The Best 15 Dog Parks in Raleigh, North Carolina

Known as the City of Oaks because of its numerous oak trees lining the streets of the city, Raleigh is the capital of North Carolina and has almost 470,000 residents. It was chosen in 1788 to be the state capital and was named in 1792. The city is also known for its many free museums, … Read more

The Best 15 Dog Parks in Chicago, Illinois

Chicago is the most populated city in Illinois, with a population of almost 2.8 million people, and is known for its world-renowned tourist attractions like the Magnificent Mile, Navy Pier, and Millennium Park. What’s more, many of the city’s attractions allow dogs to visit with you, including these three. It is also known for its … Read more

15 of the Best Dog Parks to Enjoy in Detroit, Michigan

Detroit is the largest city in Michigan and has a population of close to 640,000 people. It is a major riverport that connects the four straits of the Great Lakes system. Known for its Motown music and the birthplace of the modern vehicle, giving it the nickname of Motor City. It was also the place … Read more

The Best 15 Pooch Parks in Louisville, Kentucky

Located in northern Kentucky, Louisville is the largest city in the state and one of the most populated in the United States, with almost 790,000 residents. The city was founded in 1778 and named after King Louis the 16th. The whole northern and eastern borders of Louisville run along the Ohio River, making it a … Read more

15 of the Best Pup Parks in Savannah, Georgia

In the southeastern corner of the southern state of Georgia, Savannah was established in 1733 with just over 100 residents. Today, the city has a population of almost 150,000 people with approximately 12,500 fur babies. It is the state’s oldest city, founded by General James Oglethorpe and 120 others who sailed with him that day. … Read more

Top 15 Flagstaff, Arizona Dog Friendly Parks to Visit with Your Pup

Surrounded by stunning mountains, incredible desert areas, and forests full of pine trees, Flagstaff is a fairly large city in north-central Arizona considered to be the gateway to the San Francisco Peaks. Not far from the Grand Canyon, this popular city boasts almost 77,000 residents with hundreds of thousands more visitors every year. Other nearby … Read more

15 of the Best Dog Parks in Greensboro, North Carolina

Located in the middle of North Carolina, Greensboro is a popular southern city with close to 300,000 residents. It was settled in 1749 and was the site of the Revolutionary War Battle of Guilford, and it was also where the first civil rights movement happened in 1960. Today, it is known as Tournament Town because … Read more

15 of the Dog Friendly Parks in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Philadelphia is located in southeastern Pennsylvania and was named by William Penn, who founded the city. It is a blend of two Greek words, Phileo (Love) and Adelphos (Brother), meaning the city of brotherly love. Penn intended for Philadelphia to be a place of peace and tolerance where nobody would be persecuted. Also known as … Read more

15 of the Best Pup Parks in Jacksonville, Florida

In northeastern Florida, on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, Jacksonville is a popular tourist town and the most populated city in the state, with over 950,000 residents. It has some of the most notable beaches, such as Atlantic, Neptune, and Jacksonville Beach. The city was founded in 1822 and incorporated a decade later, named … Read more