Dog-Friendly Las Vegas – Complete Travel Guide

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Well-known for its casinos, shows, nightlife, and entertainment, Las Vegas, Nevada, is also known as Sin City or the City of Lights. The Vegas Strip is where you will see all the huge casinos, hotels, and resorts, as well as famous attractions like The Bellagio Fountain and The High Roller Ferris Wheel. But there are also many places that pup parents can enjoy with their fur babies as well. 

Many of the largest hotels love dogs as much as you do. Some of them, like the Bellagio, Caesars Palace, Park MGM, and Trump International, will pamper your pooch with gifts and attention. The city also boasts 472 other pup-friendly rental properties, more than 20 off-leash dog parks, dozens of shopping malls that allow dogs, and over 200 pooch popular restaurants. In this helpful guide, you will find several of our top choices as well as the best dog-friendly neighborhoods, some laws you need to know, safety tips, and the best times to visit. 

Things dog parents need to know about Las Vegas

Even in the friendliest cities, there are always laws and regulations to know before you go. You need to know where your pup is allowed to go, where he needs a leash, and what vaccinations he needs to have. There are also rules about picking up after your pup. 

  • Like most other cities in the United States, dogs have to be on a leash while you are in public unless otherwise specified. For example, dog parks and certain stores allow your dog to be leash-free. Although there is no specific law for Nevada, Las Vegas and other cities make their own rules so you need to know what they are. 
  • There is a special law about The Strip. Both sides of Las Vegas Boulevard between Sunset Road and Sahara Avenue are off-limits to dogs between noon and 5 AM. From 5 AM to noon, your pooch can walk with you as long as he is on a leash three feet or shorter.
  • Your fur puppy needs to be licensed in Las Vegas if he is older than four months old. He also has to have his rabies vaccine and must be spayed or neutered unless he is exempt. 
  • Also, you can be fined $250 for not picking up your dog’s poop so you should always carry plenty of doggie bags wherever you go. Under the chapter 10.36 ordinance, it is illegal to not pick up after your pooch.
  • Dogs are not allowed on public transportation in Vegas. But small dogs that fit into a carrier can ride with you on a bus if he is caged. 

Dog-friendly Hotels in Las Vegas

While Las Vegas is pup popular, there are certain hotels where your pooch is more than just welcome, he is pampered. Many of them provide beds and other special items for your pup while others even have dog-friendly restaurants. Here are a few of our favorites.

  • Caesars Palace is one of the most popular hotels in Vegas for its seven pools that include swim-up blackjack tables. What’s more, your fur baby is welcome to join you here and they provide everything you need, including bowls, treats, food, and poop baggies. 
  • Flamingo Resort & Casino has a waterpark with pools, cabanas, and even a waterslide as well as 870 slot machines..It is also another fur baby fan where they offer your cuddly canine his own dishes, kibble, and treats, and they even have pet relief areas on the property. You can even get walking and pup-sitting services through the concierge. 
  • Hard Rock Hotel & Resort has a sandy beach pool, an adults-only pool, and a volcano that really erupts! They also have sWAG bags for your poochie that includes a memory foam bed, bowls, and treats. You will also find several dog-friendly eateries and parks nearby. 

For nature lovers, check out some of the campgrounds and RV parks that allow fur babies. Most of them are a lot cheaper than hotels and do not typically charge a fee for dogs. The Circus Circus RV Park has its own dog run and lots of amenities for humans, like a pool and hot tub. 

Note: There is no need to be really detailed here, it should be an overall teaser for our hotel post. Thousand Trails RV Park is another great spot with a dog park, pool, and hot tub, as well as a clubhouse and library. Las Vegas KOA has almost 500 sites to pick from and they are all pooch popular. 

Las Vegas Dog parks

No matter where you go, there is almost always a dog park where you can take your fur puppy to play. Some even allow leash-free play for awesome games of fetch or frisbee and playing with other fur babies. Here are a few of our favorites. 

  • Bark Park at Heritage Park is a cute place with a giant puppy, his bone, and a dog house in front of it. There are also fire hydrant water sprayers to keep your dog cool in the desert heat. The park also has tunnels, ramps, jumps, and other agility equipment.  
  • For some indoor fun, take your pup to Barx Parx in Regal Plaza. Not only do they have lots of play toys and play equipment for the pooches, but they also have a special section for shy or small dogs. And the pet parents can enjoy beer, snacks, TVs, and board games. 
  • Craig Ranch Dog Park is huge and stays open late for those dogs who stay up after dark. They have three areas, including two for the big guns and one across the street for the little tykes. And the rest of the 170-acre park allows leashed dogs to join their pup parents. 

