15 of the Best Dog Parks in Greensboro, North Carolina

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Located in the middle of North Carolina, Greensboro is a popular southern city with close to 300,000 residents. It was settled in 1749 and was the site of the Revolutionary War Battle of Guilford, and it was also where the first civil rights movement happened in 1960. Today, it is known as Tournament Town because it has such a vast array of sporting tournaments, including the US Open Disc Golf Championships, US Figure Skating Championships, and NCAA Women’s Soccer Cup. 

The city of Greensboro enjoys a warm climate all year long, with a maximum average of 55 degrees F in the winter and 85 degrees F in the summer. Due to its incredible weather, there are many parks and other outdoor recreational spaces in the city, from the Bog Garden to the Greensboro Center City Park, which covers half a block. In fact, there are approximately 132 parks here to explore. We did not find many off-leash dog parks, but we did find 15 dog-friendly parks in Greensboro for you and your pup to check out. 

Le Bauer Park

LeBauer Park may not be huge, but it sure has a lot of stuff, including a dog park. They call it a pet enrichment center, and it has room for up to 30 dogs and their pup parents to play. The fenced pooch park is perfect for your furry friend to play off the leash with other fur babies. They have agility equipment like tunnels, jumps, ramps, and climbing obstacles, as well as seating for the pup’s parents, drinking fountains, and cleanup stations. 

Your canine companion is welcome in the rest of the park, too as long as he has his leash on. There are gardens, a playground for the kiddos, sculptures, two cafes, foosball, ping-pong, and more. The Peacehaven Sensory Space is a fantastic feature for those with sensory processing illnesses such as autism. You and your pooch can also enjoy the interactive fountains and the huge lawn where you can have a picnic. 

Northeast Dog Park

In Gibsonville, just about 20 minutes from downtown Greensboro, Northeast Dog Park is the newest of its kind in the city. Being so new, it has all the modern amenities one would expect, like separate sides for small and large pooches, water fountains, and waste stations. But it also has some awesome agility equipment where your canine companion can show off and get some exercise. There are ramps, see-saws, tunnels, weave poles, hoops to jump through, and poles to jump over in each doggie area.

Pooch parents will find lots of seating, mostly shaded, but there are some benches where you can soak up the sun. There is also a lot of open space for playing fetch or frisbee with your fur puppy when he is not romping around with the others. Put his leash back on, and you can explore the rest of the park with fishing, playgrounds, hiking, disc golf, basketball, and even primitive camping. 

Southwest Park Dog Park

About a half-hour to the south from Greensboro, the Southwest Dog Park is located in Southwest Community Park. The 2.5 acres of space lauds separate sections for the big and little pups, fresh water for drinking, playing in, and hosing off your dog, as well as double-gated entrances for safety and Mutt Mitt dispensers. They even have dog treats most of the time. However, you should bring your own bags, water, and treats, just in case. 

Running along the eastern side of the park, you will find Hickory Creek, where you can bring your leashed pup to splash around. In fact, the whole park is dog friendly for dogs on leashes. Also, at the southern end of the park, Randleman Lake offers boating and a fishing pier. Or you and your pooch can explore one of the nine nature trails that run throughout the park. They are each under a mile long and two of them (Greenway and Lake Trails) will take you to playgrounds for the kids. 

Griffin Park Dog Park

Griffin Park is less than 10 miles to the west of downtown Greensboro, and it has a lovely pooch park for off-leash fun. The two-acre space is located behind the recreational center parking lot and is mostly shaded for pups and their parents. There is a separate area for large dogs to play, leaving the little ones safe from being trampled, and the ground is mulch and other natural cover. There are plenty of chairs and benches for relaxing while your pup plays too. 

The rest of Griffin Park is also pup popular. As long as your cuddly canine is on a leash, he is welcome to join you to explore and enjoy the 48-acre recreational area. Here you will find modern playgrounds for the little humans with slides, swings, and climbing as well as picnic areas, a paved trail, and a community center with fitness equipment, restrooms, water fountains, and a gym. Note: Dogs are not allowed indoors.

