49 Best Dog-Friendly Vacation Destinations in the US

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Your fur baby is your best friend. A treasured family member. So, you really hate the idea of going anywhere without him. You do not have to leave him at home if you find a city where pups are just as popular as people. There are plenty of places all over the US where you can bring your cuddle buddy. For example, Houston, Texas, has the highest ratio of dogs to people at 52 per 100. And Boise, Idaho, has the most off-leash dog parks per 100,000 people, with over 7 per 100,000.

However, the researchers say that St. Petersburg, Florida, is the most pup-friendly city in the United States, with the highest number of veterinarians and pet stores. And according to others, the state that loves dogs the most is Colorado, with the highest searches for dog toys and dog grooming on Google. So, how do you decide which is the best place to vacation with your canine companion? We are going to try and help you out with that. 

St. Petersburg, Florida 

Known as the most pup-friendly city in the United States, St. Petersburg lauds the most pet stores and vets, according to a study done by experts. Your pup is welcome at more than 130 eating establishments 18 shopping malls, and it has 44 off-leash dog parks. 

St. Petersburg, Florida, even has 11 dog beaches, so you and Fido can play in the ocean, which is good because it stays warm here all year long. In fact, Fort De Soto has the only beach that has a designated off-leash dog area. Or rent a boat from Topwater Kayak Outpost and take your cuddle buddy out on the water with you for a while. 

Then, head to Ruskin, where you and your canine companion can watch a movie at Ruskin Family Drive-In Theatre. This popular place has been playing movies since they opened with Singing in the Rain back in 1952! After the movie, take your pup to Nikko’s Dog & Sports Bar to have a few drinks and play vintage video games. 

Houston, Texas 

With the highest ratio of dogs to people, Houston, Texas, comes in at number two on our list. They have over 500 dog-friendly hotels, hundreds of eateries that allow pups, 30+ off-leash dog parks, and a plethora of shops where you can bring your leashed friend. 

One of these shopping centers is Rice Village, where they have everything from unique boutiques to iconic name brands. They even have a pup place called Three Dog Bakery. Also, in Houston, Benny Thunders is a really cool bar where you do your own pouring. You pay by the pour, and they have over 60 varieties on tap. Dogs are welcome, and even get treats from the staff!

Danny Jackson Family Bark Park is also a terrific place to bring your special canine companion. They have everything from trails to a treated swimming pool where your pooch does not have to worry about algae. There are almost three acres split between small and large fur pups, as well as picnic areas, covered shelters, and water fountains. 

Boise, Idaho 

If you are looking for a city that has the most off-leash dog parks per person, Boise, Idaho, should be your next stop. They have the most dog parks per 100,000 people, with over 7 per 100,000. That may not sound like a lot, but using the ratio of people: to parks, this is a very big deal. 

There are more than a dozen off-leash pup play areas in Boise, like the Together Treasure Valley Dog Island, with over five acres that include a pond. You can find it in Ann Morrison Park. Or go check out Storey Bark Park in Meridian, where they boast 2.25 acres that include agility equipment and mutt-mitt stations.  

If you love video games and your fur pooch does not mind a lot of noise, take him to Space Bar Arcade. It is a bar with more than 30 arcade games where leashed pups are welcome. Wine and cider fans will love Telaya Wine Company in Garden City, where your cuddly compadre can join you on the patio while you enjoy some local wines. 

Denver, Colorado

The Mile High City, named for its incredible Rocky Mountains and being exactly one mile above sea level, is not actually IN the mountains but is near them. The city boasts approximately 300 sunny days per year, but summers are mild compared to others, making it an excellent place for outdoor activities. 

With 42 off-leash dog friendly parks, Denver is popular with the pups, too! The most pup popular is Lowry Dog Park, which lauds three fenced areas for energetic, mild-mannered, and agility training. First, you can find a room at any of the 180+ dog-friendly hotels like Staybridge Suites Denver-Cherry Creek, which allows two or more dogs of any size or breed. 

Then, take a shopping trip with Fido at the 16th Street Pedestrian Mall, where they boast numerous pet-friendly shops and eateries. It runs 1.25 miles from Broadway to Wewatta Street and has over 300 stores, bars, and restaurants. Or you can browse the 75+ Shops at Northfield, including the Dog Haus, with delicious hot dogs and beer. If you enjoy fishing, take your pup to a Fly Fishing Day on the water with Wes in nearby Morrison. 

Portland, Oregon 

When you hear Portland, Oregon, you probably think of forests and mountains in the Pacific Northwest. Located between the Columbia and Willamette Rivers, with the Columbia Slough running right through it, the city is a great place to take your pooch swimming, boating, whitewater rafting, and fishing. 

Portland is one of those rare cities that do not have any laws on how many dogs you can have, and it shows in the number of dog-friendly activities and places there are here. In fact, Portland is considered to be one of the most pet-friendly tourist cities in the US. First of all, there are 56 off-leash dog parks in this fun city, with more than 25 that have agility courses, including Brentwood Park on 62nd Avenue and Hondo Dog Park in Hillsboro, which boasts four acres of fun separated for small, large, shy, and active dogs.

Looking for a spot to enjoy a cold brew with your pal? Portland has lots of them. The most popular (newest) is The Ruff House, where you and your cuddle buddy can meet new friends. They also offer daycare, training, grooming, and space rental. 

Las Vegas, Nevada 

The city of lights, shows, and casinos is also a great city to bring your canine companion to play. Actually, the Las Vegas Strip, the attraction that is open 24/7/365, welcomes pups on a leash any time between 5 AM and noon. But it is not the best place for dogs unless they prefer stumbling drunks and loud music. 