Dog Friendly Restaurants and Dining

It is always good to know where you can take your canine companion to eat or enjoy a brew or glass of wine. And who wants to leave their best friend behind while they have a cup of java? We found 211 different eating establishments that welcome your furry family members. These are just a few. 

Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar is one of the most dog-friendly eatery in Vegas where they even have a doggie menu. He can pick from chicken with rice, beef patties, or another pooch popular item. And you can choose from appetizers, salads, bowls, burgers, pasta, seafood, chicken, and delicious desserts. ReBar is a bar and antique shop in one where your pup can help you chow down on a bratwurst while you drink an ice-cold beer.

Big Dog’s Brewing Company makes small batches of brew for you to try while you are in town. They also have burgers, pizza, wings, and even steaks. The patio is pup-friendly, but you should call ahead because there are a lot of Las Vegas dog owners who visit this place. Vino Del Lago also has outdoor tables for your cuddle buddy. They have some of the most delicious wine in the city. Although it is a posh place, the vibe is casual, and nobody minds your pooch being around. 

Makers & Finders Coffee is a unique coffee bar with a multitude of Latin-inspired coffees and snacks. There are 15 tables outside for pup parents and their canine compadres to enjoy some arepas and empanadas. Of course, your pup will be treated with his own water bowl and snacks. 

Things to do in Las Vegas with a dog

There are other things to do in Las Vegas with your pup besides eating and visiting the dog parks. You can climb a mountain, visit a pup popular museum, get spooked on a ghost tour, or find some things on a scavenger hunt. The city also has a variety of hiking trails, rivers, lakes, and events to check out. 

For example, you and Fido can go fishing, boating, or swimming in the Twin Lakes at Lorenzi Park. Or head to the Clark County Wetlands Park with its 2,900 acres that includes the Las Vegas Wash. Or you can take a hike in the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, where you will find 31 different trails, from easy to challenging. The two-mile Moenkopi Loop is one of the most popular. It features fossils, cacti, and amazing cliff views. 

While you are in Las Vegas with your fur baby, you can both enjoy some of the great events for pups, like Bark in the Park and Bring Your Hound to the Mound at the Las Vegas Ballpark from April until September. At the beginning of October, you can also go to Paws in the Park at Aliante Nature Discovery Park or bring your cuddly canine to the Annual Big Dog’s Dogtoberfest in the middle of Big Dog’s Brewing Company. 

Daycare and Boarding

If you plan to go to the casinos, a show, or somewhere else that does not allow dogs, you will also need to know some good doggie daycare and boarding places. Since you do not trust your dog with just anyone, we did some research to find out the places with the best reviews. For example, Doggie Oasis has 4.9 stars out of 5 and is open 24 hours a day, so you can gamble all night if you want. And Hot Diggity Dog Daycare has over 10 years of experience taking care of fur babies. Or take your pup to Camp Bow Wow, where they do everything from dog walking to grooming. 

Dog Care and safety

You probably already know that it gets really hot in Vegas. After all, it is in the desert. Summer temps can reach the triple digits easily and your canine companion should not be allowed to play outdoors at that time. If your pup does have some kind of heat issue or anything else, you will need to know the best vets and animal hospitals in the city. 

VCA Animal Hospital provides 24-hour emergency care as well as preventive and wellness exams. They even have a pharmacy. Animal Kindness Vet is also open 24 hours a day and provides everything from dental cleanings to emergency surgery. South Shores Animal Hospital has more than 10 years of experience and prides themselves on getting to really know your furry friend when treating them. 

Because of the heat, it is recommended that you do not allow your fur baby to remain outdoors anytime the temperature is over 85 degrees F, which is every day in Las Vegas during the summer. This is especially true for brachycephalic dogs and pups with thick fur. Also, never leave your cuddle buddy in a vehicle for any amount of time, no matter the temperature. 

Also, Vegas has a variety of wildlife that can be dangerous for your pooch, including rattlesnakes, scorpions, tarantulas, and coyotes. Always keep your fur baby on a short leash and stay out of high grass. Some others that are not as common but you still need to be wary of include mountain lions, bears, and Gila monsters. 

Insects can be an issue, too, including mosquitos, ticks, and spiders. Stock up on insect repellent for both you and your pooch at one of the pet stores in town, like Petland Vegas, Dog Supplies Outlet, or PetSmart.

Best time to visit Las Vegas with your dog

Las Vegas is a busy and exciting town with lots of shows, casinos, restaurants, and entertainment venues. It is also dog-friendly, with dozens of pup popular parks, eating establishments, and hotels. But there are some times of the year when Vegas is not as welcoming due to high temperatures and tourism. 