Stephen M. Hussey Bark Park at Country Park

Located in the northwest corner of Greensboro, the Stephen M. Hussey Bark Park at Country Park was the first off-leash dog park in the city back in 2003 and was named after a founding member of the fundraising committee. You will find Bark Park between the two lakes in the middle of the park. The large wooded fenced space has three double-gated areas for small, medium, and large fur puppies to enjoy. There is ample seating for pet parents, water fountains, and doggie bags. 

Outside the fence, in Country Park, your cuddle buddy is also welcome as long as you put his leash back on first. The park boasts five picnic shelters, hiking and biking trails, a carousel, playgrounds for the kids, two fishing lakes with piers, and even pedal boats you can rent to go out onto the water. The boats look like ducks, dragons, swans, and even a flamingo. Be sure you bring a fishing license if you want to fish. 

Barkdale Dog Park at Creekside Park

About 20 minutes southwest of Greensboro, Barkdale at Creekside Park is a wonderful pooch park for all pupsters. The park boasts a good acre of space separated for both small and big dogs as well as play spaces in the shade and out in the sun so your fur buddy can get his vitamin D. There are also lots of places for pet parents to sit in the shade so you can be comfortable while your pup plays. 

Your canine compadre is also welcome in Creekside Park as long as you put his leash back on. It is a fun family recreational area with tennis courts, ball fields, basketball courts, and two playgrounds with slides, swings, climbing, and interactive toys. There are picnic tables and shelters if you want to have a picnic or barbecue with your furry friend. You can also take your pup on a walk on the three miles of trails but bring water and doggie bags. 

Vivian F. Bennett Memorial Dog Park

Northwest of Greensboro, about 19 miles, Fourth of July Park has another fun place for your poochie to play off the leash. There are always dogs at this dog park located in the southwestern corner of the park. With dual-gated entrances and a separate space for little and shy dogs, safety is paramount here. The park has tons of space in and around the woods, with benches and shade for the humans. You can also find water fountains and waste stations with bags. 

If you want to play in the rest of the park, there are 17 acres with all sorts of fun to be had as long as you put your dog’s leash back on. You can find tennis, pickleball, and basketball courts, a modern playground with all the extras for the little humans, picnic areas with grills, and a skate park where you can watch the skateboarders do their thing. 

Elon Dog Park – K-9 Corner at Schmidt Park

In Elon, about 16 miles to the east, is the very first dog park in Alamance County! With several acres of grassy and wooded space, your cuddly canine will love romping around with the other pups here. There are cleanup stations with bags, water fountains, and plenty of seating. Your pooch must be current on all vaccinations, including parvo, distemper, bordetella, and rabies, but there is no registration or fee needed for Elon K-9 Corner Dog Park at Schmidt Park. 

Right next to the dog park, your leashed fur puppy is welcome to join you for some fun at Beth Schmidt Park. The playground is state-of-the-art, with 72 activities for the kiddos to enjoy. If you need to get some exercise, take Fido on the walking trail. It takes you about a mile through the woods with interactive flora information. There is also a disc golf course, picnic areas, and a community center. 

Hedgecock Park Dog Park

Hedgecock Park Dog Park in High Point, about 20 minutes southwest of Greensboro, has a fenced pup park as well. You can bring your furry friend to play with other fur babies here as long as you fill out a waiver and registration online. It is a lovely green space with a small dog section for little pups 20 pounds and under. They also have pet fountains, shaded seating, and doggie waste stations. However, it is a good idea to bring your own bags and water just in case. 

To visit the rest of Hedgecock Park, put your dog’s leash back on, and you are free to explore the 7.4 acres. There is a large multipurpose field and a ballpark, as well as a walking trail and a modern playground for the kiddos. In the northeastern corner, there is a nice pond where your pooch can splash around on a hot day and picnic tables to enjoy a bite to eat.  

Pleasant Garden K-9 Dog Park

To enjoy Pleasant Garden K-9 Dog Park, you will have to go to the Pleasant Garden Town Hall on Alliance Church Road. It is less than 15 minutes to the south of Greensboro and includes two separate parks for little and large fur puppies as well as water fountains and cleanup stations with bags. You will also find benches around the perimeter for the pet parents to relax while the pups run around. Or, bring a ball and play a game of fetch. There is plenty of room. 

