Best 15 Pooch Parks in Fresno, California

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Located in the San Joaquin Valley, almost exactly in the center of California, Fresno was named after the white ash trees abundant in the area. The name Fresno actually means ash tree in Spanish. The city is one of the most important agricultural regions in the country and is a top producer of grapes, wine, and even raisins. Although it is not on the coast like many popular California cities, Fresno has its fair share of lakes and rivers to enjoy as well. 

With an average temperature of 76 degrees F, the city enjoys many outdoor activities, from hiking to biking and boating to swimming. So, there is an abundance of parks in Fresno, adding up to more than 75 different recreational spaces to play outdoors. But if you are looking for the best dog parks, you probably want to find some parks where your pooch can play off-leash. Here are 15 of our favorite pooch parks in Fresno, California. 

Woodward Dog Park

Just north of downtown Fresno, Woodward Park is the largest park in the county, with more than 300 acres. The park was named for Ralph Woodward, who left part of his estate to be a public park in his will. You can find plenty to do and see in this huge recreational space, including a disc golf course in the northeast corner next to the bike course, a bird sanctuary in the southwest corner by the lake, and the Japanese Garden on the southeastern end of the sanctuary. 

The park also has several trails, numerous picnic areas, and playgrounds. However, the most important part of the park, according to pet parents, is the dog park in the southeastern corner. There is one acre of grassy fenced area with a separate section for small and shy pooches. There is a parking fee for the park, but it is only five dollars and is worth every penny. 

Basin AH1 Dog Park and Pond

At Furlong Field in northwestern Fresno, Basin AH1 Dog Park is one of the most pup popular dog parks in the city. The only issue is that it is only open from May through November because the park floods during the spring and winter. But during the summer, your fur puppy can enjoy about four acres of wide open space to run, chase other pups, or play a game of fetch with you. Bring a ball and frisbee so you can both get in a workout. 

If you would rather be a spectator, there are dozens of chairs and several benches where you can sit and watch your cuddly canine play. There is always at least one dog in the park, especially in the warmer months when the puppy pools come out. From June until October, the park has several kiddie pools where your pup can play or just cool off. 

Roeding Park Dog Park

Roeding Park features about 150 acres of space that include lots of picnic areas, several ponds, Lake Washington Playland Amusement Park, Storyland, and the Fresno Chaffee Zoo. It was named after George Roeding, an agriculturist who helped build the park. Although the zoo and Playland do not allow dogs, Storyland is dog-friendly at this time. But it is best to ask so you know before you go. It is a fun amusement park with attractions like Alice’s Maze, the Old Lady’s Shoe, and Pinocchio’s Theater. 

The park also has tennis, hiking, and biking trails as well as a dog park in the northwestern corner. The fully-fenced pup place has a separate side for small pooches under 35 pounds for safety and lots of shaded seating for pet parents. There are picnic tables, water fountains, and doggie baggie dispensers. However, it is a good idea to bring your own water and baggies.  

Bob Belcher Park Dog Park

Named for William Robert Belcher, a long-time environmentalist, Bob Belcher Dog Park is a small place with a small dog park next to Mountain View Elementary School. Despite the fact that it gets busy on the weekends and most weeknights, there still always seems to be enough room for one or two more pups and pup parents. The neighborhood park has old-school swings, slides, a jungle gym, and other fun stuff. 

There are a few places to picnic, including a pavilion by the playground that is covered. You will also find fields for soccer, football, or softball, as well as a wonderful dog park. The best thing about this fenced park is the agility equipment. Large empty dog parks are fine, but it is always nice for your cuddly canine companion to have something to do if there are no other pups to play with. Bring your own water and doggie bags, just in case. 

Thornton Dog Park

The Dr. James W. Thornton Dog Park is named for the veterinarian from Valley Animal Center. This is an extraordinary dog park. Not just a neighborhood park with a fenced area for dogs. Thornton Dog Park is set up, especially for canine companions and their pup parents. It has more than one and a half acres of space that includes a wading pool for dogs with 2,000 gallons of clean water. It even has water jets to keep the water from getting dirty. 

