15 of the Best Pup-Parks in Brooklyn, New York, to Visit with Your Dog

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Brooklyn is one of the five boroughs in New York City in the state of New York. Being on the northeastern coast, the city gets hot in the summer and cold in the winter, sometimes snowing several feet. And if you have a dog, you know how much he hates being cooped up in the house because you (or he) do not like the cold, wet weather. Luckily, there are lots of options when it comes to playing in the park with your fur buddy. 

Whether you would rather enjoy a warm indoor dog play area or one filled with the white stuff outside, Brooklyn has all that and more. And during the summer, you can find a variety of dog parks on the beach where your pooch can cool off while he plays. No matter what the season, Brooklyn has some of the best pup parks for you and your canine companion to visit. 

Prospect Park

Prospect Park is considered to be the most beautiful park in Brooklyn by the locals, so there is no reason to skip this one. Not only is it a stunning park, but it is also dog-friendly. The whole place is open to leashed pups, and there are several areas in the park where you can let him off the leash to play more freely. During the summer, Prospect Park also has a dog beach in the middle of the park! The area is fenced for safety, even in the water.

You will find one off-leash area at Long Meadow in the northern section of the park, where there is almost a mile of space to run. However, your fur baby has to be leashed between 9 AM and 9 PM. The Peninsula Meadow and Nethermead are also off-leash dog areas. For a place where your canine companion can run around safely all day, head to the Kensington Dog Run in the Parade Ground. Remember to bring doggie bags for easier cleanup. 

Kensington Dog Run

In the parade grounds next to Prospect Park, Kensington Dog Run is a local favorite for pup parents because of how large it is. There is a special section for small and shy dogs as well as water fountains for both pups and humans. The turf is great for pup paws all year long and never gets muddy, so it is also a fun place to play in the rain. The only complaint for owners is that it gets really crowded on the weekends. 

The Kensington Dog Run Association is a group of dog lovers who help keep the park clean and safe. They are dedicated to keeping pups healthy and happy because they have pets of their own. There are plenty of benches and other seating, some with shade and others that are great for soaking up some sun. Do remember to bring along some baggies to clean up after your canine companion, and be sure he has all his shots. 

Hillside Dog Park

Just feet from the East River by the Brooklyn Bridge, the Hillside Dog Park is in Brooklyn Heights Park. There is almost one and a half acres that is fully fenced, so even dogs that like to chase squirrels cannot get lost. For small dogs and those that are shy or elderly, the Hillside Dog Park has a separate area where they can feel more comfortable. Bring your own poo pickup bags, though, because this is a busy place. 

The park is set up for pup parents, so they do not allow people without pups. If you are someone who likes to go to the park just to watch the dogs play, sit outside the fence so the pet parents have enough space to sit. There are limited seating spots, most of them in the shade of mature oak trees. All fur babies need to be fully vaccinated and licensed, as well as spayed or neutered. 

Brooklyn Bridge Dog Park

Less than a mile from Brooklyn Heights Park, the Brooklyn Bridge Dog Park is actually under the Manhattan Bridge in Brooklyn Bridge Park. The area got its nickname as DUMBO, or Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass, many years ago and was made into a dog run for local pup parents. It is fully fenced-in and is right next to the Main Street Park area, which is also dog friendly for fenced pups. In fact, it is also called Main Street Dog Park by many. 

It can be difficult to find if you are not from the area because it is really tucked away under the bridge. Just follow the sound of dogs having fun, and you should have no problems. There are some things to note, like the fact that it is really noisy because it is right under the train. It also does not have any amenities at all, like water, restrooms, or doggie bags. 

Louis Valentino Jr. Park and Pier

If you want to get a stunning view of the Statue of Liberty and Governors Island, Louis Valentino Jr. Park and Pier is the place to take your cuddly canine. Also known as the Red Hook District, it is a popular area for kayaking as there is a nice launching spot here. So, if you and Fido want to paddle out to get a better look at one of these attractions, you can get there easily from here. Just remember to bring a life jacket for you and your dog. 

