15 Pup Popular Dog Parks in Portland, Oregon

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Portland, Oregon, is known for its beautiful nature, delicious craft beer, and being the most bike-friendly city in the United States. It is also home to the smallest park in the world. Mill Ends Park is a 24-inch circular grassy space around a tree in downtown Portland that was recognized as a “park” in 1976. Some say it is a park for elves or leprechauns. But the city has more than 325 more parks that are much larger. 

As the largest city in Oregon with more than 652,000 residents, you know there have to be a ton of fur babies there. It is estimated that there are almost 300,000 dogs in Portland, which means the city needs a lot of places for pup parents to take them to play. Besides public parks and other open spaces, Portland also has a plethora of places where your furry friend can play off the leash! Here are 15 of our favorite dog parks in Portland, Oregon for you to explore.

Gabriel Park

Just about 15 minutes from downtown Portland, Gabriel Park has more than 90 acres of recreational space to explore. The main park features a variety of sports fields, including baseball, soccer, and softball, as well as basketball, tennis, and volleyball courts. It even has a huge skate park for the skateboarders to enjoy. And with the picnic areas, you and your fur puppy can have a bite to eat as long as he is leashed. 

But of course, the most important part of the park is the dog park. With 1.75 acres, the fenced park allows all the pups to run around and play without being restrained. There is a separate side for smaller and less active dogs, water fountains for pups and pup parents, and Mutt Mitts. You can throw his favorite ball, toss around a frisbee, or play tug of war. Or you can relax at one of the picnic tables and watch him have fun.  

Sellwood Riverfront Park

In southern Portland along the Willamette River, Sellwood Riverfront Park may not be the largest park in the city at 8.2 acres, but it has all the amenities, activities, and waterfront access, as well as a fantastic 1.5-acre dog park. It does not have a fence or Mutt Mitt dispensers, so you may want to keep your pup on the lead if he does not have good recall. It also does not have a separate section for smaller dogs. 

The river is right there at the dog park, so you and your pooch can go swimming or boating without having to put his leash back on. This is great for playing fetch in the water. There is a boat dock, so bring your boat if you have one. And there are picnic areas and several paths to meander along. Bring along your own water for both of you, and don’t forget those doggie bags.

Normandale Park

In the northeastern section of Portland in the Rose City Park neighborhood, Normandale Park has about 14 acres, including a 1.5-acre dog run area. The Hollywood Dog Park is fully fenced and has separate sections for large and small dogs and another one for all sizes of dogs. During the summer months, the park has doggie swimming pools in their areas so your fur puppy can cool off when he needs to. There are also several areas with dog water bowls and a hose to refill them. 

When your canine companion gets done running around, put his leash back on and head out to the rest of the park. There is a playground for the little humans, several walking paths, a picnic shelter, picnic areas, and a large grassy area. In addition, the park also has volleyball and basketball courts, a soccer field, and a softball diamond. Bring a lunch, some doggie bags, and plenty of water. 

Council Crest Park

Just south of the Oregon Zoo at Washington Park, Council Crest Park has 43 acres with a two-acre dog park. The dog park is fully fenced to allow your cuddly canine room to romp and play without you having to worry. The only thing to remember is to pack your own poop bags because they do not have any in the park at all. It is also a good idea to bring fresh water for both of you. But there is plenty of space and lots of shaded benches for pup parents. 

In the other 41 acres of Council Crest Park, you will find trails through the woods as well as one of the highest points in Portland, so you can get some awesome views. Take some selfies with your pup in front of Mt. Adams, Mt. Rainier, Mt. Hood, Mt. Helens, and Mt. Jefferson. Bring a lunch for the picnic area, or you can grab something at one of the nearby eateries. 

Luuwit View Dog Park

In northeastern Portland, not far from the Columbia River, Luuwit View Dog Park is located in Luuwit View Park. The 16-acre recreational space is packed with things to do from picnicking to playing basketball. The dog park itself is spacious, completely fenced, has both gravel and grass to play on, and has a small and large section. The pup parents are friendly, and there is plenty of seating. There is not much shade, though, so wear a hat and sunglasses. 

