Where to Put a Dog Bed? (With Examples)

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white terrier is resting in his small bed next to the couch

The choice of where to put a dog bed may seem simple but it is important to make sure you consider all the options. You want him to have his own space in an area where he can get away from all the noise and confusion when he needs to. 

Every dog should have their own bed in a space that is suitable for them. For example, if your dog loves to be around you all the time and sleeps wherever you happen to be, you can put his bed in any corner of the house and he will probably be happy. But dogs that need solitude and silence at times should have a bed in a room that is typically vacant. 

Besides choosing the right location, you should also consider getting your pup more than one bed in case one of the rooms is too crowded. Allowing him more than one space could help ease anxiety and offer your dog a safe place to retreat to when needed. If you have more than one dog, you should have more than one bed for each of them. However, if they choose to sleep together, there is no reason not to let them.

We go into more detail about all of these questions below to give you all the information you need to choose the perfect spot for your dog bed. 

The best place to put a dog bed is somewhere where your dog can get away from noises and people in case fido feels anxious. This place should be warm, cozy, silent, and far from hallways and loud noise.

Why is the dog bed location important?

Great Dane is cuddling in his bed in the Livingroom

While it is important to choose the best dog bed for your fur buddy, it is just as important that you find the best place to put it. This is essential to your dog getting the right amount of sleep he needs to stay healthy and happy. What room you put his bed in will make a difference as well as where in the room you place it. 

All dogs need a place of their own, a safe haven, where they can get away from all of the chaos like people coming and going, kids playing, and other pets making noise. If your dog does not have a bed representing his safe space, he will likely hide somewhere on his own such as under a bed or in a closet. 

Dogs can have anxiety just like people do but they cannot express how they feel like we can. If your dog feels stressed or anxious, he needs a place to flee to in order to get away because they only know two reactions: fight or flight. A dog that does not have a place to flee to may feel trapped, leading to the possibility of an adverse reaction such as a growl or bite.

Many dog parents like to keep their dog’s bed in the main part of the house because they think that is what their pup wants. However, just like your bed, your fur baby needs his own space to relax and to sleep. Find a spot that will keep him safely away from all of the noise and excitement of our daily lives so he can relax and get the sleep he needs. 

The location of your dog’s bed is important because it provides your pup with a space of his own to retreat from everyday activities. Choose a space where he can relax and get away when he needs to and get the rest he needs. 

7 dog bed location ideas

brown dog is sitting on his bed next to his ball

The best way to find the right spot for your dog bed is to put it where he already sleeps or spends most of his downtime in. This may be a bedroom, living room, or even in your home office. As long as it is a place where he can be away from the hustle and bustle when he wants to. Here are some examples to consider.

Your Bedroom

As long as your room is not off-limits, it may just be the perfect space for your dog bed. Not only does this give your pup the security of having you nearby at night, but it also has your scent. Dogs are attracted to people’s scents and your pooch knows yours the best. This can be a great spot for an anxious dog to get away from the noise and confusion of everyday life.

Living Room

If your fur baby typically sleeps curled up next to the couch or in front of the fireplace, that could be the ideal space for his bed. Just make sure he is not out in the middle of the floor or anywhere there is foot traffic. This way he can be with his family while still having a safe space.

Home Office

Even if you work in the office during the day, your dog may feel comfortable sleeping nearby just to be near you. As long as your home office is not regularly inundated with people coming and going, placing his bed next to your desk could be the answer of where to put his bed. 

The Den 

If you have a den that is not typically full of guests or noise, your pup may enjoy sleeping in there. Having this space to get away from everyone while still being in the vicinity gives most dogs a sense of security and will help him relax. A corner of the room away from the main foot traffic is the best spot.


For those with open basements that are warm and welcoming, your fur baby may enjoy having his bed down there. Just make sure it is warm enough for him and that there is nothing nearby that could be dangerous to your pup. Chances are, he is probably already sleeping there anyway.

Dining Room

The dining room may not seem like the best spot but since it is only used at mealtime, it can be a nice, quiet safe haven for your pooch the rest of the time. Place his bed in a corner where he is not too close to the dining room set and make sure it is warm but not too warm. He will probably love this spot since everyone congregates there while he is in the kitchen eating his dinner.

