The Best 15 Popular Dog-Friendly Parks in Greenville, South Carolina

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Located in the northwestern corner of South Carolina, Greenville is a popular place to visit or live. In fact, the southern city has more than 70,000 residents and hosts over a million visitors every year. It was founded in 1754 by Richard Pearis, who established a plantation on the Reedy River. Today, it is home to dozens of museums, art galleries, and gardens, as well as theaters and music. 

With the average high temperature of about 90 degrees F in the summer and 60 degrees F in the winter, you can see why there is so much to do outdoors here. The city boasts over 45 parks, including the oldest one, McPherson, which opened in 1884. There are also several community, county, and state parks in the city, and most of them are dog-friendly for leashed dogs. But we know Fido would rather play off his leash, so here are our top choices for dog parks in Greenville.

Anderson Downtown Dog Park

Anderson Downtown Dog Park is located in Anderson, about 25 miles northeast of downtown Greenville. This is a fairly new park, so everything is still bright and shiny as well as modern. The fence is a sturdy metal of about six feet tall with narrow openings so little pooches cannot slide out. Opened in 2017, it is about three acres with small and large dog sections with a spacious parking lot. The park is also handicapped accessible, so everyone can enjoy it. 

The ground cover is mostly dirt and grass, so expect muddy paws after it rains. There are waste stations with doggie bags for easier cleanup and water fountains for pups and the pup parents. Almost the entire park is shaded to protect both you and your cuddly buddy from the hot sun but there are still plenty of spots where you and your fur puppy can soak up some vitamin D. 

Cleveland Park

Although this is not an off-leash dog park, we think it is worth a visit with your pooch. First of all, it is right in downtown Greenville so you could probably walk to it if that is where you are coming from. Also, Cleveland Park is dog friendly for leashed dogs, so you and your little buddy can explore the entire 122 acres if you like. However, there are the typical no-dog zones like ballfields, tot lots, and the Greenville Zoo. 

The fitness trail is awesome! You and Fido can both get a workout as you walk along the path. There are also picnic shelters and tables with water fountains and restrooms for your convenience in case you want to have a bite to eat. You probably should not play tennis, volleyball, or basketball unless you have someone with you to hang onto your pooch. And bring your own doggie bags too!

Conestee Dog Park

Pack up your pup’s leash, extra doggie bags, and water for both of you, and head to Conestee Dog Park. It is only seven miles south of Greenville in the little community of Conestee, right next to the Conestee Nature Preserve. You will find the pup paradise right by the front entrance, which makes it very convenient to park and walk just a few feet to get there. The fenced area is one acre in total, with one-third for small dogs and the rest for the big pooches. 

Each enclosed station is equipped with waste stations, including doggie bags, benches in the shade for pup parents, lots of mulched areas for the dogs to run, and fresh running water for everyone. Outside the park, your pooch will need to be on a leash, but you can both enjoy the trails throughout the park that take you through the wooded areas and around the perimeter. 

Dapper Dog Bark Bar

Only three miles from Conestee Dog Park, you can find the Dapper Dog Bark Bar. This fun place has a nice story. The bar opened in 2021 and had a nice following. Pet parents, Sean Martin and Stephanie Danielsson, were part of that crowd until one day, they noticed it was closed. They were so disappointed they bought it and opened it back up! The small bar is dog friendly inside and out, with a large side yard that has a covered patio.

It is fun to be able to have a brew or cocktail while you watch your canine companion make new friends or play with old ones. There is plenty to do for dogs, and they even have bingo, trivia, and other events for humans. You do have to provide proof of vaccinations and be spayed or neutered and pay a small fee to enter. But it is well worth it. They even have dog training classes during the day for just $75. 

Edgewood Bark Park

Located at Edgewood Church, about five miles east of Greenville, Edgewood Bark Park is open to the public for free and has a lot to offer locals as well as visitors from out of town. The first thing you need to know is that it is one large open space for all dogs no matter their size or breed. So if you have a little pup that is afraid of big dogs, you may want to choose a different place to play. 