Instead, take your fur buddy to see the Seven Magic Mountains outdoor art exhibit. The 35-foot tall totem poles are stunning and a super place for selfies. And where else can you see seven Dayglo totem poles? Or you can visit one of the 39 off-leash dog parks, like the Jaycee Dog Park on Wilmot Road, with agility stations and water. 

If it is too hot to play outside, take your pooch to Barx Parx, where they have 12,000 square feet of indoor fun for all dogs with toys and agility equipment as well as beer and snacks for pup parents. 

To find the perfect dog-friendly hotel in Las Vegas, be sure to explore our guide. This article is a great resource for discovering accommodations where both you and your canine companion can relax and enjoy all that Las Vegas has to offer.

Boston, Massachusetts 

Even way down in the seventh spot, Boston has over 55 off-leash dog parks! The capital of Massachusetts has a population of more than 675,000 people and 10,000 licensed pooches. Actually, almost 430,000 households in Boston have at least one cuddly canine companion. 

It is a great place to be a dog, with so much to do and so many ways to do them. Pooches are welcome to join you on the Boston Water Taxi, which stops at the Rowes Wharf, Fan Pier, Battery Wharf, Pier 4, Charlestown Navy Yard Ferry Terminal, and the Courthouse Dock, to name a few. Or you can take your pup to nearby Lincoln, Massachusetts, to see the deCordova Sculpture Park & Museum’s 60 sculptures. 

If you want to see the famous Sleepy Hollow Cemetery, which opened in 1855, leashed dogs are welcome too! See where the Alcotts and Hawthorne families are buried. Or take Spot boating on Spot Pond in Stoneham beach, where your fur baby is welcome. They even have doggie life jackets. 

Minneapolis, Minnesota 

As far back as 1883, Minneapolis proved itself to be a city of dog lovers when they passed the Parks Act, which allowed dogs in all city parks as long as they are on a leash. And there are over 50 parks where your pupster can play off the leash, too! 

The city lauds over 125 hotels that allow your fur baby to join you, and many of them do not even charge a fee. And you will find over 100 eating establishments that welcome dogs, too! In the Loop Coffee Company is one of those that lets your pup join you inside and out. They have sandwiches, soups, pastries, and breakfast items. Or you can have a brew at Indeed Brewing Company, where you can try some of their many IPAs and lagers. 

Take some time to smell the roses at Lyndale Park Rose Garden with your little fur ball. They have 62 rose beds to sniff with your pooch. If you have a dock-diving dog, head to nearby Mendota Heights with your pooch where you and Fido can visit The Dog Tank. The 45-foot dock diving pool is safe for pups and people. 

Seattle, Washington 

Home of the famous Space Needle and the Great Wheel, Seattle is also known as being home to almost 750,000 people. It is located on an isthmus between Lake Washington and the Puget Sound, so there is a lot of waterfront space here, too. 

Besides all that, Seattle is where Amazon was born, and the headquarters there has its own dog park at The Spheres. The company loves its fur babies and encourages its employees to bring their pups every day. But if you want to see all of Seattle right away, take your cuddle buddy to Kenmore Air, where they will take you both on a sightseeing trip in the sky! Or go out on the water with Seattle Water Tours Ice Cream Cruise

If you need to shop, the Crossroads Shopping Center in Bellevue is pup popular and features more than 30 shops. Afterward, grab a bite to eat at one of the 100+ dog-friendly eateries in the city, like Bongos, where you can get authentic Caribbean food. Or you can take your fur baby with you to socialize and have an adult beverage at Duchess Bar & Social Club

New Orleans, Louisiana 

When you think about New Orleans, you may think of Mardi Gras, drinking booze, and Creole food. But this superb Louisiana town also has some awesome architecture, historic sites, and over 100 hotels and motels that allow dogs. So, pack up your pooch and head down south. 

The city only has a dozen off-leash parks, which is why it is number 10 on the list. But, just one of these parks makes the city worth visiting with your canine companion. The NOLA City Bark has it all from play equipment to a water play area with puppy pools, which is good because it stays hot in the south. If you like to hike, put your pup’s leash on and hit the 6.8-mile Bayou Sauvage Ridge Trail

The French Quarter is not only known for its party places. There are also a variety of shops and eating establishments where leashed pups are welcome too. Lafayette Square is another fun spot to bring your fur buddy. There is always something going on here, from concerts to markets. 

Raleigh, North Carolina 

Raleigh is the capital of North Carolina and is nicknamed the City of Oaks because of all the gorgeous oak trees that once thrived here. There are still plenty of trees and forests for you and your furry friend to explore, as well as two dozen off-leash dog parks where your pup can play off the leash.

If it gets too hot outside or you just want to enjoy a beer with other pup parents, take your cuddly buddy to West Street Dog. The off-leash dog bar has both indoor and outdoor areas, as well with agility and play equipment, turf, and dog rufferies to keep the peace. Feeling creative? Take Fido to Crafts & Drafts where you can enjoy a brew or a glass of wine while making something awesome. 

This fun city has a lot of tours that allow your pooch to join you, too! Why not take your dog on a hunt? Not hunting animals but hunting all sorts of other things around the city. The Raleigh Scavenger Hunt: Raleigh Around the Capitol is dog-friendly and fun. 

Nashville, Tennessee 

Visitors come from all over the world to listen to music in Nashville, Tennessee. After all, it is the home of bluegrass and country music. But it is also one of the top 20 dog-friendly cities in the United States. 

In fact, there are 465 hotels, motels, AirBnBs, and other rentals in the city that allow pets. The Sheraton Grand Nashville Downtown accepts all sizes, and you can have more than two dogs! They also have 19 dog parks, 2 dog beaches, and 33 pet-friendly stores. The Fair Park Dog Park is one of the best, according to locals, where they have agility stations, water, and astroturf. 

