The Top 15 Dog Parks in Las Vegas, Nevada to Enjoy with Your Pup

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Also known as Vegas or Sin City, Las Vegas is a popular tourist attraction in Nevada that many people associate with gambling because of all the casinos. Although Las Vegas has the most casinos, it was not the first city to open one. It was Venice, Italy, which first had a casino in 1638. The United States did not get its first casino until New Orleans, Louisiana opened one in 1827. But Vegas is known for its neon lights. It is the brightest place on Earth and can be seen from space, according to NASA.  

Another awesome attribute of Las Vegas is the climate. It is sunny, an average of 310 days out of 365 days per year, with an average temperature of 88 in the summer and 50 in the winter. That means a lot of outdoor activities like swimming, boating, and fishing, as well as hiking, biking, and playing in the park. The city boasts over 100 community parks as well as quite a few dog parks where pups can play off-leash. Here are our top 15 Las Vegas dog park choices.

All American Dog Park

Bring your cuddly canine companion for some off-leash play at the fenced All American Dog Park in the All American Community Park. You will find it in the northeastern corner of the park, his fenced dog park located in the northeast corner of All-American Park. There is no special section for small dogs so make sure your petite pup is okay with mixed mingling if you go to this dog park. The large open space is great for playing a game of fetch but gets muddy after it rains. 

You can also put your fur baby’s leash back on and take him for a walk around the track at the main park section. There is also an outdoor fitness court so you can get a good workout on your walk. The kids will enjoy the playground and water park, and they even have tennis courts, baseball, football, and soccer. There are picnic tables around, too so you can have a meal with your canine companion. 

Bark Park at Heritage Park

In Henderson, about 20 minutes southeast of Las Vegas, you can find Bark Park at Heritage Park. This is probably the most adorable dog park you will ever see. When you get there, the first thing you will notice is the giant puppy with his huge bone in front of a massive dog house. Not only is it a perfect way to help pup parents find the park, but it is also an awesome spot for photos. 

But that is not all! There are benches shaped like dog bones, red fire hydrant water sprayers to cool off the canines, and agility fun like ramps, tunnels, jumps, and climbing obstacles. Also, there is lots of room for your pooch to chase the other pooches or to play a fun game of fetch. Outside the dog park, put your dog’s leash on, and you can have a picnic, take a hike, work out in the outdoor fitness area, and watch a ball game.

Barx Parx

If the sunny Vegas weather is too hot for you and your pup, take him to Barx Parx indoor dog park. Just 15 minutes south of Las Vegas, Barx Parx can be found in Regal Plaza right off Interstate 215. There are two sides to the park, just like most outdoor pup parks, with one for big and feisty pooches and another for the smaller, shyer fur babies. Each side has lots of toys and agility equipment for the cuddly canines to play with. 

The park is also fun for pet parents, with big-screen televisions, board games, free wireless internet, and snacks. They even have craft beer in case you want a cold brew. Besides all that, Barx Parx also has dog training classes, daycare, boarding, and grooming. Or you can use the self-wash doggie bath. You will need to have a membership or day pass, and that requires proof of shots and a behavior assessment.

Centennial Hills Dog Park

Right next to Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area in northwestern Las Vegas, Centennial Hills has a fantastic dog park with lots of room to romp around. In the northeast corner of the park, you will find several fenced dog runs for your furry friend to frolic in. Whether you have a little pooch or a big cuddly canine, there is a spot just for them. There is a lot of green space as well as sand for digging, and there are also a few climbing structures and fire hydrants. 

The rest of the 120-acre park is also pup popular for leashed dogs. The modern park has unique play spaces, from dinosaurs kids can climb on to giant flowers that spray water. If you want to have a meal, there are picnic tables with barbecue grills as well as concession stands. There is a walking path with interpretive signs to learn some history and several ball fields and volleyball courts. 

Charlie Frias Park

Charlie Frias Park has 32 acres of recreational space that includes three dog parks for off-leash fun. You can find the park in Spring Valley, about 20 minutes southwest of Las Vegas proper. The fenced dog areas are double-gated for safety and lighted for evening play. The three sections include one for small dogs, one for large dogs, and another for everyone to mingle. For your convenience, there are cleanup stations with doggie bags, water fountains, and plenty of shaded seating. 