The agility course is outstanding! Professional ring jumps, lots of tunnels, plenty of safe climbing features, and loads of space. There are several separate areas, including runs for small and large dogs as well as doggie bag dispensers, toys, and water bowls around the park. There is even a beverage machine for the pup parents. You will need a membership or just pay $5 for one day visit. 

Sierra Bicentennial Park Dog Park

In northeastern Fresno, Sierra Bicentennial Park has a nice fenced dog park where your pooch can play around off the leash. It is in the small village of Clovis on Sunnyside Avenue, right next to the Sunnyside Cricket Ground, which is neat if you are a cricket fan. Take a few minutes to watch a game with your fur puppy. You will be hooked! It is just like baseball with a larger bat and heavier, harder ball. 

The park also has baseball, basketball, horseshoes, and soccer, as well as volleyball, batting cages, and covered picnic areas with barbecue grills. But the dog park is the big attraction for pup parents in the Fresno area. The fenced dog park is located over by the batting range in the northeastern corner of the park and boasts shaded seating, separate sides for small and large dogs, and plenty of running space. Be sure to bring your own doggie bags and water. 

Lions Community Dog Park

In Reedley, about 25 miles to the southeast of Fresno, C.F. Mueller Park has a dog park called the Lions Community Dog Park. It is fully fenced and has a separate section for small and shy dogs, water stations with fountains, shaded seating for pup parents, and thick green grass for your pup to roll around in. You can find the dog area behind the basketball courts and skate park in the northeastern corner of the park. 

This is a great place to bring your fur baby to socialize with other fun pups, but it is also great for some one-on-one fun with you! Bring some fetch toys and a frisbee so you can enjoy the park too. The rest of the park is dog-friendly, too, but you will have to put his leash back on. There are playgrounds for the little humans, barbecue grills, and lots of picnic tables. 

First and Bullard O Dog Park

On North Bond Street, due north of Fresno, the First, and Bullard O Dog Park is located in the Basin O/Hoover Basin Park. The park is fairly large, but the lake takes up most of the space on the western side. The dog park is on the eastern side and is fully fenced with lots of mature shade trees, space to play, and plenty of benches and seating in the shade for pet parents. 

There are almost always a few dogs here playing, so your pooch will not be lonely. However, there are no separate sections for small dogs and no water. You will need to bring your own cleanup baggies as well. Outside the fence, you have to put his leash back on. If you like to fish, get a license and bring a pole because the locals say the lake is a good spot to toss in a line. 

Kearney Park

With over 220 acres, Kearney Park is a dog-friendly park just a few minutes west of Fresno. It was the first park in Fresno County, opened in 1949. In the middle of the park, the Kearney Mansion, which was built in 1900, is a really neat attraction to see. It is also a fun place for some selfies with your cuddly canine companion. It is also a popular park for events like carnivals and festivals such as the Pirate Festival, Renaissance fairs, and Civil War reenactments.  

Although there is no fenced area to let your pupster off the leash, he will still be able to have plenty of fun with you no matter what you want to do. They have a professional disc golf course that anyone can use, horseshoe pits, picnic areas with barbecue pits, and playgrounds for the kids. Make sure you pack enough doggie bags to clean up anything your pooch leaves behind, and bring extra water too. 

Millerton Lake State Recreation Area

Less than 30 minutes north of downtown Fresno, Millerton Lake State Recreation Area is a pup popular place for pooches to play. This is a huge place with more than 520,000 acres. The lake itself is almost 5,000 acres and is a main attraction for swimming, fishing, boating, and sunbathing. It has over 40 miles of waterfront space for you and your fur puppy. The lake is full of fish, turtles, and other creatures. 

On land, you will also see wildlife, such as deer, badgers, and eagles, to name a few. Hiking is also popular here, and you can take your leashed fur puppy for a long walk on any of the hikes, from short and easy strolls to vigorous and challenging ones. If you want to stay for more than one day, the northern side of the lake has almost 150 campsites with picnic tables and fire rings, and some have electricity.  