Kids Room

Another room that may not seem the best is the kids’ room. This is only a good idea if your dog is particularly attached to one of your children and if the child is old enough. He can sleep in there all day in solitude and still be close to his “person” at night. 

4 examples of lousy dog bed locations

Labrador is laying on his large bed and staring outside

There are also certain places where you should not put your dog’s bed. Some of them may seem obvious but are still worth mentioning. Here are a few examples:


Although a bathroom that is rarely used could be feasible, bathrooms, in general, are not ideal places for the bed because the door is often shut, guests may not like having your dog in there while they use the bathroom, and it can be loud at times. For example, your pup probably would not appreciate being woken by a toilet flushing.


Being in the middle of the hallway where people walk all day is not a great idea no matter what. Your dog would not get any rest at all with your family coming and going.

Front Entrance

This is the worst place to put your dog is by an entrance or exit because of the drafts and traffic. There is no good reason to put a dog bed by a door of any kind.    


Although it is nice to have a second dog bed outside so your pup can take an afternoon siesta, you should never put his permanent dog bed out there because dogs should not be left outside all night. Even if the temperatures are perfect, staying out all night can put your dog at risk due to predators and dog nappers. 

Should your dog have more than one dog bed?

Shiba Uno sitting her bed

It is a great idea to have more than one dog bed for those times when he cannot get to one of them for some reason or if the room with his first dog bed is crowded or noisy. For example, if the kids are playing video games in the living room where Fido’s bed is, he can just go to his bed in your office to get away. 

However, dogs do enjoy being sociable so it is also a good idea to have one of his beds in the family room or kitchen so he can relax while the family watches a movie or when you are preparing dinner. That being said, giving your dog more than one bed gives him the option of being close or far away from all the action. 

Having more than one dog bed gives your dog the freedom of choosing whether to be sociable or not. It is also essential that he has several options in case other areas are crowded or noisy. 

Should your dogs share beds?

boxer is sleeping in his donut bed

If you have several dogs, you will need several beds. In fact, it is best to have at least 2 beds for each dog. This does not mean that your dogs will actually abide by those rules though, and you should not force them. For instance, if 2 of your dogs are really close and insist on sleeping in the same dog bed, there is no reason to make them stop. Even if you could, there is no reason why you should. 

However, if this is the case, make sure that the beds are big enough to hold both dogs comfortably. If your pups insist on napping together, make sure you have at least 1 dog bed that is large enough for 2. This can be difficult if you have 2 extra large or giant breeds, but they do make giant dog beds that can accommodate them if needed.

Although you should have at least 2 beds for each dog, letting them share beds is not a problem as long as they both are in agreement. Just make sure that you have at least 1 bed that is big enough to hold them both.

Should you place the beds close to each other?

brown dog is sleeping his is wooden bed

Each dog should have their own space. Whether that means a whole different room or just a little bit of space depends on your dogs. Some dogs like to have their fur buddies nearby while others insist on being as far away as possible when they sleep. Regardless, both of your dogs need to have a space that is just for them. 

Because all dogs are different, whether you place their beds together depends on them. For example, if your two pups like to sleep near each other during the day where the family is but want their own space at night, you should allow them to have 4 beds. Two of them together in the family room and separate ones for nighttime. 

Your dog should have the option of sleeping in his own space in a bed just for him. But since some dogs like to be together and socialize with the family during the day, you should offer 2 beds in the family room and then 1 for each in a separate room for the night. 

The Final Woof

Your dog should have his own private space with a comfortable dog bed and some peace and quiet. But choosing a bed is just the first part. You also need to find the perfect location for his bed. For example, if he usually beds down near your couch, the best spot for his bed is next to the couch. Just do not put his bed near an entrance, exit, bathroom, or hallway. 

In addition, having more than one bed is a good idea in case the living room is full of people and he wants some quiet time. This gives him the option of being sociable or being alone. Allowing your dogs to sleep in the same bed is fine too as long as you offer them their own bed just in case. They just need to have options. 

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