How many dog beds should a dog have? (Explained)

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3 dogs are sharing a bed together

The number of beds your dog has is a personal choice in many ways. However, in some cases, it is essential. For example, if your dog likes to follow you through the house wherever you go, he will need a bed for each place. Also, he needs to have constant access to his own safe space. 

There are other reasons to consider getting your dog another bed including if you have a puppy who is becoming acclimated and trained or if your dog’s bed is sometimes in a room he cannot get to. Some pooch parents may just move their dog’s bed from room to room but this is not a good idea because it can confuse him. 

We will go over the reasons for having another bed, why you should not move the bed, whether two dogs should share a bed, and how to save on dog beds as well as how often you need new beds and where to put them. 

Should I get my dog another bed?

brown puppy is resting in his bed

You should get your dog another bed if his bed is sometimes inaccessible or if he likes to lay in different rooms of the house. For example, if his bed is in a bedroom that sometimes has the door closed for privacy, it is good to have a second bed in a different room. 

Your dog will appreciate having a second or even a third bed to sleep and relax in. Their bed is their safe place that they go to when they are feeling stressed or tired so it is important that he has access to one all the time. 

The general public seems to be split on this issue since 63% of them say you should only have one dog bed. One of the best reasons to have a second bed is the one listed above, to make sure he has access any time he wants it. However, there are other reasons that are just as important. So, we are going to look at the advantages and disadvantages of having more than one dog bed. 

You should get your dog another bed if he is sometimes unable to get to the other one. Also, your dog needs the option of being with the family or being alone so having two beds is ideal. All dogs need a safe space 24 hours a day including on laundry day.


  • Your dog has 24-hour access: As previously mentioned, allowing your fur baby constant access to his safe space is the most important reason for getting another dog bed. This is essential because some dog beds are placed in areas that can sometimes be closed off to him and if he wants to relax or sleep, he will not know where to go or he will find an unacceptable spot like your bed. 
  • He likes to be wherever you are: You may have noticed that even though your dog has a perfectly good dog bed in the other room, he ends up laying on the floor next to you wherever you happen to be. Dogs are very social animals and they feel safer and more comfortable around their “human” who takes care of them. 
  • His safe space: On the other hand, your dog may need a bed in a different room to get away from people. If one room is too noisy or crowded with family or visitors, your fur baby may want to hide in his other safe space. 
  • Your dog beds will last longer: Due to less wear and tear, having two or more dog beds will extend the length of time they last. For example, if your dog typically spends 10 to 15 hours in bed, this can be reduced by half if he has two beds because he will be splitting his time between them both. 
  • A bed on laundry day: Your pooch will need a dog bed on those days that you have to give his usual bed a thorough cleaning. Even if it only takes an hour or so, it is great for him to have another one should he decide he needs it.


  • More expensive: Of course, it will cost you more to get two beds instead of one. But your dog is worth it. 
  • Two beds to clean: Also, you have to worry about keeping both beds clean now. Spot cleaning daily or weekly as well as a thorough cleaning in the washing machine. 
  • Aesthetics: Some people do not want their dog’s bed out in the living area of the house when guests visit. However, if that is the issue, you may need to consider getting a nicer-looking dog bed. 
  • Size: Another reason you may not want two dog beds is if you have an extra large or giant breed. Those beds can be the size of our own bed so it may not be feasible to keep one in the living room or another area of the house. 

How many dog beds should puppies have?

Shiba Uno is resting in her cozy bed

It is essential for your new puppy to have his own bed. He needs a safe space to call his own that he recognizes as “his space.” Because your puppy is still learning, he will need a short-term confinement area containing his bed and a crate because he has to be crate trained from day one.

All puppies need “puppy zones” with everything in those zones being “puppy proof.” For example, you may want to put up gates to keep him in a certain area that does not have any electrical cords or other dangerous items that he may be able to hurt himself on.

