15 Top-Notch Dog Parks in Grand Rapids, Michigan

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In eastern Michigan, just minutes from Lake Michigan, Grand Rapids is the second most populated city in the state, with almost 200,000 residents. The name comes from the Grand River, which is the largest inland river in Michigan. The climate in Grand Rapids is mild for this area, with summer temps in the low 80s and lows in the 30s during the winter months. It does get some snow, though, with about 76 inches recorded in an average year. 

The city is a popular spot for tourism with many attractions like the John Ball Zoo, Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park, Millennium Park, and the TreeRunner Adventure Park. But since dogs are not allowed in those places, you will need to find some dog-friendly parks in Grand Rapids to entertain your fur baby while you are there. We did some research and found 15 of the best dog parks in Grand Rapids, Michigan, for you and your cuddly canine to enjoy.

Downtown Westside Dog Park

Right next to Clean Oriental Rugs in the downtown area, Downtown Westside Dog Park is a cute little fenced area with a lot more than meets the eye. The first thing you notice is the giant colorful mural on the wall. Painted in rainbow colors, there are some distinguished dogs painted on the building. It is located on the corner of Summer Avenue and Blumrich Street, and with such a vibrant painting, you can find it easily. 

Inside the park, there is even more color with vivid blue tunnels, a bright yellow and blue ramp, a multicolored fire hydrant, and an amazing sculpture that looks like a giant balloon animal (a dog of course). There is not much seating but you will find a few picnic tables under a shelter in the corner of the park, a bench, and some lawn chairs. During the summer, they often have doggie pools so pups can cool off. Bring your own doggie cleanup bags. 

Cascade Dog Park

Cascade Dog Park, sponsored by the Cascade Hospital for Animals, is found in Cascade Township Park in southeast Grand Rapids between the Gerald R. Ford International Airport and the Quail Ridge Golf Club. Because it is sponsored by the animal hospital, the park was made with pups in mind. It has two separate areas for dogs of different sizes, a five-foot-high fence with a double safety gate, and water fountains for both pups and pup parents. 

Situated between the soccer fields, disc golf area, baseball fields, and the gazebo in the northwest corner of the park, the large pooch playground has about two acres of fun space. For convenience, they have Mutt Mitt dispensers, lots of shaded seating, and even a boot scrubber just in case it is muddy or you step in something. But please pick up after your pooch right away so nobody has to worry about that. 

Hillcrest Dog Park

Hillcrest Dog Park is located in northeast Grand Rapids inside Fuller Park. The fenced dog spaces are wonderful for all dogs to run around and play without the worry of your fur puppy running off. There is plenty of seating, water fountains for all, and lots of wooded space for the pooches to roam. There is a separate fenced area for the small and shy dogs that do not like playing with the big, rambunctious hounds. 

But what makes this park special from the others is that it is inside a community park that is also leash-free. Yes, if your cuddly canine is voice-controlled, you can let him romp around outside the doggie fences. And it is perfect for families, too with basketball and tennis courts, a playground for the little humans, and picnic tables to enjoy a meal or just relax and watch your fur baby play. Bring plenty of poop bags and water. 

Covell Dog Park

In northwest Grand Rapids, just north of the John Ball Zoo, Covell Dog Park is a really nice pup park with friendly pup parents. The locals say it is just one big happy family of pooches and pet parents, so everyone feels welcome, whether you are from the neighborhood or just passing through. They do offer cleanup bags, but you should bring your own, just in case. It is a popular place all year long, so they run out sometimes. 

There is one whole acre of open space for all doggos to play, but there is no separate section for small dogs or those who are shy. But it is a great space with all sorts of fun equipment like tunnels, jumps, ramps, and a variety of balls for all. They even have a hose and a few kiddie pools for the fur kids to cool off in during the hot, humid Michigan summer. 

Grand Ravines Dog Park

Grand Ravines Dog Park is in western Grand Rapids in the Grand Ravines North County Park just south of the Grand Valley State University. The 21-acre neighborhood recreational area has an awesome dog park in the southern end of the park where Fido can let loose and run around with all the other fur puppies. And it is a huge space. Not only does it have fenced areas for large and small dogs, but it also has a few off-leash areas outside the fence. 

