15 Most Dog-Friendly Popular Pooch Parks in Pasadena, CA

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Only 11 miles northeast of Los Angeles, Pasadena is a popular tourist town in California’s San Gabriel Valley. With a population of almost 140,000 people, the city is one of the most populated in the state. Known as the home of the Tournament of Roses Parade and the Rose Bowl NFL game, many people come to Pasadena to cheer on their favorite football teams. And the warm temperatures all year long means there are plenty of outdoor activities here as well. 

It may not be on the beach, but Pasadena has plenty of parks to enjoy with your fur puppy. Being in Los Angeles County, this is a very pup popular city, and your canine companion is welcome at almost every park you find. Many of them have off-leash fenced dog parks as well. Here are 15 of our favorite pup parks in Pasadena to check out with your furry family member. 

Alice’s Dog Park

Named for Alice Frost Kennedy, Alice’s Dog Park is located in the southwestern section of Vina Vieja Community Park, about four miles east of downtown Pasadena. The 2.5-acre pup playground has a separate section for small dogs 25 pounds and under, so even those little ones that have big-dog anxiety can have fun without worry. It also has a variety of different natural obstacles like boulders and mounds where pups can play King of the Hill. 

Your fur puppy will need to have a current license and be fully vaccinated with a rabies tag on his collar at all times. One important thing about this park is that they do not use any herbicides in the grass, so you do not have to worry about your pooch chomping on the grass. For the pet parents, you will have a variety of seating choices, water fountains, and waste stations with free poop bags. 

Banna Dog Park

One of the newest dog parks in Pasadena, Banna Dog Park, opened in 2023, approximately 19 miles east of Pasadena on the corner of North Banna Avenue and East Cypress Street. With all modern equipment, including cantilever shade shelters and natural play items like large rocks and logs, this is a fun place for you and Fido to spend the day. Bring along the human kids, too, because the playground right next to it is all new as well. It even has a zipline for kids. 

The pooch playground actually has playground equipment made especially for dogs. It has steps, a slide, two tunnels underneath as well as two jumps and a tunnel up on top to run from the steps to the slide! The small dog section has a miniature version with steps, a slide, and a tunnel. There are benches and water fountains as well as poop bag dispensers for easy cleanup. 

Crescenta Valley Dog Park

Just under 10 miles northwest of Pasadena at the Crescenta Valley Community Regional Park the Crescenta Valley Dog Park is the first one operated and owned by the county. It has about 1.5 acres of open space with mature sycamore and oak trees for shade. There is a half-acre fenced section for little and shy dogs, and the other acre is for the more active and larger pups. Both have granite dust ground cover and cedar chips in some areas. 

All-sized dogs enjoy using the huge rocks and boulders native to the area as climbing and jumping-off points, and there are logs that are fun for the same reason. Bring a ball or doggie disc for a game of catch, or just relax on one of the comfortable shaded benches and watch your cuddly canine companion play with the other fur babies. They also have water fountains and poop bags, but it is wise to bring your own anyway. 

Culver City Boneyard Dog Park

If you want a lot of open space for your playful pup to run around, head to the Boneyard. Culver City Dog Park, also known as The Boneyard, is a large off-leash park about 20 miles southwest of downtown Pasadena at Culver City Park. It is just south of the Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook near Ballona Creek on Jefferson Boulevard. The park has about an acre of space sectioned off for big and small dogs, with a small area for dogs that need to chill out.

The large and small dog sections have benches for pup parents, shade structures, water fountains, and waste stations with poop baggies. However, it is always a good idea to pack your own bags and water just in case you need it. It is better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it! Your pooch will need to have a license, vaccinations, and rabies tag. 

Dali’s Dog Park

Dali’s Dog Park is a quaint pooch play space in Rowland Heights at Peter F. Schabarum Regional Park just 20 miles southeast of downtown Pasadena. It is right off the Highway 60 and 39 interchange (Pomona Freeway), so it is easy to get to as long as you do not go during heavy traffic times of early morning and evening. The park has two separate enclosures. One for small dogs under 30 pounds and the other for big dogs. Each side has covered seating with highback benches and chairs for awesome comfort. 

