15 of the Best Pup-Popular Beaches in Key Biscayne FL

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Located just off Miami Beach in southern Florida, Key Biscayne is an island city right off the mainland. It boasts almost 15,000 residents on just 1.7 square miles, so it is a well-populated town. With warm temperatures all year long, from the upper 70s in the winter to the high 80s in the summer, Key Biscayne is the perfect place for outdoor activities like hiking, biking, picnicking, and enjoying water sports at the local beaches. 

Being on an island, of course, there are numerous beaches on both sides of the land, but there are only a select few that allow dogs on the sand. However, we found a bunch of pup-popular parks in and around Key Biscayne that have beaches and water access, even if it is not the ocean. There are also several dog-friendly parks along the ocean that are not technically considered beaches but have water access for all. Check out some of our favorites. 

Hobie Island Beach

Just a few miles from Key Biscayne on the tip of Virginia Key Island, Hobie Island Beach Park is a small but pup-popular beach in the county of Miami-Dade. The reason it is so popular with pup parents is that dogs can run around and play freely here with no leash. This makes playing fetch, running around, and swimming so much easier for both of you. You can play frisbee, build sandcastles, or picnic here too. It is also a windsurfing beach and is also known as Windsurfer Beach, so make sure you keep your pup away from the surfers, so he does not get hurt. 

With shallow waters, it is perfect for kids and dogs that are not super swimmers, but you will need to keep an eye on them for safety. And be sure you bring plenty of puppy poo baggies to pick up after your pup. If you get hungry, don’t worry, there are several eateries that cater to pet parents, including the Rusty Pelican and Atlantica Seafood Restaurant & Market.

Historic Virginia Key Beach Park

Right next to Hobie Island Beach, Historic Virginia Key Beach Park is also located on the 863-acre Virginia Key Island. With one mile of soft white sand between the Bear Cut Bridge and Lamar Lake, including a swimming beach with lifeguards, you will have lots of space to enjoy the surf. Or you can choose the other side of the island where the land is more rugged and wild. 

There is a lot to see and do here, including taking a ride on the antique carousel, hiking on the Rickenbacker Trail, and fishing anywhere on the water. You could also get out on the water in a kayak or paddleboard for a tour of the mangrove wetlands. Just make sure your fur baby stays on a leash at all times because there may be alligators living here. You can even rent a bike and enjoy the biking trails made by actual bikers. 

North Beach Oceanside Park

North Beach Openside Park is another pup-friendly place with a Bark Park where your pooch can run around off the leash. There are two, one for small dogs and one for larger pups. The dog park section has plenty of room to run as well as picnic tables and benches for the pup’s parents. The park is just a few minutes from Key Biscayne on the next island to the north, just past the Carillon Miami Wellness Resort. 

Also, you are welcome to bring your canine companion to the beach on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays from 1:30 PM to 5:30 PM. The rest of the park is dog-friendly all the time as long as you keep your pooch on his leash at all times. You will find quite a few picnic areas with tables and barbecue grills, as well as restrooms and water fountains for your convenience. 

Haulover Dog Beach

Just to the north of North Beach Oceanside Park Beach, Haulover Beach has 1.5 miles of white sand to play on, with clear turquoise waters and lots of open space. The off-leash section for dogs is between lifeguard towers two and three at the northern end, where the clothing-optional beach starts. There is even a doggie wash station so you can clean up your pup before getting back in the car, and several Mutt Mitt stations as well. 

With Biscayne Bay on one side and the North Atlantic Ocean on the other, you have your choice of the sandy oceanfront or the grassy bayfront areas for your playground. The beach is part of the 177-acre Haulover Park, which has concession stands, a marina, picnic tables, fishing areas, a playground for the kids, and several bathrooms. There is also a skatepark, a few trails, and rental shops where you can rent anything from a bike to a kayak. 

Greynolds Park Beach

Across the bay from Haulover Park, you will find Greynolds Park, with more than 260 acres of green space, waterfront, and camping facilities. Your fur buddy is welcome everywhere as long as he is on a leash, and he can run off the leash at the dog park. This historic park was once a trading post for Seminole Indians before it became a rock quarry and then a park. The natural mangroves and hammocks with coral and limestone habitats are a great place to see all sorts of wildlife. 