Many of the pet parents are parishioners of Edgewood Church, and they are very friendly. They go out of their way to make both you and your cuddle buddy feel welcome. There is a large elevated wood patio where they put up shade blockers with picnic tables for people to gather and socialize while the pups do the same. The church provides doggie bags and trash bins to make cleaning up after your pup easy and a few kiddie pools when it gets hot. 

Hagwood Dog Park

Haygood Bark Park is found in Easley, about 14 miles west of downtown Greenville and has everything you and then some. First of all, there is a separate section for little pooches like Pugs, Pekingese, and Shih Tzus to play without the worry of being overwhelmed by the big dogs. Both of the sections are completely fenced for safety, and there are double-gated entries as well as watering stations with drinking fountains and bowls. 

What’s more, the park also has agility equipment like ramps to run up and down, seesaws to balance on, weave poles to shimmy through, tunnels to zip through, and hoops and bars to jump through and over. For pet parents, the park provides doggie bags in dispensers on both sides of the park, cleaning stations, and plenty of seating in and out of the shade. It is a good idea to bring your own water and doggie bags just in case.  

Landrum Community Dog Park

You and your fur puppy can pack up the car and go to Landrum Community Dog Park in Landrum, about 25 miles northeast of Greenville downtown. It is right behind the Stone Soup Cafe, so it is easy to find. In fact, the owners of Stone Soup welcome you to have a bite to eat on their patio while your cuddle buddy plays in the park. It is not a huge park, but it does have a large dog and small dog section.

There is a sign on the front of the park fence saying that only 20 dogs are allowed. So, if you notice that the park is full and there are people waiting to enter, try not to stay too long no matter how much fun Fido is having. It is nice to let other dogs have fun too. The park has shaded benches and a cleanup station with doggie bags, but no water, so bring your own. 

Pavilion Rec Complex Dog Park

Grab your fur baby, some water, poop baggies, and jump in the car to go to the Pavilion Dog Park. This cozy canine playground is only six miles northeast of Greenville and has a nice large grassy haven for you and your pupper. It is separated for small and large dogs so everyone can play with pups their own size. Dogs over 35 pounds cannot enter the small dogs’ section, but all pooches can play in the large dog section no matter their weight.  

For extra safety, the park has a double-gated entry, so the creative canines do not make a break for it. Pavilion Dog Park is right behind the Recreation Complex in a wooded section that is almost all shaded. The ground is mixed grass, mulch, and pavement, and there are so many places to sit. You can even pick up one of the plastic chairs and move them where you like. Your pooch can run around, play with the agility equipment, or you can play fetch together.

PAWS Dog Park

In southwestern Greenville between the airport and Homeland Park, PAWS Dog Park is a large, pooch park located at the Anderson County PAWS Campus Animal Shelter in Anderson. This is the most unique dog park in the state. Maybe even the region! It has eight different sections for different occupants. There are a couple of large sections for playful and social dogs and six smaller spaces for shy, small, or injured dogs. Or those who just do not like to play with other dogs.  

Another thing that makes it unique is that it is designed to look like two huge paw prints with two big circles surrounded by three smaller ones. The PAWS park is owned and managed by the animal shelter so it is always well-stocked with doggie bags and water. And if you need anything, just ask! This is a great place to bring your new fur baby to get him socialized slowly. 

Pelham Mill Park Dog Park

Where can you let your dog run around with other pups off the leash, try out the agility equipment, and play in a waterfall? Just go to Pelham Mill Dog Park! It is located right off Highway 14 in northeastern Greenville, about 12 miles from downtown, and has a lovely trail with a footbridge spanning a small section of the Enoree River with a waterfall. Actually, you will need to put your pup back on his leash for the trail and waterfall, but it is worth it!

But inside the dog park, in the large dog section, they have a really elaborate agility course with about 15 stations including several different types of jumps, tunnels, and ramps. The pooches love it! The small dog section also has several jumps and ramps. For the pup parents, they have benches in the shade, water stations to keep your canine companion hydrated, and cleanup stations with baggies for picking up what your pup drops. 

