My Dog Ate Xylitol and Seems Fine – What Should I Do?

my dog ate xylitol

Key Takeaways: Xylitol is extremely toxic for dogs, even in small doses.  If your pup eats anything containing xylitol, you should call your veterinarian and get immediate emergency care whether or not you see signs of poisoning.  Early diagnosis and treatment are crucial to reverse the effects of xylitol on the body. You accidentally dropped … Read more

My Dog Ate Grapes and Seems Fine – What Should I Do?

my dog ate grapes

Key Takeaways: Grapes are toxic to some but not all dogs. If a dog is sensitive to grapes, the poison can cause acute kidney failure and death. If you know or suspect that your dog ate grapes, you should contact your veterinarian or the pet poison hotline as soon as possible. Grapes are a sweet, … Read more

My Dog Ate Ibuprofen and Seems Fine – What Should I Do?

my dog ate ibuprofen

Key Takeaways: Ibuprofen is extremely dangerous for dogs and toxic in small doses. Signs of poisoning may take a few days to appear. Any time you see or suspect that your dog ingested ibuprofen, call your veterinarian. Treatment and recovery vary depending on the brand, the dose ingested, and the timing of veterinary care. If … Read more

Why Is My Dog Expressing Her Anal Glands While Sleeping?

why is my dog expressing anal glands while sleeping

You get up in the morning and notice a smelly, brown, oily stain where your pup slept last night. What is this, and what caused it? Sometimes, I would get a call from a dog parent asking why they had a brown discharge at night. Based on the description and a follow-up exam, I could … Read more

What Does Pumpkin Do for Dogs? 15 Benefits

what does pumpkin do for dogs

People tend to go crazy for pumpkin, especially during harvest time. They’ll add pumpkin flavoring to lattes and use pumpkin in pancakes, ice cream, and other foods.  But can you feed pumpkin to your dog? Yes, and as a matter of fact, pumpkin is an excellent supplemental food for your pooch. It’s packed with fiber … Read more

8 Vet Recommended Home Remedies for Scooting

vet recommended home remedies for scooting

You’re enjoying a relaxing evening when your dog comes in, plops his butt on the floor, and starts dragging it across the carpet. Gross! Why is he scooting, and what can you do about it? In my clinic, we’d get occasional calls from owners because their pup started scooting. For first-time pet parents, this behavior … Read more

Why is my dog itching all of a sudden (but has no fleas)?

why is my dog itching all of a sudden but has no fleas

Your pooch has just developed an intense itch. You’ve searched every strand of their fur and can’t find a single flea, so why is your pup scratching too intently? Itching, also called Pruritis, is a common sign of skin disorders in our canine companions. The most common cause of Pruritis is allergic skin diseases through … Read more

What to feed a dog with itchy skin? (Vet Recommends)

what to feed a dog with itchy skin

One of the most common complaints canine patients present to me with are skin problems, usually pruritus (itching).  Atopic dermatitis (AD) is an itchy skin disease caused by an allergic reaction to either an environmental or dietary allergen. This reaction presents as intense itching, rubbing, licking, and chewing at a patch or patches on a … Read more

Why is My Dog Itching & Scratching After Grooming? (Solved)

why is my dog itching scratching after grooming

It’s a special treat to let the groomer deal with bathing and clipping your pooch. But when your pup comes home smelling fresh and clean, he also starts to itch and scratch. Is this normal? When I got calls from frantic pet parents because their dog started scratching after a trip to the groomer, I … Read more

Do all Dog Shampoos Kill Fleas? (Vet Explains)

do all dog shampoos kill fleas

You’ve just found some fleas on your pooch (and they’re scratching like crazy) but alas you don’t have any flea treatment left and you’re wondering what you can use to dispatch these pesky creatures. Flea shampoos don’t need a prescription to purchase but that doesn’t mean they don’t work – the instructions need to be … Read more

Why Is My Dog More Itchy in the Morning? (Vet Explains)

why is my dog more itchy in the morning

It’s morning, and when you get out of bed, your dog stretches, yawns, and starts to scratch himself crazily. Should you be concerned? When my pup parents called with questions about morning itching in their dogs, I would reassure them that it’s usually normal but there’s probably a reason. We’d go over possible explanations and … Read more

Will Baking Soda Help My Dog Stop Itching? (Vet Explains)

will baking soda help my dog stop itching

It’s heartbreaking to see your furbaby suffering. And when he’s itching non-stop, you want to find a way to relieve his discomfort. What’s more, continual scratching can be self-perpetuating. The more your pup itches, the more he irritates his skin and causes it to release histamines. With repeated pawing, your pup could also damage his … Read more

What Can I Put on My Dog to Relieve Itching? (12 Homemade Remedies)

what can i put on my dog to relieve itching

Your dog can’t stop scratching, and it’s making both of you miserable. What can be done? Below, we’ll discuss 12 homemade remedies you can use on your dog to help relieve itching. Because every dog is different, these natural options can have varying effects. That’s why you should talk to your veterinarian before you apply … Read more

Will Coconut Oil Help My Dog Stop Itching? (Vet Explains)

will coconut oil help my dog stop itching

You’ve probably heard about some of the benefits of coconut oil for skin issues people, but did you know it can also help your canine companion? Naturally, in practice, I had my share of itchy dogs. When owners asked if there were any natural remedies they could use to help their pooch find relief from … Read more

Does Deshedding Shampoo for Dogs Work? (Vet Explains)

does deshedding shampoo for dogs work

Most dogs shed. It’s more often more pronounced during the transitional seasons of spring and fall when our furbabies lose hair from their undercoats to prepare for temperature changes. For some breeds like Golden Retrievers, German Shepherds, and Huskies, the hair may come out in large clumps. This can make it more difficult to keep … Read more

What is Medicated Dog Shampoo? (Vet Explains)

what is medicated dog shampoo

As a veterinarian, it’s heartbreaking to see my patients suffering, and this is especially true when I have patients with a nasty skin condition that causes them to chew and scratch so intensely that they start to mutilate their body and lose clumps of hair. These can also be incredibly challenging cases to treat, and … Read more