One thing you will not see is alligators. The park had them removed in the 1990s. So, you can feel safe letting your pup get his paws wet in one of the lakes or the Oleta River. There are also two playgrounds, a golf course, miles of trails, picnic areas, and a boathouse with boat rentals on weekends. You do not need a boating license to go kayaking or canoeing with your fur puppy on the lake. 

David T. Kennedy Park

Across the bay in Miami, you can find David T. Kennedy Park and Coconut Grove Dog Park. The park was named after the man who helped plan it, David Kennedy, who was the mayor of Miami from 1970 to 1973. The dog park is located in the southeastern corner of the park, right along the water, and features separate spaces for large and small dogs as well as lots of exercise equipment to play on. There are also fountains, benches, and doggie-doo baggies. 

Outside the dog park, your canine companion will have to put his leash back on, but there is plenty to do from a fun path that takes you around the park, through the woods, and onto a boardwalk over the water. There are several picnic areas with tables, a playground, and outdoor gym equipment so you can get a workout too. You can go biking, play in the water, or enjoy a game of volleyball if you have enough people. 

Peacock Park

A little further south on the mainland from David T. Kennedy Park, Peacock Park is a very pup-popular park right on the bay. The 9.5-acre park was named after the first permanent residents in Southern Florida, Charles, and Isabella Peacock, who built a hotel there in 1883. But the park does have its peacocks roaming the grounds, so keep your pup on a leash and do not let him get too close. 

You and your canine companion are welcome all over the park, including the gardens and the boardwalk, where you can see some amazing views of the bay. You may even spot some dolphins or porpoises playing in the surf. The park also has a kids’ playground, soccer, softball, and basketball, as well as picnic areas complete with tables and grills. Please make sure you bring plenty of doggie doo baggies to pick up anything your pup drops while you are there. 

Amelia Earhart Dog Park Beach

Just 20 minutes away on the mainland, the Amelia Earhart Dog Park is a wonderful pup-popular part of the 515-acre Amelia Earhart Park. The dog section features a separate section for small and shy dogs, agility equipment like hoops, tunnels, and ramps, and shaded seating for the pup parents. You will also find picnic tables, drinking fountains for dogs and humans, Mutt Mitt dispensers, and lots of room to run around and play. 

Your fur puppy is also welcome in the rest of the park as long as he is leashed. There are many different activities to enjoy, like volleyball, soccer, biking, hiking, disc golfing, and fishing in any of the five lakes. There is a fishing pier, playgrounds, a sandy beach, and picnic areas with tables and barbecue grills. The whole place has wireless internet, too so you can check your email or share some photos on Snapchat or Instagram. 

Tropical Dog Park Beach

Just south of Amelia Earhart Dog Park, Tropical Park also has a fantastic place for pooches to play off the leash. The two-acre Tropical Dog Park is a popular park with pup parents because it has so much to offer all canine companions. It has a separate space for small and shy dogs, drinking fountains, and an obstacle course with ramps, hoops, and tunnels for your pup to enjoy. There is also plenty of shaded seating for humans. 

Dogs are welcome in the rest of the park as well, just keep his leash on. There are 275 acres to explore with all sorts of sports like soccer, baseball, boxing, and tennis. There are also several walking trails, some pavilions, and several large picnic areas with tables and barbecue grills. The park also has four lakes where you and your pooch can get your paws wet, do some fishing, or paddle a boat.  

South Pointe Park Beach

South Pointe Park and Beach take up the entire southeast corner of Miami Beach Island with one mile of green space and recreational activities, and around the corner is about two miles of white sand beach. This includes the 450-foot-long South Pointe Pier, where you and your fur buddy are welcome to toss out a line and see what you can catch or just enjoy your surroundings. It is a great way to catch a glimpse of some dolphins or other large marine creatures.   

On the beach, you will find clean sand, clear water, colorful lifeguard towers, and the South Pointe Cafe, where you and your pup can grab some food and spread out on a blanket to eat. Right across the bay, you can see Fisher Island, which is the richest zip code in the US. It is a private island, but you can see it from the beach or the pier. And in the southwestern corner, you and Fido can join other fur babies and pup parents at the off-leash dog park. 

