7 Best Indestructible Dog Beds for Heavy Chewers in 2024

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All dogs need a comfortable place to lay down and relax just like we do. Having his own bed is not only good for him to sleep on, but it is also a nice place for him to retreat to when he is anxious or just needs a break. A good bed is also important to keep him from sleeping in your bed all the time. 

But finding the right dog bed can be tough, especially if your dog is a little “ruff” on his toys and other belongings. If you have a digger or scratcher, your dog may inadvertently tear up his bed just trying to get comfy. It is actually part of their DNA to dig and scratch before laying down. So you have to make sure you get a bed that is going to stand up to your fur baby. 

After evaluating more than 30 indestructible dog beds, we chose “The PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed” as our favorite indestructible dog bed because it has all the features that a dog bed needs to stand up to your tuff pooch without breaking the bank. It is made of durable material that can stand up to abuse like digging and scratching & shredding. 

But I understand that you might have different needs, whether you’re searching for a bolster-style dog bed or elevated dog bed. That is why I prepared a shortlist of our top heated dog beds that address different needs.

Before we look at our 7 bed reviews and top picks in various categories, but first let’s talk about indestructible beds. Who Needs them? Do They Actually Exist? Which materials to look for in an indestructible bed, and the different types you can find online & Rules Of Thumb to know before buying. In addition, we’ll answer some common questions from dog parents

Let’s get started.

Who Needs an Indestructible Dog Bed? 

Truth be told, everyone who has a fur baby needs an indestructible dog bed. Dogs have that instinct of circling, scratching, and digging leftover from their ancestors who lived in the wild. Almost all dogs love to chew but some dogs take it to the extremes. Getting your pup to refrain from chewing on his bed may be hard, but it can be done. And it helps to get a dog bed that is indestructible. Let’s look at some of the main reasons your pup keeps destroying his bed.

All dogs have that instinct inside them whether he has shown it or not. Eventually, he will chew on something and you do not want it to be that amazing bed you just bought him. But dogs do not chew on things because they are bad dogs, they do it because it is a natural response to certain things like:

  • Boredom can make any pooch want to chew on his bed. Just to give himself something to do. He may not be getting enough exercise or attention or he may just need something else to chew on.
  • Anxiety can cause your pup to chew. Whether it is separation anxiety because he misses you or the neighborhood kids playing outside, these can stress your dog out enough to make his start chewing up his bed.
  • Teething is something that all puppies go through. From three months to six months of age, your fur baby will be trying to chew on anything just to ease the pain in his gums from new teeth coming in.
  • Certain breeds are more susceptible to chewing. It is in their DNA and they cannot really control it. You can redirect it but dogs like terriers, retrievers, collies, and beagles need to chew on something.  
  • Pica is a medical condition characterized by your pooch eating non-food items like plastic, dirt, and even metal. 

Do Indestructible Dog Beds Actually Exist?

There is no such thing as an indestructible dog bed. Even if you see a bed advertised as chew-proof or indestructible, they are not so don’t fall for that. No material is 100% chew-proof no matter what it is. 

Your dog’s bed could be made out of metal and he would still chew on it. And metal is not very comfortable to lie on anyway. That is why most dog beds are made out of soft material like vinyl or polyester. 

Given enough time, any pooch can chew through whatever material his bed is made of if he really wants to. The best way to make sure your fur baby does not chew up his bed, no matter what it is made of, is to train him. 

You will need to observe your dog and redirect him when he chews on his bed. A good way to redirect him is to provide him with attention, exercise, or chew toys so he does not want to chew on his bed. Let’s look at some of the types of dog beds on the market.

“Chew-Proof” Materials You Should Look For In A Dog Bed

Not all dog bed materials are made equal and some are just not made to last no matter what kind of dog you have. But there are some materials that are more tear- and chew-resistant than others such as canvas, Cordura, ballistic nylon, and ripstop fabric. Below, we provide you with some much-needed info about these four heavy-duty materials.

Canvas: Canvas is made by mixing cotton with synthetic fibers to make them more durable and heavy-duty than just plain polyester or cotton materials. The fabric is tightly woven to make it super strong and resistant to tears and rips so it is often used for boat sails, tents, and furniture like dog beds. 

Cordura: Similar to canvas, Cordura is made by mixing different heavy-duty synthetic fabrics together in a tight weave to make it resistant to abrasion and water. It is stronger than canvas and more waterproof and is often found in high-quality military equipment and backpacks. The material is becoming very popular in dog bed material as well.

