13 Common Yorkshire Terrier Health Issues

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15 of the Most Popular Dog Friendly Parks in Denver, Colorado

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My dog ate Weed. What Should I do?

Key Takeaways Weed, the colloquial term for marijuana, is the dried parts of the Cannabis plant which has long been used in herbal medicine and textiles. In modern times, weed is typically used for medicinal or recreational purposes. With more and more states in the US legalizing the use of Cannabis, we see more cases … Read more

My Dog Ate Oreos and Seems Fine – What Should I Do?

Key Takeaways: Face it. For most of us, Oreos are really yummy!  But what if your dog tries a sample when you’re snacking on a plate of these delicious cookies and step out of the room for a moment? Should you be concerned? If Fido isn’t a miniature-breed dog and only gets one bite or … Read more

My Dog ate Charcoal. What Should I Do?

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Key Takeaways: We’re all familiar with the warning about cigarette smoking and tobacco chewing being bad for the health of us humans, but what about our dogs?  While we don’t need to worry about our furry friend smoking, they may be at risk of munching on a cigarette butt while out on a walk or … Read more

My Dog ate Coffee Grounds. What Should I Do?

Key Takeaways While caffeine is a great pick-me-up in the morning for us humans, it is not tolerated by our canine companions.  Canine metabolisms are different from ours, and many human foods are toxic, including coffee grounds.  There are other products that contain caffeine as well as coffee grounds, including tea, cola and sodas, chocolate, … Read more

My Dog ate Aluminum Foil. What Should I Do?

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