15 Top Dog-Friendly Beaches in Miami Beach, FL to Enjoy with Your Pup

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Located just off the eastern coast of Florida, Miami Beach is a resort town where everyone goes to enjoy the sun and surf. Sandwiched between Biscayne Bay and the Atlantic Ocean, some of the best beaches in the world can be found in Miami Beach. It is also popular for its art deco historic district, which has the largest collection of art deco architecture in the world, with hundreds of gorgeous buildings constructed between 1922 and 1944.

With an average high of 75 degrees F in the winter and 87 degrees F in the summer, it is no surprise that there are so many fantastic beaches in Miami Beach. In fact, there are more than 30 named beaches in the greater Miami area, including some that are popular with pup parents. For example, Haulover Beach has a popular off-leash dog beach, and North Shore Open Space Park has a leash-free Bark Beach. We found 15 of the top dog beaches in Miami Beach to enjoy with your pup. 

Lummus Park

Less than a mile from downtown Miami Beach, Lummus Park lauds a mile of silky white sand and blue waters to explore and enjoy with your pooch. As long as you keep his leash on, your pup is welcome to join you anywhere on the beach as well as in the 26-acre park. There is so much to do and so many people. It can get crowded here so if your dog does not like crowds, this may not be the right beach for you. 

However, if your canine companion is fond of people, you will both enjoy the clear, cool water as well as the activities like volleyball, playgrounds for the kids, and walking trails. You can enjoy a picnic or just soak up the sun all day. If you want a workout, the park has two fitness areas outside with 30 workout stations, including weight lifting and gymnastics. 

South Pointe and Park Beach

Covering the entire corner of southeastern Miami Beach Island less than a mile south of Lummus Park, South Pointe Park and Beach has two miles of white sandy beach on one side and a mile of green beaches on the other. With about 11 acres of fun, you and your fur puppy can spend the entire day here splashing in the surf and digging in the sand. Just be sure to keep his leash on at all times and bring along some doggie bags to pick up anything he drops. 

Take a walk out onto the South Pointe Pier to look for dolphins playing in the surf and see cruise ships, Fisher Island, and the Downtown Miami skyline. The 450-foot pier is also a great place to fish. Or take your furry friend over to the picnic area and enjoy a meal. There are picnic tables and barbecue grills, or you can grab something at the concession stand to eat. And he can play with other pups at the off-leash dog park in the southwestern corner of the park. 

Belle Isle Bark Park

Not even a mile to the west of Miami Beach, Belle Isle Bark Park is the perfect dog beach where your pooch can swim, splash, and run with no leash to hold him back. The island itself is small but packs in plenty to do for everyone. It is one of the Venetian Islands in Biscayne Bay and features a spa, condos, and fine dining surrounding the park but most of these upscale places do not allow dogs, so you are better off sticking to the park. 

Inside the dog park, you will find plenty of green grass for your pup to roll around in, space to run, and lots of shade trees for everyone. There are dog water fountains as well as those for pup parents, bench seating and a separate area for small or frail dogs. Although there are doggie bag dispensers, it is best to bring your own, just in case. 

North Beach Oceanside Park

Also known as North Shore Park Beach, North Beach Openside Park is just a few miles north of Miami Beach and has eight blocks of sandy space for pooches to play on their leash. There are walkways with exercise stations, walking trails, playgrounds for the human kids, covered picnic areas, and barbecue grills for those who want to cook up something to eat. Take a walk along the North Shore Park Path for a nice tour of the whole place. 

The best part is the off-leash dog park in the southwestern section of the park. It is quite large and has plenty of space in both the small dog and large dog sections. There are also agility stations for your pooch to play on, water fountains for both humans and pups, and picnic tables for you to relax at while your canine companion plays. Bring along some balls to play fetch, and don’t forget the doggie bags. 

Haulover Beach Park

Located just a few miles north, Haulover Beach has close to 1.5 miles of sugar-white soft sand and stunning blue waters to play in. Not only can you and your dog play on the beach here, but they also have an off-leash dog section where your pup can go swimming without a leash and play fetch with no restraints. Your pooch is allowed to play in the Haulover Inlet by the Haulover Inlet Bridge as well as in the ocean between lifeguard towers 2 and 3. 