Ballistic Nylon: This is a multifilament 2×2 basketweave with high tenacity and is typically made with 840 to 1050 denier nylon. It was originally used to make ballistic jackets for the military because it protected wearers from shrapnel. Today you can find it on luggage, motorcycle jackets, and even boats. It is even strong enough to be used in making chaps for chainsaw operators. 

Ripstop Fabric: Ripstop fabric may be made from polyester or nylon and is incredibly strong because it is weaved in a crosshatch pattern of different strong materials. It is usually fire- and waterproof with zero porosity so that moisture does not leak through. It is also very lightweight and comes in different thicknesses for different uses. It was used in WWII to make parachutes.

Types Of Indestructible Dog Beds 

yawning Jack Russell terrier laying inside his Indestructible bed

Although there are many types of dog beds out there to “chews” from, we are going to take a look at five of them in detail. This will help you know what you are looking for when you start shopping for your pup’s new bed. 

Orthopedic Dog Beds: These beds are made for dogs that have arthritis or some other orthopedic problem. They are made from thick foam like memory foam and they give your pup’s body more support while putting less stress on his joints. These beds are also good for thin dogs like whippets and greyhounds who do not have all that cushion like other pooches. 

Elevated dog beds: An elevated dog bed is any bed that is raised more than two inches from the ground. They are typically about five to seven inches off the ground and are great for senior dogs who have trouble getting up and down. These beds also provide extra air circulation under your dog to keep them cooler and to prevent skin conditions. They may be made of metal, wood, plastic, or wicker and have a canvas or mesh material for your dog to lay on. 

Bolster-Style Dog Beds: Also known as nest or donut dog beds, the bolster-style dog bed has a raised edge around three edges or even on all four sides. They may resemble a couch or a nest, and the bolster makes your dog feel extra cozy and safe. These bolsters are also good to keep pups from falling out of their bed.

Reinforced beds (traditional beds): Any type of dog bed can be reinforced with a tough material to prevent your pup from chewing it to shreds. Some beds are made from thick vinyl, Cordura, or a canvas while others are made from a ripstop fabric or ballistic nylon that your dog just cannot get a grip on. These are great for those dogs that chew on whatever they see no matter how much you train him.

Crate Beds: Crate or kennel dog beds are made to fit crates and kennels so you will find them in many sizes. Most are water-resistant and are made for dogs that like to scratch, dig, or chew. However, they are not made to be real dog beds so they are not usually as comfortable or nice looking as dog beds. 

11 Rules Of Thumb When Buying an Indestructible Dog Bed 

Colie is resting in his Indestructible dog bed

No two dogs are alike. When you’re choosing an indestructible dog bed, you should be looking for a size and style that is safe and comfortable for your pooch. Use these guidelines to help you find the best product for your furbaby.

