The Best 15 Dog Friendly Parks in Marysville, Washington

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Just 35 miles north of Seattle, Marysville is one of the fastest-growing cities in Washington State, with a population of 71,145 in 2021. The city gained the nickname of The Strawberry City in the 1920s when strawberry fields popped up all over. It was founded in 1872 by an Irish immigrant named James Comerford, who started a trading post in the Tulalip Indian Reservation, which was established in 1855. The city has a park named after the founder. Comeford Park in downtown Marysville is the oldest park in the city.

Even though it is a rather small city, there are more than 50 parks with over 500 acres of recreational space. Because the summers are mild at about 75 degrees F, summer activities are mostly outdoors. Winter is not bad either, with temperatures in the upper 40s. Most of these parks are dog-friendly, but Marysville also has over a dozen off-leash dog parks. These are 15 of our favorite dog parks in Marysville. 

Ales and Tails Park

Ales and Tails is an indoor dog park and bar just 20 minutes south of downtown Marysville, in Woodinville. This is the place to go when you want to enjoy a brew while your fur buddy plays or if the weather outside is not friendly. The warehouse has 5,500 square feet for your pooch to run around with other pooches while you have an adult beverage. The bar has 16 beers on tap as well as other options like wine, beer, cider, seltzers, or other non-alcoholic beverages. 

It does cost a few bucks to bring your pup to Ales and Tails, and you will have to show proof of vaccinations and spayed or neutered. But it is worth it to know that all the dogs are healthy. There is plenty of fun for the fur babies, including weave poles, hoops to jump through, a ramp to run up and down, a giant tire to climb on, and a tunnel to zip through. 

Cavalero Hill Dog Park

Less than 10 miles south of Marysville, you can find Cavalero Hill Dog Park at Cavalero Hill Community Park. This fantastically friendly pup park has three acres with a separate quarter acre for small and timid dogs. The large area is a big meadow with picnic tables, benches, and lots of trees. It also has several agility stations, including tunnels to chase each other through, jump-overs to jump over, ramps to run up and down, and climbing obstacles. 

The small dog area is not a good fit for small dogs that like to run off because the rustic fence has large openings that little ones can fit through. Outside the fence, there is a dog waste station where you can grab some bags, but you will need to bring your own water for you and your pupster. If you want to enjoy the rest of the 35-acre park, be sure to put your canine companion’s leash back on first. 

Edmonds Marina Beach Dog Park

Located about 20 miles south of Marysville in Edmonds, the Edmonds Marina Beach Off-Leash Dog Area is one of the few off-leash dog areas that let your pup swim without a leash. You do not have to worry about your pooch swimming off into Puget Sound because they have a fence to keep him from going too far out. Your fur buddy will love digging in the sand and splashing in the waves, and you can even join him!

If you would rather relax and just watch your canine companion have fun, have a seat on one of the benches or the many pieces of driftwood along the beach. Or bring a towel and chill out on the sand. Before you leave, you can even give your pooch a bath at the dog washing station to get all the sand and saltwater off him. Do not forget to bring doggie bags and drinking water for you both. 

Howarth Park Dog Park and Beach

Howarth Park has a pup popular beach less than 10 miles south of Marysville in Everett. You will have to walk for a few minutes to get to the beach, and there are stairs. Make sure you use the north beach area only. Go right at the trestle and pass the creek to get there. Let your fur puppy splash around in the Possession Sound on his own, or you can dive in with him. 

This beach is pretty big, with tons of space for your pupster to play. However, there is no barrier to keeping your cuddle buddy from swimming out to sea, so make sure he has good recall before taking that leash off. And if he is not a pro swimmer, put a life jacket on him. Bring some water toys for fetch and his ball to play on the beach. After, put his leash back on and go check out the rest of the 28 acres with picnic areas, trails, and a playground. 

Lake Stickney Dog Park

At Lake Stickney Off-Leash Dog Park, all sizes and breeds play together. No separation for small and large dogs to be apart, so if you are looking for that, keep on looking for a different park. But it is a nice wooded play space with picnic tables scattered throughout the area for you and your pooch to hang out and have fun. You can find the fenced dog area in the northwestern section of the park off Manor Way. 

