15 Pup Approved Dog Parks in Salt Lake City, Utah

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Home of Temple Square, the Hogle Zoo, Liberty Park, and Red Butte Garden, Salt Lake City is the capital of the US state of Utah as well as the most populated, with 200,133 residents in 2020. It was settled in 1847 by pioneers who were led by Brigham Young, one of the most famous early settlers in the world. The city is surrounded by mountains on three sides including Twin Peaks, the Wasatch Range, and the Oquirrh Mountains with the Great Salt Lake Valley on the other. 

The climate varies drastically due to the low valleys, with highs in the summer months in the lower 90s and lows in the winter down to the middle 20s. The city also gets its fair share of snow and rain but boasts plenty of sunshine as well. With 85 official city parks and about 50 more community parks, there is a lot to do outdoors, from swimming to skiing. We found some awesome dog parks too. Here are our 15 favorite dog parks in Salt Lake City, Utah. 

Millrace Off-Leash Dog Park

Located in southern Salt Lake City, Millrace Off-Leash Dog Park is part of Millrace Park in the village of Taylorsville. This is a huge open space with a double gate for safety. There are so many rocks to climb on and tunnels to run through, your pupster will wear himself out playing here. There is also tons of space for playing catch or frisbee, so bring those along. Also, pack some doggie bags just in case they run out. 

Although there is literally no shade in the dog park, there are quite a few sheltered benches for pup parents to relax out of the hot Utah sun. All dogs have to have a license tag and be up-to-date on immunizations, including rabies, of course. Also, all dogs have to be over four months old. Your fur baby is allowed in the rest of the park, too, including the pond, but he will have to be leashed. 

Sandy Dog Park

Not far from Millrace Park in southern Salt Lake City, Sandy Dog Park has one full acre dedicated to fur babies and their pup parents. There are two sections, both fenced. One has a fine layer of fescue grass for pups to play in, and the other is all wood chips and dirt. Both sides are fun for dogs, although the humans seem to like the grassy side better. Both sides are not always open, and there is no special area for small dogs. 

There is a walking trail for you and your canine companion to explore and lots of rocks and boulders for dogs to climb on and pup parents to sit on. Or you can find a few benches and tables in the shaded areas along the fence. The fountain is great, but it is shut off during the winter. Be sure to bring your own, just in case. 

Draper City Dog Park

Also, in southern Salt Lake City, Draper City Park has a lot to enjoy for everyone, including your furry pup. The park itself is pretty large, with playgrounds, ball fields, picnic areas, and an extensive trail system. They also have basketball hoops, a creek where Fido can splash in the water, and restrooms with drinking fountains. However, some of the restrooms (in the South Pavilion) are closed in the winter. 

The park does hold a lot of different events, especially during the summer, including concerts, a carnival, and festivals. Dogs may not be allowed at all events, so please check with the park office. Your cuddle bug will love the fenced dog park, where you can unleash him for a while to play with the other pups. It is a nice treat for pup owners to be able to sit and watch their fur babies run free. Bring water and cleanup bags in case they have none. 

Dayland Dog Park

Dayland Dog Park is also in Draper, not far from Draper City Park. It is basically a large water basin and creek with flat gravel areas and some grassy space inside two fenced areas. The small section is for the little or shy dogs that do not want to be trampled by the big pups. There are a few benches for the humans and some shade, but not much, so bring a hat and wear sunscreen. 

The favorite attraction here is the creek and water basin. After a good rain, your cuddly canine will find lots of water to play in. Other days, it may just be a trickling brook running through the area. Either way, the pooches love it. There is also plenty of space for playing frisbee or fetch. And if there is not enough water for your fur puppy to cool off, dogs are also allowed at the Splash Pad next door. 

Run A Muk Dog Park

The name alone tells you how much fun your little buddy can have at Run A Muk Dog Park in eastern Salt Lake City. With over two miles of trails and 40+ acres, this is the perfect space for dogs with a good recall to run amok. If you are worried about having to find your fur baby if he tends to run off, put a nice long leash on him. Either way, this park has so much open space for him to play, it will not matter if he has a leash on. 

