15 Dog-Friendly Beaches in Long Beach, CA, to Enjoy with your Pup

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Located in renowned Los Angeles County, Long Beach is one of the most well-known and popular beach towns in the US. It is also one of the most populated, with more than 466,000 residents. Some of the most popular attractions here are the RMS Queen Mary and the Aquarium of the Pacific. And with average temps in the 70s during the winter and 90s in the summer, you will find a lot of beaches here too!

Many of the beaches here are dog-friendly. From Rosie’s Dog Beach to Huntington Dog Beach, you will find plenty of oceanfront spots to bring your fur baby to swim and play, and some of them are leash-free! Besides ocean beaches, there are several great pup-popular waterfront spots on the Los Angeles River and several other bodies of water. We listed our top 15 favorite dog-friendly beaches in Long Beach, CA, for you and your pup to play. 

Shoreline Aquatic Park Beach

Shoreline Aquatic Park is a pup-friendly area between the Los Angeles River, Queensway Bay, and the Long Beach Rainbow Harbor right in downtown Long Beach. There are tons of attractions packed into a small space here, so do not expect to have the park all to yourself… ever. Even during the winter, both locals and tourists visit the Longbeach Walk, Shark Lagoon, Pier Point Park, and the Lion Lighthouse. There is also a fishing pier and boardwalk that takes you up to a seating area at the base of the lighthouse. 

The park also has several eating establishments, including Bamboo Bistro, Cafe Scuba, and the Blue Whale Cafe. But please ask first before bringing your fur baby to any of these places, as some of them do not allow dogs. The sandy beach area is on the northeastern side of the peninsula, where you and your pup can splash in the water or just have a seat in the sand and enjoy the view. 

Harry Bridges Memorial Park Beach

Just across the Los Angeles River on Queensway Bay, Harry Bridges Memorial Park has a nice little stretch of beach on its four acres of space. Most of the park is grassy, with a wide open area for playing frisbee, sitting in the sun, or having a picnic. It is located on Queens Highway and Harbor Scenic Drive, right next to the Queen Mary. The huge British ship has been moored here since 1967 and offers tours, dining, and rooms. Pets under 25 pounds are welcome. 

This park was named for a union leader who became famous for leading many chapters of the International Longshore and Warehouse Union. It is a popular spot for local events such as concerts, celebrations, and festivals. The waterfront is a great place to hang out with your pooch, but keep him on a leash and remember to bring doggie bags to pick up after him. And don’t miss the colorful “One Love” art installment, where you can get some awesome selfies. 

Ken Malloy Harbor Regional Park Beach

Less than 15 minutes inland, the Ken Malloy Harbor Regional Park has about 230 acres to explore that includes the 45-acre Machado Lake. The lake is the perfect spot for you and your canine compadre to do some fishing, get your feet wet, and look for wildlife. You will often see turtles and frogs around the water, as well as seagulls and other shore birds. In fact, the park is one of the natural habitats of Southern California that supports over 300 species of migrating birds. 

Your fur baby is allowed anywhere in the park as long as you keep him on his leash at all times and be sure to pick up after him. Just west of the Harbor Freeway, this is a popular place boasting picnic areas with BBQ pits, a hiking trail, playgrounds for the kids, and a beach where you can swim and go kayaking. There is also a 9-hole golf course, an 18-hole disc golf course, an outdoor fitness trail, and even a campground. 

Rainbow Lagoon Park

Just across Shoreline Drive, Rainbow Lagoon Park allows dogs as long as they are on a leash. The 12-acre park features a Japanese-style garden with two islands connected by a rainbow bridge. One of the highlights of this park is the swan boat rental at Wheel Fun Rentals. You and your pup can rent a swan boat and ride around the lake on a giant swan. They also rent bikes, including surrey bikes you can explore the park on. 

There are several sandy spots where you and your fur puppy can play or just hang out, watching the boats go by. There is something enchanting about watching giant swans floating by on the water. After dark, the boats are lit up, making them even more stunning to watch and to ride on. Most of the water is blocked by giant boulders, though, so your canine companion will have to go somewhere else to have a swim.