The dog park includes a few short trails you and your cuddly companion can explore while you are there. However, if your dog does not have excellent recall, you should keep him on a leash so he does not get lost or if you come into contact with any wildlife. The rest of the park is also dog-friendly but he will have to have his leash on. The property goes all the way to the Grand River where you and Fido can splash around on hot days. 

The Pack Indoor Dog Park

If you want to take your pooch out to play but it is too cold, hot, raining, or snowing, head over to The Pack Indoor Dog Park in northern Grand Rapids. No matter what is going on outside, you and your canine companion can enjoy some play time (and a beer, some food, or whatever) here. And if the weather gets better while you are here, they have an outdoor fenced dog park as well. 

You do have to have a membership to enjoy all the cool aspects of the park, but it is worth it, and it means all the dogs are healthy. You can eat, drink, and play all day long, and they even have staff to help you watch your pup so you can relax and enjoy talking to the other pup parents. The Pack was the very first indoor dog park in the state, so it is popular, and they even have doggie daycare. 

Wyoming Dog Park at Marquette Park

Southwest of Grand Rapids near Millennium Park and the Grand River, Wyoming Dog Park can be found in Marquette Park. It has over two acres of doggie space with fenced areas for both large and small fur buddies. It is just to the north of Kimble Field, and it has a lot to do for all pups who play here. There are ramps to run up and down, obstacles to climb, poles to jump over, and tunnels to run through, as well as a big pile of dirt that dogs love to climb on. 

You will need a membership for this park, too, which you can get at the Wyoming Parks and Recreation Office. You will need your pup’s license and medical records. There are some other rules and regulations that follow other dog parks, like picking up after your cuddly compadre, making sure he is nice, and choosing the correct side of the park for the size of your dog. 

Shaggy Pines Dog Park

Shaggy Pines also has a membership policy, which is really great here because it has 16 acres of off-leash fun, and you want to make sure all the fur puppies are vaccinated and licensed. During your visit, your pooch can run around in the woods, climb Doggie Mountain, dig in the sand, meander along the one-mile trail, and even play in the water if it is warm enough. There is a pond on the eastern side of the park for pups and pals to splash in.  

The park is mostly wooded with huge pine trees and lots of ground to sniff, but there are some large open meadows that your dog can enjoy as well. Bring along some of his favorite fetch toys or frisbee so you can get some one-on-one time that you both need. But that is not all. Inside, you will find a coffee bar where you can get beverages and snacks for both of you, including doggie ice cream. 

Rockford Dog Park

Rockford Dog Park is a pup popular park in the massive 92-mile White Pine Trail State Park in Rockford. Yes, the park is a linear 92 miles long. Not only is it a fun place to bring your pups to play, but it also has access to the Rogue River, which runs right next to it. You can take your cuddly canine to play in the water after he plays at the park, but he will need his leash back on when you leave the fenced area. 

If you have a small or shy dog, don’t worry. The park has a separate section just for those who do not want to (or cannot) play with the big dogs. Both sides of the dog park are large, with about two acres in total. You will find plenty of room to play a game of fetch or frisbee here. Or just sit and talk to the other pup parents while the pups play.

Kellogg Woods Park Dog Park

Directly south of downtown Grand Rapids, Kellogg Woods Park has an awesome dog park where fur pups can run and play off their leashes. According to the city, it is the first dog park in Kentwood so it is a nice place to check out. Although there are not many amenities inside the fenced dog area, there is a secure fence and lots of space to romp and play. It does have a separate spot for small pups as well as water access for drinking and cooling off. 

The park also has doggie cleanup baggie dispensers, but bring your own just in case. Outside the fenced area, the park also has fun stuff for pup parents and little humans. This includes playgrounds, ball fields, and picnic areas. You will also find restrooms and water fountains for the public to use. But keep your dog’s leash on when outside the dog park. 