Named after a local firefighter and lifeguard who lost his life in a fire in 1996, the park is more than just a play area for pups. It is also a fun place for fishing on the pier. Or you can just have a seat on one of the benches along the pier and watch the boats go by in the harbor. Bring plenty of baggies for cleanup and water for both of you. 

DiMattina Playground and Dog Run

Your fur puppy is allowed to leave the leash behind in the DiMattina Dog Run at DiMattina Park and Playground. Although it is not a huge place, your pup will have more than enough space for you to play a game of fetch with his favorite ball or toss around the frisbee. Or you can just have a seat on one of the benches and watch your doggo run around with the other fur babies. 

In the summertime, the place has a cute pool shaped like a bone where he can cool off. They also have a water spigot to fill your pup a bowl of water when he gets thirsty. There are two sections, one for little dogs and another for the big ones. You can find restrooms by the playground, but no dogs are allowed inside, so you may have to wait until you get home for that. 

McGrowl-Lick Park Dog Run 

McGrowl-Lick Park Dog Run is located inside Monsignor McGolrick Park in northern Brooklyn, about a mile from the banks of the East River. The park opened way back in 1891 and was named for Winthrop Jones at the time. It was renamed in 1941 to honor the pastor of a nearby church. With just about nine acres, it is not a huge park, but it is pretty and has even been a filming spot in a movie, An Interview with God. 

The whole park is pup popular for leashed dogs, but there is an off-leash dog park in the southwestern corner of the park. This fenced area is about two acres, so it is a good size and has separate sections for small and large dogs. There is tons of shade with quite a few picnic tables and benches, so you can relax and watch your cuddly canine romp around. 

McCarren Park

A few blocks from McGrowl-Lick Park, McCarren Park has just about 35 acres of space full of fun for everyone. Whether you are into baseball, soccer, basketball, or football, there is plenty to do here. There are also lots of picnic tables with barbecue grills for you and your pup to enjoy a meal together. It was named for Patrick Henry McCarren, who was a popular politician in Brooklyn. Your leashed pooch is welcome in the whole park except for the sports fields and buildings. 

One thing about this park that pup parents love is the off-leash dog run. It takes up a large portion of the park on the corner of Driggs Avenue and North 12th Street by T. Raymond Nutley Square. The dog run is totally fenced and has a bunch of space for running and playing. Bring a ball to play fetch or a frisbee you can toss around. 

Fort Greene Park

Fort Greene Park is situated in downtown Brooklyn just a few miles from McCarren Park, and boasts over 30 acres of recreational space. It was the first park in Brooklyn, opened in 1847. It is a popular historical site due to Fort Putnam, which was a spot the Continental Army fought during the Battle of Long Island in the American Revolutionary War. One of the main attractions is the Prison Ship Martys Monument which stands in honor of over 11,000 Americans who died while they were prisoners. 

The park welcomes leashed dogs all day and night, but from 9 PM to 9 AM, you can let your cuddly canine companion off his leash to play. The only place your pup is not allowed is the tennis court. The park also has several poop bag dispensers that are almost always full and a pup-friendly water fountain where your fur buddy can get a drink. 

Brower Park

One of the smallest parks in the city but also one of the most popular family parks, Brower Park is only 4.5 acres. But this park is seriously special because the whole place is an off-leash dog park. Not just during the early morning and late hours! Your dogster can run around off his leash from the time the park opens at 9 AM until it closes at 9 PM. The only places your dog cannot go are the playgrounds and the skate park.

And the park is full of fun things to do, including a skate park, handball courts, basketball, and a fitness trail where you can get in some cardio. During the summer, the park also has spray showers for everyone to cool off, including your furry friend. You will also find picnic tables and a large grassy area where you can have a picnic with your pup.