There is only one waste station at the entrance to the park, so be sure to grab a couple of doggie bags before heading in. Or bring some of your own so you do not have to worry if they run out. In fact, you can bring extras and share them. You and your fur baby can take a walk through the woods, where you can explore the trail. There is usually a stream there during the wet season. 

Loganberry Lane Dog Park

Loganberry Lane Dog Park can be found about five miles southwest of Howarth Park Dog Park and Beach in Everett. It is a huge wooded space between Walter Hall Golf Course and Kasch Park Athletic Complex at the end of Loganberry Lane. One of the main reasons that make this park so popular is the trail system they have. It is always nice to enjoy a walk through the woods with your pooch sans leash. 

There is no small dog section, so if you have a tiny tot that has large dog anxiety, you may not want to choose this park to visit. Also, there are areas of the park without a fence, so it is not great for pups without good recall. The park does have doggie bag dispensers and water, but it would not hurt to bring your own. And it is good to know that the entrance gets muddy after rain or snow. 

Lowell Park Dog Park

Fur puppies love the chance to run around off of their leash at Lowell Park Dog Park in Everett, just three miles southeast of Howarth Park Dog Park and Beach. You will find the fenced pup playground in the northeastern corner of the park, right next to the tennis and pickleball courts. It may not be a huge park, but it has plenty of room for lots of dogs to roam without being crowded. And it has a safety-airlock double-gated entrance for security. 

The grassy terrain has several hills, giving your pooch the much-needed energy-draining running space to get rid of the zoomies. The rest of Lowell Park is dog-friendly, too as long as you put his leash back on. There are 10 acres with activities like tennis, pickleball, basketball, picnicking, and even a playground for the little humans. You will have to bring equipment and a net for pickleball and a ball for basketball. 

Marguerite Brons Memorial Dog Park

If you and your pooch love hiking, Marguerite Brons Memorial Dog Park is the dog park for you. It is on Whidbey Island, about 25 miles from downtown Marysville. This is a humongous dog park with three different sections. There is one section for small and timid pooches, one large meadow for all dogs, and a wooded area of about 11 acres where you and your cuddle buddy can get lost for hours. The park is pup popular with pups and pup parents because there are so many choices. 

Grab lunch and some water, and you can enjoy a picnic lunch with Fido while you are there. You will find numerous picnic tables and chairs around the park for your convenience. There is a lot to discover in the many miles of wooded trails, from small streams to fallen trees, with lots of places for your fur puppy to sniff and leave his mark. 

Mountlake Terrace Dog Park

Mountlake Terrace Dog Park is situated in the middle of Mountlake Terrace Park, also known as Candy Cane Park. It is north of the recreation pavilion and boasts almost an acre of fun pup paradise for romping around and chasing each other. Or you can bring his favorite ball and play fetch. It has a varied terrain with wood chips, grass, and dirt and is mostly shaded with lots of benches and other seating available for pup parents. 

There are pet waste stations with poop bags, a watering station with a host to fill water bowls, and pools in the summer. You will not find a small dog section here, but there is plenty of room for your pooch to have his own space if needed. Bring your own drinking water and go ahead and pack extra doggie bags in case they run out. It is a popular spot with the locals. 

Mukilteo Dog Park

Also known as Tails and Trails Dog Park or Japanese Gulch Park, Mukilteo Dog Park has about ¾ of an acre of fun space that is fully fenced for off-leash play, including a small private area for little dogs with big-dog anxiety. It is only three miles west of Howarth Dog Park and Beach, just a short walk from the beach. It is the first and only off-leash dog park in Mukilteo. You will find this great pooch play area in the northern section of the larger Japanese Gulch Conservation Area. 

Not only does this fun park have lots of space to play, but it also has some cool agility equipment for the poochies to play with. They can jump through hoops, scoot through tunnels, and run up and down ramps. There are also a bunch of natural agility items like fallen tree limbs, tree stumps, and even a shallow stream. If you want to enjoy the miles of trails here, put your pup’s leash back on and bring some doggie bags and water. 