There will likely be other puppy-proof areas in your house where he can go when you are home and with him to supervise but his bed should stay in his crate in his designated confinement area. You can use his crate at times during the day when you are busy like when you are showering, working, or cooking.

Your pup will also need a longer-term confinement area like a play pen where he can go while you are going to gone for a while. For example, when you go to work he will need a safe area that he can play, sleep, or chew on his chew toys. 

The bed will be his safe space so he has a spot to go when he is overwhelmed, tired, or just needs a break. Puppyhood is overwhelming and can sometimes be stressful for your dog. Having one dog bed for your puppy means he has a space to go when he needs it.

Puppies need more than one bed due to training and security. It is sometimes overwhelming for puppies who are in a new space and miss their littermates and mother. You have to make sure there is at least one bed in his immediate area so he has somewhere to go if he needs to. 

Why shouldn’t you move your dog bed around?

Boston Terrier is sleeping his new bed

Moving your dog’s bed from room to room may sound like a great idea, but it is not recommended. Technically, it is okay to move them as long as your pup has one bed that stays in the same spot. He has to have a safe space that is all his that never moves.  

However, you have to consider some of the drawbacks of moving your dog’s bed. For example, if you move his bed to the bedroom at night to sleep and forget to move it back to the living room later, he will end up on the floor or on the couch. 

Every time you forget to move his bed, he ends up laying somewhere that is not optimal for his well-being. If you have an older dog with arthritis or dysplasia, he needs memory foam or orthopedic foam to support those joints. This can make his illness worse and aggravate any other conditions. 

Also, if you have an extra large or giant breed, moving his bed may not be as easy as you think. A high-quality bed for a dog his size could weigh upwards of 40 pounds. That may not sound like much, but it can be tiresome moving it back and forth if he likes to move often. 

You can move your dog’s bed once in a while as long as he has one bed that stays put so he has a space that is his own. There are drawbacks of moving his bed though such as forgetting to move it back and the inconvenience of doing so. Just remember, he has to have one bed that is always in the same spot that is all his. 

Can two dogs share the same beds?

2 terriers dogs are sharing a bed together

Because all dogs are different, there is no straightforward answer that covers everyone. Some pups need their own bed and will make that quite clear if one of your other dogs tries to nap in his spot. Other dogs insist on sleeping together. As long as they are comfortable, that is fine.

Even if you have two dogs who are inseparable during their playtime, that does not mean they want to sleep together. Never try to force them to share a bed. Also, even if they do enjoy sharing a bed sometimes, they may need their own space sometimes too. That is why it is important to have at least one dog bed for each dog. 

Just having an extra dog bed available is a good idea for those times when one of your dogs just needs some time on his own or if one of them is sick or injured. In addition, remember to make sure they have access to those beds all the time or you will need an additional bed or two when they are unable to get to the other bed. 

Two dogs can share the same beds if they want to. There is no reason to try to stop them. However, it is important to have another bed available if one of your dogs decides he needs some space.

How to save on dog beds?

Great Dane is sleeping in a smaller bed

Having to buy multiple beds means spending more money. Your dog needs a high-quality bed so skimping on the features to get a lower price is not the way to go. It is better to look for other ways to save money on dog beds. Here are a few ideas:

Saving money on dog beds is easy if you take your time and do research. Whether you buy one used, make your own, or use the human version, you can save money by being smart and knowing what to look for. 

Do your homework

First of all, you are doing one of the best things you can do right now, researching online. Use the internet to shop rather than just heading out to the pet shop. Sometimes you can find “online-only” savings that will save you a lot of money. Either way, it does not hurt to do some homework before buying. 

Look for gently used beds

There are tons of ads online or in the newspaper where you can find dog beds that are still in excellent condition. A lot of times, pet parents do some impulse buying and end up with too many dog beds or maybe their fur baby does not like the one they got for them. That is when you can step in and get a great deal. 