Take your pooch to Cooter’s Place while you are in town so you can see General Lee: Dukes of Hazard car, Daisy’s Jeep, and Rosco’s cop car. You can even take your pooch to the #1 music museum in the US, the Johnny Cash Museum! Or enjoy a game of bowling and a beer with your ruff puppy at Pins Mechanical Company. 

Cleveland, Ohio 

Along the shores of Lake Erie, Cleveland is a popular tourist city in Ohio known for its Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and many museums. The city was named after its founder, General Moses Cleaveland, who settled here in 1796. The name was changed to Cleveland in 1814.

The city is also full of great sports teams like the Cleveland Browns, Cavaliers, and Guardians. And since pups are so popular in Cleveland, they are often allowed to join you at a game. Check with the individual park for details. There are numerous dog parks in Cleveland but one of the most popular is actually a bar called Taps & Tails Dog Bar. It has agility equipment, beer, and food! What more do you need?

If your canine companion loves the water, take him to Bow Wow Beach. It boasts 7.5 acres that includes a three-acre lake in nearby Stow, Ohio. It is only open from the middle of March to December, but your pupster will love it!

Tucson, Arizona 

Tucson is not all about deserts, cacti, and sunsets. It is also known as a dog-friendly city. It is one of the only places in the United States where you can legally own up to eight dogs! So, there are many reasons to bring your pup to Tucson, Arizona. 

There are not too many museums that allow dogs, but Pima Air & Space Museum in Tucson lets you bring your leashed fur buddy with you throughout the whole 80 acres. They have more than 400 aircraft and some spacecraft as well. Another great pooch popular museum is the DeGrazia Gallery in the Sun Museum. They even hand out dog treats. 

If you want to let your cuddly canine companion loose for a while, take him to the Smiling Dog Ranch Dog Park, where he can lose the leash. It is located at George Mehl Family Foothills Park and has water fountains, shaded benches, and waste stations. Then, take your pooch on a hike in Oracle, Arizona’s Mariposa Trail. The 1.2-mile trail is in the Oracle State Park. 

San Francisco, California 

Whether you came to see the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz Prison, or the home of Full House, San Francisco is a popular tourist city. And being on the West Coast, you will find lots of dog-friendly beaches to explore as well. Luckily, pups are popular here in most parks, many beaches, and hundreds of dog-friendly attractions

Although you cannot bring your dog to the prison, he is welcome on the bridge and outside the Full House home, as well as at over 30 off-leash dog parks! First, Golden Gate Park has four different dog parks, including a training area with agility equipment! Or, take your pooch to Lands End Beach, where he can swim. Actually, there are several dog beaches in and around San Francisco, including Pillar Point Harbor in Half Moon Bay.

If you need to shop, put your dog on a leash, and he can join you at many of the stores in Union Square San Francisco like Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcuse, and Macy’s. For something totally unique, take your best buddy to a fine dining experience at Dogue. They only serve dogs, though, so you better eat first. 

To get the most out of your visit to this dog-friendly city, check out our comprehensive dog-friendly San Francisco travel guide. This guide is an invaluable resource for finding the best dog-friendly spots, parks, weather, hotels and activities in San Francisco, ensuring you and your furry friend have a memorable time.

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 

Ranked as one of the top five cities in America, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, is packed with great food, fun attractions, and lots of parks and recreational areas. Most of them are dog-friendly, and over 20 of them allow your pooch to play off his leash. 

Edmond Dog Park at Bickham Rudkin Park is one of the best off-leash dog parks, with four acres, including agility stations, separate spaces for little ones, and a lake for swimming. The city also features over 175 hotels, motels, and vacation rentals that allow fur babies. Or you can take your fur pup out on the water in a kayak or boat with Riversport OKC if you bring a life jacket for him. 

And if you and your pooch are not afraid of heights, he can join you on the Wheeler Ferris Wheel. Keep him on a short leash, and remember it takes you both 100 feet in the air. If you are into art, there are several dog-friendly art galleries, including the Prairie Arts Collective with works by Shawn Patterson.  

Chicago, Illinois 

Chicago, often referred to as the Windy City or Chi-Town, is celebrated for its striking architecture, rich musical history, and culinary delights, including its famous deep-dish pizza. In this bustling Illinois city, with a population of 2.7 million, dogs are nearly as numerous as children, highlighting its pet-friendly nature.

Finding accommodation in Chicago is a breeze with over 295 dog-friendly hotels, motels, and rentals. For dining with your furry companion, the city boasts more than 600 pup-friendly restaurants. The Big Star, known for its delicious tacos, is a must-visit at any of its three locations. Navy Pier also welcomes leashed dogs, offering a variety of pet-friendly eateries and shops.

For outdoor enthusiasts, the Chicago Riverwalk presents a 1.25-mile stretch of riverfront boardwalk, teeming with shops, restaurants, and entertainment options, many of which are dog-friendly. If you’re willing to venture a little outside Chicago, Naperville’s Riverwalk extends 1.75 miles and is equally welcoming to dogs.

Illinois also offers several dog-friendly beaches, such as Montrose Dog Beach in Chicago, where your canine can play in the sand and surf. For more adventurous outings, the state boasts numerous parks and trails where you can hike or simply enjoy a leisurely stroll with your four-legged friend. These dog-friendly spaces provide the perfect opportunity for both you and your dog to explore and enjoy the natural beauty of Illinois.

Louisville, Kentucky

One of the most popular cities in Kentucky is also pup popular nowadays. Bring your pooch and his leash for a visit, and you will find over 100 hotels and motels, more than 310 dog-friendly restaurants, and a dozen off-leash dog parks. Try the Bluegrass River Suite 5, right on the Ohio River. 

While you are in town, why not take your fur puppy on a walking tour? You can enjoy 90 minutes of commentary in America’s most exuberant neighborhood filled with mansions and historic homes. Dogs are always welcome at Louisville Tours. Then, take your pooch shopping at the White Elephant Vendors Market. They sell everything from antiques to dog toys!