The pooches love the dog-shaped jump-overs and the hoop tunnels to run through and between as well as the water fountains where they can get a drink on their own. The ground covers vary from gravel to pavement and thick grass where Fido can roll around in comfort. Right outside the park, there are picnic areas with tables and barbecue grills, as well as playgrounds for the kiddos. 

Eagle Rock Dog Park

Pack some water, doggie bags, and your pup’s leash, and take your fur puppy to Eagle Rock Dog Park, just three miles west of Pasadena. It is located on the eastern side of Eagle Rock Recreational Center on Figueroa Street off the Ventura Freeway, right across the street from the Tiny Homes Village. This is a gorgeous park with thick green astroturf and paved walkways as well as natural hills along the perimeters. 

The park also uses natural agility and climbing structures like large flat rocks for climbing, overgrown tree roots and logs for balancing, and mounds for exercise. But pups get even more exercise chasing each other around or playing a game of fetch with their humans. If you forgot to bring a ball or toy, they have a toy bin for that. There are also poop bag dispensers, water fountains, and benches with shade for all the pet parents. Make sure your dog is licensed and has all his shots before visiting.

Fletcher Fetch Park

Fletcher Fetch Park is only about 10 miles southeast of the city of Pasadena, off Interstate 10 (El Monte Busway). It is a good-sized park with two sections, one for small dogs that are 35 pounds and under. They both have doggie bag dispensers, water fountains, and lots of benches for pup parents as well as recreational equipment for the pups. The large dog section has a hoop tunnel, an elevated tunnel, and a long ramp with steps and a platform. 

Small dogs have some cool agility items as well, including a tunnel, A-frame, and weave poles. There is also an ADA walkway around the perimeter of each section and shade structures for all. They even have water spray features to cool off. If you have the little humans with you, there is a fun playground next door with slides, climbing, and swings, basketball hoops, and picnic areas. But your pup will need to be leashed outside the dog park. 

Fullerton Pooch Park

Less than a half-hour south of Pasadena, the Fullerton Pooch Park is a pup popular fenced off-leash play area for all dogs. It is just across from the Pacific Drive School and Park on South Basque Avenue in Fullerton. The pooch park has three sections that include a small dog area for pooches under 25 pounds, a big dog space for those over 25 pounds, and a community dog area for all sizes and breeds.

You will need to register to bring your cuddle buddy here, but it is free and only takes a few minutes. They have some really interesting handmade dog agility equipment, like a tunnel made from a keg holder and another from a huge tire as well as natural obstacles like giant boulders and rocks. To make cleanup easier, the park features several waste stations with bag dispensers and trash receptacles, and there are water fountains for pups and their humans. 

Garvey Paws Dog Park

Your fur baby will love playing off the leash at Garvey Paws Dog Park, located in Rosemead’s Garvey Park, three miles west of Fletcher Fetch Dog Park. The first thing you will see is that there are two sides. One is just for small dogs, and the other is for all dogs. The small dog section does not have any agility equipment but does have some large flat rocks for climbing, lush green grass, and lots of space for running around or playing ball.

That being said, the large section has a lot to do, including a really neat log tunnel, a seesaw, a balance beam, and weave poles, as well as some large flat rocks and green grass. Although it says this section is for dogs over 25 pounds, if your pooch is happy playing with the big dogs, there is no reason he cannot go and enjoy all the fun over there. 

Griffith Park Dog Park

Did you know that Griffith Park has a dog park? This well-known community park of over 4,200 acres has a lot of activities, including museums, golf courses, an amphitheater, and the Griffith Park Observatory, as well as the Los Angeles Zoo and the Greek Theater. Unfortunately, most of these places are off-limits to dogs. But the dog park is awesome! The spacious area is completely fenced with shade, picnic tables, water, poop bags, and trees, as well as lots of room to roam. 

The Griffith Park Dog Park has separate sections for small and large dogs, and it is right next to the Los Angeles River, so you can take your pupster out to play in the water afterward as long as he is leashed. Griffith Park also has some awesome dog-friendly trails, including the Old Zoo Loop, Bronson Caves, and the Hollywood Sign Trail. Some are easy and short, like the half-mile Bronson Caves Loop, but the 7.6-mile trek to the Hollywood Sign takes more expertise.  

