8 Bichon Frise Common Health Issues [+Signs and Prevention]

bichon frise dressed like a doctor

Affectionate, friendly, and playful, Bichon Frises are generally healthy dogs, but they can suffer from certain conditions. It helps to understand potential health issues your Bichon may face before they happen. That way, you can take preventative measures and prepare financially to care for your furbaby if he has any problems. Just because Bichon Frises … Read more

 7 Boxer Common Health Issues [+Signs and Prevention]

boxer dressed like a doctor

Known for their affection, people love Boxers for their beauty and loyalty, but they’re also prone to developing certain health problems. Fortunately, most of the health issues Boxers tend to face are treatable if you catch them early. So it’s helpful to know about the conditions that are common to the breed.  The most common … Read more

7 Bulldog Common Health Issues [+Signs and Prevention]

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 Although English Bulldogs’ flat faces, underbites, and stout bodies are endearing, these dogs can also suffer from various health issues. When you understand the most common conditions Bulldogs face, you’ll be equipped to recognize potential problems. This can help you prepare for potential medical expenses for your furbaby. There’s no guarantee your Bulldog will suffer … Read more

6 Golden Retriever Common Health Issues [+Signs and Prevention]

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A friendly, intelligent dog, the Golden Retriever is generally healthy, but the breed also has its share of health issues.  When you understand the particular genetic predispositions your Golden has for developing some health conditions, you’ll be able to recognize problems and seek veterinary care as soon as possible. Early intervention can make a difference … Read more

6 Siberian Husky Common Health Issues [+Signs and Prevention]

Siberian Huskys dressed like a doctor

The playful, loving nature of Siberian Huskies makes them versatile pets for a range of owners, but purebreds have a list of potential health issues. Because certain health problems are genetically linked in Huskes, you need to understand the risks and signs of these conditions. That way, you’ll be better prepared if for potential medical … Read more

14 Labrador Common Health Issues [+Signs and Prevention]

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As one of the most popular canine companions the world over, Labradors make wonderful family dogs. They’re synonymous with helping, being used for many service roles, and as therapy dogs. Intelligent and kind, these members of the “gundog” family are sadly prone to some health conditions that you should be aware of before adding to … Read more

8 Pug Common Health Issues [+Signs and Prevention]

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Pugs have a distinctive and endearing look, but the breeding practices that created their charming appearance also predispose them to develop certain health issues. When you choose a Pug as your furry companion, knowing about the common health issues can help you prepare for potential problems. That way, you’ll be ready to seek care if … Read more

49 Best Dog-Friendly Vacation Destinations in the US

3 dogs are feeling joyful in a dog friendly vacation in the us

Your fur baby is your best friend. A treasured family member. So, you really hate the idea of going anywhere without him. You do not have to leave him at home if you find a city where pups are just as popular as people. There are plenty of places all over the US where you … Read more

15 Best Dog-Friendly Hotels in Santa Cruz, California

dog is feeling happy at a santa cruz dog friendly hotel

Surf enthusiasts come from all over the world to ride the waves in Santa Cruz because of its awesome surf breaks and mild weather all year long. Located just about 30 miles southwest of San Jose and about an hour from San Francisco, this popular city in the middle of California draws millions of people … Read more

15 Fun Dog Friendly Beaches in South Lake Tahoe, California

dog is feeling happy in a dog friendly beach in douth lake tahoe ca

South Lake Tahoe is a popular resort town on the southern end of Lake Tahoe with many dog-friendly beaches as well as parks, stores, motels, and restaurants. Lake Tahoe is over 1,600 feet deep and is the largest alpine lake in North America, as well as the largest freshwater lake in the Sierra Nevada region. … Read more

15 Paw-Riffic Dog Friendly Beaches in Santa Cruz, California

dogs are feeling playful in a dog friendly beach in santa cruz ca

Santa Cruz is the largest city in Santa Cruz County, California, on the central coastline. There are approximately 63,000 residents in nearly 22,000 households with about 7,000 fur babies. That is almost one dog per every three homes. The average high temperature in the summer is 76 degrees F and 65 degrees F in the … Read more

15 Fun Dog Friendly Beaches in Los Angeles

dogs are feeling playful in a dog friendly beach in los angeles ca

Everyone around the world has heard of Los Angeles, California. The city of the rich and famous as well as vibrant culture and natural spaces. There are almost four million people living in LA, making it the second most populated city in the US, behind New York. Being such a popular place, of course, you … Read more

15 Popular Dog Friendly Parks in Monterey, California

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If you are looking for a city in California to visit that is known for being the first, Monterey was the first at numerous things. It had the first public school, public library, brick house, and the first theater. Also, it was the first to use the printing press, which printed the state’s first newspaper, … Read more

20 Awesome Dog Friendly Beaches in Southern California

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Southern California, also known as So Cal, is the most popular region in the state, with approximately 24 million of the state’s 39 million residents. It includes two of the most populated counties, San Diego and Los Angeles, as well as 56 more like San Bernadino, Orange, and San Luis Obispo. It also includes the … Read more

15 Awesome Dog Friendly Beaches in Central California

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The central section of California has over 100 miles of coastline with a blend of beaches and vineyards, as well as some incredible valleys and mountains. Some of the most well-known cities in the area include Salinas, Carmel, Santa Cruz, Modesto, Bakersfield, Fresno, Cambria, Avila Beach, and Monterey. There are also quite a few parks … Read more

15 Awesome Dog Friendly Beaches in Northern California

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The northern section of California covers 48 counties and over 100 cities, 40 of which have more than 55,000 residents. Some of these include San Jose, Oakland, Salinas, Santa Clara, and Berkeley. The largest metro areas include the San Francisco Bay area, Greater Sacramento, and Metropolitan Fresno. With so many cities, you will also find … Read more

15 Pawfect Dog Friendly Beaches in Carmel, California

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The official name is Carmel by the Sea, but most people refer to this California beach town as Carmel. When Sebastian Vizcaino, a Spanish explorer, landed in Monterey Bay, he gave it the name Monterey. Then, he noticed the beach at the mouth of the river, which he named Carmelo after the three friars who … Read more

15 Fun Dog-Friendly Activities in Santa Cruz, California

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Known for its impressive off-shore breaks for surfing and laid-back atmosphere, Santa Cruz is a fun, touristy city that attracts people from all over the globe. It is the biggest city in the county and has a population of about 63,000. Santa Cruz means Holy Cross in Spanish and was founded by Spaniards in 1791 … Read more