If you want to take your fur puppy out to play in the rest of the park, just make sure you put his leash back on and bring some extra doggie bags. There are two fun playgrounds for the little humans with slides, swings, climbing, and interactive fun, as well as lacrosse, football, and soccer fields. Picnic tables and grills are located in different sections of the park too!

Craig Ranch Dog Park

Just a few minutes north of Las Vegas, pups start playing at 6 AM and continue until 11 PM at Craig Ranch Dog Park because they have solar lights to keep the place nice and bright! This is a nice big park with three sections, located in the northwest corner of Craig Ranch Park. One for small dogs and two for the big ones. But it is unique because the small dog park is across the street instead of right next to the big dogs, so they cannot just sit and bark at each other. 

Put your pup’s leash back on, and he can join you outside the fence at the community garden, disc golf, two playgrounds for the kids, and the garden plaza. There is also a skate park, tennis courts, basketball, baseball fields, and picnic areas. With 170 acres, there is a lot of space to explore and enjoy. Be sure to bring plenty of doggie bags.

Desert Breeze Dog Park

Desert Breeze Dog Park is just a few minutes southwest of downtown Las Vegas in Desert Breeze Community Park. It is right next to the community center on Spring Mountain and South Cimarron Roads. All dogs are welcome, from Akitas to Wolfhounds. There are three sections. One for little pups under 25 pounds, another for dogs under 45 pounds, and a large dog section for all the huge hounds. They all have grass as well as sandy areas where dogs can dig and climb. 

The park also provides agility stations like tunnels, ramps, and jumps, as well as pools when the weather is hot. Pet parents will find shaded seating, water fountains, and waste stations with baggies. Outside the dog park, your dog can join you if he is leashed. There are baseball fields, hockey, a skatepark, and trails to explore. And, of course, there is a playground for the kids and restrooms for all. 

Desert Inn Park 

Desert Inn is a small park in southeastern Las Vegas between Highway 612 and the Boulder Highway. The Dog Park at Desert Inn Park is the perfect pup popular park where you can take your dog’s leash off and let him run with the other dogs. If you are looking for a place for your little dog to play without the bigger dogs, this is not the one for you. Here, all dogs play together, from tiny Terriers to big Boxers, in one large open space. 

There is plenty of seating for the pet parents, a water fountain, and doggie bag dispensers. But it is wise to bring your own bags and water just in case. The rest of the park is fun, too with a splash pad to cool off, picnic areas for having a nice meal, and a playground for the kids with slides, swings, and other fun stuff. 

Dog Fancier’s Park

There is a reason this is called Dog Fancier’s Park. This is exclusively a dog’s play space with 20 acres separated into six different areas. They are not separated by size, however, but by reservation or public usage. Spaces one through four can be reserved, while the others are for public usage. This is great if you happen to have a dog that is not comfortable playing with a lot of other dogs. Or maybe your fur puppy has a special occasion and wants to invite all his furry friends to celebrate with him. 

Whether you choose to rent a space or join the rest of the pup parents, each section is outstanding. There is lots of open space for playing frisbee or fetch, water fountains, cleanup stations with baggies, and seating for the humans. Some of the spaces do not have much shade, though, so choose your spot wisely. Or, if nobody has reserved a space, you can visit them all!

Jaycee Dog Park

In downtown South Las Vegas, Jaycee Dog Park is a cozy spot where canine companions can play together off the leash for a while. You will find the large fenced areas at the northern end of the park between the playground and the skate park on the other side of the soccer field. There are two huge areas separated by the size of your dog. Each has shaded seating for you and some tunnels and rocks for climbing for your cuddly compadre. 

The main park is also known as Justice Myron E. Leavitt Community Park and boasts almost 20 acres for pups and their parents. Put Fido’s leash back on, and you can take him out to the water park to cool off or one of the picnic areas for a bite to eat. They have lots of activities here, including soccer, bocce ball, horseshoes, and even shuffleboard courts. And if you want a good workout, try the fitness course. 

