15 of the Best Dog-Friendly Parks in Woodland, California, to Enjoy with Your Pup

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Just 15 miles northeast of Sacramento, Woodland is a fairly large city in north-central California. It is located in Yolo County and was originally named Yolo City until 1859, when the city was renamed after its abundance of oak woodlands. The population is over 61,000 people, and is known for its historical heritage with a plethora of historic buildings downtown, such as the Independent Order of Odd Fellows (IOOF) Building, Reiff’s Antique Gas Station, and the YOLO County Historical Museum. 

The weather in Woodland is almost always warm and sunny, with summer highs in the mid-90s, and winters can be cool and wet with high temperatures in the upper 50s. You will see many Woodlanders spending a lot of their time at the local parks because of the great temperatures. The city has quite a few fantastic parks you and your fur baby can visit. What’s more, there are quite a few off-leash dog parks for your pup’s enjoyment. Here are my 15 top choices.   

Bannon Creek Park Dog Park

Bannon Creek Dog Park is located in Sacramento, about 18 miles southeast of Woodland. You will find this quaint pup park in the Bannon Creek Park & Parkway off Azevedo Drive and West El Camino. Although it is not a huge place, it is fully fenced and very well-shaded. It also has waste stations with doggie bags and water fountains with self-filling dog bowls. There are plenty of benches for pet parents to relax as well. 

Also, the grass always seems to be green, and it is always mowed to a nice height. Long enough to be comfortable and short enough for dogs to run through. What it does not have is a separate section for small pups. So, if you have a little dog that is afraid of big dogs or vice versa (it happens more often than you think), you may want to try a different park. Also, bring doggie bags because they run out often here.

Barandas Park Dog Park

Just over a mile to the northwest, Barandas Park Dog Park has one acre for large pups and a quarter acre for small pooches. They both have decomposed granite and mulch, concrete walking paths, bench seating, canopy shade trees, and drinking fountains with dog bowls. Barandas Dog Park is one of the newer ones, opened in 2019, and is very modern looking. The unique ovals of granite are easy on human and pup feet, and the mulch around the perimeter is perfect for pups to dig in. 

Because it gets pretty hot and sunny in the summer, the park provides shade pavilions for pup parents with seating and kiddie pools for the pups to cool off in. There are water spigots for cleaning and refilling the pools and the water bowls. Fido is welcome outside the dog park, too, as long as he is leashed. There is a playground for the kiddos, ball fields, and even ping pong tables. 

Blackbird Park Dog Park

Blackbird Park Dog Park is another new pooch play space in Sacramento, only a few minutes from Barandas Park Dog Park. It is located in the Sundance Lake area off of the West Side Freeway at Blackbird Park. You cannot miss the giant blackbird statue at the playground. This is another new space, and it shows. The ground cover is new synthetic grass that keeps pup paws clean and comfortable, and there are two large seating areas with shade sails. 

The small dog section has a little over half an acre, while the large dog section has 1.6 acres, so there is plenty of room for a game of fetch or frisbee. The dog park section is in the northwestern corner of the park by the playground. The drinking fountains also have self-filling dog bowls so your cuddle buddy can get a drink whenever he wants to, and there are kiddie pools in the summer. 

Brooks Truitt Bark Park

To get to Brooks Truitt Bark Park in Sacramento, you have to go across the American River and along the Sacramento River on Interstate 5. It is five miles south of Bannon Creek Dog Park by the train tracks. You really cannot miss this one either because it has a huge seven-foot colorful sign that says BARK in front and a dog mural behind it. The community garden is also a feature here that the residents tend to often. 

Like the other Sacramento dog parks, this one is new and has a decomposed granite play surface. But this one is more like sand, and the fur puppies love it! There is a large and small dog area, so nobody has to feel overwhelmed or outnumbered, and the water fountains also have doggie bowls that refill on their own. Besides shaded benches, pup parents also have colorful cubes to sit on and umbrellas for shade.  

Davis Community Dog Park

The Davis Community Park also has a nice fenced dog park just 10 miles south of downtown Woodland behind the Mary L. Stephens Davis Library and the North Davis Elementary School. It is situated in the western corner of the community park next to the skate park and is a very popular spot for local pup parents. Families also flock to this park because of its cool Rainbow City Playground. In the afternoon, the playground can get really crowded. 