  • Shoulder Season: (December – February): This is a great time to bring your cuddly canine companion to Vegas. The high temps are usually in the 60s, and lows are in the 30s, so if you go out at night, put a jacket on your pup. 
  • Low Season (June – August): High temperatures in the triple digits keep many people out of Las Vegas during this time. Although you can get some great deals on hotels, it is not usually safe to play outdoors with your cuddle bug.
  • High Season (March – May and September – November): This is the ideal time for visiting Vegas because the days are warm and sunny, and the nights are mild. The prices are higher, but you can take your pooch to enjoy the parks and other outdoor fun. 

Monthly highlights

  • January: The days are mild, and nights are cool but not too cold. Great for daytime fun.
  • February: Just grab a sweater if going out in the evening, and you will be okay for whatever activity you and Fido have planned.
  • March: The city is getting busier as temps rise, so avoid tourist attractions during peak times. But it is wonderful for outdoor activities any time of day.
  • April: The days are warming up into the 80s, but nights still drop to the mid-40s. Always bring extra water and sunscreen but also a jacket or warm sweater for Fido.
  • May: It is best to keep your fun indoors during the day as the heat ramps up to 90 degrees F. Nights are still great for outdoor fun in the mid-50s.
  • June: The only time you should be letting your fur baby outside is for a few minutes when needed for potty breaks. Try not to go out until after dark as the daytime temps are in the low 100s.
  • July: You will not see many people or pups outdoors in July. Daytime is best enjoyed inside, like at an indoor dog park or puppy pool. 
  • August: Still too hot to go out during the day, plan some fun activities at night, like a midnight walk or swim. 
  • September: Daytime is still in the 90s, so whatever you are planning to do, try to do it after dark. 
  • October: Back to the pleasant temps, your canine compadre can once again play outside during the day. Nights are dropping into the 40s, though, so bring a jacket.
  • November: This is a peaceful month in Vegas, and with temps in the 30s at night, you will want to plan your outings during the day. 
  • December: The days are perfect for outdoor fun, like walks in the park or a picnic. Nights will require coats for both of you. 

Las Vegas Neighborhoods

If you ask 10 different people what the best neighborhood in Las Vegas is, you will probably get about seven or eight different answers. Many will say The Strip, but this is not really the best for pup parents. Some of the best Vegas neighborhoods for those with fur babies are the more mellow and laid-back areas like Summerlin, Green Valley, Boulder City, and Spring Valley. 

  • Summerlin: Full of pup popular parks and trails, Summerlin is fun for all. Your fur baby can even join you on a shopping spree in Downtown Summerlin. Don’t miss the Barkin’ Basin Dog Park at Wayne Bunker Park. 
  • Henderson: Renowned for its small-town vibe and big-city amenities. With a walkability score of 83% and its tree-lined streets, it is the perfect place to take your pup for a walk. Pet parents can enjoy the M Resort Spa Casino, Lake Las Vegas, and the Galleria Shopping Center.
  • Green Valley: Home to some of the best off-leash dog parks like Sunset and Nicolai’s Para Dog Parks, as well as the indoor Barx Parx, Green Valley is pup tastic. It is also home to The District, a popular shopping spot. 
  • Boulder City: One of the two places in Nevada where you cannot gamble, this community is a peaceful place for you and your cuddle buddy. It also has the Hoover Dam where you can read about The Dog Who Owned A Dam, who wandered around the dam as it was being built.. 
  • Spring Valley: Just a couple miles from The Strip, Spring Valley has a variety of dog-friendly parks and recreational spaces, including six off-leash parks. Clark County Dog Park at Spring Valley is one of the favorites, with three sections and water fountains.
  • Paradise: With several dog-friendly eateries and a dozen hotels that love dogs, Paradise is the place to be for pup parents. They also have several dog parks, groomers, and pet sitters.
  • Downtown: Whether you want to dine at one of the 50+ pup-friendly eateries, take a hike on one of the 10 trails, or shop at some of the dog-friendly stores, you can do all that and more in Downtown Vegas. It is a bit noisier than the other communities,but there is a lot more to do for everyone. 

Always make sure the places you visit with your pup are dog-friendly before going to avoid any conflict and wasted time. Keep him on a leash unless otherwise indicated. Also, pack plenty of water for you both and plastic baggies for picking up after your pup. 

The Final Woof

Whether you plan to play the slots, see the shows, or spend all your time with your fur baby enjoying what Vegas has to offer, you will fall in love with the lights and sounds of Vegas. It is a busy place almost all year long, and it gets incredibly hot during the summer, so keep that in mind. This list is just a small portion of the parks, hotels, restaurants, and neighborhoods that are best for pup parents. We also listed the main rules, regulations, and laws about dogs in Vegas, as well as some places to take your fur puppy if he needs medical attention. 

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