Cosequin Review: Does It Really Work? (We Asked A Vet)

Cosequin For Dogs

Certified content. This guide has been written and verified by our veterinary advisor. Approved By: Dr. Edele Grey, DVM × Dismiss alert As a veterinarian, I see more and more elderly patients. On one hand, this is wonderful to see our loved fur-babies living long healthy lives but unfortunately, I also see more arthritis and … Read more

Pawsheets Review: Washable & Elastic Dog Bed Cover

PawSheets the best dog bed cover

Is your dog’s bed… old? Buying a new one can be expensive and he really loves this bed. And with the price you paid for the bed, you don’t want to just throw it out. A dog bed cover can turn your dog’s old bed into a new bed instantly. No dog hair, dirt, or … Read more

13 Best Dog Nail Grinders Reviews : How & Why ?

Best Dog Nail Grinders Reviews

Dealing with toenail management is a huge frustration for so many pet owners, and for so many dogs. The majority of time this is due to fear. Dogs have very sensitive feet and very sensitive hearing. If the dog doesn’t understand what you are doing they will resist what you are doing due to anxiety.. … Read more

10 Best Dog Crates For Separation Anxiety [Reviews+ Guide]

best dog crate for separation anxiety

Separation anxiety is commonly seen in rescue dogs as well as certain breeds. While it may seem adorable that your fur-baby wants to be glued to your side at all times, it’s really not healthy for your dog’s mental state to be unable to function without you. One way to ease your dog’s separation anxiety … Read more

18 Best Slow Feed Dog Bowls: For Bloat Prevention & Speed Eaters

Best Slow Feed Dog Bowls

If you have pups like my two girls, you barely get their dinner down before it’s gone. The problem is that gulping food may cause a series of problems or conditions including: Choking Vomiting Upset stomach Bloat or twisted stomach Fortunately, there are products available on the market that can help your furbaby slow down … Read more

12 Best Turmeric For Dogs: Chews, Treats & Liquid

Best Turmeric For Dogs

You’ve probably heard about some of the potential health benefits that Turmeric has to offer. But did you know that you can use it as a supplement for your pup?Turmeric for dogs, in the appropriate doses, can help improve a furbaby’s quality of life. As my lab mix enters her senior years, I’ll probably be … Read more

17 Best Low Sodium Dog Food Brands (Dry, Canned & Treats)

Best Low Sodium Dog Food

Humans have been watching the salt content in our diets since I was a kid. But what about Fido? Should we be concerned about how much sodium he’s getting?For most dogs, salt intake won’t be a problem because their body systems can handle it. However, a low sodium diet could be beneficial if your furbaby … Read more

10 Best Dog Seat Belts : Car Safety For Fur-Babies

Best Dog Seat Belts

If you’re like our family, you enjoy bringing Fido with you on road trips whenever possible. Whether you’re on your way to the dog park, going camping, or heading out on vacation, it’s important to make sure your dog is safe in the car. First off, let’s take a look at our top picks for … Read more

8 Best Dog Bike Baskets : Which One Is The Safest ?

Petsfit Safety Dog Bike Basket for Small Pets

A dog bike basket for riding with your favorite fur-baby gives you a more personal experience on the road. Instead of just sitting in a car and driving around, you have your best friend in front of you, enjoying the enrichment of wind in his hair just as much as you. To get started, first … Read more

11 Best Dog House Heaters For Winter : Keep Your Dog Warm

Best Dog House Heaters

It can get pretty cold outside during the deep freeze of winter. While many dog moms and dads bring their beloved pooches inside when it is cold, there are some dogs that do stay outside and brave the elements with just a dog house for warmth. Some dogs excel in the cold weather, such as … Read more

16 Best Dog Wheelchairs : Your Dog Can Walk & Run Again

Dog Wheelchair

Certified content. This guide has been written and verified by our veterinary advisor. Approved By: Dr. Libby Guise, DVM I remember the first time I saw a dog in a wheelchair. A dachshund had a ruptured disc, and he was paralyzed in his back legs. But that didn’t stop him. With a set of wheels, … Read more

6 Best Dog Slings :An Easy Way To Carry Your Pup

dog sling

When you want to take your pooch with you but don’t want to use a leash, try using a dog sling. This will not only keep your pup safe, but it will also make carrying them much easier on the both of you. However, the market is full of dog slings. How are you going … Read more

17 Best Dog Lift Harnesses (+ A Buyer’s Guide)

Dog Lift Harness

Helping your dog get up and go. It can be heartbreaking and backbreaking when our canine companion is having a hard time getting up and walking. This happens for many reasons that I will delve into and it may be short term or permanent. A dog lift harness is an excellent way to assist our … Read more

6 Best Dog Umbrellas: Leash & Raincoat (2023 Review)

Dog Umbrella

Our fur-babies love their daily walks, but sometimes the weather is less than desirable. If we protect ourselves from the rain with an umbrella, why not do the same for Fido? To help you find the best dog umbrella for your needs, we reviewed 6 products for dog parents that want to keep their pals … Read more

6 Best Dog Paw Washers : Super-fast Paw Cleaning (+Reviews)

Best Dog Paw Washer

No matter the season, I’m constantly cleaning my pups’ feet. Whether I’m wiping muddy pads, removing snowballs, or drying paws so my babies don’t slip on our tile and wood floors, it’s a time-consuming task. That’s where a dog paw washer would come in handy.How do you know if you need a washer, and which … Read more