  • Size & Increased Weight Limit: Measure your dog from the tip of his nose to the base of his tail to find out how long he is. Then measure from shoulder to shoulder for his width. But you also have to consider how he sleeps. For example, if he sleeps all spread out, you will need to add on the space he needs to stretch out. Measure his legs from the shoulder to the floor. And make sure the bed will hold your dog’s weight, even if he gains a few pounds.
  • Your Dog’s Age: Your dog’s age can factor into your bed shopping as well. For example, if you have an older dog, you want to get him an orthopedic bed that will be good for his joints. And if you have a puppy, you have to make sure the bed will be able to hold your pooch even when he gets to his full size. 
  • Orthopedic Features: As mentioned above, orthopedic features are important for older dogs as well as those with joint conditions like arthritis and hip dysplasia. The best orthopedic beds are made with memory foam or medical-grade foam but you can also find them with box springs or cot style. If your dog has medical issues, talk to your vet about what kind of bed to get. 
  • Interior Materials: Many pet parents do not even think about what is in their dog’s bed before buying it but it is actually very impawtant. After all, if you have an aggressive chewer, he may get the stuffing out and it could be toxic or dangerous for your pup. Most dog beds are filled with foam or polyester stuffing but you have to make sure that it is nontoxic whether your dog is a chewer or not. 
  • Outer Cover: The outer cover is the most important thing to consider since that is what your dog is going to be coming into contact with every day. It has to be made of a nontoxic and breathable material like canvas or nylon and it should be durable to stand up to your dog’s nesting and digging habits. Canvas, Cordura, ballistic nylon, and ripstop fabrics are the best choices.
  • Minimal Edges and Zippers: Most dogs that chew are going to start with the corners or any other weak spot like a zipper or velcro. Make sure your dog’s bed has reinforced corners that are double- or triple-stitched. And if you have to get one with zippers or velcro, make sure they are covered or hidden from your pooch.
  • Durability: Anything you get for your fur baby needs to be durable but since he will spend a lot of time on his bed, durability is really important when shopping for the best one. Try to get one with one of the durable materials like canvas, Cordura, ballistic nylon, or ripstop fabric, and be sure the construction is sturdy and solid. 
  • Waterproof Fabric: (against accidents) Puppies and older pooches sometimes have accidents while they are sleeping and you do not want to have to toss his bed in the trash after this happens. Get a waterproof (or water-resistant) fabric that will stand up to any kind of accident or get a cover that is made from one of the durable materials mentioned above.
  • Ease of cleaning: All dogs get dirty and their bed will get dirty right along with them. After all, we change and wash our sheets and blankets often and we are not going out and rolling around in the dirt as our pup does. Try to find a dog bed that is machine washable so you can just toss it in the washer or get one that is waterproof that you can wash with a damp cloth.
  • Warranty: The longer the warranty, the more confident the company is about its product. If the bed you want has no warranty, chances are it is not going to last very long. Try to find one that has a longer warranty like one year or, better yet, a lifetime warranty. Those are the ones you know are good because otherwise, the company would go broke replacing them.
  • Made In The USA: Your pooch is your best friend and family so you want to be sure whatever bed you get him is non-toxic and safe. Anything made in the USA has to follow strict guidelines so you know their items are not going to be dangerous for your pup. This is not to say that products made elsewhere are dangerous, just that they do not have to follow the same rules.

Our 2024 Top 7 Indestructible Dog Beds

large dog breed and a small dog breed sharing a blue bed together

After reviewing more than 30 indestructible dog beds using the criteria mentioned above, we chose our  7 best beds that we think are essential to your fur baby getting the proper rest that he needs:

PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed 

  • Material: Comfortable polyester (65%) & cotton (35%) twill
  • Durability: Very durable
  • Waterproof Fabric: Yes
  • Orthopedic Features: Memory foam
  • Machine Washable: Yes
  • Warranty: Yes, for three years
  • Made in the USA: No
  • Best for: Our top pick overall

With this pawesome bed, you get it all. The material is made of durable material that can stand up to abuse like digging and scratching and it is water-resistant on the outside with an inner waterproof membrane to protect the inside. It is made of six inches of thick and soft Certi-PUR-US memory foam to keep your pup comfy and safe. 

The bolsters are filled with polyfill and make great pillows for your fur baby while protecting him from falling out of bed. It comes in three colors and four sizes. The small is 25L x 20W inches for dogs up to 50 pounds, the large is 36L x 28W inches for dogs up to 100 pounds, x-large is  44L x 34W inches for dogs up to 150 pounds, and the xx-large is 50L x 40W inches holds dogs 200+ pounds. 

What We Like: 

  • It has a three-year warranty
  • The cover is machine washable
  • It has a waterproof membrane inside

What Dogs Love about it?

  • It has six inches of memory foam
  • The bolsters make great pillows

What We Don’t like:

  • It is rather expensive

Dogbed4less Memory Foam Dog Bed

  • Material: Ballistic nylon, canvas, denim, or microsuede
  • Durability: Very durable
  • Waterproof Fabric: Yes
  • Orthopedic Features: Four-inch gel-infused foam
  • Machine Washable: Yes
  • Warranty: Yes, for 30 days
  • Made in the USA: No
  • Best for: indestructible dog bed with orthopedic features

This is a fantastic dog bed with two layers of covers to protect the inner foam from your pooch. The outer layer is either ballistic nylon, canvas, denim, or microsuede and the inner cover is a waterproof membrane. The gel memory foam is four inches of gel-infused memory foam that regulates temperature to keep your pup cool in the summer and warm in the winter. 

It also comes in seven sizes including 35L x 20W inches, 37L x 27W, 41L x 27W inches, 40L x 35W inches, 47L x 29W inches, 55L x 37W inches, and 55L x 47W inches.They can each hold up to 250 pounds

What We Like: 

  • It has two covers
  • Both covers are machine washable
  • It comes in four different fabrics, seven sizes, and five colors

What Dogs Love about it?

