MCT Oil for Dogs: 14 Best Coconut Oil Supplements For Your Pup

MCT Oil for dogs

You’ve probably been hearing about the benefits of Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT) in your diet. What about Fido? Dogs can also experience positive results from having ingredients like coconut oil added to their daily food.  We’ll review 14 products to help you find the best MCT oil for your furry friend’s needs. As always, consult … Read more

14 Best Female Dog In Heat Diapers: Disposable & Washable

female dog in heat diapers

If you have an intact bitch you may have to deal with messy discharges when she’s in season. We Used female dog in heat diapers with our Springer Spaniel before she was spayed. They helped us keep the floors and furniture clean. We reviewed 14 canine hygiene products to help find the best option for … Read more

13 Best Dog Diapers for Poop: Females & Males (2024 Review)

dog diapers for poop

Diapers for dogs…are you serious? Absolutely! Whether it’s due to age or a condition like anal sac disease, some pooches develop fecal incontinence during their lifetimes. If Fido can’t control his bowels any more, you’ll need to find a way to keep him from soiling your home. And it doesn’t make sense to put your … Read more

Dog DNA Test: How Canine Genetic Testing Can Improve & Extend Your dog’s life? (we asked a vet)

dog dna test

Let’s face it: domestic dogs are products of human interference within an ongoing and evolving process. While we may never know the exact reason why these noble souls allowed us to domesticate them, I’m eternally grateful for this event.First looked into genetic testing of these adorable pups when I read a recent study indicating that … Read more

29 Best High Fiber Dog Foods for Anal Gland Problems (2024)

best high fiber dog food-anal gland problems

Picking the best high fiber dog food for anal glands problems can be a challenging task. There are plenty of decisions to make. You need to ensure that Fido gets all the nutrients. It’s also important to consider that the food meets high-quality standards. All of this with the abundance of information might be overwhelming. … Read more

The Dog Microchip Guide: Why & How Microchipping Saves dogs?

dog microchip

Has your furbaby ever jumped the fence in your back yard or slipped out the front door and disappeared in the neighborhood? Hopefully, you were able to find him quickly. But what if you can’t find your special pal? That may depend on whether or not you’ve invested in a dog microchip.In 2010, the ASPCA … Read more

Dog Dander: The Ultimate Guide For Managing Dog Allergies

dog dander

There’s no doubt that we love our furry friends. According to the American Pet Products Association, about 67% of American homes have a pet. But what happens when someone is allergic to dogs? The American College of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology estimates that up to 10% of Americans have a dog allergy. Just what causes … Read more

7 Best Dog Ball Launchers : Automatic & Manual

best dog ball Launcher

Whether you have a huge Great Dane or a tiny teacup Poodle, they all love to play fetch with a ball. So we decided that a dog ball launcher would be a great thing to test for your pups. We reviewed seven dog ball launchers from Amazon to find the best dog ball launcher in … Read more

Dog back brace: WiggleLess (Treatment for dogs with IVDD)

dog back brace

I’ve seen dogs with disc issues in the clinic, and my dear friend had a beagle that suffered from repetitive back injuries. That’s why I know how heartbreaking it can be to see your furbaby in pain. A dog back brace that supports and stabilizes the spine might have helped to ease anxiety ,pain and … Read more

Extend Joint Care for Dogs Review : We Asked A Vet

extend joint care for dogs

Certified content.​ This guide has been written and verified by our veterinary advisor. Approved By: Dr.Joanna De Klerk × Dismiss alert Did you know that 80% of dogs over the age of eight have arthritis? As a vet, I feel it’s my responsibility to address this with owners of senior pets. But it’s often difficult … Read more

14 Best Dog Shampoos For Odor Control

best dog shampoo for odor

When dealing with pet odor water alone is not going to resolve the issue. Odor can be held inside the wax and oil secretions on the skin; This is the reason that dogs often smell bad again right after a bath. This review is going to look at the important points that make up the … Read more

16 Best Dog Shampoos for Dry Skin

best dog shampoo for dry skin

Dry skin can be a real challenge in taking care of our dogs because it doesn’t have the same cause in every dog. For some, it’s over-bathing, allergies, dietary issues. Due to this, the impact of shampoos is not always what people expect. Looking deeper into the ingredients benefits and concerns we can help you … Read more

13 Best Waterless Dog Shampoo

best waterless dog shampoo

Certified content.​ This guide has been written and verified by our veterinary advisor. Approved By: Dr. Jennifer Peters. × Dismiss alert There are a lot of times that our dogs need a spot cleanup but a full bath just isn’t going to work with time or lack of cooperation from your dog. In the clinics, … Read more

Cosequin Review: Does It Really Work? (We Asked A Vet)

Cosequin For Dogs

Certified content. This guide has been written and verified by our veterinary advisor. Approved By: Dr. Edele Grey, DVM × Dismiss alert As a veterinarian, I see more and more elderly patients. On one hand, this is wonderful to see our loved fur-babies living long healthy lives but unfortunately, I also see more arthritis and … Read more

Pawsheets Review: Washable & Elastic Dog Bed Cover

PawSheets the best dog bed cover

Is your dog’s bed… old? Buying a new one can be expensive and he really loves this bed. And with the price you paid for the bed, you don’t want to just throw it out. A dog bed cover can turn your dog’s old bed into a new bed instantly. No dog hair, dirt, or … Read more

13 Best Dog Nail Grinders Reviews : How & Why ?

Best Dog Nail Grinders Reviews

Dealing with toenail management is a huge frustration for so many pet owners, and for so many dogs. The majority of time this is due to fear. Dogs have very sensitive feet and very sensitive hearing. If the dog doesn’t understand what you are doing they will resist what you are doing due to anxiety.. … Read more