One thing you will notice right away is the stunning view of the river and mountains. You can even see Mt. Saint Helens. Outside the park, your fur baby needs a leash, but there is so much to do. Actually, if you have kids, they will love playing at the huge modern play area that stretches over about an acre. In fact, it is right next to the dog park so if your kids are old enough, they can play next door while you stay with Fido. 

Fernhill Park

In northeastern Portland, just a few miles from Luuwit View Park, Fernhill Park has 24 acres with a four-acre dog section where pups can play unleashed. However, it does not have a fence, so if your dog is not voice-controlled, you may want to leave the leash on. What it does have is tons of space in the northeastern corner of the park, where it is wooded and hilly. You and your fur pup can have fun running up and down hills and through the trees. 

Put your pup’s leash back on when you leave the designated off-leash area because rangers will enforce this law. You may get a ticket or be asked to leave the park. Outside the dog section, you will find paved pathways, a track, ball fields, a volleyball court, a picnic area with grills, and a huge playground for the kids with a splash pad for summer. 

Irving Park Off Leash Dog Area 

Irving Park can be found about two miles south of Fernhill Park on 16 acres of grass, woods, and ball fields. This means you can have a lot of fun outside the dog park before and after you let your pooch play off the leash. The dog park has just over an acre, but it is not fenced, so consider that before taking that leash off. You do not want to have to chase your fur baby all around the park. 

Some of the fun things you can do outside the off-leash area include playing soccer, softball, and baseball in the ball fields, having a nice picnic with your pooch, and taking a walk through the woods on one of the walking paths. There are even tennis and volleyball courts as well as horseshoe pits to enjoy a game on your own or against someone else. There is also a splash pad and playground for the human kiddos. 

Grant Park Off Leash Dog Area 

Grant Park is under 10 minutes southeast of Irving Park and is named after former president Ulysses S. Grant. It is famous for its Beverly Cleary Sculpture Garden with three of the stars of her number one book, Henry Higgins, Ramona Quimby, and Ribsey (Henry’s dog). You will also find almost 20 acres of grassy space with a variety of flora and fauna. Take your pup on a hike through the park to see what is out there. But make sure you have a leash on him outside the designated dog park. 

The fenced dog area is about one acre in size and includes a section for small or shy dogs. And you will have plenty of places to sit in the shade on benches or in the grass. Bring along some toys and a ball to play fetch, or just let your canine companion romp around with the other furry kids. Bring your own doggie bags and water, though. 

Cycle Dog Park

Cycle Dog is different than other dog parks. In fact, it is a bar and store as much as it is a dog park. The best part being that they have both indoor and outdoor dog play areas. You can grab an adult beverage and chill with other pet parents while your cuddly canine meets some new furry friends. The park is in northwestern Portland, just across the street from the National Parkinson Foundation. 

Whether you are a beer or wine lover, you can choose from more than 60 different kinds of beers and wines while you are there, as well as some bar food. Interestingly, there are on-leash and off-leash areas, but the on-leash areas are free and the other will cost a small fee of about five dollars. They also offer private sessions if your pooch is shy or does not play well with others. Need something for Fido? Check out their store full of USA-made eco-friendly pet products. 

Willamette Park

As its name suggests, Willamette Park is located on the Willamette River directly south of downtown Portland. The dog park is in the northern section of the park, right on the river by the parking lot. You will see that the park is very large and it is fenced, but it does not have much shade or seating. It is mostly a sand and dirt open space where pups can romp around and play with each other. There are no agility items or other equipment either. 

If you go out into the other 24 acres of the park area, you will have to put Fido on a leash, but he is allowed to swim in the river if he wants to cool off. There is also a boat dock and ramp, so if you have one, bring it along, and you and your cuddly companion can explore the river together. The park also has picnic areas, trails, and an awesome playground for the little humans. 