Try to find the human version

Anything that says it is for dogs, puppies, or pets is going to have a higher price tag. Often you can find a “human version” of these at a much lower price. Now, this will not work for a tiny dog but if your dog is large enough to use a baby bed, those mattresses are sometimes cheaper than a dog bed of the same size. 

Make your own

You can easily make your own dog bed for a fraction of the price as those in the stores. Sometimes it is just a matter of stuffing a pillowcase and sewing it up for a small or medium dog. You could also make your dog a bed out of an old t-shirt or sweatshirt. 

If you are good with wood, make your pooch a bed out of wood. Or, if you have an old dresser, put a pillow in one of the drawers for a unique bed. You can also make your dog a four-poster bed by flipping over an old end table, painting it, and putting a pillow inside. 

Try online promotions

Sometimes there are promotional codes online that you can use to save you money. For example, has a list of promo codes you can use anytime to save you some money that you didn’t even know about. In addition, some sites will give you a big discount or even offer you a free dog bed if you give them a review. 

Be sure they are durable

When you shell out the money for a dog bed, you need to make sure it is durable enough for your dog as well. You don’t want to spend a bunch of money on something he will tear up in less than one hour. If your dog is a bit “ruff” on his beds, spend the extra money to get him an “indestructible” dog bed or you will end up having to spend more for one after he tears it apart. 

How often would you need to replace old dog beds with new ones?

senior dog is laying in his bed

It is important to replace your dog’s bed on a regular basis such as every 6 months depending on your dog and how he treats his bed. But don’t wait until those 6 months are up if the bed he has now is ripped, stinky, or worn out. Some dog beds just do not last as long. For chewers or diggers, you will probably need to change his bed every 3 months. 

The way to tell if your dog needs a new bed is by looking at it and smelling it. For example, if the seams are coming loose, there are holes in it, or if your pup has chewed on it enough to make it unsafe, your dog needs a new bed. In addition, some dogs outgrow their beds so you have to look out for that as well. Also, if it is still dirty or smelly even after you clean it, you may as well get a new one. 

Replace your dog’s old beds when they are worn out, too small, or if they will not come clean, you need new dog beds. Those that are chewed up, smell horrible, or have been infested with fleas, mites, or parasites will also need to be replaced. Also, get a new one if his needs have changed like if he needs a more supportive bed.

Where to put my dog beds?

brown dog is laying in his bed

Your dog will typically decide that for you. Wherever he has been sleeping already is where you need to place one of the beds. The next space could be a room that is quiet and does not have a lot of foot traffic such as in a bedroom or dining room. 

Another spot your dog may need a bed is in the family room because dogs love to be around their family most of the time and you want him to have a bed to lay in wherever he goes. Especially if he has special needs like orthopedic foam or a calming bed. 

There are also some places you should not put your dog beds. For example, you do not want them in a bathroom for obvious reasons. Also, the hallway would be a bad place for a bed because of all the foot traffic. The front entrance is not good either for the same reason. 

You should put your dog beds in the spots that he lays in the most. If you often find him curled up by the sofa or loveseat, that would be one spot. Another spot should be a place where they go to be alone. All dogs need a safe space to get away from the hustle and bustle of a busy household.

The Final Woof

Boston Terrier is standing on his old bed

Getting your dog a second (or third) bed is a matter of personal choice. But, it can also be a very important feature for your dog’s happiness. Often, just having one bed means that sometimes his bed is not available to him and a dog needs his space 24 hours a day. He should also have more than one bed so he can be with you wherever you are. 

Puppies are special because they are being trained and sometimes they may get scared or anxious in a new place. He needs to have a bed with constant access so you will probably need more than one. Also, moving the bed from room to room is not a good idea because you may forget to move it back. 

Two dogs that love sleeping in the same bed is fine as long as they both fit comfortably. You should also make sure there is another bed available in case one of them wants to be alone for a while. To save on beds, look for gently used or human versions or make your own. You also need to know when to replace the old ones and where to put them to make sure your pooch has his own space all the time.

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