The 12 Best Extra Large XL Dog Collars for Giant & Big Dogs

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The 9 Best Sofa Dog Beds of 2024

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The 12 Best Dog Beds for Cars in 2024

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The 13 Best Pillow Dog Beds of 2024

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The 14 Best Cot Dog Beds of 2024

All fur babies need their own bed and a cot bed is beneficial in so many ways for dogs of all ages, sizes, and breeds. The dog cot bed, also known as an elevated bed, provides firm and even support for your pup’s whole body to reduce pressure on his joints.  Dog cot beds are … Read more

The 12 Best Folding Dog Beds of 2024

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The 9 Best Inflatable Dog Beds of 2024

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What to do if Your Dog is in Pain After Anal Glands Expression?

If your dog suffers with their anal glands then expression by your veterinarian may be required occasionally. Depending on the specific situation, your dog may be in some pain after having their glands expressed. This is mainly in cases where the pooch is suffering with impaction, abscess or sacculitis (inflammation of the sac itself) and … Read more

The 9 Best Travel Dog Beds of 2024

When you go on vacation, it is natural to want to take your best fur-iend with you. And you can as long as where you are going approves of dogs. But even if they allow dogs where you are going, you should always have a traveling dog bed so your best furry friend has a … Read more

The 8 Best Wooden Dog Beds Of 2024

Dogs are not known for being really careful with their beds and toys. You may find your pooch jumping in and out of bed, scratching and digging, or just acting silly. For this reason, you may want to consider a wooden dog bed for your fur baby. Wood is stronger than most dog bed materials … Read more

The 12 Best Extra Large XL Dog Clothes Of 2024

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The 14 Best Extra Large XL Dog Water Bowls of 2024

Dogs need a lot of water to keep them healthy and it is essential that they get fresh water to drink all day long. According to our vet advisor, Dr. Grey “A good rule of thumb is 2.5ml/kg/hr or 60ml/kg/day. So a 120lb/54kg extra large dog needs a little over 3L a day available.” Also, … Read more

The 13 Best Extra Large XL Dog Houses Of 2024

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The 15 Best Elevated Dog Beds Of 2024

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The 9 Best Bolster Dog Beds Of 2024

Bolster dog beds have a raised pillow-type edging that not only gives him a place to rest his head but also gives him a secure “hugged” feeling that can make anxious or nervous dogs feel more secure.  Because dogs descend from wolves, they have that instinct to be in a cave-type structure when they sleep. … Read more

The 10 Best Dog Crate Beds of 2024

Dog crates are important to keep dogs of all ages safe when you cannot supervise them carefully. For example, puppies can get into all kinds of mischief if you just turn your back for five minutes. In addition, the crate dog bed is the best way to housebreak young pups because they instinctively try to … Read more

The 10 Best Dog Steps for Bed of 2024

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The 10 Best Dog Tent Beds of 2024

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The 15 Best Indoor Dog Gates of 2024

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