Kellogg-Zaher Sports Complex Dog Park

It may be called a sports complex, but Kellogg-Zaher has more than just ballfields and tennis courts. Fur puppies love to play off their leash at their fenced Las Vegas dog park too, which includes three different runs and a separate spot for the little ones. Kellogg-Zaher is just a few minutes to the west of downtown Las Vegas, and you will find the dog park on the northern end by the parking lots. 

There is tons of open space, seating, water fountains, and doggie bags available inside the fenced dog areas. Put your pup’s leash back on, and you can grab something to eat from the concession stand and have a seat at one of the picnic tables or benches. Whether you want to watch a game, let the little humans play on the fun playgrounds, or take a walk on the 2.4-mile trail, you can do all of that and more here. 

Police Memorial Dog Park

The Police Memorial Park in northwestern Las Vegas is home to another great dog park where your pup can run and play off the leash for a while. There are several dog runs here, with one for small pooches, one for large dogs, and another for fur babies of all sizes. The dogs love running amok in this large park with all the open space for chasing each other. Bring a ball for a fun game of catch. There are also benches in the shade for humans, a water station, and doggie bags. 

If you put his leash back on, your canine companion is welcome to join you in the rest of the park, where you can find several playgrounds for the little humans. There are covered slides with climbing and interactive activities, as well as slides and a water park. And older kids and adults are welcome to enjoy the skate bowl, pickleball, and basketball. 

Silverado Ranch Dog Park

Over at Silverado Ranch Dog Park in southern Las Vegas, the pooch party starts every day at 6 AM and goes until 11 PM. All canines are welcome, from Affenpinschers to Zwergpinschers. It is located in the Silverado Ranch Park and creatures water fountains, a separate space for big dogs, and a waste station with baggie dispensers. However, it is always good to bring your own water and doggie bags just in case they run out.  

You will find the rest of the park is just as dog friendly as long as you put your dog’s leash back on. He can join you at the outdoor fitness section for a workout, or you could go for a walk on the nature trail to see some flora and fauna. You can also play horseshoes, let the kiddos play at the playground, and watch the skaters at the skate park. They also have a concession stand, so you can grab some grub!

Sunset Dog Park

Your furry friend will surely love a trip to the Sunset Dog Park in the southeastern corner of Sunset Park in southern Las Vegas. With the solar-powered lights, you and your pooch can enjoy playtime at the park until it closes at 11 PM. There are two fenced areas for small and large dogs, picnic tables, benches, and water access for your convenience, and tons of space to play. There is not as much shade as in some places, and the ground can become muddy after even a short rainfall. 

There are also some really cool rock formations and brick agility entertainment to keep your dog busy if there are no other pups to play with. Or you can bring a frisbee or ball for a game of catch. The rest of the park is nice, too with five different playgrounds for the kiddos as well as tennis, volleyball, a pond, disc golf, a splash pad, picnic areas, and a fitness course. 

Weston Hills Neighborhood Dog Park 

In southeastern Las Vegas by the Clark County Wetlands Park, Weston Hills Park is home to the Weston Hills Neighborhood Dog Park. In fact, the city of Henderson is one of the Top 25 Cities for Pets in the US! The pup paradise is completely fenced, has a double gate system, and has separate sections for big and small dogs. There are also lots of benches for humans and space to toss around a ball or doggie disc. The park provides doggie bags and water too. 

In the rest of the park, leashed dogs are welcome to visit with their pup parents. Some of the amenities include a splash pad and shade structures to stay cool, a fun kids playground, picnic areas with shelters, basketball courts, and a ball field. There is even an open turf area for other sports or running around. Or you can take your cuddly canine on a walk on the trail through the park, where you can get stunning views of the mountains. 

The Final Woof

After visiting one or all of the parks on this list, you may need to refuel. Stop at Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar for a burger and brew or a tv dinner for a whole meal. They also have special food for canines, like grilled chicken or hamburger patties. If you are a Mexican food fan, try Canonita. They serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Whether you want a sausage and egg burrito or a street taco, they have it all. And you can enjoy the view of the gondolas gliding by. Ready to do some shopping? Town Square is an open-air mall that is dog friendly for leashed dogs with 93 acres to peruse. 

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