Jurgens Park

In southwestern Portland, Jurgens Park is a 12.2-acre community park with a large fenced dog park. There are almost four acres of grassy space in the northwestern corner of the park by the soccer field and Tualatin River. However, you do not have river access here. Your fur baby will have tons of space to run and play, or you can toss a frisbee as far as you can for him to chase. A game of fetch here is phenomenal.

The kids will love it here, too, with its farm-like playground that includes sand and climbing equipment as well as the usual swings and slides. Outside the fenced dog area, your pup will have to have his leash put back on though. Near the waterfront, there are wetlands you can peruse and picnic areas if you want to have a bite to eat. Bring your own food and water as well as doggie bags. 

Hazeldale Park

In western Portland, about 12 miles from downtown, Hazeldale Park lauds one of the best off-leash dog parks in the area. It has two acres of gorgeous thick green grass with a section of dirt for those dirt-digging dogs. You will find it at the southern end of the park. It was the first designated off-leash area for dogs in the district, and it is very pup popular. One reason is that it is separated for small, medium, and large dogs. Three parks in one!

There are lots of benches and other seating in the dog park section, and they offer Mutt Mitts for free. However, it never hurts to bring your own, just in case. There is also a water fountain too. If you want to enjoy the other nine acres of park space, secure your dog’s leash first. Then you can go see the sculptures and flora along the nature trail, have a picnic, or let the little humans play at the playground. 

Waluga Park

About 10 miles to the southwest of downtown Portland, you will find Waluga Park. It is divided into West Waluga and East Waluga Park, but the whole thing is over 50 acres of fun things to do, including a fantastic dog park. The off-leash area is in West Waluga Park. It is fully fenced and has the perfect location next to the public restrooms in case you have to go! There is a community water bowl, water access, plenty of seating, and lots of shade. 

The rest of the park is really awesome as well, with several trails, playgrounds, picnic areas, and a really popular fitness trail with the equipment you can use. There is an elliptical, leg press, lat pull, ski machine, air walker, and a lot of other things to help you stay in shape. Who needs a gym when you can work out here for free and take your dog with you? 

Mount Tabor Park

Staying in the same area of the city, Mount Tabor Park is about two miles southeast of Laurelhurst Park. It has 176 acres with a four-acre section for dogs, but the dog area is not completely fenced, so you need to remember that if your pooch is not voice-trained. With four acres of off-leash play, your fur puppy will love spending a day at this park. There are some paths through the woods in the dog section that are perfect. 

One cool thing about this park is that it was built on top of a volcano that has gone extinct. So, you will get some stunning views of the area around the park which is 400 feet above everything else. Be sure to put the leash back on before going outside the designated area. There is plenty to do for everyone, including a playground, picnic areas, horseshoes, basketball, volleyball, and tennis. 

Good Dog Park

Where do you go when it is cold or raining and your cuddly canine needs to get some playing time in? Good Dog Park is an indoor dog park in the heart of Portland where your fur puppy is allowed to run around without a leash without worry. And they have two locations, one on each side of the Willamette River. Good Dog is a pet shop that also has a place where pups can play anytime. 

The park also offers training sessions, private playtime, birthday parties, and breed meet-ups. What is nice is that you can book your time period, so you know there will not be too many (or not enough) other woofers there for safe play. All dogs are fully vaccinated and have their rabies tags and aggressive pups are not allowed. Also, the pet store has pet toys, food, treats, and other fun or needed items like leashes, bowls, and doggie t-shirts. 

The Final Woof

For a different kind of dog park experience, take your pooch to Portland International Raceway on North Victory Boulevard any time there is no race. It has 300 acres of open space for fetch, catch, and frisbee. However, it is a track for cars, so do not expect agility equipment, water fountains, and Mutt Mitts here. You can also take your dog on tour with Secrets of Portlandia for free! For two hours, you get to be entertained by unique comedians (tour guides). The Saturday (and Sunday) Market on West Burnside Street is also pup-friendly for leashed dogs. You can find arts, crafts, food, and drinks here on the weekends. 

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