Silver Lake Dog Park

Between Griffith Park and Dodger Stadium, about 10 miles southwest of Pasadena, you and your best furry friend can enjoy the Silver Lake Dog Park. It is situated at the southern end of the Silver Lake Reservoir on the corner of Silver Lake Boulevard and Duane Street. This is a very popular dog park, and although there is no separate section for small dogs, the pooches all seem to get along very well. Maybe because there is so much room and a variety of things to do. 

There are several bone benches where Fido can sit, jump over, or even slide under if he is small enough. Your dog will also find sand to dig in, grass to roll around in, and trees to pee on. Everything is fun here at the dog park. Humans are treated to shaded seating as well as movable chairs to give you the chance to sit where you want. The waste station has free baggies and poop scoopers too!

South Gate Dog Park

Need to let your pooch get rid of those zoomies? Take your canine companion to South Gate Dog Park in the southwest corner of Hollydale Regional Park, right next to the Los Angeles River. It is less than 20 miles south of downtown Pasadena and is known to be a very popular spot with the local pup parents. In fact, the locals just call it Hollydale Dog Park (or The Dog Park), but do not let that confuse you. 

Dogs that are 25 and under have their own section, but they are also allowed to play in the big dog’s section. They both have cool agility equipment, including hoops to jump through, an A-frame to run up, down, over, and under, tunnels to zip through, and a ramp with steps to climb and a slide to slip down. It is seriously like a pooch playground, and they will love it as much as you do!

South Hills Park

South Hills Park has over 200 acres of space with all sorts of activities for everyone, including your cuddly canine companion. Outside the fenced dog park, your pup has to be leashed, but he is allowed to join you on the hiking trails as well as the picnic areas. And your kids will love the playgrounds. It is only 18 miles east of Pasadena and has a fantastic and modern dog park right at the main entrance on East Mauna Loa Avenue. 

The small and large dog sections are both pretty big and have all the amenities you need, like shaded seating, water fountains, and waste stations with poop bags to help with cleanup. But it also has agility stations in each section, including A-frames, jumping hoops and poles, pedestals, and pause tables. And the fence has a bunch of dog silhouettes with size-indicated pooches so you know where you are going before you even get there. 

South Paws-Adena Dog Park

With an adorable play on names, the South Paws-Adena Dog Park is also one of the most popular with pups and their pup parents. It is only three miles southwest of downtown Pasadena and has some of the most ingenious play equipment, including those for dogs with limited mobility! There is a separate small dog space, but most pooch parents spend their time in the big dog section because it has more to do. 

Both sides are mostly dirt, so do not expect your cuddly buddy to stay clean. Especially if you visit on a day that it rains. There is very little shade but plenty of benches, and they do have a shade structure. The fur pups are able to get fresh water whenever they want from the doggie drinking fountain, and you can get free doggie bags for poop pickup patrol. Outside the dog area, you can put your dog’s leash back on and check out the trails!

Wildcatters Dog Park

Although this pooch play space was originally built for the community of the Blackstone Housing Development, it is a public park open to anyone who wants to bring their fur baby to play. As long as your canine companion has all his shots, is licensed, and is spayed or neutered, they are welcome at Wildcatters Dog Park. The park boasts about a third of an acre for pups that weigh 25 pounds and under, and the rest of the park is for all dogs. 

The double-gated safety gates are secure for all sizes and breeds, and both sides have soft K9 artificial grass that keeps paws clean. There are picnic tables for the pet parents to relax and enjoy watching their fur babies play and water fountains for all. The cleanup stations do not provide doggie bags, though, so make sure you pack plenty of extras. Many of the awesome pup parents leave extras tied to the fence for those who forget!

The Final Woof

Do you like trains or just want to learn more about them? Well, you do not have to leave your fur puppy behind when visiting the Travel Town Museum at Griffith Park. Just make sure he is on a leash and bring doggie bags for cleanup. Your canine compadre can also join you on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. He will love seeing the stars for Lassie, Snoopy, and Rin Tin Tin, as well as other famous characters like Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse, and Winnie the Pooh. When it gets dark, why not take your little buddy to see a movie? The Vineland Drive-In welcomes pooches as long as they are leashed.   

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