However, locals say that most of the time they go to the Davis Community Dog Park, it is empty. A lot of people do not even know this fantastic park exists. Get the word out so your pup has some other fur buddies to play with. Or, if you have a dog that is not totally socialized, you can enjoy some open space without worry on weekdays between 10 AM and 2 PM. Two things to note: there is no small dog section, and it turns into a mud puddle when it rains. 

Edna’s Playground Dog Park

Only three miles southwest of Davis Community Dog Park, Edna’s Playground is located at the University of California in Davis in front of the Center for Companion Animal Health. The cozy little pup playground may be small, but it is full of fun! In fact, this little place has more agility equipment in it than any of the large parks in the area on this list! There are weave poles to shimmy through, several hurdles to jump over, and some hoops to jump through. 

There is also an A-frame to climb up, down, and underneath, a tunnel that pups love to zip through, and a seesaw to learn better balance. The park also has a brick path that memorializes lost pets, veterinarians, and family members, as well as a couple of benches for pet parents and doggie bag dispensers for easier cleanup. But you should bring your own anyway, just in case, and always bring extra water. 

Glenbrook Large Dog Park

First of all, it is not called a Large Dog Park because it only allows big dogs. It is in reference to the size of the park itself. There are actually two sections, with one just for small and timid dogs 25 pounds and under. Glenbrook Large Dog Park can be found about 24 miles southeast of Woodland in Glenbrook Park, just off the El Dorado Freeway. It is right next to the baseball diamonds at the southern end of the park.

You and your pooch will not be disappointed at this pup play area because not only is there plenty of room, but there is also agility equipment. The A-frame ramp is perfect for large pooches to run up and down, and the tunnel in the small dog section is a wonderful addition. The park also has water fountains for dogs and their humans, as well as shaded seating. They do not have doggie bags anymore, so bring your own. 

Grasslands Regional Dog Park

About 18 miles south of downtown Woodland, the Grasslands Regional Dog Park is a fenced area with 10 acres of grassy space lined with oak trees for your fur puppy to enjoy. It is located in Grasslands Regional Park and includes the trail that starts here. The 1.25-mile trail is totally leash-free, and there are fences, but with 10 acres of natural space, you will want your dog to be voice-controlled. There are two entrances, including the western entrance at the parking lot and the eastern entrance at the trailhead. 

Each entrance has waste stations with poop bags, so please use them if you did not bring your own. It may be a natural area, but that does not mean you can leave your pup’s poo laying around. You should also bring along plenty of water for both of you. There are info signs along the trail about the local flora and fauna and a portable restroom. Be aware that there are also a lot of foxtails here, so check your pooch, as they will not come out on their own.

North Natomas Regional Dog Park 

North Natomas Regional Dog Park in Sacramento is three miles east of Blackbird Dog Park and is considered to be the best dog park in the city. There are two full acres for big dogs and a half acre for little ones 25 pounds and under. There are shade sails, benches, water fountains, and waste stations with doggie bags, but that is all standard dog park stuff. What makes this pup paradise so special are the other two sections of the park. 

First, in the middle of the space between the two dog parks, there is a water play zone with a fire hydrant sprayer and puppy pools. This is perfect for hot days. Then, in the corner of the park between those three areas, there is a stellar agility park for all fur pups. There is a ramp for running up and down, hoops to jump through, and an A-frame for balance. There are also some jumps, pause tables and weave poles. All dogs love this place!  

Partner Dog Park

Take your canine companion to have some off-leash fun at Partner Dog Park in Sacramento, just four miles southwest of Truitt Bark Park between the Belle Cooledge Community Center and the City Utilities Building. And this is not just your typical flat dog park either! With two acres of space, it has steep hills and valleys so your fur baby can get a real workout. And so can you. There are movable chairs and tables so you can sit up on top or in the valleys to watch your pup play.

Although it does not have fancy agility equipment, it has natural obstacles like trees, large rocks, and the aforementioned hills. A couple of the trees are even climbable for agile dogs! They also have doggie bag dispensers and water fountains here. There is no separate space for little or timid dogs though, so if you have a small or shy pup, you may want to skip this one. 