During the summer, it can be hot with very little shade, so pack plenty of water and dress properly. You should also bring baggies to pick up anything your pooch leaves behind. During the winter, this park is also fun, with tons of gorgeous white snowy fields and a view of the stunning mountain ranges like Twin Peaks, Gobblers Knob, and Clayton Peak. This is another time to dress appropriately and bring extra water.

West Jordan Dog Park

Right across from the West Jordan Animal Shelter and the Ron Wood Baseball Complex, West Jordan Dog Park has almost four acres of space for all sorts of fluffy pups to run around in. Surrounded by backdrops of mountains and lakes, you and your pooch will love this neighborhood recreational area. There are some shaded areas here for pup parents to sit in and watch their fur puppy play, too, as well as three drinking fountains. 

The reason there are three fountains is because there are three sections. One is for small dogs, and the others are for the larger and more boisterous canines. And with 12 benches and several picnic tables split into all the sections, there is enough seating for all. It is the largest dog park in the county, and the locals do make use of it, so weekends can be crowded. They do offer puppy poo bags but bring your own anyway. 

Parley’s Historic Nature Park Off-Leash Area

Just south of the zoo in southeastern Salt Lake City, Parley’s Historic Nature Park allows dogs to join their pup parents on a leash, but they also have a large off-leash dog area. The main park is 68 acres with trails, a creek, and a wildlife refuge. There are a few places where your canine compadre can get in the water and splash around, cool off, and play. And if you get hot, go ahead and join him. 

There is a two-mile loop trail that takes you along the historical areas where you should keep your pups leashed. Once you get down the trail a ways, you will see the off-leash dog area signs. This is where your furball can get off the leash and run around as long as your pup is voice controlled. There may be some elk and other wildlife, so keep an eye out for them and do not let Fido get too close. 

Jordan Park Off-Leash Area

To the west of Salt Lake City, along the Jordan River, you can find the 34-acre Jordan Park, which is packed with fun things for everyone to enjoy, including your cuddly canine. Although your pooch will need to remain leashed in most of the park, he can still enjoy having a barbecue or picnic with you at the pavilions, watching the kids play on the playgrounds, or check out the skaters at the skate park.

You can take him on one of the trails along the river where he can get in the water and play or just sniff all the new scents along the water’s edge. Or, take your fur puppy to the off-leash area in the northern section of the park. Here you will find a huge fenced area where you and your poochie can play catch, toss around a ball, or just run around and play. There are no doggie bags, so bring your own. 

Willow Creek Dog Park

In eastern Salt Lake City, located inside Willow Creek Park, the Willow Creek Dog Park is an off-leash haven for fur babies to frolic. It is 2.4 acres of space, with one section for swimming and the other side is for agility and play. The agility side has a variety of tunnels, jumps, weave poles, and other fun equipment. Or you and your canine companion can play ball or frisbee. If you would rather, you can just have a seat and watch your dog play with the others. 

In the summer, the pond is where the local pup parents are found. Not only is it a great place to swim, but it also has a dog jumping dock for dogs that like to play water fetch. During the winter, the pond can sometimes be used for ice skating, but you will have to check with the park office for more info. Be sure to bring your own water and puppy cleanup bags too. 

Memory Grove Off Leash Area at Freedom Trail

Next door to the Utah State Capitol north of downtown Salt Lake City, you and your fur puppy can find plenty to do at Memory Grove Park. In the main part of the park, your pooch needs to stay on his leash but take the Freedom Trail down along the City Creek, and he can be released. All along this trail, if your dog has good recall, he can play around without being tethered to your hand so he can enjoy the water, romp around in the grass, and get rid of the zoomies. 

The trail is almost two miles long and is considered to be an easy hike. During the winter, keep your pooch on a leash because the stream can be fast and rough at times. You do not want your dog going in for a drink and ending up downstream. Put the leash back on and check out the rest of the park, where you can find monuments and other memorials. 