Saluda Dog Park 

Saluda Dog Park is actually in North Carolina but is just about 25 miles to the northeast, so it is an easy drive and a fantastic place for pooch play. The fenced yard is grassy in most spots year-round and has some really neat features, like the huge hollowed-out logs the fur puppies love to climb on, through, and under. The pups also enjoy the weave poles, climbing obstacles, and ramps as well as chasing each other through the wooded area. 

There are benches and chairs for humans, water and pools for the pups, and doggie bags for easy cleanup. The only problem is if you have a small dog that is afraid of large dogs because they all play together here. However, it is a pretty big place, so you may be able to find a secluded spot when it is not too crowded. Otherwise, there are other parks on this list to check out!

Simpsonville Dog Spot 

This Simpsonville Dog Spot is located in Simpsonville City Park behind the police station, less than 15 miles southeast of downtown Greenville. It is inside the larger city park at the end of Park Drive, just past the playground on the right and the cemetery on the left. The wooded dog park has separate play areas for big and little dogs under 35 pounds as well as a security gate to keep pups in where they belong.  

The park also provides doggie bags and water but it is always a good idea to bring your own. And the rest of the park welcomes leashed dogs except for the tot lot and tennis court. You can play a round of disc golf, watch a game, or have a picnic at the picnic shelter. And if you did not bring any food, don’t worry. There is typically a food truck or two in the parking lot.  

Tyger Run Dog Park

About 20 miles east of downtown Greenville, Tyger Run Dog Park is found at Tyger River Park in Spartanburg. The new 1.5-acre off-leash pup play area just opened in 2022 so everything is modern, clean, and it is all well-maintained. It is just across from the clubhouse near the main entrance. Small pooches have their own space here for those with big-dog anxiety, and they are both enclosed in new fencing with a double-gated entrance. 

Both dog sections have their own water spigots, shade structures, and lots of seating choices as well as waste stations with poop bags for cleanup. They also have some natural obstacles for adventurous fur babies, such as boulders, logs, and hills. If you want to explore the rest of the park, put your cuddle buddy’s leash back on, and you can walk along the 1¼- mile trail to see what they have, including playgrounds, picnic areas, outdoor fitness equipment, and disc golf.

Unleashed Dog Bar Park

There is no reason why you should have to leave your best friend alone while you go out and enjoy a beer or two. Unleashed Dog Bar is the first dog bar in the city, just five miles southeast of downtown Greenville. Fur puppies are allowed inside and out as long as you have a membership or a day pass. And, of course, they have to be vaccinated and sociable. The backyard patio is covered and has fans to keep you cool while your pooch plays in the yard. 

It is not huge, but it has enough space for a ramp, pool, dogs, and pup parents. There is also a cute little dog cave made from a wooden wine barrel. Unleashed has a dozen different craft and draft beers that change with the season, and for dogs, there is plenty of water and pup cakes. The fee for one day is only $5, and it is worth it to be able to have a drink with your dog and other pup lovers. 

WC Nettles Dog Park

Simply known as Nettles Dog Park or Clemson Dog Park to the locals, this fur baby fun spot can be found 26 miles northeast of Greenville in the village of Clemson. It is tucked into the back corner of WC Nettles Community Park between the tennis courts and baseball fields. The small dog section allows pups 30 pounds and under to play without worry of being stepped on, and the large dog section is open to all sizes. 

The most popular spot in the pooch park is the creek in the back. It runs along the back end of both sections of the park and is a fun place for your cuddly canine companion to cool off during a hot day. If he wants a drink, they also have doggie fountains and extra bowls. For the pup parents, you will have an array of seating choices in and out of the shade as well as dog waste stations with bags. 

The Final Woof

Greenville has quite a few parks where your pooch can join you. But it does not stop there! The city has all sorts of dog-friendly places, from restaurants to shopping malls. Want to do something different? Check out the Bike Lounge at Piney Mountain. This is a bicycle shop that also has a beer taproom and a dirt pump track out back where you can watch the action. For something even more unique and definitely exciting, you and your cuddly canine companion can throw some axes! Well, you can throw, and he can watch. Craft Axe Throwing lets you do it all while enjoying a drink from their fully stocked bar.  

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