Sam Combs Dog Park

Head west to about four miles from Truitt Bark Park to get to Sam Combs Dog Park, where they do have a separate section for dogs 25 pounds and under. It is a pretty big park at the eastern end of Sam Combs Community Park, just off Highway 84 near the ship channel at the Sacramento River. The small dog section has about a quarter of an acre with a couple of benches, a water fountain, a doggie pool, a tunnel, a pause table, and weave poles.

The other part of the dog park is for all dogs and has more play equipment like hoops to jump through, an A-frame to climb on and under, a fire hydrant to pee on, an elevated tunnel to zip through, and jumps to hurdle. For pet parents, you can choose from numerous benches and picnic tables in or out of the shade. They also have doggie bags, but bring your own in case they run out.

Tanzanite Community Dog Park

Tanzanite Community Dog Park is another Sacramento Park with lots of room for fur babies to play. This one is about 20 minutes from Woodland and three miles south of North Natomas Regional Dog Park. It is located at the western end of the Tanzanite Community Park, right between the lake and the soccer field giving you and your cuddle buddy some awesome views of the water and the many geese, ducks, and egrets that live there. 

Although it started out as two acres with no separations for large and small dogs, they put up a fence to make a petite pup area so everyone can feel safe as they play. The grass is thick and green, there are water spigots and fountains for filling water bowls, and several doggie bag dispensers for easy pickup. In addition, the benches for the pet parents and shade trees are also a plus, so you can relax and watch your pup play.

Toad Hollow Dog Park

You and your fur puppy will have a blast at Toad Hollow Dog Park in Davis, about 12 miles to the south of downtown Woodland. This is a nice welcoming pup play area where it seems like they really care about the dogs and humans. The first thing you will notice is the size. The park boasts about 2.5 acres of off-leash play space for your pooch. Also, there are quite a few dog waste stations with poop bags, poop scoops, and built-in trash bins. 

There are separate small and large dog areas with double-lock gates on both, a drinking fountain with a hose to fill bowls, and lots of movable chairs so you can sit where you want. And the dog bench is awesome. It is an adorable dog statue turned into a bench and the perfect photo opp. There is room for running, fetching, and chasing too. The only bad thing is that it floods when it rains, closing the park for days at a time. 

Valley Oak Dog Park

Just two miles north of North Natomas Regional Dog Park, the Valley Oak Dog Park can be found at the southwestern end of Valley Oak Community Park across from the basketball and tennis courts. This is a great family park in a nice residential area of new homes. Most of the park is new, too, with recently renovated play areas, picnic areas, a water spray park, fitness stations, and a garden with signage.

But the best part for you and your cuddly buddy is the 2.5-acre dog park. The small and timid dog section has a half acre, and the large side is huge, with just over two acres. There is plenty of room to run, play ball, or toss a frisbee around. Or you can just relax on the shaded benches and watch Fido play with the other fur pups. There are waste stations with bags, drinking fountains, and both sections are astroturf. 

Woodland Off-Leash Dog Park

Right in the middle of the city of Woodland, the Woodland Off-Leash Dog Park is located in the southwestern corner of Woodland Community Park. It is a large area separated for large and small pups to play in their own spaces. Lots of open grassy lawns to romp around on and play chase with the other fur puppies that visit. With the family park and ballfields, it is a busy place, especially in the evenings and on the weekends. 

Both sections are mostly grass with a bit of bark mulch and paved walkways for the pet parents. Plus, like other dog parks, there are waste stations with poop bags and trash receptacles, as well as water fountains for pups and their humans. However, it never hurts to bring your own bags and water just in case they run out. Especially since it is the only official fenced dog park in Woodland. 

The Final Woof

Dog parks are fun, but seriously, sometimes you have to do something different. Even Fido gets tired of doing the same thing all the time. How about taking your pooch on a carriage ride? Believe it or not, there are two different carriage companies that welcome leashed pets. The Carriage Rides in Old Town Tour starts at the Wells Fargo Museum and allows small dogs only. And at Top Hand Ranch Carriage Company, they welcome all dogs and will take you wherever you want to go! Or you can take your canine companion shopping and dining on the Old Sacramento Waterfront, where they have more than 125 shops. However, they are not all dog-friendly, so ask first. 

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