The park itself boasts 177 acres of space with boat ramps, marinas, a dock, picnic shelters, and even a skate park. Then, there is the bark park. This fenced off-leash doggie heaven is located at the southern end of the beach by the Bayside Picnic Area and has two sections for small and big dogs, drinking fountains, lots of green grass, and plenty of shaded seating for pup parents. 

Greynolds Park

Northwest of Haulover Beach Park, about five miles just past Oleta River State Park and Maule Lake, Greynolds Park boasts 265 acres where you and your fur puppy can play as long as he is leashed and friendly. The park may not be on the ocean but it has plenty of waterfront space for you and your dog to get wet, go fishing, or even take out a kayak. What was once a limestone quarry became a park in the late 1930s thanks to the Civilian Conservation Corps. 

Besides playing in the Oleta River, you and your pup can also take a hike around West Lake and the golf course where you will possibly see some deer, raccoons, and other wildlife. Be sure to get some cool selfies along the covered bridge. There are also several playgrounds for the kids as well as a bark park so you can take off your pup’s leash and let him run free. 

Margaret Pace Dog Park Beach

Across the bay on the mainland and north of Maurice A. Ferre Park, Margaret Pace Park is only four miles from Miami Beach. Located between the Venetian Causeway Bridge and the Julia Tuttle Causeway on the eastern coast of Miami, this 8.2-acre park has all sorts of fun, including a fenced dog park where your canine companion can join other fur buddies off the leash. Like other dog parks, it has a separate section for small dogs, so if your pooch is little, you do not have to worry about him getting trampled or scared. 

The half-acre bark park also has fire hydrants to mark, doggie fountains, and shaded seating for the pet parents. You can bring your own puppy poo bags even though they have Mutt Mitt dispensers. After you let your pooch run around the pup park, you can take him to play in the bay, but you will have to keep his leash on. 

Morningside Park Beach

Just north of Margaret Pace Dog Park Beach, past the Julia Tuttle Causeway Bridge, Morningside Park boasts 42 acres of green space with 1.4 miles of beachfront space so you can play in the water with your fur puppy. It is a popular spot for locals who enjoy coming here to sail, swim, and play tennis. It is also home to a public pool, although dogs are not allowed. Kayaking and paddleboarding are also popular, and there are rentals available. 

If you have the kids with you, they will love the playgrounds with several slides, climbing gyms, and other fun activities. The park also features picnic areas with barbecue grills, volleyball courts, outdoor workout equipment, and several ball fields. Your fur baby will need to be attached to a leash at all times while you are in Morningside Park, and you should bring your own puppy poo baggies to pick up after your pup. 

Maurice A. Ferre Park

Less than a mile to the south on the other side of the MacArthur Causeway Bridge, Maurice A. Ferre Park also has a quaint little pooch park where your fur baby can play without a leash. The 21-acre park is also known as Museum Park because it is home to the Patricia and Phillip Frost Museum of Science. It is also considered to be part of Bayfront Park, just to the south. It is right on the bay and has a lovely beach where your pup can play with his leash on. 

You can also take him on a walk along the Waterfront Bay Walk, which is the longest waterfront promenade in Miami and features quite a few stunning sculptures. In the southern section of the park near the marina, you will find a small dog park where you can let your fur puppy play with the other fur puppies until he is ready to go.

Bayfront Park

As an extension of Maurice A. Ferre Park, Bayfront Park is just across the Port Miami Bridge on the other side of the Miami Walk of Fame and Skyviews Miami Observation Wheel. This beautiful park boasts 32 acres right in downtown Miami on Biscayne Bay. Besides the white sand beach and stunning turquoise waters, the park also has a tropical garden with a waterfall from 1926, a huge playground for the kids, and a bay walk to explore. 

You will need to leave your dog’s leash on while you are there, but that will not stop the fun you can have playing in the water, digging in the warm sand, and soaking up the sun. There are several pavilions where you and your canine companion can have a meal, as well as an amphitheater, several sculptures and memorials, and a huge fountain. Don’t forget to bring doggie bags so you can pick up whatever your pup drops.