Cottonwood Park Off-Leash Area

Right in downtown Salt Lake City by the airport, Cottonwood Park Off-Leash Area is located in Cottonwood Park along the Jordan River. Unlike many of the parks in Salt Lake City, this one has plenty of mature trees for shade, which is important when you are taking your pooch to the park during a hot Utah summer. The whole park is dog-friendly for pups on a leash, but they also have a fenced area where your fur puppy can run around off the leash. 

Another great feature of the park is that it has healthy grass, so you do not have to worry about mud and dirt like you would at some others. This off-leash area is in the northwestern section of the park, right by the river. Your dog is allowed to play in the water, and you can join him if you like. There are also several trails that are dog-friendly for exploring with Fido. 

Lindsey Gardens Dog Park

Northeast of Salt Lake City, Lindsey Gardens Dog Park is one of the most popular off-leash parks in the city. The only issue here is that there are no fences, so if your dog is not voice-controlled, you may want to keep his leash on anyway. You can let it out really long so he can run around but be careful he does not get tangled up in the trees and other park visitors. 

The dog area is in the southern end of the Lindsey Gardens Community Park, right at 7th Avenue and M Street. The dog area does have lots of trees and grass, several spots to sit, and plenty of room to run. It is perfect for a game of fetch, so bring your pup’s favorite ball. There is a drinking fountain or two in the park but no doggie bags. It is best to just bring your own anyway.

Rotary Glen Dog Park

Inside Rotary Glen Park, just east of the Hogle Zoo and west of the lake, Rotary Glen Dog Park is a large space where your fur baby is welcome to run loose and free to romp and play with the other pups. However, one thing to note is that it is also known as a cat park, so if your dog has a habit of chasing or attacking cats, you may want to keep him on a leash or go somewhere else. 

The area is not completely fenced though, so if your dog does not have good recall, keep the leash on. There is a fence, but it is not complete, so your pup can find a way out if he wants to. It is nice to be able to take your cuddly canine companion on the trails without a leash but remember that there is wildlife here. And always bring extra doggie bags and water. 

Pioneer Park Off-Leash Dog Area

Another park right in downtown Salt Lake City, Pioneer Park, is a local spot for family fun as well as events like the Farmers Market on weekends, yoga workshops, and concerts. Your fur baby is welcome to join you anywhere in the park on a leash but is also allowed in a large area without a leash. The park itself is neat, clean, and beautiful, with a gorgeous background of the mountains no matter where you look. 

In the southeastern corner of the park by the historical spot marking Utah’s first fort, you will find the dog park. It is completely fenced and has tons of space, much of it open, but there is some shade along the fence. Pack some toys, water, and doggie bags because this is a basic fenced area without the amenities you see at many dog parks. But the rest of the park has drinking fountains, restrooms, ballparks, and tennis. 

Fairmont Park Off-Leash Dog Park

One of the most popular attractions in Fairmont Park is its pond. Located in the northeastern corner of the park, this little duck pond is a hub of activity all year long, where locals like to fish and watch the ducks. You can bring your pooch over there, too but keep him leashed so he does not chase away the ducks or bother the anglers. It is one of the largest parks in the city and has two playgrounds for the little humans, soccer fields, basketball, walking paths, horseshoes, and pickleball. 

You can even take your pup over to watch the skaters at the skate park. But the best place, according to local dogs, is the off-leash fenced dog park in the southeastern corner of the park. It is rather large, with two sections, one for small pups and one for big dogs. There is plenty of seating, most of it in the shade, and some climbing obstacles for the pooches. They have Mutt Mitt dispensers, but bring your own anyway. 

The Final Woof

Ready for an adult beverage? Fisher Brewing Company is dog-friendly, so you can enjoy a cold one with your little buddy on the patio of this fun place in the Granary District. If you would like to tour the city while enjoying some of the local food and drinks, take the Sip, Snack, and Stroll Salt Lake City Tour. Be sure to mention that you are bringing along your fur puppy. For something a little more exciting and fun, the Salt Lake City Sights Scavenger Hunt Tour is also pup popular. Need to do a little shopping? The City Creek Center on Main Street is a dog-friendly mall with more than 50 stores to peruse. Check which stores allow dogs before entering, and have fun!

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