Owl’s Head Park Dog Run

Located in Owl’s Head Park on the banks of the Upper Bay, Owl’s Head Dog Run is a lovely fenced pup park just for friendly fur babies. It is in the northwestern section of the park, right across from the water, and has an awesome view of the water, the Statue of Liberty, and Governors Island. Picnicking and walking along the water are two of the most popular activities here, with its rolling hills and grassy space. 

The fenced area for your fur puppy to run leash-free is large, clean, and safe. There is gravel instead of grass and no water fountain, so it may not be the best choice for hot days, but it is nice for a game of fetch or frisbee. It is also fun to watch your cuddle bug interact with other fur babies, so take a seat and let him play for a while as you relax.  

Dyker Beach Park Dog Run

Dyker Beach Park has over 200 acres, with a large part of it being a public golf course with 18 holes. In fact, it is a championship golf course where you can often see golf celebrities playing. It is also one of the oldest golf clubs in the country and is the most popular in the nation. However, there are no dogs allowed on the course, so you have to watch from afar if you are looking for someone specific. 

But there is a better place for you and your fur puppy to play. The Dyker Beach Park Dog Run is a huge grassy space that is completely fenced, so you can remove your pooch’s leash and let him play unhindered. You will see a lot of pup parents here any day of the week and any time of the day, so do not bring your pup here if he is shy. 

Seth Low Playground

In southwestern Brooklyn, between Bensonhurst and Homecrest, you will find the Seth Low Playground Dog Park in Bealin Square. The park is not huge, with just five acres of space, but it is a fun family park where the community enjoys hanging out. It is named after a former mayor and used to be the site of Indian Pond, where people ice skated during the winter. The smaller section is called Bealin Park, named after Sergeant James Bealin, who was a soldier in the First World War. 

Pack plenty of poop bags and water for your trip to the park, and do not forget to bring your pup’s favorite ball for a game of fetch. You can also bring a frisbee because it has plenty of room for a game. There is also a popular basketball court where you can watch the locals shoot it out. Everyone is friendly, and the pup parents are plentiful. 

Manhattan Beach Dog Run

Manhattan Beach Dog Run is actually a park and a beach. It is pet-friendly and popular during the summer, so do not expect solitude and peacefulness. The large sandy area has a specific space where dogs cannot go, so be mindful of that. And always make sure you have doggie bags to pick up anything he leaves behind. It is also a fun place for a barbecue, with all the picnic tables and grills for anyone to use.

There is also a fenced area for dogs to run off-leash in the northeastern corner of the park by Oriental Boulevard. There is tons of space for running and playing, and there is almost always some pups in the park ready to play. If not, make sure you have some of your canine companion’s favorite toys. And if you get hungry, the park has several food trucks and an ice cream shop right there by the parking lot. 

Central Park

It may not be in Brooklyn, but Central Park is not to be missed with your pup. They have more than 20 different designated areas where dogs can go unleashed at certain times of the day. Most of them are from 6 AM to 9 AM and from 9 PM to 1 AM, but there are several fenced dog parks where your pup can be off the leash anytime the park is open. It might be easier to know the places where pups are not allowed to be unleashed. 

Some of these spots include the Pinetum, North Woods, East Green, Conservatory Garden, Children’s Glade, and Bridle Path, as well as the Turtle Pond Lawn, Strawberry Fields, Shakespeare Garden, The Ramble, North Woods, and Kerbs Boathouse Plaza. Also, dogs are not allowed on the ballfields, playgrounds, in the water, or on Elm Island. Be sure to bring baggies to pick up what your pup drops!

The Final Woof

Take your fur puppy on a tour of the city where you can learn about the history, and your pup can get some great exercise. When Elephants Roamed, Brooklyn has a sensational scavenger hunt tour that is dog-friendly for leashed dogs. If you need some retail therapy, Hudson Yards is an outdoor shopping area with over 100 shops and eateries, many that allow dogs. After you and Fido work up a thirst, stop by The Other Half Brewing Company where he can join you as you try some of the local beers, coffee, and other beverages. Or take your cuddly canine out on the water on the NYC Ferry. They have five routes that welcome leashed dogs. 

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