El Dorado West Regional Park Beach

Besides several fishing lakes where your pup can play and a bunch of trails, El Dorado West Regional Park also has a lot of space to play. Located in northeastern Long Beach, just a few minutes inland, this huge community park is separated from El Dorado East by the San Gabriel River. This busy park has everything a family needs for a day of fun, including playgrounds, a skatepark, baseball, tennis, and soccer, as well as volleyball, basketball, and even a duck pond. 

When you and your canine companion work up an appetite, you can have a bite to eat at one of the picnic areas. Whether you bring something in with you or pick up something at an eating establishment nearby, there are dozens of tables with barbecue grills to use. Take one of the trails there to find different beach areas on the lakes and ponds here. Just keep that leash on and pick up after him. 

El Dorado East Regional Park Beach

As promised, right across the San Gabriel River to the east, you can find El Dorado East Regional Park. This park has even more lakes to enjoy. The Main Lake, Horseshoe Lake, Model Boat Lake, and North Lake are all great spots to hang out by the water just playing around or fishing. If you want to picnic here, you are in luck because there are numerous tables with grills as well as a concession. And on weekends, you can usually find a food truck or two. 

The dog park is in the southeastern corner of the park and boasts 1.5 acres of space with a special space for small and shy pups. This was the first off-leash dog park in Long Beach and is very popular, so you will want to bring your own doggie bags just in case. There is a double-gated entrance, a drinking fountain, and plenty of seating. Be sure to bring some toys and balls to play fetch. 

Rosie’s Dog Beach

Rosie’s Dog Beach can be found on Ocean Blvd between Granada and Roycroft Avenues just past the Long Beach City Beach. Although this awesome spot is not technically an official dog beach, it is known by locals and others that between 6 AM and 8 PM, this section of the sand is for dogs and their pup parents. There are no fences though, so if your pooch is not voice-controlled, you may want to keep his leash on anyway. 

Puppy poo baggie dispensers and dog poop scoopers are available, but you should bring your own baggies just in case. It can get pretty busy here, and they have been known to run out. With four acres of golden sand and gorgeous blue waters, you and your fur puppy can enjoy a day at the beach any day of the week. And with no leash to hold him back, your pooch can play fetch, frisbee, or just run around in the sand.

Recreation Dog Park Beach

Recreation Park has 210 acres with two golf courses, a fly-casting fishing pond, and a tennis court and center named after the famous Billie Jean King. It is located to the north of Rosie’s Dog Beach, and while it is not on the ocean, there is plenty of waterfronts for your leashed fur puppy to play. In 1923, the park opened as mainly a golf course, but it has expanded to include a clubhouse, a second golf course, bowling greens, baseball, and picnic areas. 

In the middle of the park by the pond is the city’s first dog park. It began as just two acres but has almost doubled in size due to its popularity. The local pup parents are here almost every night, mingling with other pup parents while their dogs play together. There are benches, watering stations, and poop scoopers, as well as tables and lights at night. They have Mutt Mitt dispensers, but it is wise to bring your own. 

Colorado Lagoon

Just to the south of Recreation Park across East 6th Street, the Colorado Lagoon has a large play area on the beach where dogs can play on a leash. The park itself is a bit smaller with only 30 acres and it is mostly dedicated to water fun so you will not find any golf courses or baseball fields. What you will find is lots of sandy spots with a lifeguard station so everyone can play in the water together. 

There are a few playgrounds for the human kids, too, with giant slides, swings, and climbing structures. The lagoon is surrounded by gorgeous palm trees, making it look like a tropical oasis. If you want to get out on the water, you will have to bring your own boat or kayak because they do not have a rental shop here, but there are usually some food trucks around if you get hungry. 

Alamitos Park

Next up is Alamitos Park, right next door to Rosie’s Dog Beach at the end of the peninsula on Alamitos Bay. Don’t get this confused with Alamitos Beach, which is on the other end of the peninsula by Rainbow Lagoon Park. They do not allow dogs on the beach there. This is a small park with only about a quarter of an acre, but you and your pup can have a meal at one of the picnic tables or just sit and watch the water. 

Unlike Rosie’s Dog Beach, your pup has to wear his leash while he is here, but he can still have a lot of fun. Take a walk out onto the sand and sit on the rocks or walk down the beach where your fur baby can get his paws wet. It is a great spot to find seashells, and you may even see some dolphins and porpoises. 