Stoney Lakeside Park and Dog Park

In Lowell, about 20 minutes to the east of downtown Grand Rapids, Stoney Lakeside Park is a neighborhood recreational space that is popular with families. There is over 50 acres of green hills, wooded paths, horseshoe games, a playground, and a 27-acre lake for boating, fishing, and swimming. Yes, there is a sandy beach where you and your leashed pup can swim and run around. Just remember to keep your dog leashed when you are not in the fenced dog park area. 

You can also watch the skaters in the skateboard park or enjoy a game of volleyball. But what your pooch really wants is to go to the western end of the park, where there is an off-leash dog park. The park has lots of space, separate areas for big and small dogs, and shaded seating for pet parents. They also provide water for your pupster and for you. 

Sparta Dog Park

Also known as Buth Field, Sparta Dog Park is located at 13 Mile Road and East Division Street in eastern Sparta, about 15 minutes from Grand Rapids. The community park around the dog park is more than six acres of green space, ball fields, and tall oaks and pines. This is the village of Sparta’s first dog park, and they are proud of it so make sure you do not forget to pick up after your fur baby while you are there. There is a waste station, but bring your own bags. 

The park asks that you unleash your dog after entering the first gate and before entering the doggie play area. You should carry a leash with you at all times though, and make sure you keep an eye on your canine compadre. No strollers or small children are allowed, and aggressive dogs should be removed immediately, no matter what.  

Riggle Park

It is as fun as the name sounds. Riggle Park in northeastern Grand Rapids is a great place to let your pup get out and play. Yep, there is a newly-opened dog park in the park so your fluffy pup can wiggle at Riggle. Right next to the swings and basketball court within a few feet of the parking lot, the fenced dog area opened in 2020 after the pup parents in the area proposed a spot. 

The actual name of this off-leash space is Cedar Springs Dog Park, named after the community. There are two sections in about one-half acre that includes about 14,500 square feet for large dogs and 3,600 square feet for little dogs. There are sniffing spots, climbing structures, and plenty of toys as well as lots of benches and picnic tables for the humans. They do provide bags but bring your own just in case. 

Whistlestop Park

Just a few minutes south of Grand Rapids, Whistlestop Park is a pup popular park that welcomes your fur baby in and outside the fenced dog area. It is almost 60 acres and boasts ball fields, a volleyball court, soccer, football, and basketball, as well as playgrounds for the kids, walking trails for all, and a 2.5-acre fishing pond. And fishing is good here because it is catch and release only. 

They also have several picnic areas with tables and a pavilion. There is even a playground for dogs inside this unique dog park. There are some really neat hoops to jump through, ramps to run up and down, platforms to sit on, and all kinds of things to climb on. There is a separate section for small and shy pups, but they both have agility equipment, so nobody feels left out. Pack a lunch and bring extra doggie bags as well as some fetch toys to play with your pup.

Helder Park

In southwestern Grand Rapids between Holland and Zeeland, Helder Park has almost 160 acres for everyone in the family to explore and enjoy. With so much space, there are a plethora of activities to partake in that, include soccer, baseball, basketball, volleyball, tennis, pickleball, and a few playgrounds for the kiddos. If you want to have a picnic with your pupster, there are a bunch of picnic areas with both covered and uncovered tables. 

The best part, of course, is the dog park. They allotted four whole acres of space for furry family members to play on with all sorts of things to do here too. There are several huge tunnels, climbing obstacles, hills and meadows, and even some trails where you and your pooch can meander through the woods. If it is warm enough, let your fur puppy play in the Noordeloos Creek but keep him close to you because there is wildlife who call this park home. 

The Final Woof

Are you looking for something different to do with your pooch? Trail Point Brewing Company is dog-friendly and has adult beverages! Try some of the local favorite IPAs like Toasted Brunette, the MOBfather, and Perk Ya Later. Or if you would rather have some ciders, Farmhaus Cider has some of the best, like Sweater Weather, The Cucumber One, and Afterglow. Well-behaved leashed fur babies are welcome to join you. If you are looking for some food, try the Garage Bar & Grill, where they serve you out on the patio, or Sundance Grill, where you can get anything from egg rolls to cinnamon rolls.   

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