Your dog may enjoy a walk on the Louisville Loop, which is one of 1,600 old rail lines turned into trails. It is rather long at 50.5 miles, but you can just do some of it. For something totally different, check out an abandoned theme park at Rose Island. The short trail number seven is less than a mile and takes you through it all. 

Kansas City, Kansas 

Believe it or not, Kansas City, Kansas, is part of the metro area that includes Kansas City, Missouri, and was named after it. So technically, the two cities are just one. But for most purposes, they are considered to be two different cities just three miles away from each other. 

Luckily for pup parents, Kansas, City is also pup popular and has almost 200 pet-friendly hotels like Hotel Indigo and Westin KC at Crown Center. You will also not have any trouble finding a great place to get some food with your fur pup because there are 135 of them. The Char Bar is a barbecue eatery where Fido can join you on the patio, and they will even bring your canine companion a treat.

When your pooch needs to get rid of those zoomies, take him to one of the 21 off-leash dog parks in the city. Wayside Waifs Bark Park has some awesome agility equipment, like elevated tunnels and a separate space for small dogs. They even have a comfort station for pet parents with a dog wash, soft drink machine, restrooms, and lights to play after dark. 

Hot Springs, Arkansas 

The resort city is known for its hot springs in Garland County, Arkansas, where you and your fur pup can spend some time in the Ouachita Mountains. The population of almost 40,000 has over 35,000 dogs, and they are welcome in many places around the city. 

The city also has over 170 pet-friendly hotels, including The Happy Hollow, which allows up to two pets of any size for free! They even have a pet area outside for your pooch to do his thing. You cannot skip visiting Hot Springs National Park while you are in town, where your canine companion can help you explore more than 25 miles of trails on a leash. 

If your little ball of fur needs to get rid of the zoomies or enjoy a workout, take him to Riverside Dog Park in Benton. It has all sorts of space to run and some cool agility equipment, including ramps, tunnels, A-frames, and jumps.

Bear, Delaware 

Although it is not a huge city by any means, with less than 20,000 residents, it started out as a crossroads with 50 locals for farmers to sell their wares. It is just south of Wilmington and is still a farm town, but got its name from a tavern along Highway 40 many years ago. 

And Bear is also pup popular with 18 dog parks, beaches, and 20 trails, and several pet-friendly stores and other activities. You can stay at one of the many hotels that allow pets or take your fur puppy camping at Lums Pond State Park, where you can hike in the swamp, paddle on the pond, or do some fishing. 

For an even more exciting camp experience, try Camp Adventureland in Middletown. They have axe throwing, cornhole, escape rooms, and so much more for you and your pup. Then, go grab a cold brew at Hangman Brewing in Claymont, where they have all sorts of unique flavors like honey raspberry lemonade sour and Vanilla Sky. And on Sundays, they have food trucks. 

Omaha, Nebraska

Located on the Missouri River in the midwestern US, Omaha is the largest city in the state of Nebraska and boasts almost 490,000 residents. And it is a dog-friendly place, too with about 250,000 fur babies as part of the families in Omaha. 

One of the 120 pup-friendly hotels in Omaha is the Marriott Element by Westin Omaha Midtown Crossing, where they allow up to two dogs of any size for free! Some others include the Magnolia Hotel, Embassy Suites, and Tru by Hilton. After checking in, grab some grub at the Nite Owl, which serves everything, including vegan dishes. 

Omaha also has a special treat for fur babies and their humans at Nebraska Crossing Mall. Leashed pups are welcome at almost all of the 81 shops, including American Eagle, Fossil, Lids, and ULTA Beauty, as well as Woof Gang Bakery, where your pup can choose some treats and get groomed. 

Saint Louis, Missouri

You cannot go to St. Louis without seeing the Gateway Arch. This 630-foot tall stainless steel structure was completed in 1967 and stands for the Gateway to the West. The city is located in the middle of the US, where the Missouri River meets the Mississippi River, and has a population of more than 300,000 people. 

St. Louis is also home to over 100,000 fur babies and has more than 200 hotels and motels that allow your canine companion to join. The Benton Bark West Dog Park is one of the most unique and allows up to two dogs of any size for zero cost. Once you register at the hotel, take him to see the artwork at Laumeier Sculpture Park. There are 60 works of art in over 100 acres.  

Then you can let him play inside and out at Zoomies Pet Cafe, where you can have a sandwich and a cup of coffee, and he can choose from the dog menu of Doggie Ice Cream, Bacon, Crude Carnivore Bone Broth, and Raviolis. They even have dog toys and an off-leash play park.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Philadelphia, affectionately known as Philly, stands as Pennsylvania’s most populous city and is steeped in history. It’s not only renowned for its pivotal role in American history, including serving as the nation’s capital until 1800, but also as the birthplace of the American Revolution, the Liberty Bell, and the Declaration of Independence.

Philly’s love for furry friends is equally notable. The city is home to over 225 dog-friendly accommodations, including places like the Alexander Inn, which welcomes multiple pets of any size at no extra cost. Additionally, Philadelphia offers a variety of pet-friendly tours, ranging from ghost and food tours to guided visits of the Independence National Historical Park.

Dog owners will find Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens a fascinating destination. This expansive sculpture park allows leashed dogs and is a visual feast for both pets and their owners. For a delightful end to your day, visit the Pet Friendly Dog Bakery, a haven for dogs with a selection of treats, chews, toys, and baked goods.

Philadelphia also boasts a wealth of dog-friendly parks, perfect for spending quality outdoor time with your canine companion. From the sprawling fields of Fairmount Park to the scenic trails of Wissahickon Valley Park, these green spaces offer ample opportunities for walks, play, and relaxation, making Philly a true paradise for dogs and their owners alike.