Huntington Dog Beach

Keep heading southeast past Seal Beach, Sunset Beach, and Bolsa Chica State Beach because they do not allow dogs. But right past Bolsa Chica, Huntington Dog Beach is one of the most popular dog beaches in southern California. Between 21st Street and Seapoint Avenue on the Pacific Coast Highway, this sandy spot has about two miles of waterfront to enjoy with your pup off the leash. Bring a frisbee or his favorite ball, so you can play catch, or just let him play in the water all day. 

If your canine companion does not swim well or is not voice-controlled, you may want to keep him on the leash because there are no fences or boundaries here. They do have restrooms, drinking fountains, and picnic tables. There are some doggie poo baggies available, but as usual, it is always best to bring your own. It is important to pick up after your pup no matter where you are.

Huntington Central Park Beach

Right behind the dog beach on Goldenwest Street, Huntington Central Park has more than 340 acres of space where your fur puppy can play on the leash. With so much room, you will not be surprised to know that there are four different playgrounds for the human kids and three eating establishments, including Park Bench Cafe, which encourages pets to join and even has a special menu just for pups. Kathy May’s Lakeview Cafe also has an outdoor seating area where you can have a meal with your pooch. 

Besides those, the park also has a disc golf course, several lakes with waterfront play areas, walking trails, and an outdoor exercise course with 18 stations. But your canine companion will really enjoy the dog park, where he can run free and play with other pups without his leash. There is a special side for shy and small dogs, a snack area, and a dog walk of fame!

Talbert Regional Park Beach

A few minutes to the southeast of Huntington Central Park Beach, Talbert Regional Park is a unique place as it is separated by different plant groups to show the different habitats along the Santa Ana River. There are over 150 acres here along the river, and your pooch is allowed to join you as long as he is on a leash at all times.  Each zone has a special meaning, like the Alluvial Wonderland, with a variety of flora and fauna to see. 

Your canine companion will love playing in the river but do not let him go too far out because there is a pretty strong current. One way to get a good look at a lot of the park is to explore the three-mile loop trail, but there are nine other trails you can also enjoy. There are restrooms and water fountains for your convenience, as well as picnic areas. 

Fairview Park Beach

Fairview Park is the city’s largest park, with over 200 acres, including 195 acres of natural space and 13+ acres of manicured landscaping. Similar to Talbert Regional Park, which is just to the south, there are different habitats. However, at Fairview Park, there are many endangered plants and animals. That is why your pooch has to be on a short leash the whole time you are there. But he will enjoy being there with you as you hike, bike, and play. 

Some of the creatures you and your fur puppy may see include the western fence lizard, American kestrels, and great egrets. Take your pooch for a stroll along the mile of waterfront on the Santa Ana River, where you and he can swim, go boating, and do some fishing. You will also find the beginning of the Santa Ana River Trail and North Talbert Trailhead, as well as some other great hiking opportunities. 

Newport Municipal Beach

Just past Huntington State Beach, where pups are not allowed on the beach, your pup is welcome before 10 AM and after 4:30 PM at Newport Municipal Beach. There are five whole miles of soft golden sand so you and Fido will have plenty of room to play. He will have to wear a leash here but having so much space makes it worth the slight inconvenience. Besides, you will need to keep him leashed to prevent him from getting too close to the wildlife. 

This beach is a common spot for pelicans, seagulls, cranes, and other shore birds as well as marine life like crabs and turtles. Newport Pier is a fun place to stroll along and look out onto the water, where you may see dolphins, whales, or other water creatures. Back on the beach, you are inundated with shops, eateries, and bars, so you will not go hungry. But ask before bringing in your pooch.  

The Final Woof

After you spend a long day at the beach swimming, playing, and boating, take your fur baby with you to enjoy a brew or another adult beverage. Gallagher’s Pub & Grill on East Broadway welcomes dogs on a leash at their patio, where you can choose from 16 different brews and a variety of foods like wings, burgers, and tacos. Ficklewood Ciderworks, also on East Broadway, serves a plethora of different wines and beers and allows leashed pups on the patio. Or you can get on a cruise ship and take a one-hour tour of the Pacific Ocean with Catalina Express. Be sure to bring your doggie bags!

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