Also behind the town hall, there is a disc golf course for those who enjoy the sport, as well as two miles of trails that will take you through the woods where you can see all the native flora and fauna. Keep your pup on a leash here because there are lots of wild critters living here. Also, pack some extra doggie bags and water if you plan to hike. 

Brown Bark Park

Less than five minutes from downtown Greensboro to the northwest, Brown Bark Park is a large open space with a creek running through it. There are almost 25 acres here with tons of room for off-leash fun. Your pooch will love romping through the grass up and down the hilly landscape, and you will even have enough room for a game of frisbee or fetch. The only issue is that there are no fences, so if your canine compadre is not voice controlled, you will need to keep his leash on. 

With so much open space, you and your fur puppy can have a blast tossing around a frisbee or playing fetch. Or you can just walk through the woods and see what kind of wildlife is lurking about. You can almost always see ducks, squirrels, raccoons, and rabbits, as well as some beautiful birds. You may even see some deer and a snake or two. Make sure you bring plenty of doggie bags and water for you both. 

Barber Park

Barber Park is less than five miles from downtown Greensboro and features an array of enjoyable activities you and your fur baby can enjoy, from baseball to disc golf. There is even a baseball stadium with a concession area and press box where you can watch a game. The 18-hole disc golf course is also quite popular, and your pooch is welcome to join you if he is well-behaved and on a leash. Also, bring lots of doggie bags.

You can also take your pooch on a one-mile hike through the woods or enjoy a meal at one of the six picnic shelters in the park. If you get hot, you can both cool off in the Sprayground from Memorial Day until Labor Day. There are also playgrounds for the kids that includes a Tot Spot for younger children. However, dogs are not allowed on the playgrounds, so keep that in mind.   

Oak Ridge Town Park Dog Park

With 80 acres, Oak Ridge Town Park has everything you need just 16 miles southeast of Greensboro. What’s more, it also has a huge fenced dog park where you can take his leash off and let him run amok with the other fur babies. There are separate spaces for big and small pooches, waste stations with baggies, and water stations for fur puppies to cool off and get a drink. Pup parents will be comfy, too, with numerous benches in the shade. 

The rest of the park is pup popular as well, as long as you put his leash back on. There are four lighted ball fields, concession stands, and an amphitheater where they sometimes have concerts. You can take a walk on the trail, let the kids play at the two playgrounds, and enjoy some catch-and-release fishing in the stocked pond. There is enough to do here to spend the whole day and evening too!

Haw River State Park

Located about 15 miles north of Greensboro, Haw River State Park has over 1,400 acres to enjoy with your leashed canine companion. The park has an environmental program here called The Summit, where everything is geared toward keeping the land natural and unblemished. Also, there is the Iron Ore Belt, which is full of wetlands and hickory forests. There are several hiking areas to explore, including three trails at The Summit and three trails at the Iron Ore Belt, with a total of 6.5 miles of hiking.  

You can also enjoy canoeing, disc golfing, and picnicking all over the park. There is even a campground with cottages and cabins if you want to stay longer than one day. There is so much to do. You will need more than one day to enjoy it all. Be sure to ask about pets when you reserve your spot. Be sure to bring your fishing gear and a license so you can catch some fish at the lake or in the river. 

Hester Park

Just a few minutes southwest of Greensboro, Hester Park is a popular fishing spot that is dog friendly for leashed dogs. The lake is almost six acres and has four piers to fish from, or you can fish from the bank. Be sure to have a North Carolina fishing license, though, and bring a lot of doggie bags to pick up anything he lays down. However, if you forgot your fishing gear, the park has a tackle loaner program here too. They even host fishing clinics. 

You can also play horseshoes, and sand volleyball, or you and Fido can get a workout on the 1.3-mile fitness trail with 13 exercise stations. If you get hungry, there are usually food trucks or a concession stand where you can grab some food and several picnic sites with tables and grills. The little humans will love the playgrounds with interactive activities as well as slides, swings, and climbing equipment. 

The Final Woof

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