Savannah, Georgia

Savannah, Georgia’s first city, established in 1733, is located along the Savannah River in the Southern United States. Its year-round warm climate makes it an ideal destination for outdoor adventures with your canine companion. The city offers a wide range of dog-friendly accommodations, from cozy Airbnbs to luxurious hotels.

A unique experience in Savannah is a ride in the Pedicab. This dog-friendly tour allows you to explore the city while being chauffeured on a three-wheeled bicycle, with drivers who are happy to watch your dog if you wish to pop into a shop. For those who prefer to shop alongside their four-legged friends, the historic Savannah Waterfront is a haven, filled with dog-friendly stores and eateries.

Don’t miss a visit to Woof Gang Bakery, where your dog can choose from a selection of treats made with all-natural ingredients. This bakery and pet store also offers grooming and spa services, making it a delightful stop for pet pampering.

For outdoor fun, Savannah boasts several dog-friendly parks where your pup can run and play. These parks provide great spaces for exercise and socialization. Additionally, Georgia is home to beautiful dog-friendly beaches, such as Tybee Island, where dogs can enjoy the sand and surf, making it a perfect outing for beach-loving dogs and their owners.

Detroit, Michigan

Detroit, celebrated for its influential music scene, automotive legacy, and proximity to the Great Lakes, has been recognized by Time Magazine as one of the 50 World’s Greatest Places to Explore in 2022. The city is also a hub for dog-friendly events, hosting the ‘Bark in the Park’ from May through September, the ‘Pets in the Park’ event in August, and a pet-friendly ‘Beer Run’ in October.

Belle Isle Beach, located in Detroit, is a favorite among dogs and their owners, especially for swimming in the warmer months and relaxing year-round. Spanning nearly 1,000 acres, this recreational haven offers boating, fishing, hiking, picnicking, and swimming opportunities. Additionally, the ‘Roll Through Motor City Scavenger Hunt Tour’ is another enjoyable activity for you and your furry friend.

For shopping enthusiasts, the Mall at Partridge Creek in Clinton Township is a treasure trove of dog-friendly stores, complete with four dog comfort stations and charming doggie sculptures. After a day of shopping and exploring, unwind at the Eastern Market Brewing Company, where your dog is welcome on the spacious patio.

Detroit is also rich in dog-friendly parks, offering ample green spaces for pets to play, exercise, and socialize. From the scenic trails of Palmer Park to the vast open spaces of Rouge Park, these areas provide a perfect urban escape for dogs and their owners to enjoy the outdoors and the vibrant community spirit of Detroit.

Birmingham, Alabama

The Magic City of Birmingham, Alabama, is a virtual playground for pups no matter where you are, with dozens of dog-friendly parks, beaches and numerous attractions where they are welcome to join you. 

For example, your leashed pooch can learn the history of Sloss Furnaces National Landmark on outdoor tours or explore nine acres of Railroad Park. You can also take your fur baby shopping at The Summit. The pup-friendly outdoor mall has 95 shops from Aerie to White House/Black Market. Just look for the white paw on the window, and you know your pooch is welcome. 

You can also take your cuddle buddy to the Grand River Drive-In to see a movie in nearby Leeds or check out the beauty of the 349-acre Moss Rock Preserve in Hoover. Then, stop by Melt or Chez Lulu for a bite to eat. Wherever you go, you will see why Birmingham is the most pet-friendly city in Alabama. 

Indianapolis, Indiana

Indianapolis is the capital of Indiana and home of the largest one-day sporting event, the Indianapolis 500. But it is also one of the most pup popular cities in the midwest, with more than 300,000 dogs living in a population of 887,000. 

You will not have any trouble finding a place to stay with over 200 rental properties, including campgrounds, BnBs, and hotels. Old Northside Bed & Breakfast allows more than two dogs of any size for no extra fee. If you are in the mood for a brew and want to play some games, check out 16-Bit Bar+Arcade, where you can play Donkey Kong or Street Fighter with your best buddy. 

Then, take your fur puppy to see a movie at Tibbs Drive-In. See the newest films at Indy’s only drive-in, built-in 1967! If that one is already full, head over to Martinsville, where CenterBrook Drive-In also allows pooches and has been there since 1950!

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Santa Fe in New Mexico is known for having the oldest building in the country. The Palace of the Governors was built way back in 1610. It also hosts the oldest community event in the US, the Santa Fe Fiesta, which has been celebrated since 1712. But the most important thing to note is that it has over 40,000 dogs!

You will find more than 230 motels, hotels, and other vacation rentals, as well as a variety of dog-friendly campgrounds, hiking trails, and parks. Santa Fe is warm all year long, and summers are hot, so it is perfect for outdoor activities. First, jump on one of the Santa Fe Pedicabs, where you and Fido can get driven around the city. Or you can enjoy a more traditional tour with Santa Fe Jeep Tours

You and your fur puppy can also go see some insects and lizards at the Santa Fe Reptile and Bug Museum. They have almost 5,000 insects and reptiles to see. Then, you and your dog can enjoy some beverages at the Desert Dogs Brewery & Cidery Taproom, where they have beer, wine, cider, and tacos.

Madison, Wisconsin

The city of Madison boasts more than 80,000 pooches and 270,000 humans living there. It is the capital of Wisconsin and was named after one of the Founding Fathers and Presidents, James Madison. It is surrounded by five lakes and stunning mountains, making it a gorgeous place to be any time of the year. 

With 90+ dog-friendly vacation rental properties, 82 restaurants, a dozen off-leash dog parks, and 15 stores that welcome pups, you will not have any trouble finding something to do and a place to stay. Hilldale Shopping Center has over a dozen shops and eating establishments that welcome leashed pups, including Twigs, LL Bean, and the Great Dane Pub & Brewing Company.