  • The gel foam is pawesome

What We Don’t like:

  • Aggressive chewers will chew on the zippers

K9 Ballistics Tough Bolster

  • Material: Ballistic chew-proof polyester canvas
  • Durability: Extremely durable
  • Waterproof Fabric: Yes
  • Orthopedic Features: Shredded foam 
  • Machine Washable: Yes 
  • Warranty: Yes, 120-day chew-resistant
  • Made in the USA: Yes
  • Best for: bolster-style indestructible dog bed

This is one of the toughest beds on the market for diggers and scratchers so you can trust that your pooch will love this bed for a long, long time. The durable ripstop cover is waterproof, dig-proof, and scratch-resistant as well as being machine washable. And it is filled with American made non-toxic, shredded CertiPUR-US foam. 

It comes in black, blue, green or tan. The sixes include 33L x 27W x 5H inches for medium dogs, 40L x 34W x 5H inches for large dogs, and 54L x 38W x 5H inches for giant dogs. The bolsters are super-comfortable and filled with foam as well so your pup can use them as pillows and the material is breathable and cool all year long. 

What We Like: 

  • The material is soft and waterproof
  • It has a washable durable ripstop nylon cover
  • It is a breathable material

What Dogs Love about it?

  • It is overstuffed with shredded foam for great comfort

What We Don’t like:

  • The price is kind of high

K&H PET PRODUCTS Original Bolster Elevated Bed  

  • Material: 600D fabric and metal
  • Durability: Very durable
  • Waterproof Fabric: Yes
  • Orthopedic Features: No
  • Machine Washable: No  
  • Warranty: Yes, for one year
  • Made in the USA: No
  • Best for: comfortable elevated dog bed

This bolster elevated pet bed is pawfect for dogs that roll around a lot. Is your little Labrador falling out of bed at night? This bolstered bed will keep him in where he belongs. The material is breathable and very durable but the bolsters may be chewed up by an aggressive chewer.

It comes in three sizes. The small is 17L x 22W x 7H inches, medium is 25L x 32W x 7H inches, and the large is 30L x 42W x 7H inches. You can also remove the bolster and add other accessories like the self-warming cover or cot canopy (both sold separately). The cover and bolster are machines washable too so it is easy to clean.

What We Like: 

  • Easy to clean
  • The bolster is removable
  • It repels moisture, mold, and mildew

What Dogs Love about it?

  • The bolster is comfortable as a pillow
  • Keeps him from falling out of bed

What We Don’t like:

  • It only comes in three sizes
  • The bolster can be chewed up

K9 Ballistics Chew Proof Elevated Dog Bed

  • Material: Ripstop ballistic canvas 
  • Durability: Extremely durable
  • Waterproof Fabric: Yes
  • Orthopedic Features: Elevated 
  • Machine Washable: No  
  • Warranty: Yes, 120-day chew-proof warranty
  • Made in the USA: Yes
  • Best for: chew-proof elevated dog bed

This one is reported to be the toughest dog bed of them all. Not only does it have a ripstop ballistic canvas, but it is also stretched so tight over the frame that your pup cannot get ahold of it enough to chew on. And the frame is made with solid aluminum to make it sturdy and durable too. The 120-day warranty means they know this bed is going to stand up to your dog no matter what.

It comes in black, tan, or snow camo pattern and has five sizes to choose from. Sizes include 29L x 18W x 3.5H inches for small dogs, 35L x 22W x 3.5H inches for medium dogs, 41L x 27W x 5H inches for large dogs, 47L x 29W x 5H inches for x-large dogs, and 50L x 33W x 7H inches for giant dogs. Also, the elevation helps airflow and eases arthritis and other joint problems.

What We Like: 

  • It comes in six sizes
  • The bed is almost indestructible
  • It washes easily with a hose or cloth

What Dogs Love about it?

  • The elevation keeps him cool

What We Don’t like:

  • The price is a bit high

Carhartt Durable Canvas Dog Bed 

  • Material: Cotton duck canvas
  • Durability: Extremely durable
  • Waterproof Fabric: Yes
  • Orthopedic Features: Baffle constructed interior cushion with polyester fill
  • Machine Washable: Yes
  • Warranty: Yes, for 30 days
  • Made in the USA: No
  • Best for: indestructible canvas bed

Cathartt is known for making extremely durable and waterproof work clothing, camping gear, and other outdoor products and their dog bed is very durable as well. The thick but breathable duck canvas is treated to repel water so you can wipe it down or toss it in the washing machine. 