Inspiration Dog Park

With a name like Inspiration Dog Park, you know it has to be a lot of fun. This off-leash fenced area is not large, but it is a great place to bring your fur baby for some fun. In the northwestern corner of Inspiration Park on West Gettysburg Avenue, there is about an acre of fun space with grass, gravel, and cement ground cover, so even if it is wet outside, your dog can play without getting muddy unless he wants to get muddy. He will love being able to run around without a leash.

The rest of the park is incredible for everyone else. There is a huge playground with all sorts of activities, from climbing walls to a large aero glider that the kids love! During the summer, both human and canine kids can cool off at the splash pad. You can get out there too! There is even a giant bucket of water that pours on your head. 

Figarten Loop Park

In northwestern Fresno, you can find a small community named Fig Garden Loop. And here you will also find the Figarten Loop Park. It is a five-acre recreational space that has all sorts of fun for everyone, including your leashed canine compadre. The main attraction here during the summer is the water park/splash pad where kids, adults, and dogs can cool off during the hot Fresno days. There are also quite a few picnic areas with picnic tables, barbecue grills, and playgrounds. 

The dog park is not very big, but it is completely fenced and allows your pooch to play without being tethered to you the whole time. Bring a frisbee to toss around or some balls to play fetch. Or you can just relax on one of the benches and watch your pupster play with the other dogs. There is no agility equipment, but there is a water fountain and plenty of shade. Bring doggie bags because they run out quickly. 

Stallion Dog Park

Just two miles west of Figarden Dog Park on North Polk Avenue, Stallion Park also has a nice dog park. It is right next to William Saroyan Elementary School, so it gets busy in the afternoons and on weekends, but the dog park is still fun no matter how many dogs there are. In fact, the more dogs, the more fun your dog can have as long as he is well-socialized. If you have a small pup that does not like to be overrun by big dogs, you may want to pick a different park because there is no small dog section. 

The rest of the park is also dog-friendly as long as you put your canine companion’s leash back on. There are walking paths to explore, ball fields, basketball courts, and playgrounds for the little humans. There is no splash pad here, but there are a lot of picnic tables, and several are covered for shade. Bring some burgers and fire up the grill for a quick meal with your pooch while you are there. 

Todd Beamer Dog Park

Another fun park in Fresno that has both a splash pad and a dog park, Todd Beamer Park, is north of Fresno by Rolling Hills and Fort Washington. There is also a skate park where you and Fido can sit and watch the skaters do their thing. Another nice thing here is the memorial for Todd Beamer, a hero who was on Flight 93 during the 9/11 attack. It is always a good idea to pay your respects while you are there. 

The dog park here is extraordinary, with lots of agility equipment. Your fur puppy can jump through hoops, climb up and down a ramp, jump over different obstacles, and scoot through some fun tunnels with the other pups. It is a large space with several dog water fountains, lots of shaded seating for pup parents, and tons of room for fetch and frisbee. They also have Mutt Mitt dispensers, but it does not hurt to bring your own, just in case. 

Al Radka Dog Park

Located in Sunnyside on East Belmont Avenue, Al Radka Dog Park can be found at Al Radka Park in eastern Fresno. Like Todd Beamer Dog Park, this one also has some great agility equipment, including an extra-large ramp, a triple hoop for jumping through, a pole system to jump over, and some tunnels to run through. There is plenty of shade as well and lots of places to sit and relax while your pup plays. 

If your cuddly canine loves to play fetch, this is a perfect spot for that. Bring along his favorite ball and a frisbee or two. You will need to bring your own water and doggie bags. In the rest of the park, your dog will need his leash, but he is welcome to join you for a picnic or a walk through the park. There is also a ball field and a playground for the human kiddos. 

The Final Woof

Want to watch a movie with your furry friend? Well, you cannot take him to any of the indoor theaters in Fresno, but there is the Madera 2 Drive-In on West Lincoln Avenue, where your pooch is allowed to join you for a flick. He is not just confined to the car, either. 

You can take him out for a walk if he needs to go. Are you ready for an adult beverage? Take your canine companion to Fasi Estate Winery for a glass of wine made right on the property. Dogs are welcome on the patio. If you would rather have a beer, check out Tactical Ops Brewery in Clovis, where you can bring your pooch inside the taproom. 

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