Afterward, take your canine companion to Token Creek County Park, where they have an awesome off-leash dog park of over 38 acres with lots of agility and play equipment. In nearby McFarland, the McFarland Dog Park also has play equipment as well as a heated indoor washing station!

Burlington, Vermont

Pack up your pup and his toys and head to the quaint city of Burlington, Vermont, where you will find a variety of dog-friendly activities, more than a dozen hotels, and 60 pup popular restaurants. Winters get cold in Burlington, so the city has quite a few indoor off-leash dog parks and dog bars where your dog can play in the colder months. 

One attraction you cannot miss while you are in town is the Gondola SkyRide in Stowe. You get to see the city from the top of Mount Mansfield, and pups are allowed as long as they are leashed. If it is warm enough, you can take your fur baby to Morrisonville Dog Park, where he can swim in the lake just minutes from Burlington.  

You can also go shopping together at The Essex Junction Mall with 22 local businesses that love dogs. They have entertainment here too, like outdoor concerts and festivals. 

Anchorage, Alaska

Known for its wildlife, trails, and glaciers, Anchorage is also home to more musicians and artists than anywhere else in Alaska. It is the perfect spot to see the northern lights, also known as aurora borealis too. But Anchorage is also home to a large number of pet parents who love their pooches. 

In fact, there are 75 hotels in the city that allow your fur baby to join you, including the Lakefront Anchorage, which boasts rooms right on Lake Spenard where you and your little one can go boating and fishing while you are in town. After your fishing trip, warm up with a cold brew at Bearpaw River Brewing Company in nearby Wasilla. Pups are allowed to come with you. 

You can also take your fur puppy to one of the fun off-leash dog parks in the city. Chanshtnu Muldoon Dog Park has a large one that separates the small and big pooches so they can all play safely.  Afterward, grab a big tasty burger at Tommy’s Burger Stop, where your canine compadre can join you on the patio. 

Jackson, Mississippi

Jackson is the biggest city in Mississippi, with almost 150,000 residents and 65,000 dogs. Stay at one of the many dog-friendly hotels while you are in town, like the Westin Marriott, where you can bring a small pooch with no pet fee. 

Or, why not go camping at LeFleur’s Bluff State Park? They have 43 dog-friendly campsites, but book in advance because this is a popular spot. They also have disc golf as well as swimming, boating, and fishing on the Pearl River and Mayes Lake. After you set up camp, head to Fertile Ground Beer Company, where you can enjoy local craft beers while your pooch plays. 

If you get hungry, take your little buddy to Back Yard Burgers, where they have delicious homemade burgers piled high with whatever you like on them. They also serve them plain just for pups. Let Fido play off the leash for a while at Clinton Dog Park. They have separate sides for large and small dogs as well as play structures and water. 

Des Moines, Iowa

Incorporated in 1851 and the capital of Iowa, Des Moines is popular with people as well as pets. There are over 213,000 residents with approximately 55,000 fur babies here and lots of fun things to do with them. 

There are almost 100 motels, including Holiday Inn, Red Roof Inn, and Residence Inn. Check-in and then head over to Clyde’s Fine Diner for upscale burgers, fries, and other dishes, as well as cocktails. For a unique dining experience, try Zombie Burger & Drink Lab. They serve all sorts of crazy dishes with creepy names like “They’re Coming to Get You” and “Poultrygeist.”

For some culture, check out the artworks at Pappajohn Sculpture Park, which has over four acres of dog-friendly space. When you are ready for a cold beer and your pooch needs to play off the leash with other pups, Paws & Pints has you covered. Just remember to bring your dog’s immunization records. 

New Haven, Connecticut

Home to Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut, was one of the first cities in the United States founded in 1638 by the Puritans. Even back then, they had dogs, mostly to guard their cattle, sheep, and homes. But there were even some Pilgrim pups at the first Thanksgiving, according to legend. 

In New Haven, you can take your pup to play off the leash at one of 20 different dog parks, including the Edgewood Park Dog Run with six stunning ponds, a skateboard park, a playground for the little humans, and a sensory trail. If it gets too hot, take him swimming at Sunnyside Beach in Shelton, where you can also do some fishing and boating or at the Long Wharf Park on the New Haven Harbor. 

Speaking of boating, Scoot & Paddle has dog-friendly paddleboarding and kayaking lessons and rentals for everyone in nearby Milford. You do not want to miss the Walk By Faith Doggie Bakery in Cromwell, either! They have all sorts of heavenly treats for dogs and humans. 

Virginia Beach, Virginia

There is an estimated 153,000 fur babies living in Virginia Beach, Virginia, making it one of the most popular cities for dogs. And with 460,000 residents, that means there is one dog per every three people. 

You will find dog-friendly beaches, off-leash dog parks, and over 150 dog-friendly hotels, as well as 145 pup-friendly eateries. In fact, they have what they call Bow Wow Brunch at Lunasea Restaurant from 10 AM to 3 PM every Sunday from July until September. If you want to enjoy an adult beverage while your pup plays off the leash, take him to Pups and Pints. The dog park bar has two acres, and your pooch is allowed inside and out. 

Take your pup to see some fabulous floral beauty at the Hermitage Museum and Gardens in nearby Norfolk. There are 12 acres of flowers and greenery to explore with your fur buddy. Or you can enjoy a day on the water with your canine companion with Four Winds Chartering. You can try your luck fishing on the Chesapeake Bay in Hampton, where dogs are free. 

Providence, Rhode Island

As the capital of the smallest state in the US, Providence is also the most populated city in Rhode Island and the oldest city in New England. It is located along the Providence River and Narragansett Bay and has several dog beaches, parks, and other fun pup activities. 

