6 Best Cordless Vacuums for Pet Hair (Stick & Handheld Reviews)

The Best Cordless Vacuums for Pet Hair

Show of hands: Who has furballs rolling across their floors like tumbleweeds? Yep, me too. Golden Retrievers are one of my favorite breeds, but the amount of fur they shed is unbelievable.Who here is having trouble finding the best way to clean up all that fur? Well, you’re in luck. I’ve found some solutions for … Read more

Dog Clicker Training : D.I.Y Guide

Dog Clicker Training

When I adopted my pibble furball, I noticed she didn’t respond to commands very well. She worked with a professional trainer while in her foster home but at 3 years old, she’s dealt with many different caretakers and she basically decided she didn’t want to obey anymore. Her princess-state-of-mind said she’s had enough.I’ve trained a … Read more