Lummus Park

About a mile north of South Pointe Park Beach, Lummus Park also has a mile of soft white sand and blue water to enjoy as well as a 26.3-acre park. Keep your canine companion leashed, and you are both welcome to hang out anywhere along the beach or in the park. It is a busy beach with 18 volleyball courts, art attractions, two outdoor fitness areas, and several playgrounds for the kids. One of the exercise areas has gymnastics, weight lifting, and 28 other workout components. 

If you are ready for a real workout, try the 18.1-mile Venetian Way Loop Trail that takes you to all of the park’s best features and art sculptures as well as to other parks and attractions nearby. Pack plenty of water and doggie bags if you plan to go on this walk. Hungry? There are also quite a few eateries in and around the park where you can grab something to eat for you and your pup. 

Crandon Park Beach

Crandon Park Beach is less than two miles from Key Biscayne and lauds about 1.9 miles of white sandy beach to enjoy. It is one of the most popular parks in Miami-Dade County, with its calm waters, an amusement park, picnic areas, and several concession stands. There is a promenade that takes you through the mangroves and seagrass beds, as well as hardwood hammocks and vibrant wildflowers. Keep your camera handy because you will also see wildlife such as sea stars, crabs, and pufferfish. 

The beach is known as one of the top 10 beaches in the country and offers activities like windsurfing, swimming, fishing, snorkeling, sailing, and paddleboarding, as well as kiteboarding, kayaking, and canoeing. There is a marina with restrooms, snacks, and a gift shop, as well as cabana and picnic shelter rentals, a nature center, and a restaurant. Be sure to bring some puppy poo bags to pick up after your pup. 

Margaret Pace Dog Park Beach

Margaret Pace Park is only 10 miles from Key Biscayne, and it has a wonderful ½-acre fenced dog park where your pup can play off the leash. It is separated so small and shy dogs can play on one side, and larger and more boisterous pups can play on the other. Your canine companion can enjoy romping around with other fur babies, marking the fire hydrants, and playing fetch with his favorite human – you! The dog park also has fountains, doggie bags, and shaded seating for pup parents. 

The rest of the park is dog-friendly, too as long as you keep his leash on at all times. It has eight acres with a stunning beach, hiking trails, and sports fields. If you feel like working out, check out the outdoor gym equipment or just take a quick jog along the Margaret Pace Baywalk that goes all the way around the park along the water. 

Morningside Park Beach

Just north of Margaret Pace Park, the pup-friendly Morningside Park is just minutes from Key Biscayne and boasts a variety of fun things to do, like volleyball, tennis, and basketball, as well as picnic areas with tables and BBQ pits, playgrounds for the kids, and outdoor gym equipment. They also have a large sandy area where you and your pup can spend the day splashing in the water or digging your toes in the sand. 

There are picnic areas all over the park, so you should be able to find a spot to sit and have a meal, whether you bring your own or grab some grub from one of the nearby food trucks or eateries. They also provide kayaks and canoes for rent, or you can enjoy a sail around Biscayne Bay. Also, be sure to bring plenty of puppy poo bags to pick up whatever your canine companion drops while you are there. 

R. Hardy Matheson County Preserve Beach

One of the most popular attractions at R. Hardy Matheson Beach is the atoll pool, which is a manmade saltwater pool built in the northeastern corner of the park right on the bay behind the Red Fish Grill. It is a nice shallow pool that is naturally flushed constantly by the tides and is surrounded by palm trees and white sand. While your canine companion is allowed at the beach with a leash on, be sure to ask before letting him swim in the atoll pool. 

But you and your pup can swim in the bay as much as you want to or enjoy a bike ride, try your luck catching some fish, or just hang out on the sand. You could also take your pooch on the 1.4-mile Matheson Hammock Trail. The path takes you through the tropical hammock with hidden caves, sinkholes, and tons of flora and fauna. 

The Final Woof

Want to get out on the water with your fur puppy but do not have a boat? Club Nautico is pup-friendly as long as your pup is friendly. Or you can take a Duck Tour to get a tour of Miami on land and in the water. Want to do some shopping with your best furry friend? Bayside Marketplace has more than 65 stores, and many are dog-friendly. Lincoln Road Mall is also a fun place to take your canine companion, with lots of shops and outdoor dining. There are actually dozens of restaurants in Key Biscayne that cater to pups, like the Atlantica Fish House and Bayside Hut or the popular Boater’s Grill that serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 

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