The large zipper is concealed so your dog would have to be a private detective to find it and the inner baffle keeps the polyester fill where it needs to be to hold its shape. It comes in five colors and patterns as well as three sizes. The small is 28L x 20W x 4.25H inches, the medium is 35L x 27W x 4.25H inches, and the large is 41L x 33W x 4.25H inches.

What We Like: 

  • The name is well-known for high quality
  • You can get sherpa on top
  • The color patterns are pawesome 

What Dogs Love about it?

  • The sherpa is soft
  • The pillow is comfy

What We Don’t like:

  • Those snoopy dogs will find that zipper

K9 Ballistics Tough Dog Crate Pad 

  • Material: Durable ripstop ballistic cover and recycled polyfill
  • Durability: Very durable
  • Waterproof Fabric: Yes
  • Orthopedic Features: Recycled polyfill
  • Machine Washable: Yes
  • Warranty: Yes, 120-day chew proof warranty
  • Made in the USA: Yes
  • Best for: indestructible mattress for dog crate

This is another K9 Ballistics dog bed that has a chew-proof 120-day warranty but this one has no zippers or velcro to worry about. It is not as thick as others with only 1.5 inches of recycled polyfill foam, but it is comfortable enough for any dog. The ripstop cover is not removable but the whole thing can be thrown in the wash so it is easy to clean.

It is made for diggers and scratchers and not for chewers though, so if you have a shredder, get the K9 Ballistic Chew Proof Elevated Dog Bed instead. It comes in four colors and six sixes. Sizes include 23L x 17W inches for toy dogs, 29L x 18W inches for small dogs, 35L x 22W inches for medium dogs, 41L x 27W inches for large dogs, 47L x 28W inches for xlarge dogs, and 52L x 36W inches for giant dogs.

What We Like: 

  • It comes in six sizes even big enough for giant breeds
  • The foam inside is thick enough for crate use
  • It has a 120-day chew-proof warranty

What Dogs Love about it?

  • It is very comfortable

What We Don’t like:

  • An aggressive chewer could chew it up

Common Questions from Dog Parents

overhead dog curled up on in his donut Indestructible dog bed

Do dogs need beds?

A good dog bed provides your best fur-iend with a comfy and safe space of his own where he can sleep or just chill out whenever he wants to. It is also better for his joints to sleep on a bed rather than the hard floor. Not only is this important for him to get better sleep, it also helps him sleep in his own bed rather than yours. 

What About Dog Anti-Chew Sprays?

Anti-chew sprays are not really good for your dog’s bed because they can make a wet or sticky spot that attracts dirt and pests. A lot of the destruction caused by your dog is caused by his scratching and digging anyway. And your dog may even enjoy the flavor so it could make him chew on it even if he wasn’t in the first place. 

What is the best filling for a dog bed?

The best filling depends on your dog’s age but overall, the memory foam like we use in our own bed is the best for any dog. It is furfect for older dogs and those dogs with arthritis and other joint pain and young dogs just love the comfort.

Are elevated dog beds good?

An elevated dog bed can be an amazing asset for your dog if he is having trouble with arthritis and the taut material is better for circulation than laying on a stuffed bed. Elevated beds also keep your dog up off the floor or ground and can prevent fleas and ticks. They are also lighter and easier to clean than most stuffed beds.

Do dogs need a bed in their crate?

Because most dog crates and kennels are made of metal or hard plastic, having a bed inside the crate is essential. Would you like to sleep on metal or hard plastic without a cushion? Dogs like to be comfy just like we do and they need to see their crate as his safe place and needs to feel comfortable in it.

The Final Woof

mixed breed dog is resting on his pillow Indestructible dog bed

The PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed wins our vote for the best indestructible dog bed because it has all the features that a dog bed needs to stand up to your tuff pooch without breaking the bank. It is made of durable material that can stand up to abuse like digging and scratching. 

Also, it is water-resistant on the outside with an inner waterproof membrane to protect the six inches of memory foam inside. The bolsters are also great for pillows to help keep your fur baby comfy all night long.

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