The tiny city boasts 40 pup-friendly hotels and motels, including The Dean Hotel, where you can have two dogs up to 45 pounds for free. After dropping off your luggage, take him on a pedal-powered rail bike at Rail Explorers. This unique adventure is fun and a great workout. 

If it is warm outside, take Fido to one of the two dog-friendly beaches. Blue Beach has a small sandy beach and trail, and Compass Rose Beach has picnic areas. Afterward, head to Mendon Twin Drive-In in Mendon to watch a movie with your cuddly canine. He can join you outside your car on a leash, but not at the beer garden or snack bar. 

New York, New York

New York is where you want to go if you are looking to spend some quality time with your pup at some of the area restaurants. The city has 563 eating establishments that allow dogs, including 249 with American cuisine, 59 Asian eateries, 41 French restaurants, and 15 dog-friendly restaurants that serve seafood. 

The city also boasts over 40 dog parks where Fido can play off the leash, including the pup popular Hudson River Park, where there are four dog parks to choose from. You can also take him to Rockaway Beach, where you can both swim, surf, and fish. If you want to take him out on the water, Manhattan Kayak Company rents kayaks big enough for you and your pooch. 

Then, check out the art at William Secord Gallery, where leashed pups are welcome, and you can even commission a portrait of your best friend. Afterward, let your poochie show his respects at the War Dog Memorial in nearby Hartsdale.

Baltimore, Maryland

Situated a short distance from New York, Baltimore stands as Maryland’s largest city, boasting a population of over 585,000 people and approximately 90,000 dogs. Known affectionately as Charm City and The Greatest City in America, Baltimore is not only a popular destination for visitors but also a cherished home for its residents. The city is particularly welcoming to canine companions, offering a variety of dog-friendly parks. These green spaces provide a perfect setting for dogs to play, exercise, and socialize, making Baltimore an ideal city for dog owners to explore and enjoy.

Take your dog on a yacht at Cruises on the Bay by Watermark Baltimore, where leashed fur babies are welcome at most public cruises like the City Lights Cruise, fireworks cruises, and music cruises. Or why not take him on a Harley through the streets of Baltimore? Harley-Davidson of Baltimore rents them and sells doggie apparel, too. 

Then, take Fido on a spooky tour with Baltimore Ghost Tours. You and your fur buddy can learn all about the haunted history of the city. End your evening at Bark Social, where you can enjoy a brew with other pup parents while your canine companion plays off the leash. They serve all sorts of beverages and snacks and have Bark Rangers to help keep the dogs in line. 

Jersey City, New Jersey

With more than 100,000 dogs living in Jersey City, New Jersey, there have to be some great pup parks and pooch-friendly places to enjoy. And being the largest city in Hudson County, there are also plenty of places for the whole family to enjoy. 

You will have your choice of more than 50 hotels, including Westin Newport, Sonesta Simply Suites, and Green Suites. And you can find about 100 Jersey City restaurants that allow pooches to join their pet parents. Griot Cafe is pup popular and has some awesome Caribbean cuisine as well as sandwiches, creole, and samosas. 

Get out on the water on Seastreak Ferries, where leashed dogs are always allowed. They even have food and drinks for sale. Or let your fur baby get in the water at the Dog-Friendly Beach at Prospect Park in nearby Brooklyn. He can play in the water and in the sand off his leash with fencing around the whole place.

Bangor, Maine

The home of Stephen King and a popular waterfront, Bangor is a small, touristy town in Maine where fishing, crabbing, and swimming are regular attractions. Being such a small city, Bangor only has about 18,000 fur babies, but there are only 31,000 human residents there too. 

Waterfront Park on Penobscot River is one of the most pup popular places to play with picnic tables, a boardwalk, and sensational views of the water. But if you want to let your cuddle buddy off the leash to play with other pups, take him to Bangor Dog Park. This great pup playground located in Essex Woods has agility equipment and lots of room to play fetch or frisbee. 

To end a perfect day, take your fur baby to see a flick at the Bangor Drive-In Theater on Hammond Street in nearby Herman. They have new movies as well as classics and a full concession menu to keep you from having to hear your stomach growling during the show. 

Salt Lake City, Utah

You can find this pup popular city on one of the 10 largest lakes in the US, the Great Salt Lake, which is where the name came from. Salt Lake City is the capital of Utah and the most heavily populated, with just over 200,000 people. 

With so many people, you would expect a lot of dogs in Salt Lake City, and you would be correct. And the city has accommodations to make sure pet parents have what they need when they visit. There are 150+ pup-friendly hotels, motels, other vacation rentals and dog-friendly parks, as well as a variety of pet sitters, vets, groomers, and pet stores like PetSmart and Petco

One unique attraction that allows dogs is Lagoon Park, which is a theme park with dozens of kids’ rides, shows, eateries, and shops, as well as the water park. Just keep your pup on a leash at all times. Another fun place to take Fido is the Wheeler Historic Farms where they have horses, turkeys, sheep, goats, peacocks, and 75 gorgeous acres.   

Sioux Falls, South Dakota

In the southeastern corner of South Dakota, Sioux Falls holds a third of the state’s population, with more than 202,000 residents. There are also about 70,000 pets in Sioux Falls, and lots of canine fun to be after checking into one of the 75 dog-friendly hotels. 

First, take your pooch to Family Park Dog Park, where he can be let off the leash to play with other fur babies. The three-acre pup play space has natural play equipment like a hollow tree tunnel and fallen tree climbing structures, as well as water fountains and a dog wash area. Then, enjoy a brew and some art at Covert Artisan Ales & Cellars. They have a shuffleboard, TVs, and fire pits, too!

If it gets too hot, bring your canine companion to The Splash Bark by SDK, where he can play in the pool, splash in the sprinklers, and chase the synchronized splashers. It is the only indoor water park for dogs in the country and has beer and other cocktails, as well as pizza.

