeks. Advantage Multi can be applied to pint-sized pooches that weigh just 3lbs.
Advantage Multi doesn’t have any activity against ticks so Revolution is better in areas where ticks are prevalent. Both products target roundworm, hookworm, fleas, ear mites and sarcoptic mange. Licensed to protect pets against heartworm disease, both products target the microfilariae stage of the parasite’s life cycle to prevent them maturing. If your canine companion has tested positive for heartworm then Advantage Multi may be the product to reach for as it can be used to treat infections.
The prices of both of these products are similar at approximately $20 per month so making your decision on whether to use Revolution vs Advantage Multi for your pupper is primarily down to whether your pup has tested positive for heartworm, or if you are specifically looking for protection against ticks without having to use a second product.
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