Pints and Pups Dog Park

With such an adorable name, you know Pints and Pups is going to be a lot of fun for both you and your fur puppy. Being inside, you do not have to worry about rain, cold, or heat, and your pooch cannot run off anywhere if he is a runner. There is a small fee, but you do not need a membership. You will need to show proof of vaccinations, though, which is a good thing since you know all the dogs will be safe to play with. 

The menu includes over a dozen different beers on tap, seltzers, wine, and non-alcoholic drinks. They even offer dog beer in veggie, beef, pork, and lamb. The pups have some fun activities like weave poles, hoops to jump through, and climbing boards along the walls, and the floor is padded with astroturf for happy paws. There is also an outdoor section with turf and a pool for summer.

Strawberry Fields Dog Park

In north Marysville, at Strawberry Fields Athletic Complex, you will find Strawberry Fields Dog Park. The pooch park has three acres of space to run around and play with other pooches or just run in circles. Or, bring a ball or frisbee to toss around. Your dog always loves spending time with you, no matter what you are doing. Small dogs have a special space of their own, so they do not feel overwhelmed by the giant paws of their big pup friends. 

You will find some great agility stations here too. The Rover Jump-Over is just one of the jumps your canine companion can enjoy, and there is a hoop to jump through, weave poles, a tunnel to scoot through, and a ramp as well. It is definitely a pup’s playground. You can put your dog’s leash back on and head out to the 72-acre park for picnicking trails and ball fields. 

Tambark Creek Dog Park

Less than 20 miles south of downtown Marysville, the Tambark Creek Park Dog Park is one of the great parks in Snohomish County that has a special place just for pups to play off the leash. You will find it in the northern section of Tambark Creek Community Park in the middle of the wooded area, just a short walk from the parking lot and picnic area, where you can also find a kid’s playground. But remember, your pooch has to be on a leash until you enter the off-leash park.

At the fur baby fun space, you will first take a short walk over a cute little bridge from the parking lot to the park. Right at the entrance, there are rolls of puppy poo-poo bags for everyone. But it is good to bring your own anyway, just in case your canine compadre has to go before you get there. With about 2.5 acres, there is plenty of room to roam, and pet parents will find several great sitting areas with shade and benches. 

Wiggly Field Dog Park

Another adorable name for a dog park, Wiggly Field, is about 20 miles southeast of Marysville on the Skykomish River in Skykomish River Centennial Park. The first thing to note here is the fence. It is a wooden ranch-style fence that most dogs can jump right through or over from October through April. The rest of the year, they have wire mesh to keep little ones in. So, if your fur buddy does not have good recall, you may need to keep him leashed or visit from May through September. 

It also gets really muddy after it rains, but they have a dog washing station. Other than that, the 2.5-acre pup playground is perfect with lots of space, shaded space for pup parents, water fountains, poo baggies, and agility equipment. There are a couple of tunnels, several ramps of various sizes, jump-overs, hoops, and balance beams. There is no small dog section here, so everyone plays together. 

Willis Tucker Dog Park

Willis Tucker Dog Park can be found less than five miles from Tambark Dog Park to the northeast at the Willis Tucker Community Park. This one has more than seven miles of fenced area for you and your tiny tot to explore and enjoy. There are three sections, including a quarter-acre small dog section for little, shy, and older dogs, a huge six-acre meadow for all pups, and a 1.25-acre trail through the woods where all dogs are welcome. 

You need to bring your own doggie bags because there is just one at each entrance, and although they stock it regularly, this is a very pup popular place. Water fountains are scattered about, but it is best to bring your own. Your pooch will have plenty to do in each section, including ramps, jump-overs, and other fun obstacles, as well as lots of space for a game of fetch or frisbee. 

The Final Woof

Take your best friend to a secluded island for a picnic with Northwest Floatplane Picnics. They will fly you on a seaplane to one of the remote islands in the area, where you will be served a gourmet meal. You can pick your choice from the menu, from seafood to sandwiches. Or, since this is strawberry country, take your pooch to Bolles Organic Berry Farm to pick your own strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries. Did you know Applebee’s is dog-friendly? Any restaurant they own that has a patio allows leashed dogs to join their pet parents. The Marysville Applebees on 88th Street loves fur babies and will even bring them a treat. 

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