15 Fun things to do with your dog in San Francisco

Josh the dog is having fun hiking in San Fransico Photo by Phil King. pkingdesign

San Francisco is a beautiful city in Northern California and is the 17th most populated place in the United States, with 815,200 residents, according to the 2021 census. Located on the San Francisco Bay, the city is noted for its beaches, surfing, and baseball.  With an average high of 57 degrees F in January and … Read more

15 Fun things to do with your dog in San Diego

Dog surffing in san diego. Photo by Nathan Rupert. nathaninsandiego

San Diego is listed as the fourth most dog-friendly city in the United States, and you will see why as you read this list of what you and your fur buddy can do in this fine city.  Besides fun activities, shops, parks, and eateries, there are also more than 100 hotels that allow pets. At … Read more

10 Best Portable Dog Fences for Camping & RVs

We know you hate leaving your fur baby at home when you go camping, but you also do not like to have to keep him in the RV or in his crate the whole time either. Also, you do not want to be dragging him around on a leash, and tie-outs are dangerous for everyone. … Read more

10 Best Dog Seat Belts : Car Safety For Fur-Babies

Best Dog Seat Belts

If you’re like our family, you enjoy bringing Fido with you on road trips whenever possible. Whether you’re on your way to the dog park, going camping, or heading out on vacation, it’s important to make sure your dog is safe in the car. First off, let’s take a look at our top picks for … Read more

8 Best Dog Bike Baskets : Which One Is The Safest ?

Petsfit Safety Dog Bike Basket for Small Pets

A dog bike basket for riding with your favorite fur-baby gives you a more personal experience on the road. Instead of just sitting in a car and driving around, you have your best friend in front of you, enjoying the enrichment of wind in his hair just as much as you. To get started, first … Read more

Planning On Traveling With Your Dog? – Start Here-

Traveling With Your Dog

Many people do not like the idea of leaving their dog home when they travel on vacation or even to go visit family. But it can be very stressful when traveling with your dog and you may wonder what you need to know to make the trip as smooth and stress-free as possible. As a … Read more