Portsmouth, New Hampshire

Named after the city in England, Portsmouth, Hampshire, where the founder, John Mason, came from, Portsmouth, New Hampshire, is a small town with about 22,000 residents. There are not as many dogs here because there are so few people, but just about one in three households has at least one fur baby. 

Motel 6 is the most popular place to stay with dogs as they allow more than two pups of any size for no extra cost. After you drop off your bags, head to Peirce Island Dog Park, where your pooch can explore and enjoy 27 acres off the leash with salt marshes, tide pools, and a nice beach. Also, downtown Portsmouth has lots of different stores and boutiques where dogs can join their pet parents to browse and shop.

One of the best shops in Portsmouth, according to local fur babies, is Canine Cupboard. Nicknamed Portsmouth’s Original Store for Dogs, they make and sell their own gourmet dog treats, fun toys, and doggie bones. 

Greenville, South Carolina

Located in northwestern South Carolina between Tennessee and Georgia, Greenville is a popular cultural city with a plethora of art galleries, museums, music, and historical centers. It is also popular with pups and their parents because of how many dog-friendly fun places, activities and parks

Choose from 150+ pup-friendly rentals, including several campgrounds like Paris Mountain State Park, where you can pick one of 40 different campsites. If they are booked up, try the Black Forest Family Camping Resort in nearby Cedar Mountain, which boasts 100 campsites. They have all sorts of fun, like a pool, game room, and camp store. 

You and your cuddly canine companion can get in your steps along the Swamp Rabbit Trail if you need a good workout. It covers 22 miles, but you do not have to do the whole thing. Just keep Fido on a leash. Afterward, put your feet up and enjoy a cold, frosty beer at Fire Forge, where leashed dogs are always welcome. 

Fargo, North Dakota

With over 126,000 residents, Fargo is the largest and most populated city in North Dakota. Researchers have found evidence that dogs have been man’s best friend since the cavemen’s days in Fargo, dating back to 40,000 years ago. 

In Fargo, dogs are still the number one pet of choice and today, dogs are part of the family. Luckily, there are numerous vacation rentals that allow fur babies to join their pup parents for no extra fee. The city also has several dog groomers, daycare, and pet stores in town. You can even take your pooch to Fargo Air Museum to learn all about aviation.

Let your fur puppy enjoy the outdoor air while you chill out with a beer at Fargo Brewing Company. They also have food and non-alcoholic drinks. If the weather is bad, take your cuddle buddy to Rainy Days Indoor Dog Park. The climate-controlled play area is perfect for this area because it can get really cold in the winter and sweltering in the summer. 

Harpers Ferry, West Virginia

With only 285 residents, this tiny town is the smallest on the list, with the fewest people. But those who do live there definitely love dogs. There are an estimated 122 dogs in Harpers Ferry, West Virginia, which means almost 43% of people here have at least one dog. 

You will find a variety of places to stay that allow dogs from the local KOA to The Treehouse Camp at Maple Tree Campground in Rohnerville, Maryland. Take your pupster to Stone Tower Winery in nearby Leesburg, Virginia, where they have over 300 acres of vineyards. Your pup can join you for the tour and tasting session. Creek’s Edge Winery in Lovettsville is also pup popular and serves food too!

For a more exciting day, River & Trail Outfitters allows leashed and friendly fur babies to join pup parents on a guided trip from mellow tubing to white water rafting. But be sure to bring a doggie life vest and make sure the boat you rent is large enough.

Bozeman, Montana

Even though it is only the fourth-biggest city in Montana, Bozeman has the most dogs per person, with 54,000 human residents and 19,000 dogs. It was named after John Bozeman, who started the Bozeman Trail in 1863. 

After checking in at Motel 6 or any of the other 100+ motels in Bozeman, you can take your canine compadre to Bozeman Pond Park where they have a fenced dog park. Your fur baby can get rid of the zoomies, make new friends, and go swimming if it is warm enough. It is also popular for fishing, picnics, and playgrounds for the kiddos. 

After you both work up an appetite, take your pooch to one of the 50 different eating establishments that allow pups. Feed Cafe is a casual and rustic barn-style restaurant that welcomes your leashed canine to join you on the patio. Bozeman Brewing Company also welcomes leashed dogs to their beer garden. You can try one of the local IPAs or a craft brew like Two O’Clock Wheat or Gallatin Pale Ale. 

Cheyenne, Wyoming

Last but not least, the 49th most pup popular city in the United States is Cheyenne, Wyoming. The city boasts 65,000 residents with approximately 20,000 dogs. It was named after the Cheyenne Native Americans who lived in the area for over 100 years before Europeans came to town. 

Before hitting the streets of the city, stop by Cheyenne Depot Plaza with your leashed pup. The historic building has a railroad museum and restaurant, as well as an event space. You and your cuddle buddy will also love visiting the Cheyenne Botanic Gardens at Lions Park. They have over nine acres of native flora and fauna, as well as exotic plants.  

In the mood for a big, thick, and juicy steak? Take Fido with you to T-Joes Steakhouse & Saloon, where you can share the meat, have a beer, and give your pooch some fresh water. They even have a dog park in the back where your fur buddy can play. 

The Final Woof

With 49 different dog-friendly cities in the US to explore and enjoy, you may have a hard time narrowing down which one is right for you. We are here to help! If you are interested in playing at the beach, St. Petersburg, Florida, or San Francisco, Florida, are two excellent choices. For a more rugged and natural vacation, Hot Springs, Arkansas, Greenville, South Carolina, or Bear, Delaware would be perfect. Louisville, Kentucky, and New Orleans, Louisiana, are great for history lovers. And check out Chicago, Illinois, or Houston, Texas, if you want to hit the shops. Wherever you go, always remember to bring plenty of doggie bags extra water, and make sure your canine companion is up-to-date on his shots. 

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