Hobie Island Beach

At the end of Virginia Key Island, about 10 miles from Miami Beach, Hobie Island Beach Park is a small but popular spot for dogs to play and swim off their leash right at the end of the William M. Powell Bridge by the Old Rickenbacker Causeway. It is located at the northern end of Biscayne Bay and is well-known as a windsurfing spot for locals as well as visitors from all over. With its proximity to the Miami Skyline, it is also a renowned place to get some great selfies. 

The best thing about this beach is that your canine companion does not have to be restrained as he swims, runs, and digs in the sand as much as he wants. You can toss a frisbee or ball around on the beach or into the water if your pup is into water retrieving. Just be sure to keep a leash handy in case you need it, and always bring your own puppy poo-poo bags. 

Historic Virginia Key Beach

Right next to Hobie Island Beach, almost the whole rest of the island is taken up by the Historic Virginia Key Beach Park. With over 860 acres and one mile of sand along the oceanfront, your pooch will have to be leashed, but he is still going to have a blast. The swimming beach at the northern end of the beach has lifeguards as well as volleyball, a walking trail, and a nice little playground for the kids. 

You and your fur puppy can take a long walk on the Rickenbacker Trail, which will let you explore almost nine miles from Key Biscayne to Miami. When you get hungry, stop at one of the many picnic areas, many of them with pavilions and barbecue grills. Or you can let your canine companion off his leash for a while over near Mari’s Latin Grill, where you can also grab a bite to eat. 

Crandon Park Beach

On the next island to the south, Crandon Park Beach, is 800 acres of stunning beauty with two miles of sandy coastline. Your pup is more than welcome as long as he is on his leash at all times and you pick up after him right away. The sea oats and sand dunes make this place look just as pleasant and homey as it is. The promenade path will give you a grand tour of the park, including the seagrass beds, mangroves, and hammocks, where you will likely see all sorts of wildlife. 

If you would rather just hang out on the beach, you can rent a chair and umbrella, sit back, and watch your pooch play in the sand. And be sure to take him out to swim so he can get cooled off. If you get hungry, there are concession stands, or you can bring your own lunch to eat on the beach or at one of the picnic areas. 

Performance Pups Freshwater Dog Beach

If you would rather let your dog swim in a more controlled environment, Performance Pups Freshwater Dog Beach is the home of the cleanest freshwater dog lake in the county. You can really see to the bottom of this lake, which is nice for everyone, especially when dock diving. They also have a DiscDog group and lake attendants who will help you with anything you may need. Oh yeah, and your pooch does not need a leash anywhere in the park!  

There is a fence, so you do not have to worry about your pup running off if he is the type who likes to wander. Also, the park offers private beach sessions for dock jumping, disc dog training, birthday parties, and more. Tigertail Lake also offers private time for dogs that love swimming but do not get along so well with other pups. Unfortunately, pup parents are not allowed to swim, but you can wade and get your feet wet. 

Dog Beach of Hollywood

When you hear Hollywood, you probably think of a city in California where the famous people live. But in Florida, it is a quaint little beach town with over 60 parks. Head east to the ocean from Performance Pups, and you will find the Dog Beach of Hollywood, where everyone can swim. Located between Custer and Pershing Streets, your fur puppy is welcome to dive in from 3 PM to 7 PM Friday, Saturday and Sunday during the off-season from November until June and from 5 PM to 9 PM from June through October. 

Because of the time limits and popularity, the beach requires a permit, and you must make sure your pooch is up to date on all his shots. You can let him play and swim off the leash as long as he is voice-controlled and plays well with others. And please remember to bring your own doggie cleanup baggies to pick up anything your pup drops. 

The Final Woof

While you are out and about, stop in at the Bayside Marketplace by Bayfront Park, where your dog is welcome at all of the outdoor shopping establishments. There is even a grassy park where you can let him play. You can also check out the shops at Brickell City Centre on South Miami Avenue or, if you have a small dog, visit The Falls on Southwest 136th Street. If you want to get out on the water with your canine companion, try Ft. Lauderdale Parasail & Jet Ski Rentals or take a fast tour or get a personalized private tour with Coopertown Airboats

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